tagInterracial LoveThe Chronicles of Dr Knock-Boots Pt. 02

The Chronicles of Dr Knock-Boots Pt. 02

byThe Avenger©

Chapter One: The top girl in school.

Jay was laying in bed with his Aunt one day, after a heavy fuck session, when she suddenly asked him about his girlfriend.

“Oh, I ain't seen her in a while. You know, with school and all you horny housewives, I hardly have time for her.”

“Do you love her? Does she fuck you good?”

“She's alright. But she doesn't even compare to you horny, dirty married bitches.”

“You need to dump her and get yourself a rich, white girlfriend from your school,” his Aunt said decisively.

“I don't wanna date them white chicks. They ain't my type...” Jay said.

“Don't think with your dick, use your head. Find a girl with wealthy, influential parents who have connections and can help you in the future, Nigga!”

Melinda kept talking to him until Jay decided to scout around the high school for such a girl. He was considered a black thug at his high school, an image he had cultivated. The girls seemed to fear him and yet they always blushed so sweetly when he gave them his gangster glare. Jay had never dated any of them. He thought the rich kids were arrogant and full of shit, and white girls only talked nonsense as far as he was concerned. Jay's plan was to get as much knowledge and education out of the school as he could, make criminal cash on the side and graduate with flying colors and get hooked up with a college scholarship. When he got that, he would say bye to these rich snobs and never even think about them again.

However, as Jay looked at things from the influence aspect, he decided that he would be a fool to let these rich, influential girls slip through his grasp. And the thought of fucking some rich white pussy, stretching out daddy's little daughter, was suddenly very appealing to him.

Jay went to have his lunch in the school Cafeteria one afternoon. He scouted around for a place to sit. One was next to a girl who had influence alright. She was Nicole Chambers, whom everybody called Nikki. Nicole was a nineteen year old senior student. She was the hottest girl in school, as far as the white boys were concerned. She had a long, pretty face, with big, golden eyes, a pretty, pointed nose and pink, sensuous lips. Her silky, light blond hair went down to the top of her ass. She had a tall, slim, sexy figure, with all the feminine curves in the right place. Her tits were perky, and proud peaks of medium size. They looked even bigger due to her slender frame. All of Jay's mates were besotted with her and constantly saying if they ever caught her ass, they would fuck her like this and like that, blah, blah, blah.

Nikki was also the daughter of Mrs Chambers, the school principal, a tall, slim, severe brunette, who had once served in the army and seemed to want to run the school with military severity.

Jay nonchalantly took a seat opposite Nikki and started conversation. She seemed quite reserved and shy. She literary squirmed in her seat. Jay smiled as he sensed her fear. She looked like she thought he would rape her and sell her mum drugs and then pimp out her whole family and shoot up the place. Jay started toying with her like a cat toying with a rat. He fixed his eyes on her, leaned in close and spoke in a deep, husky voice. He asked her questions about herself and she talked in a shaky voice.

Nikki was scared of Jay because of all the nasty things she had heard about him, how he had butchered another guy for no reason and also built a criminal network in school. There were several stories about him bashing up guys who hadn't paid debts. (Jay had never bashed anyone, he had simply put the rumors into circulation by paying guys to go around claiming he beat the shit out of them for not paying. This had meant that nobody dared renege on a debt.”

Nikki wanted to get up and run away, but she felt under the spell of the dark, black guy with the thug reputation. She felt compelled to answer him. She felt attracted to him like a moth to a flame.

Ken, Nikki's boyfriend, a brawny, tall, sandy haired senior student walked in with 3 guys, his teammates from the football team. Ken didn't seem chaffed to find Jay leaning close to his girl friend. He didn't quite cause a scene, but he started making stupid jokes about Jungle Fever, Kunta Kinte and Mandingo. His dumb friends laughed with him. Nikki noticed the tension and hastily collected her tray and left.

Chapter 2: The Bet

Ken settled opposite Jay and he got very serious.

“Listen dude, I want you to keep away from my girl, you hear?” He pointed an arrogant finger at Jay.

“You're quite cheeky, huh, ass hole!” Jay responded, annoyed.

“You're wasting your time. She ain't into dirty niggers!” Ken smirked.. Jay's eyes narrowed. Ken nodded at his three hefty mates. “Maybe you can take me alone, but my mates might not just stand by and watch,” he smiled meanly. “Just back off my girl, alright? Dude? Before you get yourself into shit!”

“You scared I'm gonna fuck your bitch with my big, black cock and get her addicted huh?”

