tagLoving WivesThe Chronicles of Dr Knock-Boots Pt. 01

The Chronicles of Dr Knock-Boots Pt. 01

byThe Avenger©

This is a prelude to the "Destroy and rebuild series."

The making of Dr Knock-Boots

Chapter 1: Criminal energy.

Jason, or Jay, as everyone called him, was born in Africa, of an African American mum and an African dad. At the age of ten, Jay moved to the US with his mum and sister. They lived in the QB, in NYC. His mum worked as a school teacher and thus sustained Jay and his younger sister.

The first thing that Jay learned in his new environment was that there were no fair ones in the hood. Back home, the boys fought fairly, and a fight was stopped as soon as one of the pugilists surrendered. Nobody kicked someone who was lying down on the ground. However in the hood, the boys jumped each other and fought with intent to inflict heavy injury. Being an outsider, who spoke with a heavy accent and always came out top of the class, Jay was marked. The other kids jumped him and beat the shit out of him, whenever they caught him sleeping..

Jay was a book worm, who read anything he could find. He was most impressed by the sayings of a Japanese military General, who was also a Master in Aikido. The General said "Attack is the best form of defense."

Jay took this advise to heart. When he was 13, he joined a Kung Fu and Boxing Club and learned how to fuck people up. During school breaks, he traded in a pair of his mum's tasty sandwiches for a couple of crude weapons. He then hunted down his aggressors one by one, jumped them and beat the shit out of them. Even bigger guys became scared of him.

There was a lot of crime going on in the school, including soft drug dealing and a flourishing black market for stolen goods like cell phones, i-pods and even lap tops. Jay joined the various bands and solo artists together and put them under one umbrella, making the whole operation more profitable and effective. On all the drugs and contraband that were sold, Jay earned some cash, and his bank was growing fat.

Jay was naturally gifted at school. At fifteen, he received a scholarship to attend a prestigious, private high school. Jay experienced his second, major cultural shock as he entered the world of the children of the rich, mainly white students.

Initially, the rich kids gave Jay grief, making it clear that he wasn't one of them, and even though he always got the best grades, they didn't think he was shit. Jay realized it was time for some decisive action. He chose Ryan, a tall, big, blond muscle guy who was a head taller and many kilos heavier, to set his example. Ryan had a loud mouth and was always bubbling big, going on about how he fucked up this guy or that guy over the week end, blah, blah, blah. Jay figured Ryan was all big talk, pretty, bulging muscles and no guts. He provoked the blond muscle man into a fight.

Ryan was scared of a black brother and tried to apologize, but Jay didn't give the coward a chance to back out gracefully. He grabbed him and thumped him hard. He danced around the white guy, and showed off with fancy kicks, cool, clinical combinations and graceful chops and swings before finally cutting Ryan down. Ryan cried like a baby and tried to crawl away. Jay followed, delivering well placed kicks to the butt. Jay usually did not enjoy violence, he just found it to be a necessity of life. However, as he thumped the blond, white guy, he felt real good about it. He received a severe warning from the Principal, but after that, nobody messed with him.

Initially, Jay was annoyed about the stereotypical picture of black people his rich school mates all shared. He could see they were taking Rap Lyrics too literary. When he complained to his mum about the stereotyping of the young black male, she asked him,

"Say, how many eyes do you have?"

"Two," Jay replied, wondering what type of shit his mum was on now. He didn't want some funny questions, he wanted his mum to say that white people were fucked up, racist ass holes. He was on the war path.

"Well, son, if someone comes to you and says you have one eye, what would you do? Would you get angry or would you laugh at him?"

"I would laugh at the fool."

"Therefore laugh at these ignorant, stupid white people who have an ignorant view of us. You know what they believe is not true."

"Oh sometimes I feel like telling them off, these fucked up crackers and Spics. Even them wanna be white corny ass Niggaz. They the worst...."

"My son, never argue with a fool. People might not notice the difference. Don't let them pull you down. Turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Use their ignorance to your advantage."

