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The Church Balcony


I still can't figure out whether it was planned or spontaneous. But I'll tell you the story. My wife and I have been married for 15 years now and 5 children later we are still very much in love. But you can probably imagine how difficult it is to find those special moments alone.

We were both virgins when we met, not because we weren't interested in sex but because we had both made a decision to keep God's rules for marriage. The months leading up to our marriage were the hardest I had ever endured. We saved intercourse for marriage but we had done some heavy petting and kissing. Someday I'll tell you the story of our first night but you'll have to wait for that.

Though we had a standing start we really got into sex. We were adventurous but made sure we never crossed at line. We figured that God made marriage between two people, what they did was their business, and not anyone else's. So although we looked at some porn once in a while for ideas everything we did was private.

But somewhere down in my wife's psyche was just a little bit of an exhibitionist. Our first car we got together was a big old Grandpa car, an Olds 88, with a luxurious front bench seat. Maybe because of the fond memories we had of our pre-marital petting in the car, we made use of that seat. We would begin holding hands and talking, but soon I would be caressing her breasts and then her legs and then he inner thighs, and then I would finger fuck my wife for miles. The Big car made her feel safe and she would be well hidden from any passing cars. But she would hold her legs up in the window making it clear to anyone who saw just exactly what was going on, though none but me got the enjoyment of seeing her dripping cunt and feeling her writhing on my fingers as she would cum.

We usually made it home in time for me to fuck her in our bedroom, but more than once we had to find a vacant turn off to let me join in the fun.

So I wouldn't have thought my wife would be into showing off, and technically she didn't. After several jobs and several kids I took a job as a pastor of a small country church. It was a beautiful place with a big parsonage for my growing family. Each Sunday I would preach and my family would sit, my four kids filling almost the whole pew. Then our youngest was born, and one of the feature of the church became well appreciated. Back when the church was built it included a balcony, but as the population dwindled in the area the seating wasn't needed. So, long before I came, the balcony had been converted into a nursery, allowing the parents of crying children to still view the preacher through the window along the front of the balcony.

But now we were the only family with small children, and my wife often sat through the sermon up there. The baby was born in the fall and winter up in the north is a bad time to get out much, so when spring arrived my wife was anxious to get out and exercise. I always love it when she is working out because she gets much more interested in sex. She set as her goal for wait loss fitting into one of her favorite skirts. It was black leather, and although it was pretty conservative in length it just felt sexy. (That might have been because of one night when our playing around in the car led to us parked in the woods with her leaning over the fender of the car and me fucking her from behind, holding up the same skirt, or it might have just been because she looked great in it.)

It was Saturday night when she tried the skirt on, and told me she had "done it." Of course she immediately set a new goal to be even skinnier but she was still excited about losing the weight. Excited enough that when I came into the bedroom to go to bed I found that our "tie-up" ties had been affixed to the corners of the bed. That is a pretty sure sign to me she wants to have some "wild sex." We did.

When she came in from he shower I laid her out on the bed and with little ceremony I stretched her out and tied her spread eagle with each hand and foot tied to a corner of the bed. I moved the full length mirror we have standing in our room ( a gift from friend who I'm sure never thought it would be used as we do, but who knows?) and placed it at the end of the bed. My wife loves to watch me eat her from both sides, so I think she thought that might be the plan, but without touching her at all I strung together the belt from hers and my bathrobes and tied it across the room. Then I went to our stash of toys and got a vibrator. Just a normal one with a battery pack separate. I hung it over the belts so it was held by the wire just above her pussy.

I turned it on and let it buzz, just the sound made my wife begin to writhe. I love to watch her squirm, as she was turning within her bonds she had her eyes closed and I slowly lowered the vibrator so that her writhing would bring her pussy in contact with the humming shaft. When it made contact the response was electric. She thrust her hips forward again to try to meet the vibrator but unless she moved slowly she would knock it away. She was forced to move slowly when she already wanted to buck hard against the vibrating latex.

She arched up to meet it and held there as long as she could then shuddered back down. I could have cum just watching her but I wanted to last. So I would slide the vibrator away and give her a break then bring it back. Finally, I lowered it so she could squeeze it between her legs. She held it tight there, and I began to think she might cum, so I pulled the vibrator up and climbed onto the bed. I placed myself between her legs and slowly stuck my throbbing cock into her pussy.

She squeezed it harder than I thought she could and began writhing harder on my cock. I lowered the vibrator so it was resting right on her clitoris, when she stopped moving, then I grabbed her ankles, untied the ties and began slowly thrusting into her soaking wet vagina. She didn't wait long before I could tell she was coming. I thrust harder to her whimpers of "yess, oh yes." Until I exploded into her, the frantic plunging of her orgasm milked every drop of cum from my throbbing cock. We collapsed together, and I whispered in her ear "I love you."