“Yunno what, that thing about big, black cocks is a myth. Pure bullshit! And Nikki wouldn't fuck a ghetto, scholarship nigger no damn way! You are well below her mate.” Ken spat, looking at Jay with contempt.

“Lets make a bet Ken. If I fuck your bitch, you will do whatever the fuck I say, and if I fail, I will never talk to her again.”

“You wouldn't fuck her dude. Not in a lifetime.”

As jay recalled the fear in Nikki's eye, he felt daring. Sure he could have her. He could make that tall, slim blond do what the fuck he wanted.

“Alright, how about I will fuck her in three days. If I do that, you do what the fuck I want.”

“What's that?”

“Maybe I will piss on you, or make you lick my boots. Whatever the fuck I want. Are you scared?”

“Fuck you. Its on. She will never go for you.”

“Gees Ken, don't be a dumb ass, dude. Don't bet your girl...” One of his mates advised Ken, but the rest cheered him to accept the bet, saying his girl definitely wouldn't fuck a nigger.

“I accept, on one condition, if you fail, me and my mates will do what the fuck we want with you, including pissing on you, or even fucking you up the ass, nigger,” Ken sneered.

“All right cracker, you are on. But there is one condition, I don't want you to hang around with Nikki for the three days, starting tomorrow. Its only fair, or she wont go for it, with you around.”

“We will want proof,” said one of the mates. “We don't want you claiming you did it when you didn't”

“Oh, you will get proof alright...”

Jay chuckled to himself as he walked away. The guys were so sure that he could not fuck Nikki.

Chapter 3: Stalking Nikki

On the first day of the bet, Jay observed Nikki from a distance. She hung with a couple of her girls. She seemed like a gay, confident person and even a flirt. He could not see any of the shyness she had displayed towards him as she talked to the white boys. The blond beauty had the guys blushing around and getting all shy as her sparkling, golden eyes fixed her mesmerizing gaze on them. However, when her eyes met Jay's, she suddenly blushed and and acted all shy, averting her eyes quickly.

On the second morning, Jay cut class and stalked her. He way laid her in the deserted corridor as she stood before her locker. He put on his meanest, roughest thug act and melted out of the shadows, to block her way. He fixed hard, dark eyes on her. They were smoldering with lust. Startled Nikki looked at him with fear.

“Hi there gorgeous. You alright?” He asked in a deep, husky, powerful voice with an animal ring. She nodded hurriedly, looking around furtively. Jay moved closer and blocked her way by planting a powerful, black arm against the wall, inches from her. He leered openly at her tits and ass and smiled dirtily. He then looked into her scared, big, golden eyes staring her down.

“You are hot Nikki, fucking hot. I have never had a slim, sexy white girl like you. Do you wanna fuck me? Wanna fuck a nasty Nigga huh!”

Nikki blushed profusely and jumped as if slapped. She became pale and looked like she was ready to scream for help. Her fear amused him. He was sure had he been a white boy, she would have slapped his face. He intensified his dark glare.

“You wanna scream for help huh! What if nobody hears you. Even if they do, imagine what I will have done to you until they got here.”

“Look, Jay, could you please back off and let me pass....” she whispered, trembling and backing off into the lockers. She felt so alone and so scared.

“I am not letting you go, Nikki. Not until I get what I want,” Jay said, moving so close she could feel his body heat.

She shivered and cringed against the wall, her lips were trembling, her doe eyes wide open.

“Please, please stop it...” she whimpered.

Jay could not believe how paralyzed with fear she was. Her fear fed his courage and made him feel outrageously daring. He stopped thinking about the consequences of his actions. The animal instinct in him was awakened now. He was like a hunter chasing his prey.

He moved in closer and pressed his hard, muscular body into her trembling, shaking frame His hard cock pressed between her legs.

“Feel that dick Nikki. That big nigger dick is all hard for you!”

“Oh-h-h-h-h-h! No!” she gasped and stiffened, but remained rooted to the spot.

Jay pressed his thigh between her legs and ground his cock into her cunt. He eased his arms around her, stroked her flanks as he rubbed his face into hers. She was trembling with fear and gulping, but she made no move to run. Her trembling body was radiating a heat which drew him.

Jay slid his big hands down curvy hips and cupped her round, tight, soft cheeks. As he squeezed them firmly, her trembling lips parted and she gasped. He pulled her onto his cock and ground it into her cunt. He ran his lips all over her cheeks and then forced his face under her chin and kissed her soft throat.

