tagInterracial LoveThe Chronicles of Erica Bradson Ch. 02

The Chronicles of Erica Bradson Ch. 02

byPervosuxx Marina©

HARD PASSION: The Chronicles of Erica Bradson.

Chapter 2

Guilty Desire.

Two weeks passed since my obscene experience with Malik and we had not spoken since. I returned to my duties as a mother and a wife, hoping that my sinful act would be erased by time. The morning is my favourite time of the day, my husband, my two sons and I gather together for breakfast. It is the only time of the day where we are all together and can talk about the day ahead of us and our plans. It is also the only time when I feel no remorse. I make two eggs to my husband with no bacon a cup of freshly made coffee and a glass of cold orange juice to start of his day while he reads the newspaper. My sons on the other hand prefer pancakes, as they have grown accustom to them ever since they were 5. A glass of orange juice to Brian and a glass of milk to Peter to set up their day. It is during this time of day that I feel happy and relieved as I see my family bustling with energy, no other thoughts and no other feelings but for my family. The gathering breaks up when my husband and my sons leave for work and school, and as I watch them go out the front door the feeling of vulnerability engulfs me.

The moment my husband and my sons leave the house, I start to make myself busy by cleaning the house, buying groceries or working on my children's book. Ever since that night I have been welcoming menial tasks that would keep me busy in order to try to forget Malik. Unfortunately for me, my memories kept haunting me and the more I tried to suppress them the more they insisted on coming back. My sexual urges had also grown, and as every day passed by from that rainy night they grew stronger, whenever I was in the shower my body trembled and my nipples hardened by themselves while my vagina would become wet and slippery. I tried to avoid touching myself, but the memories of that experience became more vivid than ever before. Whenever I was alone in the house the thought of how Malik had made me feel that day using only his tongue made me wonder what more he could do. As much as my body and my mind kept teasing me I had decided to stay firm and to continue as a devoted wife and a good mother and not to fall for my perverse mind again.

Evening came and I was finishing up the last chapter of my book when I was disturbed by the ringing of my cell phone in my handbag. I went downstairs and pulled it out of my handbag and inspected the number blinking on the phone. I did not recognize the number and I felt fear right away wondering if it was Malik, and how he had gotten my number. I never gave it to him that night and I was worried he had found some way to get my number anyway. My imagination was making me believe things that I knew were not possible and yet deep inside of me I wanted to be true. Something kept me from answering it right away, almost like if I knew it was Malik and I did not want to confront him. After a second or two I stopped wavering, I took a deep breath and answered my cell phone hoping it was not Malik. It was my son Brian and he asked me what took me so long to answer the phone. As I realised it was my son on the phone I exclaimed a strong sudden sound of relief that it was not Malik. My son heard me and asked me what was wrong with me. I lied to him and told him that I almost fell down when I was reaching the phone, to which my son afterwards asked me why it took me so long to answer the phone in the first place. Another lie came out of me when I told him I was using the vacuum cleaner and I did not hear the phone. I than asked him what was wrong and if anything had happened to him, he said that everything was fine and that he wanted only to call me to tell me that he was sleeping out tonight without giving me an explanation to where or with whom, like always, and that I was not to make dinner for him. I asked him to stay out of trouble and to not go to bed too late, to which he replied in a manner as if I had invaded his space.

I said goodbye to him and goodnight knowing he would not call me again that day. Before I hung up I asked him why he was calling me from a different number, to which he answered that he had forgotten his cell phone at home and had borrowed the phone of a friend of his. When my son said those words to me all of my fear and thoughts came back like a brutal force, and before I was able to ask him which friend he had borrowed it from, he hung up. I sat down on the sofa in the living room puzzled with thoughts wondering whether it was Malik my son had borrowed the phone from or if it was someone else. My body trembled at the thought that my son had borrowed Malik's phone to call me and that he now maybe had my number. I expected Malik would call me right away on the phone and so I placed my cell on the table by the sofa while staring at it in silence. I continued to stare at my cell for more than a couple of minutes in a complete and utter hypnotic state trembling at the thought of Malik calling me, but after the time passed I told myself that I was a fool, as my son probably borrowed it from someone else since he had been in a fight with Malik two weeks ago and that they were probably not on good terms yet. I went to the kitchen and I started making dinner, with a feeling of relief and a slight feeling of disappointment.

