tagNonHumanThe Christmas Rush

The Christmas Rush


Working in retail as I do, the Christmas season is the most stressful time of year. This is probably the busiest one I’ve ever been involved with. My name is Sarah and I am a Customer Service Manager.

A Customer Service Manager runs the front end in a retail store. We are the ones who make sure that there are enough cashiers running so that you don’t have to wait in line. I usually work the night shift. The night shift can be so hectic at times. I make sure that all the cashiers have turned in their tills, all the registers were cleaned and everything is all set for the next morning. I was on my way out for the evening when I was stopped by the evening manager, Tom.

Tom is a very handsome guy. He’s almost six feet tall with short brown hair and ice blue eyes. “Sarah, can I see you for a minute?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said not even thinking twice about it.

He held open the door to the office for me to go through first. I saw a chair and sat down. Tom approached me. “I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you and the work you do for us at the store.”

“Thanks, Tom,” I said with a bit of a lilt in my voice.

He walked around my chair. “I know how stressful it is at this time of year, especially for a CSM.” Putting his hands on my shoulders, he said, “You are without a doubt the best we have up there…”

Several feelings raced through my body as he began to rub my shoulders. I could feel the tension run from my body. I felt a rush through my body. My nipples hardened underneath the fabric of my satin bra. I turned my head to the side as his expert hands began to work on my neck. “That feels great…” I moaned.

My hair fell to the side exposing my neck. I nearly gasped when I felt his warm breath on my neck kissing me ever so slightly. Extreme waves of pleasure ran through my body. I could’ve sworn that my eyes rolled back into my head. My flesh tingled with anticipation at what he might do next. I was ready for just about anything except for what happened. An uncomfortable pain in my neck made me stand up out of my chair. Something warm was on my neck. I put my finger to it. “Blood?” I asked.

Tom’s lip was slightly stained with a crimson smear. “I really should apologize,” he said abruptly.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“There’s something you should know about me.”

“I’m listening.”

He exhaled slowly. “I’m not all that I appear to be. I was born in 1864, not 1964…”


“I was born Thomas Drake of Richmond, Virginia. My father died in the Civil War right after I was born. I left home when I was 34 and arrived in London England. I met a woman named Emily Thomas. Emily was who made me what I am.”

I watched Tom change in front of me. His eyes intensified to a degree that I didn’t think possible. His teeth protruded farther. “You’re a vampire?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said quietly. “Only a very few people in the whole store knows including you.” He reverted back to human form.

I took a step toward him. My hand gently touched his cheek. “How incredibly lonely you must be…”

I could see him visibly shiver at the sensation of my touch. “I’ve not allowed myself to love anyone since I lost Emily…” He took a hold of my hand and kissed it gently. He kissed my wrist. I winced slightly. His tongue snaked out to lap up the blood that eked out gently. “I watch you run around the store. You’re so strong. So much in command. You are so much like Emily…”

His mouth slowly approached mine. My heart skipped a beat when he kissed my lips. His kiss was slow was first, but it developed into a long passionate embrace. My body was overwhelmed with the incredible feeling of being alive. His fingers began to explore the buttons on my blouse. My breasts were soon swelling in my bra under the sensation of his touch.

I turned my head to the left. The fire in my loins was rising. I could feel my blouse falling to the ground. His hands found their way to the hooks on my bra. I felt a small gasp escape my lips when his lips were soon upon my bare breasts.

My knees turned to jelly. He moved aside one of the chairs in the office and laid me gently on the floor. He pulled off his shirt and leaned over my semi bare body. “You don’t have to do this…” he said.

“I know…” I said softly.

His kisses nearly consumed my mouth. His hands were working on the zipper on my blue pants. I opened the prison that held his cock before me. Soon my bare flesh was pressing upon his bare flesh.

My juices flowed freely. His fingers slid into my damp pussy like it was made to go there. His thumb rubbed my already sensitive clit. I bit my lip so hard that I drew blood. I didn’t dare scream out for fear of someone finding us in the office.

He kissed my lips. “It’s alright…” he whispered in my ear. His knee parted my legs. With the greatest of ease, his rock hard cock plunged deep into my eager pussy. I nearly bit my lip in half. He kissed my lips lapping up the blood. The taste of my blood caused him to rock his hips faster.

I buried my face in his muscled chest as the two of us reached the most fantastic orgasm. His cock continued to throb in my pussy as he just laid there upon my bare body.

A knock on the door caused Tom and I to separate prematurely. “Tom? You in here?” It was one of the overnight crew.

He had dressed with a superhuman speed. He stood blocking the view of the crewmember while I was dressing. He turned back to me after shutting the door. “Sarah…” He came toward me slowly and kissed me longingly.

“Tom…” I said with a smile. I turned to leave the office. I somehow knew that this wasn’t going to be the last time I would need the chance to unwind during the Christmas Rush.

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