Jay decided his mum was right. Seeing as they all thought young black men were drug dealers, he didn't waste time in starting to supply them with soft drugs. He kept a tight lid on his operation and in fact structured it so he had other students picking up and delivering the drugs and the only thing that reached his hands was the cash. His bank grew and grew. But he never got greedy. When the demand for Ecstasy and weed kept rising, Jay did not increase the supply but hiked the prices. That way, he made even more cash, without increasing the risk. He did not waste the cash either. He invested it in a new branch of business. He got some nerdy computer freaks to build him a top of the range computer from scratch. He also bought a DVD duplicating machine and a laser printer. Jay then set up a DVD bootlegging business. Most of the high school kids wanted new movies and porn DVDs. Jay was surprised at the popularity of IR movies, with black men fucking white women. It seemed like the white boys could not get enough of those. This surprised Jay, because he was definitely not interested in movies of white guys fucking black women. However, Jay was an aspiring business man, if the white kids wanted to see big Nigga dicks in white chicks, he would definitely capitalize on that. The nerds did all the work, a couple of adventure seeking rich kids distributed and Jay earned the most money.

Chapter 2: Aunt Melinda

As he turned eighteen, Jason was a ruggedly handsome, virile, dark hunk. He was not on any sports team, but he jogged and worked out regularly, giving him a lean and muscular body. Girls liked him and he had his fair share of girls in the Hood.

Jay was dating a girl from his street named Brandy. She was ghetto superstar, sexy, sassy, hot and wild. He liked her rude language, her raw ghetto attitude, her skimpy, outrageous, revealing clothes, her appetite for sex and her wonderful skills at sucking his dick. Jay did not know if he loved her, she never asked and he never thought about it. All he knew was that he used to drop by and fuck her when her moms was working the night shift. What pissed him off about Brandy was that she liked throwing tantrums and starting shit. Plus she was a gossip. She ran her mouth and so he knew better than to let her know his business. He also did not have much time for her; he was too busy with his books and running his small time criminal enterprises. For Jay, money came before a woman. If he were heartbroken but had cash, he could buy a gang of shit. But if he was happily in love, and broke, then he couldn't buy a damn thing, not even a measly burger. Therefore Jay had one motto, m o b, which meant, money over bitches..

Jay's Uncle Eddy called and asked him to paint his porch over a week end for some pocket money. Jay did not need the cash. However, he accepted the job. He wanted to hang around his Uncle's alluring wife, Aunt Melinda and flirt with her a bit, and share some dirty jokes with her. His Aunt always had several new, dirty jokes that made him laugh to death. Quite often, his young cock would also get very hard from her lewd jokes.

Uncle Eddy was always held up to Jay as a role model by his mum. Eddy had studied hard, earned scholarships, attended the most prestigious Universities, earned a Masters with distinctions and then landed a top paying job with a multi-national financial enterprise, where he was shooting up the ladder. He had married Melinda, a former top model, and now resided with her and their two children in a fine, spacious home in the 'burbs.

Jay left the hood early on a Saturday morning and made his way to the neat, affluent suburb where his Uncle lived. He met his Uncle Eddy briefly. The forty year old guy was looking good in a suit and tie. However, his handsome face seemed clouded with stress. And he kept muttering to himself. When Jay said "Pardon", thinking Uncle Eddy was talking to him, he was met with a snap...

"Mind your damn business. I am talking to myself."

Jay was shown the paint and brushes and given instructions. Then he walked his Uncle to his shiny, brand spanking new Bentley. He watched him put his luggage into the trunk and then climb in and cruise off.

Jay was impressed by his Uncle's success. He was definitely a smart headed Nigga. However, his success was definitely taking a heavy toll on him. The once athletic, muscular young man had put on much weight, developing a thick belly and a double chin. His once radiant, handsome face had aged a lot. And now he was talking to himself. Jay started to wonder if it would be smart to follow in is Uncle's footsteps. After all, as the Chinese said, "Fools never learn, clever men learn from their mistakes, but the wisest of men learn from the mistakes of others."

Jay smoked a fat blunt behind the house, basking in the early morning sunshine. It seemed like it would be another hot, sunny day. Jay put on a pair of overalls and went about painting the porch. Around 10, his uncle's wife, Aunt Melinda invited him in for breakfast with her two kids, Ted and Rose, aged 7 and 5 respectively. Jay envied the kids. They would have a financially secure, sheltered, good upbringing, far from the ills of the hood.

Jay also envied his Uncle his gorgeous wife. He gazed at her as the good natured, mature beauty served them a hearty breakfast. Melinda, 36, was in a long, silk gown, tied together at the front, with a cap over her head. She was a tall woman with a cocoa brown complexion. The silk gown clung to her hour glass shaped body. As she fried rashes of bacon and eggs, with her back to him, Jay stole looks at her thick round ass. Mami had it going on. Melinda had a big, heart shaped ass that made Jay's mouth water. He had always been totally besotted with his Aunt. He couldnt count how many times he had fantasized of giving it to her as he lay in his bed, beating his meat.