After eating dinner with my son Peter and my husband Daniel, I decided to finish the chapter of my book upstairs in my office, while my husband watched TV and my son played video games. It was not until nine that my cell phone rang again. A message from the same number my son Brian had used, so believing it to be my son I opened it with no hesitation. What I saw made me gasp with such a surprise that I almost fell from the chair, the message was a picture of Malik's limp cock with a text below saying that this I was going to get. My body trembled and my eyes were fixated on the picture of Malik's huge limp penis, my nipples became hard and I had to clench my legs together as I was starting to feel my vagina sweating and soaking my underwear. I closed the picture and wanted to delete it only to have something inside stop me from doing so. I looked at it again and I began to slowly caress my hardened nipple. I circled my hand over my tit again and again to the point where my nipple was poking out so hard that it made a silhouette on my sweater. I then slowly reached downwards so as to put my hand between my legs and caress my vagina through my soaking underwear, all the while I looked at the picture of Malik's penis and wondered how I was able to take that monstrosity in its erect form within me.

Those thoughts and my touching mixed itself with the memory of that rainy night when I was with Malik and I began to stroke my vagina faster through my underwear. I became so wet that it was now dripping on the floor and on my skirt. The intense feeling of the coming orgasm made me drop the phone from my left hand onto the floor which made a loud noise. I was shaking all over and I grabbed the first thing I found, which was a lamp, and I held it firmly until the orgasm was over. I went limp and my right hand stopped caressing my hole and for a second I just wanted to sleep, only to hear noises coming from the outside of my room which made me realise that someone was coming. I immediately readjusted my skirt and sweater and just as I was about to clean my essence from my right hand the door opened. My son Peter came in and told me that he had heard a loud noise. At first I was afraid he had heard me moaning, but when he told me that he had heard something hitting the floor I relaxed and told him that it was only my cell phone that had fallen onto the floor. It was in that moment that I realised that the picture was still on. If he picked it up my son would see my secret. He knelt down to get the phone and just before I was able to take it from him he saw the screen. My heart was pumping so hard that I almost felt it bursting out of my chest. I was just about to say something to him when I saw his face, it was not the face of shock or panic. He looked at me and said that he was sorry, but my phone had been broken. When I saw the screen of my phone shattered with no picture or light on it I felt such relief that I almost hugged my son, being so happy that he did not see that picture. He placed it on the table beside my pc and walked out of the room saying good night to me in the process. I was so relieved and exhausted at the same time that I slumped on my chair. At that moment I knew that I was lucky and unlucky at the same time.

I woke up early the next morning as I had not slept well. My thoughts had been raging inside of me trying to find excuses for my behaviour last night. I had not only desired another man again, but done so while my family was present at home. The thought that my son had almost caught me masturbating to a picture of another man's penis kept me wondering what would have happened if he had found out. This time I had no excuses for what I had done. I could not tell myself that what I had done was for the well-being of my son Brian, as that night I had willingly masturbated to Malik's penis without any reason then my own. Yet still, the incident that happened yesterday made me wonder whether I had been allowed a second chance, as not only did I escape the embarrassment of having to explain to my son what I was doing, but also that my cell phone had been destroyed in the process and so I was free from having more pictures from Malik, or worse a call. As much as I felt guilt over what had happened I could not accept it, I continued to act as if nothing happened and hoped that one day this would be over.

The day went slowly, my sons were at school and my husband had gone to work and I was finally finishing the children's book. While sitting on my sofa in the living room with my laptop on the table I felt for a moment free from thoughts and believed that maybe all of what had happened would fade away, the calm silent house did not make me feel vulnerable anymore and my urges had calmed down as well. This peace was broken by the sound of the doorbell which rang only once but loudly enough to feel like thunder. I raised myself from the comfortable sofa and walked towards the main door, I did not really wonder who it was until I had already opened the door. Standing in the doorway was a man dressed in blue large heavy jeans and a green undershirt with a logo of a big M, when my eyes finally reached his face I realised that it was Malik. He smiled and asked me how I was doing while letting himself into the house before I could even protest. My heart was pounding faster and faster and my thoughts were back in a disagreement, it took me a couple of seconds to say something, but I was then able to shake of my dozed of state and speak.

