tagInterracial LoveThe Chronicles of Malik J. Mamut

The Chronicles of Malik J. Mamut

byPervosuxx Marina©

ANOTHER VIEW: The Chronicles of Malik J. Mamut.

Chapter 1.2

Here comes Malik!

It was my 18th birthday and a party was held in my house, open for all. Over 200 students arrived at my house dancing, kissing, fucking, drinking and doing all the shit that was good. Yeah it was truly one nice ride.

At this party I was introduced to a well known transfer student from London named Tobias Shaws, he was a weird kind of guy, with glasses bigger than his head, but interesting none the less over the fact that he was able to produce a seemingly powerful intoxicating drug called the Brit pill using only caffeine, aspirin and some other pills, and then selling it to students for a nice sum. Needless to say I took him under my wing knowing that he would bring me some profit.

"You provide me the chemicals I need and the equipment, and I give you half the profit," said Tobias while we were discussing our future dealings on his Brit pill.

"Alright you know what, I get you all the things you need to produce that Brit pill of yours, but in exchange I want 70 percent of the profit. You know, cause of expenses on my part," said I, hoping to get some more percentage out of him.

"60 percent and we got a deal," he remarked .

"65, and you won't have to worry about dealing out."

Tobias remained quiet for a second or two before shaking my hand and sealing our deal, I then handed him a plastic cup filled with beer and enticed him to enjoy my party.

Walking over to my seat on the far side of the pool watching all of my guests enjoying themselves, and realising that I was getting tired of the party, I suddenly catch a glimpse nice hot blonde bimbo on the side of the pool who was eyeing me, and then just like magic my party spirit was back.

She was well above average in breast size, her long blonde hair reached her down to the middle of her back, her lips were puffed and red, her eyes blue and shiny. She was dressed in a red tight bikini swim suit which revealed part of her nipple, and her ass was gorgeously perfect and well rounded, time for some frisky action.

I walked over to her with my cup of beverage and introduced myself, "I don't think I know you gorgeous, what's your name?"

She whirled her finger around her hair, watching me with satisfying interest. "Janet," she answered, "and I know who you are. You're the hot guy whose birthday is today," she lent herself closer to me and whispered. "I have a birthday present for you."

She took my hand and dragged me inside the house, into the bathroom whereupon she locked the door behind us, and then began to caress my chest. I kissed her lips and neck hearing her moan while she fiddled my ear with her tongue. I then caressed her big ass tits with both hands, but before I could get to second base she pushed me down unto the toilet seat. "Oh no," she said. "First I am going to give you the birthday present."

She knelt down and spread my legs open, gliding my flier down and reaching for my penis. The thick black cock of mine seemed to have made an impression on her when she pulled it out, as she did not expect it to be so big, "Oh My God," she exclaimed.

"I know gorgeous," said I, while I caressed her lips with my thumb. "Now how about you work those big puffy lips of yours"

She held my dick with her right hand and began to lick the shaft, easily drooling and moaning over my crotch.

Within a couple of minutes she had licked and sucked my shaft so much that it was shining with saliva and pre-cum. I was getting madly exited, so much so that I grabbed my penis and forced it into her gaping mouth.

She exclaimed a sudden sound of surprise, but I gave her no chance to pull back, I was going to fuck that mouth of her!

I grabbed her head and began to push her back and forth, feeling her tongue whirling inside. It made me both harder and more excited, feeling the inside of this beautiful bitch's mouth was exhilarating.

I kept pounding her head harder and deeper feeling my penis-head hitting her tonsils, but not going past them, after all I did not want to choke her.

She kept gurgling and gasping as I kept drilling her mouth, while her right hand kept pressing and caressing my balls, as she masturbated herself with her left.

I was coming near to the end and I could feel my own balls pumping furiously, I exclaimed hard and held her head still for a one millisecond before bursting inside her mouth filling it with my own sperm, "Swallow Bitch! Swallow!" I yelled.

Alas, she detached herself from me before she was able to swallow my cum, but when her mouth popped away from my dick I blew my wand and came all over her face like a pump and the view and reaction of it was worthwhile.