As she put some steamy food on his plate, Melinda gazed at Jay, hardly believing that that the skinny, big headed eight year old that she had first met ten years back had grown into this dark, handsome, athletic young man who was relaxing with easy confidence at her table. She noticed him stealing looks at her ass and tits and felt flattered. His dark, intelligent eyes were sparkling with humor, but there was definitely carnal lust smoldering the background.

"Damn Jay, you have grown into a gorgeous hunk huh?" Melinda teased, laying a hand on Jay's shoulder and squeezing his muscles.

The young man was dressed in a white wife beater. She stroked his shoulder and then her dainty, manicured fingers slid down to his bulging upper arms. "Gosh! Bet you are up to no good with a lot of young school girls huh?"

"Well, yunno, if my Uncle starts sleeping on the job..." Jay teased, sending her a naughty grin. "Any time you need a substitute, holler at a Nigga," he gave a dirty chuckle.

"Jay, don't use the N word in front of my kids. I don't want them talking that hood talk."

"Daddy said we ain't no Niggaz. We are African Americans," young Ted said.

"That's right Ted. Good boy." Melinda said and then she continued, "but it is, "Daddy said we were not Niggers.""

"Yes mummy," Ted admitted.

Jay nearly laughed. He found it funny when so called African Americans tried to stop being Niggaz and start being Black Folks. Some people called them snobs and wanna-be-soap-opera-crackers. Jay didn't care about all those labels. He wanted to engage in some dirty talk with his Aunt.

"You still didn't answer me though," Jay reminded. "Wassup? Is the old bull still running things? Or is he sleeping on the job?"

Usually, Melinda would have thrown some dirty, lascivious words back at him. However, she gave him a sober look.

"Lets talk about that latter, when the gang is in Dreamland," she nodded at the kids.

As Jay returned to his painting, he tied his overalls around his hips. His Aunt watched him from behind the curtain for a while, gazing at his young, muscular torso. She felt prickly all over.

"Damn! The boy is fine now. He has grown into a real man. DAMN!!!!," Melinda thought to herself. She found herself having dirty thoughts about her husband's young nephew.

"Gosh Melinda, don't tell me you are turning into a cradle snatching, horny housewife," she teased herself and giggled.

Melinda came out wearing a slinky, black stretch lycra sexy halter neck cat suit with a deep cut V-front, a large rhinestone buckle, a form fitting body and straight legs. Jay gasped as he gazed down at her from the ladder. Those huge, fat tits, those curvaceous hips and that ass!!! Mama was hot for sure. She stretched herself languidly, teasing him. Aunt Melinda flashed him a dazzling smile, batted her eye lids sexily, patted his belly and left him with a hard dick in his pants as she took her kids to an amusement park. Jay hit a couple of blunts and spent the day painting. Melinda returned towards early evening, as Jay was just packing up for the day. Melinda insisted the young man take supper with her and the kids. Jay had to call home and inform his mum not to cook for him. His mum and his Aunt disliked each other. His religious mum thought Melinda was a cat walking tramp and a gold digger. No words of greetings were sent by either.

Melinda served a tasty, steaming meal of stew and rice, with a healthy salad. The kids were tired after their day at the amusement park and as Melinda took a quick shower, Jay brought them to bed and told them a bed time story. It was some shit about fairies, Humpty Dumpty, foxes, wolves and witches that he made up. The kids soon turned over and fell asleep.

Chapter 3: Keeping it in the family

As Jay joined Melinda in the living room, he gasped for breath. Melinda had definitely gone to lengths to look alluring. Her long hair was combed open and looked like a curly, silky mane. Her good natured, pretty oval face was lightly powdered, thick lips were a glossy, deep berry shade. Her big, dark eyes were lined and she wore light eye shadow, to give her face a feline, predatory look.

She was looking stunning, in a beige, backless, halter top that was glued to her bountiful, proud bust. A brown, silk flirt skirt sat low on her hips, cupping her thick, alluring ass. The flared hem ended halfway down her juicy, silky, chocolate thighs. Her shapely legs were accentuated by high heeled sandals.

She was no longer the slim, Naomi Campbell look alike that his uncle had married 10 years previously. Through the pregnancies, her slim, tomboy body had gained fuller curves. Jay definitely preferred the curvier version of Aunt Melinda. She was now a bootylicious, sexy MILF with tits like DAMN!!! and an ass like WHOA!!!