I closed the door, and with a resentful tone asked him what he was doing here. He said in calm and sympathetic voice that he had forgotten a ticket in Brian's room the last time he was here. He then apologetically asked me if he could please go up to Brian's room and look for it. Before I was able to tell him no, he had already gone up the stairs. I followed him upstairs puzzled by the fact that he had not tried to flirt with me or grope me the moment he entered the house. I was so puzzled that I began to think he had no intention to touch me or do any other obscene act. It was then that I realised that my body was starting to shake again and my perverted fantasy was resurfacing. I stopped for a moment to regain my sense of duty and continued to go upstairs after him. When I reached Brian's room I saw Malik searching my son's table, I then watched him for a couple of seconds before speaking. Without realising that he might just be faking all of this, I asked him if he had found it. Before he responded to me, he stood up and showed me a ticket that he had taken from the table. He then looked at me, standing in the doorway in a way that made me feel very vulnerable. He smiled again and said that he would take no more of my time and leave the house.

The moment he said those words a sense of fear came upon me as if I did not want him to leave. He walked passed me and went downstairs, and like a cat chasing a mouse I followed him down. Just as he was about to reach the main door my mind began to act on its own and as if by reflex I said wait. He stopped and turned around and asked me why. I could not believe it, he wanted me to admit that I wanted him. All of my sane thoughts were now screaming at me to send him away, while my body was sweating and remembering that night he and I fornicated. Without realising that he was already in front of me, he grabbed my behind exactly the same way he did our first time, which gave my body and my thoughts such vivid memories that I began to tremble and sweat continuously. Then just like before he inserted his tongue into my mouth and began kissing and sucking my tongue. I could not stop him, I was too deep in my trance to stop now. The only thing I was hoping for now was that he would not go any further than kissing and groping me, but it was now completely up to him what happened next. He continued kissing me until I was dripping from my mouth. At the same time, he took his right hand and slipped it down the front of my skirt and began caressing my dripping vagina. This made me come so hard that I disconnected from his lips and gasped to the ceiling. He then started taking off my sweater and grabbed my right breast and began to caress it, and even though my bra was still on he was able to caress it so good that I came a second time. My body then began to move by itself and I used my right hand to grab and stroke his crotch, which made Malik moan. He then pulled his hand out of my skirt and started unlocking my bra and seemingly drag it away with his other hand.

From the first moment Malik saw my tits, he started to pinch my left nipple and kiss and suck my neck to the point that my nipples began to harden themselves, which made me stroke his bulging crotch even faster and with every stroke it seemed to get bigger. Malik then stopped pinching and kissing me and pushed away my hand which was stroking him. For a split second I thought it was over, only to see him take of his undershirt revealing his beautiful muscular body to me which made my nipples harden even more and my vagina drip harder. He then unlocked his belt, pulled down his pants and revealed to me his enormous dick. It was so big that even though it was semi erect it was still not able to remain upright because of its weight and growth. It was the first real time that I truly realised what a monstrosity it was, I kept staring at it for a couple of seconds, wondering how I was able at all to take his fully erect penis inside me at all. Those thoughts, and watching his penis, made me gush more from my vagina and harden my tit knobs so much that they gave me some slight pain. Malik did not hesitate, he grabbed me and pulled down my skirt revealing that my underwear was so wet that he could see through it. He ordered me to continue stroking his penis, while he began to kiss and suck my tits. The pleasure almost made me fall, only to be saved by the warm soft yet hard penis I was holding in my hand. I held it tightly trying to see if I was able to get my fingers around it to stroke it better, only to fail. As it grew wider and harder, Malik moaned and told me to continue while he kept on sucking and pinching my nipples. I stroked it as much as I was able to and felt it slowly grow bigger and start to become more upright.

