tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Chronicles of Dr Knock-Boots Pt. 05

The Chronicles of Dr Knock-Boots Pt. 05

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1: Gangster Shit!!!

Except for fucking his principal and sometimes some of her family members, Jay usually stayed inconspicuous at school, as far as the academic staff was concerned.

However, one morning, he had trouble with his history Professor, a gentleman by the name of Atkins. The Prof was a tall, lean, man of 55. He was of Brit parentage, and very proud of his Anglo-Saxon heritage. He had short reddish hair, a handlebar mustache, a goatee, and wore small, round specs in class, like a character from a Charles Dickens novel. With his pronounced English accent, and wacky, witty humor, he really gave off a convincing figure of an English man, as far as his students were concerned. He was well liked.

He had given Jay an assignment to explain the causes of WW1. When he was called to the front of class, Jay said,

"Well, sir, I can best explain WW1 using a model of LA I mean, these are the major gangs in LA, right?"

He wrote on the board,

"Bloods, England, & Belgium- Crips, Germans and Austria-Hungary, Essays, Russia, France & the Slavs."

The other kids started to laugh and a couple even flashed gang signs, like , "West side Bieeetch!!!".

"Jason, I am warning you, if you..." Professor Atkins' brow furrowed. He did not like a smart ass.

"I am getting there sir. What I mean is, Europe was like a neighborhood with several gangs, all fighting for the upper hand. Instead of drugs, street corners, however, they were fighting for territory and colonies, so they could rob natives of raw materials and sell them their products at inflated prices, to boost their home industries and develop their countries."

"Now, they were all rolling deep, and armed to the teeth, filled with greed and lust for power. So the inevitable happened and things got popping. The Essays, as in the Serbs, blew up the Austrian Heir to the Throne. The Austrians wanted to kick the Serbs ass, right. But Russia was like, "No way son. Touch the little homie, I'll touch you!!!" But Germany and Austria were down, so the Huns threatened to blast on Russia. But France and Russia were banging in the same gang, so France got involved. Austria went off to Serbia to kick ass and and mass murder some Serbs and Russians. Germany marched through Belgium to cut off France from Russia. But England and Belgium were banging in the same gang, so the Brits declared war on Germany, right? That is WW1. You see sir, its a Gangster fairytale."

The students clapped and laughed, but Mr Atkins was annoyed.

"Are you stupid? You cant compare the cradle of civilization to some stupid gangsters in LA!"

"Come on sir, I mean, even the government is a bunch of gangsters. I mean, taxes are just another form of protection schemes. Like, you work hard, earn your money, and the government says "Pay me son, and I will protect you, but if you don't pay me, I will send my boys the police to deal with you."

"What! That is incredulous Jason. First of all, the government isn't some gangster institution, they are elected, in a fair and free way..."

"Like how Bush beat Al Gore, you mean. Al Gore had 2 million votes more, sir. How come Bush was declared the winner..."

"Well, its the electoral system! Democracy isn't perfect, but its the best system we have got." Mr Atkins insisted.

"They are glorified gangsters sir. Nobody even trusts politicians. Everybody thinks they are crooks." Jay said with a smile and the students laughed and clapped in agreement.

"Look, the government does a lot of things for you. They protect you..."

"Exactly," Jay smiled. "Protection."

"They build schools, roads, hospitals..."

"Sir, without Medical Aid you cant go to a Hospital. Without tuition, my kids cant study, though I paid my protection money, I mean, my taxes. Now, that's Gangster! The President is an O.G."

The students hooted in agreement and laughed heartily.

Mr Atkins did not even have to say it. He just pointed at the door. "I wont let you in unless you apologize for your truant behavior"

"Oops!" Jay thought, picked up his books and walked out.

Ms de Vries had Librarian written all over her in block letters. And indeed the 45 year old spinster with long, red hair worn in a bob, plus a long, thin, freckled face disfigured by over sized specs, was the Librarian at Jay's high school. On this particular afternoon, she sat behind her desk and quietly observed the students that were reading.

Ms de Vries kept her face severe and stern, so that they knew not to mess around. Well, they had better not make any noise or drop books, and they definitely better not fall asleep, coz Ms de Vries would damn sure kick them out, like all the men she had kicked out of her apartment, for trying to kick base. Though some young buck might have told her, "Thanks for nothing ho", for being a childless spinster whose pussy had long grown cobwebs from disuse, Ms de Vries was so proud that she had led a virtuous life.

