tagInterracial LoveThe Chronicles of Erica Bradson Ch. 03

The Chronicles of Erica Bradson Ch. 03

byPervosuxx Marina©

HARD PASSION: The Chronicles of Erica Bradson.

Chapter 3.

Accepted Depravity.

There was no turning back now, nothing would be like before. These were the thoughts that kept haunting me every day since I agreed to be Malik's sex doll. I could not look at my husband anymore without wondering why I had sunk so far from my duty and my love for him, and the idea that I had done it with Malik in our house gave me a mixed feeling of guilt and lust which did not help me either, and yet I acted my part as if nothing happened. My sons and husband Daniel went on with their daily lives with no knowledge of what I had done at our home that day, and though the stench of the sofa was questioned by both my sons and husband the thought that I had lost a bottle of strong cleaning essence on it kept them from pondering any more on the matter. For two days everything seemed normal and I kept acting my part as the faithful wife. And each day after my sons and husband had left the house for their job and school I closed myself in my office trying to avoid the first floor because of the smell that had still not disappeared from the sofa in the living room. I could not walk in that room again as the guilt and pressure kept fuelling itself from my memories as I smelled the scent that Malik and I had made in that room. The smell kept reminding me of that day and the promise I had made to Malik, I tried to push those vivid memories away from me by concentrating on a new children book that I was making but things are never so easy as that.

At 5 o'clock the telephone began to ring and I had no choice but to walk down to the first floor as I heard the sound coming from downstairs. The smell kept invading my nostrils as I went down the stairs to the first floor, and though the smell was faint my imagination made it feel like it was everywhere. Standing just a few meters away from the living room I saw the telephone ringing on the table beside the sofa, my hips began to shake at the constant reeking smell, making me remember what had happened in that room just a few days ago. I did not care who was on the phone, concentrating instead on the fact that I had to enter the room and face the memories that haunted me and accept reality. I walked towards the phone after I had decided to stop wavering and stood there for a second catching my breath to relieve myself from the fear and guilt.

For two days I had not entered the living room. Since that day, I could not walk in there without falling victim to my own perverted mind. I tried to forget the smell, but the more I tried to forget that smell the stronger it seemed standing in the living room today. For a second I almost forgot the phone was ringing, but I pulled myself together and answered the phone without looking at the number. I recognized the voice immediately, it was Malik. He answered to my hello as if I were an old friend of his, laughing at the same time over the fact that it was good to hear me again. Fear engulfed me at the thought that he maybe was ready to come over again. I began stuttering and panicking, telling him that it was too soon and that my son Peter was about to return home from school any minute now. He did not complain, but instead told me to calm down as he had only wanted to call me to ask how I was doing. My fear dissipated and my heart beat calmed down. I was relieved and after a second of confusion and relief I asked him how he had gained my house number. He told me that my son Brian had given him the number. Malik then told me he would have called me on my cell phone had it not been turned off. I told him that my phone had been broken and not turned off and Malik laughed and asked me if it had anything to do with the beauty picture he had sent me on the phone awhile back. I was not even able to respond to that question before he asked me whether I was preparing myself for the weekend. Puzzled, I asked him what was going to happen on the weekend. He responded with disappointment over the fact that I had forgotten that he had told me that he would come inside me next time. Instead of rejecting him right away, my curiosity made me ask him why this weekend. He then told me that he had to leave and would not be back until the weekend and that I had to prepare myself for him with birth-control pills unless I wanted him to impregnate me. To this I stuttered no. He then told me he had to go and that he was looking forward to the weekend, and before I could protest back he had hung up.

I was standing there in the living room wondering why I had not only tried to dissuade him from having sex with me in the weekend, but most of all to not cum within me. I stood in the living room in complete silence not even trying to find excuses or methods to reject Malik anymore, I knew that it was too late for that now. The thoughts that were once so strong at rejecting him and scolding me were turning into perverted memories of me and him in the living room and the strong scent that came from the sofa dragged me further into my perverted mind, reminding me of the intense pleasure Malik had given me that day in our house. I slowly fell down on the sofa with my legs parted and my nipples began to turn into hardened door knobs. My hand caressed them tenderly as I tried to remember the movement that Malik had used on my tits the last time. The strong scent from the sofa continued to infuse into my nose and drove me to pinch my nipples through my green sweater that my husband had given me for Christmas. Just the thought that I was doing such vile and despicable thing while remembering the fond memories with my husband made me wet and horny. I could not resist anymore, I had to grope myself!

The intense feeling was overwhelming and I began to slip my hand into my pants and into my drowned underwear to caress my warm slippery opening. I did not hold back the thoughts anymore, and memories raged more furious then before. All of my memories with Malik were as vivid as if we were doing it right then. I caressed my hole even more furiously and slowly I began to penetrate myself with my index finger releasing such wildness within me that I turned around and pushed my face against the sofa's pillow, the scent from the sofa was now at its highest and I could almost taste it with my tongue while I kept penetrating myself faster. My finger was giving me so much pleasure that I had to bite my other index finger with my teeth. The strong scent, the memories, the guilt, the pleasure, the penetration and the obscenity of what I was doing against my husband made me orgasm so hard that I had to restrain myself from screaming so loud that I could have been heard outside the house. The pleasure came as a tidal wave with the intensity of destruction and then dissipated like a snowflake calmly melting away. I was breathing heavily with my index finger calmly exiting my vagina as if being pushed away from the tired state I had put myself into. I continued breathing heavily and as I did the thought that this was nothing compared to the experience Malik had given me manifested itself, I now knew what I had to do. I had to buy birth control pills.