She spat my cum out and gasped for air, and then furiously began to masturbate herself while I watched. Exalting high moans and repeatedly pressing her fingers deeper into her pussy while I caressed my cock, until she gasped and uttered a high pitched scream and afterwards fainted into a lustful and exhausted state.

I found myself having lost my interest in her as it was common for me to lose it after one ejaculation. I cleaned myself with a piece of toilet paper and flipped my fly up. Leaning down towards her ear I whispered, "Thank you for the gift, it was worth it," I then left her in the state she was in and proceeded to rejoin my own party.

It was when the clock struck two in the morning that a fight broke out by the parked cars, the scuffle set off not one, not two but three car alarms, resulting in every party member getting interested in the matter and moving towards the parking lot.

I arrived a couple of seconds later seeing a crowd surrounding what sounded like two guys fighting, pressing myself through the crowd I finally got a glimpse of two guys fighting, one black and one white.

I recognized the black one as Georgie, a bulky beat up no good ruffian that was mostly a bully to every student in school. While the white one seemed to be more of a kid then a full grown man, and yet he seemed to be having the upper hand in the fight.

I did not recognize the white boy, and no one around me seemed to do either. They were mostly cheering and watching in amazement as this white kid was hitting and winning the fight over Georgie, who was after all one of the most feared jocks at school.

Georgie tried to hook the kid but he proved to be too fast for him, and easily dashed him and countered with a jab and then an uppercut. Which sent Georgie falling down hard on the pavement with his head first.

The crowd cheered as the kid was able to lay Georgie down on the ground and subsequently began to applaud.

The kid seemed unharmed and began to cheer and yell with the crowd over his victory, sharing drinks and handshakes with everyone. It was in that moment that I suddenly felt that an opportunity had arrived and that this kid could be valuable to have as a friend.

Moving myself against the cheering part of the crowd where the kid was, passing Georgie on the pavement beaten and defeated. I came in front of the kid while he was still cheering and said to him, "Not great many are capable to put Georgie down."

The kid turned around staring at me as if I was a threat, "What is it to you then?" said he with a gruff voice.

"Nothing I am just amazed," said I with a calming tone. "In fact I was wondering if you were interested in joining the party," stretching my hand out to him. "I am Malik, what is your name?"

Grabbing my hand firmly the kid responded, "Brian Bradson."

A couple of weeks passed and Brian and I had become fairly good friends, I learned that he indeed was no kid at all and actually had the same age as I, even if he looked like he was 16. I kept him close to me as I saw potential in having a friend like him, though I did not really like his childish manners.

He kept mostly to himself and I did not really enjoy his company as he was a fanatic to video games and some other teen bullshit.

Still he was a great fighter and so I held out as long as I could to be with him, until the opportunity for his use would appear to me.

One Thursday evening Brian invited me over to his house to what he called, chilling out at his room. I did not really want to, but I had nothing else to do that day and it was best to keep in touch with him in case his need would arise.

We arrived at his house at 4 pm, and I was surprised to find that he lived in a very nice and quiet neighbourhood, thinking he might have come from a rougher place than an ordinary suburban house.

He invited me in and I entered the house and thought instantly that this day would become insanely boring, until I heard some footsteps coming from above making its way down towards us, and soon a womanly figure appeared from the staircase.

A women was standing across from me, she had brown fluffy hair all the way to her neck, and seemed to not be taller than my chest length. She was dressed in a pinkish sweater and wore dark violet coloured pants. She seemed to be between the ages of 40 to 50, though she bore those years well and hardly looked older than 40. Her breasts were of average size and well rounded, she was thin from the shoulder down until her waist, where she was a little bit bigger.

Her curves were amazingly delightful and though she was indeed fairly thin from the shoulders down, it was her ass that amazed me. It was big yet not fat, almost like if her years had made her body become so on purpose. It made my dick throb, and I knew that I had to see more of her.

I came forward and I could finally see her face better, she had puffed chins with ageing lines from her nose down to her mouth on both sides. Her eyes were bright green with some slight blue. On the sides of her eyes were some wriggles that only made her look more womanly then old. Her lips were long, small and gorgeous, even if she did not wear any lip stick.