It is so good to wake up the next morning with memories like that, but I had to get ready for the service ahead. I had my notes prepared so I only needed to brush up on things, and make sure everything was organized at church. At breakfast my wife gave me that special sexy hug that says I'm still thinking about last night.

Well church got underway as normal, my family sitting in their pew and most of the others filled as well. I began the sermon and as so often happens my baby started crying. Very quietly my wife got up to take him to the nursery. She shot the kids the "I'll be watching you so you better be good" look and she went up to the balcony.

My mind was on my sermon so I paid little attention to her as she nursed our baby. She was sitting towards the back of the former balcony so no one could see her except me from the pulpit. Because I knew my topic well my eyes would scan the congregation, including her. I happened to be looking at her when she finished nursing our son. He was asleep and lying back and her breast was sticking out. My gaze stopped for a minute. And she noticed. My wife has beautiful breasts and when she is nursing they are very full, and when the baby has been sucking the tits stand up so tall. Just that glimpse would have given me a hard-on if I hadn't had such good sex the night before.

My wife got up, her tit still hanging out and carefully laid our son in the crib. She came back to the rocking chair and instead of buttoning up she did something that made me stumble. She bent down her head and started sucking her own tit. I recovered from my mistake but I was having a hard time looking at my notes, or anywhere but up at the balcony.

She sucked one breast while she massaged the other, pinching the tit to make it stand up. I misspoke again and lost my place in my notes, I finally got back on track , but now I had another problem. My cock was at attention. Now the pulpit in our church is big enough to hide behind, but I usually move around while I talk. Not today I stood rooted to my place, trying to make sense of my notes but hardly able to pull my eyes off my wife.

She teased me mercilessly. After sucking her tits and showing me her mouth full of milk she started to lift up the leather skirt. I shouldn't have been surprised because she had always been threatening to get some sexy under wear when she lost weight , but under her leather skirt she was wearing thigh length stockings and a garter belt with her panties pulled up over them.

She stood up from her rocking chair, now her head could be see from people in the front row, but she just smiled a normal smile and reached down and slid down her panties.

I'll never know how I kept talking, but I have the gift of gab, and it helped me out that day. I even had one person tell me it was a great sermon. Too bad I didn't know what it was about.

She just kept on going, still keeping her prim expression for those who could see her face she began massaging her lips, She rubbed them vigorously, then she held them apart, it was too far to see the details of her pussy but I knew it so well I could imagining it in detail. Holding wide open she began to tease her clitoris, with the tips of her fingers. Although I'm sure her snatch was dripping already, she brought he fingers up to lick them very properly as if she was turning the pages on her Bible.

She was rubbing her clit then for just a second she got a mischievous glint in her eye, she knows I love it when she finger fucks herself. Even though it isn't that exciting for her sometimes she does just to turn me on. Boy did it. She began sticking her finger deep into her pussy again and again, then she began to use two fingers, Finally she went back to the rocking chair and slouched down into it so that I could just see her heavily lidden eyes and her smile above her pussy.

She did more finger fucking than I have ever see before, and she seemed to enjoy it. We once looked at some pictures of fisting and didn't find it appealing but she sure made space for more fingers that I'd ever hoped to see go into her cunt. She finally settled down to a rhythm fucking herself with two fingers of one hand and massaging her clit with the fingers of the other.

I finally had my sermon where I could end it, so I called for the final song. My wife's pretty good about keeping quiet during her orgasm but I wasn't taking any chances. We were hardly into the song when I saw he body go rigid and start to shudder with the wave of an orgasm. I knew I needed to take my eyes of her and start thinking somber thoughts if I wanted my cock to be presentable by the time I had to step from behind the podium. She must have read my thoughts because she withdrew to a part of the nursery not visible to me.

I finished the service and greeted everyone at the door, and still my wife hadn't come down, I encouraged the kids to head home and told them that Mom was probably staying till the baby woke up. I talked with the last few people who were visiting in the foyer and subtly hurried them out the door. Finally when everyone was gone I went up the stairs to the balcony.

She met me on the stairs, and said so innocently, "is everyone gone already?" I started to answer that the kids were at home and the parishioners gone, but she didn't wait. She reached down and undid my zipper. The cock which had barley staid down during the wait jumped to attention and my wife took it without any ceremony as deep into her throat as she could. Two or three thrusts and I was ready to come. But she normally doesn't like me to cum in her mouth. I was getting close and I said "where do you want me to come?"

She looked up at me and said " In my mouth." I didn't give her a chance to reconsider, I couldn't. I came in her hungry mouth. Fortunately, I had come the night before so there wasn't as much cum, and she looked up at me smiled and swallowed.

I lifted her up to hug her and she was still smiling, "I've told you, you don't have to swallow" I said.

"I know, but how would you explain that kind of stain to the janitor?"

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