The feeling of Malik's warm penis in my hand and him sucking and playing with my tits made me lose control of my body. I took my other hand and slipped it inside my underwear to caress my wet hairy hole. In that moment, the thoughts that I had the night before secretly masturbated to the picture of this young man's penis surfaced again. This time I was now doing it for real. The realization that I was physically grabbing and stroking it made me orgasm a third time. The moment my orgasm came I clenched his penis so hard that I was almost able to get my fingers right around it. After my climax had passed I stopped stroking, only to then have Malik place his penis between my legs and start to move back and forth rubbing my dribbling vagina through my soaked underwear with his shaft. I felt it grow and become even more upright. All the time my hole was dripping so much that it went through my underwear and ran all over his dick. He started to kiss me again which gave me the energy to continue from my already tired state. At the same time, his left hand was playing with my tit and his right hand began to grab my behind. I almost went in a state of coma because of all the different sensation, feeling his hands toying with me, his tongue making my mouth dribble with saliva, and the shaft of his dick stroking vagina through my underwear, while at the same time hitting the insides of my legs as it grew wider. I was literally riding his penis and he was already making me feel better than last time without even having penetrated me yet. I knew then that there was no possible way that he would not penetrate me with his penis, as we now had reached a point of no return.

That moment I knew that I would not only be cheating on my husband again, but in our own house. As I looked towards the chimney in the living room I spotted a photo of my sons, my daughter, my husband Daniel and me. It was then that my guilt began to drag me out of the state of lust and started to make me realise that I was not only betraying my husband, but my family as well. Just then Malik stopped kissing me and pushed me back so that I fell down on the red sofa, he was now standing over me showing his overlarge monster dick that was now fully erected and upright, and with one stare my thoughts of guilt had vanished. He began to take off my slipper and socks while I stared at his penis in amazement. His shaft was darker then his skin and had liquid dripping from the top side, which I could only assume was the essence from my vagina after he had stroked with it. The veins were so impressive that I could see them pulse and I knew they would make their mark once he was inside me. The penis-head was so huge and round that it almost resembled a pool ball in size. The closer I got to the penis, the more I could smell the strong odour it was making. The smell was so strong and ferocious that I dripped even more from my hole onto the sofa. After having pulled off the last of my sock, Malik leant forward and began pulling off my wet underwear revealing my hairy soaking pussy. Saying it was time to ride, he parted my legs and grabbed his penis, placing his penis-head on my hole. The mere touch of his warm reddish penis-head on my hole was almost enough to make me come again. He then said that he wanted me to feel every inch of his thing and not doze off like last time, so he would enter me slowly this time. I became very nervous and began acting as if it was my first time.

Preparing myself to take his penis I clenched the sofa's pillow with my hand and began using the breathing technique that I used for child birth. Malik recognized the pattern and told me to continue doing so as he liked the sound of it. He held my legs open with his hands and began to penetrate me slowly. I could feel his penis-head expanding my vagina as it slowly invaded me further. I kept on breathing as the sheer pleasure his penis-head was making almost made me pass out. He then pushed himself deeper within me and I began to break up the breathing technique as I started to feel his veins throbbing and pumping within me, which made me orgasm. He then grunted and told me to hold on. He was now pushing it deeper into me and as I felt it bury itself deeper I grabbed his arm and began pulling him towards me. I had reached a new level of pleasure. He lost his grip on my legs and placed his hands around my hips, grunting and moaning and sweating all over me. He then tried to push his penis further in but was unable to, so he dragged it backwards and told me to be ready to go balls deep. It was not until I looked up at him and saw him breathing deeply and withdrawing part of his penis out from me that I realised what he was about to do. Just as I was to beg him to go easy, he thrust his dick so deep that his balls hit my ass cheeks. My head tilted backwards and I cried out loud. I did not even care if someone from outside the house heard me. My legs then automatically crossed around Malik's body and I started pulling him into me. Malik grunted and exclaimed that all of his cock was finally inside. I had been able to take all of his meat again, but this time without dozing off.

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