I stretched my hand out and presented myself to her, "Hello, I am Malik J. Mamut."

"Pleasure to meet you," grabbing my hand firmly, she continued, "I am Erica Bradson, Brian's mother."

I held her hand and I felt it fill with Goosebumps, as she looked at me in a curious way.

Brian had never really told me anything about either her or his family members, I certainly never expected that such a jewel was hidden within his family, but now that I did I was surely glad that I remained friendly with him.

The moment was ruined by that whining brat Brian that insisted that we go up to his room to play video games. I followed him upstairs to his room, but I was too concentrated on his mother to really pay any attention to his room or his talking.

A couple of minutes past and I decided to go down with some plastic that I had forgotten to throw away from my pocket, also so giving me an excuse to see that fine figure of a woman that was Brian's mom again.

I didn't find her downstairs, and instead tried to find the trash bin in the kitchen. When I suddenly felt someone behind me, I turned around and found Mrs Bradson looking at me suspiciously, "Can I help you?" she asked.

"Yeah I was wondering where I could throw this piece of plastic," said I.

She looked at me a little puzzled and relieved, and then smiling, "Give it to me, I'll throw it."

I handed her the piece of plastic, and began going up towards Brian's room, when I stopped and turned around towards her and watched her bend over to throw the piece of plastic for me, trying to catch a glimpse of that beautiful ass of hers. She turned almost instantly and would have seen me if I hadn't been cautious.

It was in that moment that I knew this woman was hungry for cock. Goosebumps on her hands, the weird starring at me and the feeling that I was watching her ass. Oh yeah I think me and Brian would be friends for awhile longer.

Wednesday came and I sat at home thinking about Brian's mother, when I suddenly heard a great knock coming from my door. I thought at first it was Tobias who had come for his usual cut regarding the Brit pill, but when I opened the door I saw an angry Brian Bradson instead.

Brian barged into my house, and stood in front of me with an angry expression.

"What the fuck is up with Jayla!" said he in an angry tone.

Brian had for some time tried to get to bed with a friend of mine named Jayla, yet even before he started to flirt with her I knew that it would not work out. Mostly because I knew her type and Brian was not her cup of tea.

I had warned him about it but it seemed that he had still none the less tried to impress her in vain, "Ok, tell me what happened?" asked I with a sigh.

"Nothing! That's what happened, absolutely nothing! I keep trying to make her like me and all, but it's like I am not even there for her. She totally ignores me!"

"Alright listen, I told you not to get too flirty with her, she's just not your type!"

He looked at me as if I had not given him the response he wanted, grinding his teeth and acting angrier. I realised that he would not leave unless I gave him the answer he wanted to hear, "What is then her type? Tell me!" he remarked in an angry tone.

I was really getting irritated by his demanding and the way he talked to me. I almost wanted to hit him but I knew that if I did so there might have been repercussions, and beside I did not really want to piss off Brian's mother. Yet I did get pissed at him, "Listen Brian," slamming my table with my fist, "Jayla does not like guys that act on their fists, even less spoilt piss easy guys that thinks that the world owes them something!."

Just then I felt something hard hitting my left cheek, which made me stumble down onto the floor. I never thought Brian had the balls to hit me, but there I lay with Brian standing over me. That white brat had with one hit done what few had ever done to me, knocked me down.

Brian seemed to be shocked at the sudden act that he had done, and ran out of my house without saying a word.

I stood up a little dazed and angry. I thought to myself that Brian was lucky that I did not get a chance to hit back.

I was so pissed that I wanted to run after him but something held me back, my legs would not move and I felt some sort of fear. I soon realized that I was too scared of fighting that white boy, but some way or another I would make him pay. Slowly my adrenaline began to wear off, and the delayed pain finally came to my cheek, I sat down on my sofa holding my cheek and told myself that I would get revenge somehow.

Time passed and I was in the shower, the pain had quelled down but my anger was still high, I could not stop thinking on what Brian had done to me. The water kept falling and splashing onto me, making me feel more tranquil and quelling with the pain.