When I entered the pharmacy, I felt embarrassed that I was about to buy birth control pills so I could let a young man that was not my husband squirt his sperm inside of me. Although I kept telling myself this was wrong I continued to do the tests that were performed on me to see whether I could take the pills. After a couple of minutes I got the pills that my pharmacist recommended. She stated that I had to take them for at least 7 days before they would fully work and that I should not worry about side effects as this was a new type of birth control pill that had just been released. Just when I was about to place the pills in my handbag I caught a glimpse of the label on the package, it said Erinak and I realised that these pills had been created from the company that my husband worked for. The coincidence stunned me and I almost felt like crying over the fact that I was using the same product my husband had made to pay our bills so that I could have sex with another man. The guilt made me ponder on the situation I had mixed myself up in. I stood there staring at the label for a couple of seconds before I heard a woman's voice yelling my name.

The surprise made me hide the pills into my handbag and I looked towards the sound of my name and saw a woman standing a couple of meters waving her hand at me. It took me awhile before I recognized who it was. Her name was Laura Harper and she was one of the mothers I encountered at one of the PTA meetings at the school where my sons go. She was a very nice person and always so full of enthusiasm that I almost envied her. She kept herself very well, always wearing something beautiful and bright. It was clear to me that she watched her diet as she was not as big as me and always seemed to have the energy to do far more things than a forty year old woman should do. Her eyes were grey mixed with blue and her hair was long with the colour dark brown. She looked very remarkable for a woman her age.

She came closer to me and asked me how I was doing, and I responded by telling her that everything was fine. We kept chatting about our families for a couple of seconds before she asked me what I was doing at the pharmacy, I couldn't reveal the truth, so I told her that I was buying some coughing medicine for my son Peter. We kept chatting and decided to get a cup of coffee at the mall before going home. We then began to talk about our upcoming weekends, which made me a little nervous as I could not tell her what I was about to do. I told her that I had couple of plans without specifying what they were. She then asked me whether I was busy the next weekend and if I would accept an invitation with my husband to eat dinner at Laura's house the next weekend. Since I wanted to leave and go home I accepted the invitation, without realising that Malik maybe had plans for me that weekend as well. I walked home without knowing that I had set in motion a difficult situation for the future.

My seemingly happy life as a perfect housewife continued, with me each day popping a birth control pill without my husband's knowledge so to prepare myself for the coming storm this weekend. I told my husband and sons that I was going to a book club conference to discuss my new children's book on the weekend without specifying when as I myself were unsure to when Malik wanted me to come over to his place. My sons did not even perceive what I had said, as merely the mention of the word 'book' sent them into a state of total ignorance and boredom. My husband on the other hand was happy for me, smiling and hugging me over the fact that I would have the chance to invest some more time in my book instead of staying at home. Little did he know that the conference was next month and that I was actually leaving for another reason, namely to betray him with another man again. The thought made me feel guilt and sadness, so much that I almost confessed to him right there and then, but instead I only kissed him and told him I loved him. Things went on as normal. I found out that my son Brian was going to sleep over again this weekend and my husband would return late from work as usual, while my son Peter would stay at home to work on his homework. The thought that I was leaving my son alone at home did not occur to me until the day Malik called me. My guilt and shame had overwhelmed all my other thoughts at the time.

Saturday came and I could feel the storm arrive the moment I awoke that morning, I knew it was today, something in my body just sent this feeling through me that told me it was today. I prepared breakfast for my family and enjoyed the morning like always, even though this time it felt a little different. My day went on as normal, I said goodbye to my sons and my husband who went to work and to their friends while I went to the living room to write my book. The scent did not bother me anymore, mostly because it had disappeared, but also because I realised that the more I ran away the more guilt I would feel, so I decided to stay the course.

Time went faster than normal and I felt vulnerable as each minute passed closing itself to the inevitable time of the day when I would feel Malik inside of me again. Just as the clock hit the third strike of 7, I was greeted with a surprise. My son Peter had returned home when I did not expect him, believing he was going to sleep over at his friend's house I asked him why he had come home. He looked at me and told me that he was just going to eat at his friend's house today and not sleep over. It was Brian, my other son, who was going to sleep out today. Peter then asked me if I had forgotten, or if he had not told me. I stared at him for a couple of seconds wondering how I could have made such a mistake and I realised that my guilt had distracted me and made me forget that he had told me that he was staying at home today. I swallowed and smiled and told him that I had forgotten. He then smiled and went upstairs to his room to play with his video games. I sat down on the sofa with my conscious angered and scolding myself for having forgotten that Peter was going to stay at home. I desperately began to hope that Malik would not call today. Unfortunately for me the moment I was about to go to the kitchen to get something refreshing to drink, my phone rang. I knew it was him even before I saw the number. I quickly answered the phone as I did not want Peter to come downstairs to answer it for me.

