tagInterracial LoveThe Chronicles of Dr Knock-Boots Pt. 03

The Chronicles of Dr Knock-Boots Pt. 03

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1: Jeopardy

Jay continued meeting and servicing the lonely housewives, and getting his cash and fun. He met Dave and Nikki once a week and fucked them both. This meant that he was fucking five afternoons a week. Jay loved it. Nothing felt better than fucking all afternoon, then going for a nice, slow long jog, and then taking a hot shower. His brain was always so sharp and aware as he read his books at night.

Jay was about to give up his illegal activities at school. He just did not have the time and the money wasn't worth it. The housewives paid so generously. It was then however, that disaster struck. One of Jay's boys, a chump named Erick got caught with a shit load of Ecstasy in his bag. Jay hadn't even sanctioned the deal, he never moved large quantities at once. However, the guy had gotten greedy. As the Police was called in, Erick immediately spilled the beans on Jay. Nikki got the hot news from her mother and immediately warned Jay. He hastily contacted all the guys involved in his drug dealing network and told them to flush all they had down the toilet. He also warned them to deny knowledge of anything or involvement in drugs. He said if they squealed on him, he would also squeal on them, and would catch their asses later, anyway.

Everybody else held tight and when Jay was questioned, he laughed at Erick and said the guy was a dweeb and dork trying to play drug dealer. And now that he had been caught, the racist boy from the Clan was trying desperately to pin it on a nigger. As the officers, who were very suspicious of Jay, consulted quietly with each other, Jay whispered to Erick.

“You fucking cracker ass-hole! Chicken shit coward. I'm gonna make you suck my big Nigga dick and choke on it. Then I'm gonna fuck you up the ass and make you love it. You are gonna cumm like a sweet little bitch, as I pump you full of big, black Nigga dick, ass hole!”

“Fuck you!” Erick exploded. He was a hot head and a very emotional dummy. “You fucking Nigger. You black ass hole! I will fuck you up your black nigger ass!”

Erick sprang on Jay and tried to choke him. The cops wrestled him off Jay who remained calm.

“You don't even belong here, you ghetto scum. Nigger scum. I hate you! I will fuck your mum up her black nigger ass!” Erick continued to shout as they dragged him out.

Since all the other guys had denied involvement with drugs and none had been found on them, the cops dismissed Jay and took Erick with them. He was booked, charged and expelled.

Chapter 2: Black-male

However, the Principal, Mrs Chambers, wanted to see Jay. He entered her big, spacious office. Elaine Chambers sat behind her imposing, wooden desk. Nikki's mum was dressed in a black and white striped shirt and a striped ladies pants suit. She looked elegant and classy, yet dominant and powerful. A pair of spectacles sat on her nose. Sh looked at Jay over her lenses.

Her pretty, but severe face glared at Jay from across the desk.

“Jason, the cops might have let you off the hook, but you don't fool me. Now spill the beans. I want the names of everybody involved in your operation.”

She cast him a glare that was meant to make him squirm. Her eyes were powerful, commanding. Jay focused his eyes instead on her long, thin mouth. Now, to imagine that severe mouth stretched out around his cock.

“Jason. I am waiting!” her tough, strong voice commanded.

“What operation, ma'am?” Jason shrugged, avoiding her blazing eyes.

“I have my spies and informants in school. I have had my eyes on your operations for a while. Or do you think Eric was caught by coincidence?”

“No idea.”

“Alright, the names don't matter anyway, coz once you are gone, the others will not carry on alone. So, that's it Jason. You are expelled! Good riddance for bad rubbish.”

Jay's brains reeled and panic gripped him. He fought to calm his senses. He took a deep breath, and then he exhaled.

“Look, you do not want to expel me. Coz if you do, Mrs Elaine Chambers, I will ruin you!” he said calmly.

“Are you threatening me? Think I am scared of your little wanna be gangster image?”

“No Ma'am. What I mean is, I am having an affair with your daughter...”

“What! My daughter is dating David, and he is not some cheap criminal like you. He is a well brought up young man...”

“Ma'am, I am fucking them both, your daughter and her boyfriend, and I can prove it too. Check your e-mail at five this afternoon, before you do anything stupid.”