Though his 18 year old girlfriend, Brandy was hot, Jay realized there was one fundamental difference between her and his Aunt. Brandy was a girl, but Aunt Melinda was a real woman, a mature, soulful, red blooded, hot woman. Jay would give a thousand Brandy's just to wallow in her arms.

"Wow!" Jay exclaimed. "You are a stunner."

"Thanks Jay. You are over eighteen, so I guess it ain't illegal for me to give you a drink, huh? But can you handle it?"

"Yeah of course. Bring it on."

His young eyes leered at her thick tits, curvy hips and thick buttocks as she poured them both a drink. She mixed Jay a Jack Daniels and Coke on ice whilst she mixed herself Whiskey and Lime.

"Don't tell your mum that I gave you alcohol," she said with a wink as she handed him the glass.

"I wont. Long as you don't tell my mum and my uncle that I smoke weed."

"What! Don't mess with drugs Jay. You will fuck up your life, Nigga!" Melinda said in a serious tone of a voice.

"I thought you didnt want no hood talk around here..."

"Nigga, I can talk Hood talk too deep for your ass to comprehend..." she laughed. "I just dont want it around my kids. But dont distract me here. Quit fucking wit drugs!"

"No. It ain't like that. I smoke a joint or two, but only at week ends anyway. I ain't no dumb Nigga!"

"Well, just make sure it doesn't get out of hand, alright Jay?" He nodded. "Then roll one up. I haven't smoked weed in a long time. I would love to take a puff."

Jay could see that his Aunt looked troubled and sort of sorrowful. She was definitely distracted. She knocked down her first couple of drinks and puffed hard on the blunts.

They watched TV for a while, till his aunt was definitely high and more than just a little drunk. She was sitting back languidly on the couch, her juicy, silky thighs parted slightly. Her skirt was riding high, barely covering her crotch. Her eyes had a wild shine to them. As Jay leered at her curvy, alluring, mature body, he caught his Uncle's wife leering back at his muscular, attractive, young body. They both blushed.

"So, what is it that you didn't wanna tell me in front of the kids. Is the old guy sleeping on the job?"

"Listen, this is some serious shit Jay. Your Uncle is getting fucked up by his job?"

"What's up?"

"He is overworked and stressed out. He is so busy me and the kids hardly ever see him And his character has changed. He doesn't talk much, yunno. He doesn't even play much with Ted and Rosemary. This is some fucked up shit Jay."

"I guess he has a heavy work load huh?"

"Jay, I married a man not a job. Your Uncle is neglecting us."

"Have you talked to him?"

"Yeah. But he only gets pissed and says well, that is the price we gotta pay for this luxurious life. Fuck the luxury Jay. I want my husband back. I am going crazy.." she pouted, getting very emotional.

"Oh, poor you," Jay said compassionately and stroked her shoulder. He wanted to pull his hand back but Melinda surprised him. She caught his arm and deliberately made his hand slide down her bare back and come to rest on the small of her back.

"Keep it there," she said in serious tone. "I haven't felt a man's touch for almost 4 weeks now."

"You are not serious!" Jay exclaimed.

"I am, I mean you are over eighteen now so I can tell you these things. When I first met Edward, we used to make love like all the time. I mean, pardon my French but we used to fuck until my pussy was sore and his dick was raw. Now, he is always stressed out and busy."

"Bullshit! Pardon my Greek Auntie, but no Nigga could lay next to your fine body and not wanna put in work like a Chemist," Jay's lust filled eyes gazed at his aunt's curves as he gave her back a squeeze. Melinda's face broke into a naughty, wicked smile.

"You wont believe this shit, but..." she laughed suddenly, with more than a hint of sarcasm. "The other night, I put on some sexy lingerie and went to him in his study and he hardly even glanced at me. I stripped naked, Jay, took off all my shit, showed the motherfucker my wet, shaved, bald sweet chocolate pussy... I literary begged him, "Fuck me Nigga!" But all the Nigga said was, "Not now Mel. Maybe another time." Then he went back to work. Is that fucking normal?"

"What!" Jay exclaimed, having vivid fantasies of his Aunt Melinda in sexy lingerie, and then ass naked. He knew he would definitely have thrown away his laptop and fucked her hard. "Something is wrong with that Nigga!"

"Definitely. At first I thought that Nigga was fucking some bitch behind my back. I even tailed him Jay. And you know what, it ain't even another bitch. That Nigga is married to his job! Damn!!! Ain't that a bitch!" Melinda laughed sarcastically. Then she stood up. "Jay, I wanna dance. Dance with me baby..."

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