Malik greeted me with a tone of happiness and asked me if I missed him. Before I was able to respond he asked me whether I had taken the pills. I told him yes and was about to tell him something else when he told me to put on my coat and get over to his house. He then hung up and I was not given time to protest. I was now very confused with erotic feelings and guilt. I wanted to touch myself, but I resisted from doing so because of my son was upstairs. I had no choice but to leave my son alone tonight, partly as I could not risk Malik getting mad at me, but mostly because I did not want to lose him. I went upstairs and knocked on my son's door. Peter opened the door and asked me what I wanted. I was not able to say anything so I asked him what he was doing, he stuttered for a second and told me he was just finishing his homework for Monday. Peter had always been the one who never did anything bad, he always did his duty and never made me feel worried. I caressed his forehead and his long hair and told him that I had to leave for the conference I had told them about. He nodded and said ok and told me to make sure I did not get outspoken by some lame professor. He was always so innocent and always made me so proud. I gave him a big hug and walked down the stairs to leave. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I had to; no I needed to do it!

I parked a couple of blocks away from Malik's house, as I did not want anyone to recognize my car. I walked the rest of the way in the silent cold night. No rain or thunder like the first time I thought, this night was going to be different. I reached his porch and saw the light coming from inside his house. I remembered the first time I came here and how that day had changed my life, so I hesitate to ring the bell. For a second my mind wanted to leave and never come back, but it was too late and I had to go through with it.

I rang the doorbell and took a deep breath waiting for Malik to appear at the door and soon he did. He stood in front of me smiling without saying a word. He nodded with his head to come in, and like a dog I obediently entered. He took my coat and hung it on the door knob. I began to look around his living room, trying to avoid him as long as I could. He turned towards me and asked if I wanted something to drink, but I told him no. He then disappeared into his kitchen for a second and I began to shake my head as my conscience began to scold me that I was about to have sex with someone that was not my husband again. Malik then came out from the kitchen with a soda can in his right hand, he then rushed towards me and grabbed my hand with his left and told me to follow him upstairs. I followed him upstairs without a struggle. His grasp was firm yet soft and I did not really want to resist anymore. We came up to a door and he told me that it would be more comfortable if we did it in his room this time. I realized that we still have not had sex in a bed, the fact had not struck me until today. Both the times we had sex we did it on a sofa, first in his home then at my house. Today we were going to have sex for the first time on a bed; it was a little funny that such a small detail had been overlooked.

He opened the door to his room and entered to turn on the lights, his room reminded me of the room of my sons. There were posters on the walls of singers I had no idea who they were and women in light lingerie. I was reminded that Malik was in fact still a teenager and when I saw his room it made me feel very disappointed that I, a mother of three, was allowing this to happen. He sat down on the bed and told me to take my clothes off while he finished drinking his soda. I felt very vulnerable just then. He had always taken control during sex, but now he was asking me to make the first move by taking off my clothes while he watched. I complied and began took off my sweater, placing it on a chair in the room. I then slowly pulled my skirt down revealing my black underwear, which he commented on. Then, as I began to unlock my bra, he started to stroke his crotch and told me to do it slowly, I had no idea what he wanted me to do exactly but the vulnerability I felt in that moment began to harden my nipples a bit.

I tossed the bra on to the chair and revealed my tits to him, I could now see Malik stroke and caress the bulge in his pants and he began to moan. He then raised himself up and began to take his clothes off faster than I had done, and within a minute he was standing naked in front of me. His wonderful body flashing those muscles at me and his penis dangling and pumping those huge veins, It made my hole drip and my nipples grow. He told me to get on my knees and without realizing why I went down on my knees as though I was hypnotised by his dangling penis. He then came so close to me that his penis almost touched my cheek. The smell it emitted hit my nostrils like a thundering wave. His penis was not fully erected yet and he told me to suck it until it was. I looked up at him a little startled over the fact that I had to suck him, mostly because of its size and length. I held it in my hands and felt it pumping and I gave it a kiss with my lips, the taste was special and incredibly strong and even though I had only kissed it once the taste filled my mouth immediately. I stopped after the first kiss as I felt the taste would be too much, but Malik insisted that I suck it and little by little I found the strength to except the taste.

I began to kiss his shaft again this time without stopping. I then slowly but surely started to lick it. The taste that overwhelmed my tongue made my vagina flow and I could not stop but wonder if I would even be able to fit my mouth around it because of its girth. Malik moaned while I kept on going up and down under his shaft with my tongue drooling saliva all over his thick black pole. His penis continued to harden itself and soon it would be ready. My tongue kept tasting and licking the veins on his shaft and I could feel his veins throbbing with my tongue when I connected with them. Malik began to moan furiously and soon pre-cum began to exit from the tip of his cock head. The sensation was incredible, my tongue licking and drooling all over his big penis and the taste I had accepted into my mouth made me almost go berserk. At the point that I began to finger myself with my index finger.

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