Jay went home and viewed the footage he had of himself and the white couple. He made stills and e-mailed them to Mrs Elaine Chambers, his principal. Some showed Nikki gorging herself on his balls, and licking and tonguing his black ass. Others showed David and Nikki both sucking his cock, then holding each other open as he penetrated their holes. Another showed Nikki sucking Jay's cock which had obviously just vacated her boyfriend's gaping hole. The hottest on showed David sitting on his dick, with the black cock jutting out of his stretched hole as his girlfriend wanked his own hard dick and grinned from ear to ear. He added

“Understand Mrs Chambers, if I send this around, what a sandal will that cause? Parents will think, if You cant raise your own daughter properly, how can You be principal of our school. Nikki told me what a shaky position you hold. She said several board members want you fired. So, don't piss me off. I will come to your office tomorrow evening at six so we an talk it out. Be there!”

Jay arrived at her office dressed in a sleeveless vest and long shorts, sports bag slung over his shoulder. Elaine glared madly at him. She was wearing her dark hair open, like the mane of an angry lion. Mrs Elaine Chambers exercised regularly and her body was trim and athletic, almost like her daughter's. In fact, she resembled her daughter a lot, except that her hair was dark brunette and Nikki's was bright blond. She was dressed in a white shirt, that stretched around her big breasts. Her shirt was tucked into a pair of striped, belt pants that were glued to her curvy hips and her long, supple thighs.

Elaine had been drinking. She had taken several double shots of whiskey as she waited nervously for Jay. Her emotions were boiling.

The 45 year old principal was pissed. She gave him a loathsome look, like he was garbage.

“You are garbage boy! Disgusting garbage!”

“Ma'am, I didn't force them. They love that shit!”

“I want you to get away from my daughter. Keep away from her.”

“She is addicted to me ma'am. You cant just expect me to give up my sweet, horny little slut and her cock sucking boyfriend!”

“Fuck you!” Elaine screamed and charged at him around the desk. Jay stood up out of his chair as she attacked him with her claws. He caught her hands and they struggled violently. Jay shoved her roughly onto a couch, knocking her breath down.

“Calm the fuck down. Ain't no need to freak out just coz your daughter is fucking a nigger.”

”Jay, I will only let you stay on in this school on condition that you keep away from my daughter and stop your illegal activities.”

“You are asking a lot of me ma'am. What do I get?”

“I let you stay on.”

“You cant throw me out any old how coz I will ruin you. Offer me something.”

Elaine glared at him, he avoided her eyes and stood calmly over her. She sighed and stroked her hair out of her face.

“You are intelligent. But how will you study? You need a healthy, generous scholarship to a prestigious institution of learning, and I can get you that. But only if...”

“Alright. That's good. I will research and tell you which college I wanna go to, and you will sort it out for me, yeah?”

She nodded.

“Gosh, you are one mean, smart ass hole!”

“Smart, yes, but I am going to show you what an ass hole I am. I am going to fuck you ma'am. Its my prize for giving up your daughter. You let me fuck you for the next hour and I will call Nikki and break it off with her and her boyfriend.”

“Are you mad! I am a married woman. And I am your principal. Get away from me you devil.”

“If you don't, I will sell the photos to the papers. And I will get Nikki to move in with me and my mom in the hood. She does anything I tell her, yunno. Now, you don't want that huh?”

Elaine shook her head frantically, her face going pale. As Jay knelt besides her, looming over her, and reached for her, Elaine panicked and tried frantically to crawl back on the couch.

Jay grabbed her by the front of her shirt and pressed her down into the couch. His sneering black face loomed over her as he pinned her down. The severe Principal trembled with fear. Jay liked that.

“Listen bitch! Your daughter told me that you have separate bedrooms and you and your husband don't fuck,” Jay laughed and Elaine gasped with shock and went red. “She said you are having major stress coz your husband likes looking at men photos in the net. Heard you busted him admiring big, black cocks. I am gonna give you the black cock that your husband is fantasizing about...”

Jay's hand snaked out and cupped her between her striped trouser legs. He grabbed the pussy and squeezed it hard. Elaine whimpered and sobbed.

“No Jay! This cant be happening. Stop this at once...”

However, the opposite happened. Jay slid on top of the paralyzed principal and pinned her body down into the couch, sliding between her thighs.

“Oh no! The audacity! The cheek. Fuck! Stop it Jay! Please I am begging you!!!”

“Be a loving Mum. Take this evil upon yourself, instead of letting your daughter deal with it. Save your daughter from me, Elaine...” Jay said huskily.

Chapter 3: Opening the Chamber.

Elaine let his words hypnotize her and she tried to tell herself she was really doing it for her daughter, saving her from the clutches of this dark black devil of her nightmares.