One student in particular held Ms de Vries attention. He was a young black man. Ms de Vries knew that there were several of those in the school, but they usually never graced the Library, for they were sports students. Jason, she had noted his name, however, came by regularly. He would take out heavy volumes on European History, sit apart from everyone else, and reading, exclaiming and laughing to himself. Ms de Vries didn't like people who mistook the Library for a comedy show.

The ringing of the siren ripped Jay out of the book he was reading. Reluctantly, he closed it and picked up the three volumes he had been perusing through that afternoon. He handed them to Ms de Vries. Out of curiosity, the spinster checked the titles. One was Machiavelli's, "The Prince", the other was titled, "The Conquests of Alexander the Great" and the third was "The Rise and Decline of the Roman Empire!"

For a second, Ms de Vries felt like hitting him on his black head with the books. How could he laugh whilst reading on such great men, who had achieved so much for humanity. The spinster could not contain herself.

"You might wanna try out "Twelfth Night" next time. Or you could buy yourself a copy of MADD at the next newspaper stand," she said cheekily.

"That shi... I mean, that stuff is funnier than anything MADD ever came up with," Jay responded. He liked verbal fencing.

"This is not comedy yunno, these are some of the greatest men in History,"

"Ma'am, those were the greatest gangsters and criminals in History, way more gangster than Snoop, DMX, 50 Cent, Tony Montana and Al Capone all put together."

The first names did not ring a bell with her but the last did. Right there and then, she got annoyed.

"How dare you compare men like Alexander to Al Capone, a common Italian thief."

"Well, actually, you are right Ms de Vries. Alexander of Macedonia massacred many Greeks and sold their wives and children into slavery. He invaded Persia ma'am and went all the way to India, killing, burning, looting and plundering. You know when they first saw monkeys in India, they mistook them for tiny people and killed them. No one really knows how many people he killed. No, ma'am, Al Capone cant be compared to him."

"Young man, you are so cheeky. You have no idea. You, you, you..."

"Excuse me ma'am, but where do you come from, originally, I mean?"

"The Netherlands," she said proudly.

"Oh, that is Holland, right?" Jay smiled. "Well, I am sure if you could go back in time, your ancestors would tell you how much they hated most of these so called great men. Holland was raided, conquered, razed to the ground, dispossessed and plundered. The Dutch were victims..."

"Young man, you have no idea. The Dutch are and always were a noble, proud, independent, strong folk. We played a significant, pivotal role in European civilization..."

"Well, actually ma'am, the big boys in Europe were always England, France, Germany, Russia and Italy, to a lesser extent. But Holland... Na!!!"

"Get out young man, and if I see you laughing at these great men ever again, I will forbid you to come in here..." Ms de Vries sneered at him.

"Sorry ma'am, I thought you wanted to know the truth. I apologize sincerely!" Jay said and ducked out before the angry spinster could throw the books at his head.

He didn't want beef with some ignorant Dutch spinster, who kept guardian over a reservoir of knowledge but knew fuck all about nothing.

For a second, he considered making moves on her and stuffing her arrogant mouth full of black cock. However, he quickly discarded the idea. His Aunt Melinda had told him, "Don't fuck for free!" The spinster seemed to need a big, black dick in hurry. However, with an attitude like that, and ass flat as wood, why, he would have had to triple his rate.

Jay strolled out into the late afternoon sunshine. He walked through the school yard and made his way to Professor Atkins study.

He hated the way white people always tried to hold up their criminal ancestors as some kind of heroes, for running around the world, raiding and robbing so many folks and giving the bible, prison, police men and measles and calling it civilization

However, he knew as far as the Librarian and Professor Atkins were concerned, he couldn't win. And they were just meaningless fights, really.

Chapter 2: History is written by the Victor.

Jay knocked on the door to his Professor's study and immediately gave a sincere apology door. The Anglo-Saxon twirled his handlebar mustache and eyed Jay over his round spectacles. He looked amused, like a cat toying with a mouse.

"Why are you capitulating so easily?"

"Coz I wanna pass my exams and go on to study," Jay replied easily.

"So, you would sell yourself just to gain something?"

"If the price is right."