“No. No. Please stop it.” she whimpered and tried to push him away. But it was if she was paralyzed and her limbs had lost their power. Her hands rested limply on his shoulders. Then she realized with shock that she was stroking him and pushing her hips against his cock.

Jay ground his cock savagely into her cunt, pressing the long, engorged dick along the length of her cunt. Her body suddenly trembled mightily and she sank her fingers into his shoulders. She rasped for breath as his hardness sent wonderful sensations ripping through he engorged cunt.

“No... Please I am begging you..” she whimpered.

Jay was over come by an incensing lust. He closed his thick lips overs hers and engulfed them. He shoved his thick tongue into her mouth. She moaned loudly into his lips and embraced his tongue with her mouth. Jay pushed her into the lockers and ground his body into her like he wanted to fuck her right there and then. Suddenly, her hands grabbed firmly into his flesh.

“No!!!!! Not here please...” she moaned and then her hips ground into his. “We will get into trouble. Lets meet another time.” The words escaped her before she could bite them back. “i mean, we need to talk,” she added quickly.

He picked up her chin and his dark, smoldering eyes fixed her big, golden ones. “You are horny, huh! Slut!” he grabbed her cunt in his palm suddenly and squeezed it. She gasped and tensed. As he squeezed her pussy, they both felt the slippery, sticky wetness in her thongs. “I will meet you in Cafeteria at lunch,” he told her.

“You are crazy!” she whispered after him as he walked from her.

As she opened her locker, Nikki was a turmoil of emotions. She knew she should have slapped him and probably reported him for harassing her. Yet she was feeling very aroused and excited. Her thongs were soaking in her tight jeans. She hated herself as she realized that she would meet him and would be very nice to him. And hope he would continue doing such cheeky, rude things to her.

Jay met her during the break and they chatted. Nikki was used to guys blushing and fawning before her, yet Jay was nonchalant and seemed hardly interested in her. He asked her about herself and her family, saying nothing about himself. She spoke shyly.

Nikki didn't dare look directly at him. She observed Jay from the corners of her eyes. He seemed like a thug that didn't give a fuck, least of all about her. He kept calling her white girl and his dark, lust filled eyes kept leering at her like he was planning on fucking her, which he had even told her.

Nikki was embarrassed. She was hanging with a junior, and a black one at that. People gave them long looks, of disbelief, coupled with envy. However, Nikki could not get up and leave. She simply liked being with this dominating black guy, who had scared the shit out of her and forced himself on her. Memories of his cheeky, lewd assault on her got her juices flowing in torrents. None of the other guys in school would have dared to even think of trying that, yet he had, and gotten away with it.

She wondered what else he was going to dare try out on her. Her mind filled with fear, and yet her pussy was dripping wet and her body was all tingly. She wanted to succumb to him and be taken by him. She blushed, hoping he would not read her shameful thoughts from her face.

Jay decided to strike the hammer whilst the iron was hot. Nikki was definitely wavering, she wanted to succumb to him, but he saw that he had to get her out of this environment and fuck her good quickly, and make her his bitch, before her friends and their other rich school mates talked or even laughed her out of it. He told her to meet him after her sports practice.

Chapter 4: Seducing Nikki

Jay led her to her SUV and they climbed in. He told her to drive to a forest on the outskirts of town. She said she had to be home for supper, and would actually prefer going somewhere in town.

Jay insisted on the forest. They found a deserted spot, in a leafy clearing and killed the motor and opened the windows. Jay slid a Cd into her car stereo. It was a compilation of fat, bump and grind, raunchy rap hits, the dirty, uncensored versions of course. He pushed his seat back, tilted it backwards, reclined and put his feet on the dashboard. Then he lit a fat blunt. As he exhaled, he gazed at Nikki.

She was sitting nervously, her hands planted on the wheel. Something about her made the tall, slim blond seem like a beautiful, innocent elf. Her putting lips were a glossy pink. She had obviously made herself pretty, after her shower, Jay was glad to notice It meant she wanted to please daddy.

Her long, smooth, silky blond hair was combed open and it went flowed like a golden fleece down to her ass. He made her remove her sports jacket and she was left in a tiny sports bra that was glued to her perky booby. Her nipples were poking through the thin material. Her flat belly was bared. A gym skirt was draped around her hips. It was short, leaving most of her long, supple, silky thighs exposed. Her pretty, manicured feet, with glossy, pink toe nails were in high heeled sandals.