Then his dark face descended on hers and devoured her mouth, taking possession of her. His thick, hot tongue invaded her mouth. He ground his young, lusty hips into her crotch as he force kissed her.

Elaine found herself carried away in a stream of hot passion, against her will. Jay was such a good kisser. His demanding mouth forced hers into making love. Then he was eating her tits.

Jay felt confidence as he assaulted Elaine. From what her daughter had told him, Elaine did not have much of sex life, and that meant easy prey. He dominated the principal and yet coaxed her out of her shell at the same time. He popped her buttons pinching away her disturbing hands. Then he ate her tits. At first she tried to cover them with her hands, but he pried them loose and devoured her sensitive nubs.

The principal threw her head back violently as her nipples were sucked into his hot mouth and eaten acquisitively. By the time Jay was through with her big tits, they were soaked with saliva and she was hugging his head to them. Jay licked his way down her belly, teasing her with his tongue. As he went for her trousers, she suddenly stiffened and then grabbed his hands desperately.

“No! Jay No! Don t!”

“Oh yes....” Jay ripped her pants open and tipped her upside down as he ripped them off. The blushing principal got all frantic, trying to cover her tits and aqua blue thongs. Jay descended on her and pried her legs apart whilst he kissed her. He then forced his face between her legs and pulled her tiny thongs out of the way. She had a rich thatch of soft, jet black pubic hair. Her wet pink slit was gleaming up at him.

“Fuck! Thats a pretty, wet pussy. I'm gonna eat that...”

“No! No! NO!!” Elaine whispered frantically and tried to push him away. But Jay held her thighs wide apart and his face sank into her pussy. The moment she felt his hot tongue and soft lips in her neglected pussy, Elaine shuddered. She cried “No! No! No!” and shook her head slowly as she gazed at the young black feast on her delicious, dripping honey pot. Her hips started rolling as she felt exquisite sensations in her crotch. Jay ate her expertly, wriggling his tongue into her hole, teasing her nerves and driving her mad with pleasure.

Elaine exclaimed in disbelief. She was more than twice his age, yet this truant student was eating her pussy better than she had ever experienced. Elaine felt wild. She grabbed his head and pulled his face into her pussy. The horny aroused principal ground her cunt into his sucking, slobbering mouth and fed him twat.

After Elaine climaxed on his lips and fingers, Jay stood up before her and stripped naked. Then he dangled his black cock in her face. Jay made her scoop his throbbing, fat black cock in her white palms. As she held the long, dark, thickly veined black manhood, a wanton lust threatened to seize her.

“I cant do this. Its abuse of my powers. I could get into shit...” As Jay pushed his cock against her lips, they opened and sucked him in. Jay started fucking her mouth.

“Damn! I love fucking your face. Such a pretty, elegant white lady, and now there You are, on your knees, sucking my young nigger cock! Damn! This is hot!”

Elaine blushed at his dirty words. But the feel of his cock sliding into her mouth made her succumb to a wave of carnal hunger that seized her. She wailed in defeat and then threw herself at Jay's cock and devoured it voraciously. She sank her fingers into his dick, wringing and squeezing it as she slobbered and sucked away on the head. She pushed him to the back of her mouth and kept pushing till he was fucking her throat. She made gurgling sounds and foamed at the mouth as she kept throwing her head on his cock.

She finally pulled back, gasping and stroking her sore throat as she wanked the thick, spongy head of his dick.

“Oh you are such a bad, nasty boy. Making me suck your black cock.... making me choke on it! Its so big and dark.. I'm so scared... Mmmmm!”

Elaine sucked his dick up and moaned away as she fucked Jay's cock with her mouth. Jay knew she was his. He eased her on her back and put her legs up. Elaine begged him not to cumm in her. He said not to worry, he would use her mouth for dumping his cumm in. He gave a dirty chuckle and rammed his dick deep into her pussy.

Elaine yelped sharply and threw her arms and legs around him. She went crazy, finally feeling a hard, thick dick in her pussy that really filled her up and made her feel like a woman. She started bouncing lustily on his cock. Her neglected pussy was so hungry for dick, and Jay's dark, young cock felt so good in her. Jay devoured her mouth passionately as the lusty principal fucked his dick. She whipped her hips and sent her dripping, hot pussy riding up and down his thick shaft.

Jay started fucking her and she was impressed and surprised by his skill. He fell in pace with her hips and danced his cock in and out of her clutching pussy. His hips moved so smoothly and his cock fucked her so good she thought she would die. Elaine came moaning and bucking under him.