Mr Atkins smiled. "Listen, I gave the others a test after you departed unceremoniously, and almost everyone passed, thanks to your simplified version of things. Say, why don't you tell me what you think of Europeans, Jason... Take a seat."

That afternoon, they talked on several subjects. Time seemed to just fly by. Atkins was fascinated by Jay's deep knowledge of history, and his wacky way of looking at things. Professor Atkins was very proud to belong to the European race. The two of them fenced with words, throwing arguments at each other. The Prof felt very stimulated mentally.

"Listen Jason, you cannot disagree that European civilization is the most dominant on the planet. We may not be the most perfect, but we are the most successful."

"That is only because you come from an aggressive, greedy culture, based on violence and humiliation. It is a language that all white people understand."

"How do you mean?"

"Most other cultures did not have prison and police forces until the white people brought those institutions. White people have always practiced aggression, violence, humiliation and exploitation. The Queen of England sent her subjects to risk life and limb, invading, plundering and robbing lands halfway across the globe, so she could become richer and richer... But they didn't get much out of it, did they? I mean the common soldiers..."

Mr Atkins smiled. "Its all about power, Jason. We, white people have power. I am Anglo-Saxon, and we are the strongest of white people. We rule this country, Australia, New Zealand, Europe."

"Some white men might rule the world, but most are under the boot, just like the rest of us."

"Come on, this country is an institutional democracy. We have rights."

"But if they really want you Prof, you know they will get your ass quick, and no one can help you. They'll just declare it a national security issue and you are done son."

Mr Atkins looked at him pointedly, "Would you be rather oppressed by a black person or a white person?"

Jay thought about it a while.

"A white person. I'd rather be raped and brutalized by my neighbor than my dad or my brother."

"That's where we differ. We don't have this brother stuff. Each man for himself, and may the best man win, as long as he is one of us, or we own him. And that is why we will always kick ass."

"Unless the world gets together and kicks your ass."

Mr Atkins laughed. "Do you honestly see that happening?" Jay smiled and nodded.

"I hope I live to see the day."

The Prof shook his head. "Never that! Listen Jay, this stuff huh, it stays between us right?"

"Of course." Jay smiled back.

"Your thoughts are really subversive."

"So why do you like to hear them."

"You are very refreshing. However, never forget, History is written by the victor. Therefore, we will teach you guys history, according to us."

He chuckled and gave Jay a list of books he should read and made an appointment with him for the following week.

Ever since that day, Jay they met weekly and for discussions on history and politics, usually taking two to three hours.. Both of them found their talks fascinating and stimulating.

As Jay left the Professor's office, he discovered a short message from his Principal, saying she wanted to see him in her office immediately.

Mrs Chambers, his severe Principal told the nineteen year old black star pupil to lock the door behind him. The curtains to her office were closed. Her secretary had knocked off and they had the administration building all to themselves. Mrs Chambers did not intend to waste such a golden opportunity. After all, she was paying him to service her on the regular.

Jay walked in to find her looking alluring, in her chic specs, immaculate white shirt and a ladies, striped business suit, with the padded shoulders. He asked to keep it all on as she knelt before him on her carpet and feasted on his big, black cock. He felt so good, standing over the 45 year old, severe Principal, with the long, pretty face framed by raven black hair, and the tall, lean body, as he stuffed his long, thick black dick into her hot, wet mouth, stretching it into a big, oval shape.

Elaine had developed a carnal appetite for his big black cock and his thick, salty creamy cumm. She voraciously gorged herself on his dick, deep throating him and pulling and squeezing on his balls as she slurped and sucked away noisily.

Jay knew how desperate she was for his cumm, so he held it off for long. But when Elaine stroked his crack with her wet fingers and traced the rim of his hole, before burying a knuckle in him, Jay's balls gathered for the big bang. He grabbed her pretty face in both hands and yanked her onto his cock as he fed the white Principal and married woman his dark meat. He loved it when she let him fuck her pretty, mature face with so much devotion. His balls exploded and he shot a string of thick, white cumm into her gaping mouth. She drank him down greedily.

"Mmmm! I love drinking your young, copious, potent semen. Its so energizing and revitalizing," she told him as she milked every last drop from his softening manhood.