Jay took several deep, leisurely puffs and offered her the joint.

“No. I don't smoke,” she said, smiling shyly.

“Smoke it. It ain't that strong. Go on. I want you to smoke it..” he placed the joint to her lips. Nikki found herself puffing even though she knew she shouldn't

They smoked a couple of joints in silence as they listened to LL Cool J rapping about “Doing it,” then came the Ying Yang twins whispering “Wait till you see my dick, I'm gonna beat that pussy up.” Then Lil Kim was rapping about her “Dreams of fucking an RnB dick.” The rude, lewd lyrics shocked Nikki, who normally never listened to Hip Hop. However the fat bass lines and the raunchy, explicit, suggestive verses made the stoned woman feel aroused and tingly.

The stoned young blond still had her hands on the wheel, but her fingers were tapping to the beat. And she was reclining in her seat with a smile on her face. She giggled once in a while at some rude, explicit, dirty phrase that she picked out.

“Damn! These guys are unbelievable. How can they allow people to sing such stuff...”

“Oh, you mean just cause Lil Kim said, “I used to be scared of the dick, Now I throw lips to the shit, handle it, like a real bitch....”

“gosh! She is unbelievably rude...”

“Why, don't you do it? Or are you scared of the dick?” he asked her, smiling dirtily at her. She blushed, but did not answer. “I asked you a question Nikki, do you, or don't you suck dick.”

“I don't,” she suddenly giggled. “I don't.. I don't do such things...”

“Maybe you haven't had the right dick to suck on...” Jay chuckled dirtily.

“Gosh, Jay, you are so crude.”

“No. I am horny,” Jay replied, making his seat recline all the way.

Things happed almost too quickly for Nikki's stoned, befuddled brains. One moment she was gazing at the dark, muscular young man Jay smiling up at her, the next he was pulling her astride his body. She felt his big hands stroking her back and hips. He was grabbing handfuls of her flesh and squeezing hard, causing her body to tremble violently. And then he was cupping her cheeks and fondling them, whilst he burrowed his face into the valley between her breasts.

He turned his face up to hers and his thick, dark lips devoured her mouth. He claimed her mouth and conquered her tongue with his, forcing it into a slippery dance. One big palm slid in under her skirt to cup and squeeze her bare ass cheeks whilst the other slid in under her top and squeezed a hot, firm, hot breast. Sharp electrical currents ripped through her body as Jay ravished her.

The sudden, unexpected assault caught her unawares and she found her body reacting instinctively. She parted her thighs and rubbed her hips against his cock whilst her arms snaked around his head. She stroked his dark head with short hair and liked how his short hair felt against her palms.

Jay jammed his big finger between her cheeks and stroked her sensitive crack lewdly. She moaned into his mouth. As he slid his digit under her thong and stroked her puckered hole, a sharp bolt made her jump.

“No! No! We cant be doing this...” she exclaimed and hastily climbed back into her seat. Her trembling fingers hastily pushed down her skirt.

“Shit!” Jay thought to himself. “Dumb ass greedy finger, look what you done now, just snatching her ass hole. Patience Nigga.”

“What the fuck is the matter with you!” Jay said to her in a calm, firm voice, fixing her eyes with his. “You are here coz you want my big black cock, and I am going to fuck the shit out of you with it. Are you scared of becoming a nigger whore! Is that it, ho?”

The words shot out of Jay. He hadn't planned them. They just seemed appropriate, for the white girl who was pissing him off by trying to be stingy with the pussy.

Nikki's eyes flashed with anger.

“Look, I don't know what the hell you think you are playing at. But I am not playing along.” She snapped and reached for the car keys.

Jay snatched the keys out of the ignition.

“Bitch, the only thing you gonna be riding is my big, black dick!”

“Fuck! Leave me the fuck alone!” Nikki screamed and jumped out of the car. She slammed the door shut and leaned against the SUV, her chest rising and falling rapidly with her anger and helplessness.

“Oh Gosh! What the fuck am I doing here? How did I get myself into this mess...” she wailed t herself. Her sheltered upbringing had not prepared her for such wild, direct rudeness such as Jay was exposing her to. She wished she could just wish herself back in her mum's safe residence.

Chapter 5: Subduing Nikki

Jay lit another blunt and climbed out of the car. He decided it was time to amplify her fear and exploit it.

“Listen Nikki. I am real sorry. Lets just talk...” he started walking around the car towards her.

“No. Keep the fuck away from me. Just gimme my fucking keys...” she looked like she was about to sob.

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