“Oh fuck yes Jay. You fuck me so good baby! I'm cumming! I cant believe this...”

Jay grabbed the back of her neck and pumped his principal up and down slamming his hips into her. He slammed his hips furiously into her and plunged his long, fat cock into the depths of her pussy, amplifying her orgasm. The couch jarred under their frenzied fucking. Elaine was sent into a delirium. She bawled and moaned as her cunt contracted and exploded around his cock.

Jay pulled the dazed principal astride his lap and made her bounce up and down on his cock, her thick, creamy tits whipping in his face. He pulled her face down to his and devoured her lips whilst he grabbed and squeezed her tits, and fondled her round ass cheeks. As the heat of their passion rose, Jay sank his powerful, big hands into her hips and pumped her up and down his cock, ramming his big dick deep inside her pussy.

“o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oh! Oh no! I should not be doing this but it feels so good. I hate you black bastard! Fuck my white pussy with that big black cock! You nasty devil! You're making me cumm again!”

Jay slapped her ass cheeks and yanked her onto his cock till she exploded all over him.

Jay did not allow his principal to recover. He threw her over the back of the couch, grabbed her hips and fucked her doggy style. He hit her ass lustily with his hips, plunging his enraged cock in and out of her dripping, gripping pink pussy. Elaine could not believe that she was cumming again. She screamed and banged her hands into the back of the couch like she was going mad. She was so glad that the school was deserted.

Jay finally allowed her to recover. He sat back on the couch and dropped her between his sweaty, dark, powerful thighs.

“Suck on my dick. Show love to that black cock that made you cumm so much.”

With no hesitation, his principal started sucking him dick and licking it. He made her lick his balls. Then he pushed her towards his ass.

“Lick my crack and my hole. I wanna feel that long tongue right there!!!”

“No!” she whimpered as she was pulled by her hair into his dark crack. He held her face in there and told her to lick. He smacked the back of her head and yanked on her hair. Something gave inside her. Elaine whimpered and started licking his ass. She felt a perverted pleasure at being made to do such sordid things by her black rogue of a pupil. She swabbed his crack and sucked his ass with fervor. She dug her dainty, pale fingers into his dark, firm cheeks and pulled them apart so she could suck and tongue his hole lasciviously.

Jay then went on to fuck her up the ass. He made her love his dick. He made her cumm so hard and so often that she was drowsy. All she wanted to do was serve his cock.

Jay then called Nikki on her phone and broke off his affair with her. As he hung up, Elaine was sucking his cock. Jay had decided that it was much more useful to keep the mother as his slut than the daughter.

Chapter 4: Running in the family

Jay fucked Elaine regularly as well as the housewives. While he broke up with Nikki and her cock sucking boyfriend, once in a while, when he felt like doing something nasty, he called both over and fucked them. He especially enjoyed humiliating Ken. It always thrilled him so much to fuck the white boy before his girlfriend and humiliate him.

Jay loved to drop by Elaine's residence, on campus and fuck her in her husband's bed. He'd make her suck his dick and eat his ass right before her and her husband's wedding portrait. Elaine loved her fuck sessions with Jay. When he said she would have to pay if she wanted his dick regularly, she did not hesitate. They bargained a monthly fee. She wanted him once per week, in her office.

Elaine's husband, Andy, was a forty five year Professor. Elaine said he was having a mid life crisis, like he didn't know which way to go. She admitted to Jay that she had indeed caught him looking at photos of black men and wanking. She had then had an expert secretly check his surfing records and discovered that he surfed gay sites regularly.

Jay dropped by Elaine's residence early one evening, when Nikki was out with friends and her husband was attending a conference. First thing Jay did when he stepped in her house was to stick his dick in Elaine's mouth. That was mostly all they did, meet and fuck fast.

They fell over each other and left a trail of clothes as they went to her marital bed. Jay leaped on top of her, shoved his cock up her wet slit and fucked the shit out of her, making her bounce. They fucked hard and came hard.

They only became aware of Andy, Elaine's husband and Nikki's dad, when he coughed. He was standing in the door way, watching.

“Elaine, what the hell! How can you be so stupid to fuck your pupil! You dumb cow....” Any exclaimed. Jay looked up at the tall, lean professor. His hair was cut short and his lean face was shaved smooth. He had sharp, intelligent eyes which were clouded with confusion and hurt. He was drunk.

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