Elaine then took charge and fed Jay her twat. She raised her skirt up around her hips. She wasn't wearing panties and the young man was staring straight into her blond pussy. Jay found Elaine and her daughter, Nikki funny. Elaine was a natural blond who had dyed her hair black so she wouldn't be taken for a dumb, blond bimbo. Nikki however, was a natural brunette who had dyed her hair blond so she would get the men's attention. Jay loved both their pussies. He had told Elaine to trim the sides off, but keep a tuft of rich, blond pubic hair right above her slit. He loved rubbing his nose in the soft, short hair as he gorged himself on her tasty, sticky, smoldering cunt. He ate it like a scrumptious meal until she came all over his face, uttering expletives unbecoming of a woman of high position like her.

Jay then fucked his Principal on her desk. He lifted her, laid her on her back, on her important papers, hooked her feet over his shoulders and gave it to her, hitting dents in her ass with his lusty hips. Elaine had to bite onto a book to stifle her loud moans.

Then it was her turn to ride. She rode his dick on the desk, her athletic body going into over drive as she crouched over the young black stud and pounded his crotch with her pussy. She rode him to several orgasms.

Jay then dropped into her armchair and she knelt before him and sucked his dick, ate his balls and ass and made him cumm in her mouth again.

They moved to her couch, where they smoked a blunt and chatted.

Elaine always felt excited walking on the razor's edge. If she was ever caught fucking her student in her office, she would definitely lose her job, and that excited her so much. She got such a kick fucking her black student. His dick was big, black and so good. It stayed hard for as long as she needed it, it gave her so much joy as it slid in and out of her holes and it always rewarded her with so much cumm to drink. She had initially had reservations about her liaison with Jay, more so as he started also occasionally fucking her husband up the ass and making him suck his cock like a whore in front of her. However, Jay was very mature about things. He never ran his mouth or came up with silly demands. She paid him a monthly fee, and he gave her all the big, hard black dick her holes needed. It was a good arrangement.

Elaine was not satisfied with less than five mouthfuls of cumm. Therefore she used the remainder of the afternoon to take his cock up her tight ass hole and ride him reverse cowgirl style. Jay loved stuffing her tiny hole full of his meat. He banged it into her, and when his orgasm approached, he pulled out and went straight into her mouth, depositing another mouth load. He was beginning to feel tired, but Elaine burrowed her face between his cheeks, ate his ass and stroked his prostrate till he was hard as a rock again. He fucked her one more time, and she begged him to spread his meat equally between her pussy and ass hole. He finally gave her the last and final load deep down her throat. It seemed like when she eased her tongue into his butt hole, this made his balls go into overtime. He poured bucketfuls of cumm into her hungry mouth and she moaned and groaned, squeezing on his balls as she drained them and felt his cumm pour like warm, thick mustard into her belly.

She told the young man to keep up his excellent grades and grabbed and squeezed on his ass cheeks as he staggered out of her office, feeling drained but happy. Jay left the sated Principal rearranging her clothes and sprucing up her make up so she could attend a meeting with the parent-teachers association and impress them with accounts of what a wonderful job she was doing.

Chapter 3: Violence, humiliation and nation building.

The following day, after his lessons, Jay went to his regular weekly boxing session. His sparring partner was a Latin guy named Reinaldo. Reinaldo was a head taller, built like an Ox and hard hitting. He had knocked out several sparring partners, including Jay. Most of the guys at the gym did not want to spar with him, but Jay did.

Sparring with Reinaldo was like fighting for his life. Jay always compared his life of a black man in a white man's world to boxing Reinaldo. There was no way he could match either, blow for blow. He had to fight smartly, his only weapons were his speed, agility and brains.

As Reinaldo threw fast, heavy punches at him, Jay was glad he wore protective head gear. Reinaldo had the height advantage, and the Latino never pulled back his blows. Jay evaded most of them, but the Latino cracked him several good ones to the the head.

Jay kept sticking and moving like Sugar Ray. Reinaldo was over confident and neglected his guard, trying too hard to land the killer blow. Jay managed to crack Reinaldo several body blows, stinging him with fast combinations before dancing away. He even caught his chin a few times but Reinaldo had a hard chin and only smiled meanly and tried to chop Jay's head off with his huge fists, usually meeting thin air. Jay hoped to knock the guy out one day, but surviving five rounds relatively unscathed was more than a great consolation.

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