My thoughts were disturbed by some sort of ringing noise, turning off the water I tried to determine what the sound was. Hearing it again I realised that it was the door clock, I jumped out from the shower and put a towel around my waist and exited the bathroom.

I didn't really wonder who it was until I reached the door, my mind was still in too much anger over Brian. I opened the door, and there stood the last person I thought I would see today.

Brian's mother Erica was standing on my porch in a brownish tendon long coat, her eyes were fixated on my bare chest. I invited her in right away and though she seemed to hesitate a bit she entered.

"Let me take your coat for you," after hanging her coat unto the knob, I remarked "I am sorry I was in the shower and I did not really here the first ringing, please have a seat."

"Oh that's ok, I did not really wait long," she said while glancing at my wet body.

She sat down on my sofa and tried to avoid eye contact with me, but would occasionally look at me when she thought I wasn't watching.

My mind suddenly crept into a feeling of joy, as I saw her eyeing me and frequently getting Goosebumps. She was practically begging for it without even uttering a word, revenge was going to be sweet. I had to play my cards right if this was going to work,

"So, may I ask you what brought you over to my house," asked I, while crossing my fingers hoping that

She seemed to snap out from a hypnotic state after hearing my words, "My son Brian," she exclaimed, " came home fairly angry today and rushed up to his room without saying a word to me, honestly I had never really seen him in such a state before."

My eyebrows twitched, I realised she did not know the whole situation; I could use this to my advantage.

"I remember him going over to see you, and that is why I am here. I was wondering whether you knew what had gotten into him?"

I walked towards the kitchen and pulled out two soda cans from the fridge, I could feel her eyes staring at me while I did so. Walking back towards her I made a gesture with my hand indicating her to remain seated, I then handed her the second soda can, and sat down onto the sofa beside her closer than necessary.

My mind was set on this moment I knew that she wanted me, "Well you see Erica, you mind if I call you Erica?" I asked, attentively looking her in the eyes.

A slight surprise came upon her face, "Not at all," she stunned.

"Good," said I with a grin. "You see your son did come over here, he was in a bad mood over a girl named Jayla, who is a good friend of mine," Erica looked a little confused at me. "I am not really sure how to tell you, but your son is very fond of her, and unfortunately she is not, and so I think you would understand why he has been acting this way."

A sudden sound of relief came over her "Oh thank God" she exclaimed, as she realised that her son was in a love quarrel and not something serious, I watched her smile and relax, but not for long.

"Unfortunately Mrs Bradson," she turned towards me a little worried when she heard those words, "Unfortunately your son Brian acted a little out of hand after I told him that my friend Jayla might not be his type," her face was now getting white, and strangely I was enjoying the sight. "You see," I continued," Your son attacked me and began destroying some of my things, and then ran away."

I thought that I would have her if I made up a small lie that he had destroyed some of my property, so she would have to pay me back in some way, and it worked

Her face was now sad and white and she almost began to cry at the sudden revelation. She turned towards me and said in a scared voice, "Oh please, please do not press any charges. He probably did not even mean it, I beg you please!"

I stood up and walked towards the kitchen to throw my soda can, turning around I saw her eyeing me again; I was going to make my move.

I sat down on the chair in front of her with my legs parted so that she would find it difficult to not take a peek at my dick under the towel.

"There is one problem." said I, in a demanding tone. "You see it will be rather difficult for me to have to explain to my parents what happened to the broken stuff."

She stood up in an instant, "Let me repay the cost of what my son had broken, this way you will not have to explain yourself to them"

I looked at her intensely, "I am not interested in money Mrs Bradson."

She clenched her hands together when I said that, "Wh... What is it you want then?" She knew what I wanted, even if she had to ask.

I stood up and walked towards her, placing my hand unto her shoulder and said, "I see how you look at me, I know that you need some attention."

Before she was able to respond to my comment I grabbed her behind, she emitted an almost squeaking sound when I did so. I then stared at her big green eyes waiting for some sort of rejection but none came, and so I slipped my hand into her skirt and began caressing and pulling down the skirt.

"Oh god please," she protested, "don't make me do this."

I didn't even let her protest further and began to order her instead, "Kiss me!" said I, and soon our tongues were together.

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