tagFetishThe Cleaner

The Cleaner


Newton woke up at 8:30 to the sound of light knocking on the wooden door of his first floor flat in Cape Town, South Africa.

It was Sunday and a slight headache reminded him of the many rums and coke he had had the night before. He relished the cooling sea breeze blowing in from the lounge as he walked naked out of his bedroom into the little passage to the only door of the apartment and peeped through the spy hole to see who was disturbing him at this early hour. Beggars and hobos were sometimes brave enough to sneak in through the back entrance of the building so he was surprised to see a petite young woman with light brown skin standing at his door, looking down, chewing her bottom lip nervously.

He cracked the door open just enough so that only a bit of the right side of his face was visible.

"Yes," he said, mildly irritated.

"Can I clean you place? You know, dishes, floors, bathroom and stuff?" she said in that wonderful, lilting Cape flats accent that he'd grown to love since moving here from Johannesburg two years ago.

Studying her now through the slit in the door, she had a cute face, with a light sprinkling of freckles over a delightful button nose with thick, rosy, lips. Her black, frizzy hair was pulled back severely into a bun and she had on a short, clean, faded white cotton, summery dress with tiny, pink roses all over it with pink buttons down the front. Newton reckoned she was in her middle twenties.

"God, I love summer in Cape Town," he though, staring at her flat, white, open toed sandals with freshly painted toenails.

Eager to return to his bed, he declined politely and closed the door as she walked away.

For some unknown reason, Newton was always extremely horny when he was hung-over. He was both horny and hung-over now, he realized.

It was worth a shot, he decided.

He rushed away from the door, down the passage and crossed the length of the massive apartment into the lounge and stopped just before the balcony when he remembered that he was nude. He hid his body behind one of the massive, billowing curtains, stuck his head out and waited. As he stared at the majestic Atlantic Ocean with Robben Island in the distant background, enjoying the fresh, salty smell of the sea blowing in through the huge open bay windows, she came into view walking slowly along the pavement in front of the building.

"Hello. Hey. Hi, yes. I need some cleaning done!" he shouted until she looked up in his direction. She nodded her head and turned on her heel and returned the way she had come.

He returned to passage and opened the door and watched her approach. As soon as she was close enough he slid the door open a bit more until she could see that he was naked.

"Well, here goes," he thought.

"I need a lot of stuff cleaned," he said coolly after she froze mid-stride staring at his thick, brown, Indian cock with its unusually large, dark purple head hanging down his right leg.

"Do you have any condoms?" she asked rather unexpectedly without taking her eyes off his dick.

"No," he said, slightly flustered at this unexpected turn of events.

"I'll go get some and come back," she said, turning back the way she had come.

"Yeah right, whatever, bitch. The dick flash doesn't always work," he thought sourly as he closed the door and returned to his bed.

A few minutes later and to his utter surprise, he heard the now familiar light knocking at the door.

Jumping up, he quickly opened the door and led her in down the passage to the huge open lounge as she stared at her surroundings with a wide eyed, impressed look on her face.

He always fucked strangers in the lounge because it was easier to air out afterwards.

Anticipating her nervousness in an unfamiliar environment and probably a bit of fear, he gently led her by the hand to the huge black leather sofa in the middle of the room, sat down and slowly pulled her down to kneel between his open legs where his cock was already thickening up as it detected pussy in the vicinity.

Sensing a bit hesitation he said, "Suck it, baby," to clear up any misunderstanding regarding next steps.

"I don't like doing that. It doesn't taste nice," she said apologetically to his dick.

Things were obviously not proceeding according to plan but he pushed on.

"Wait here," he said, getting up and striding to the kitchen.

He returned with a glass jar of apricot jam and rubbed some of it all over the over-sized head of his cock. He then stuck a jam covered finger in her mouth waited until she licked it clean and sat down again legs spread.

"Try it now," he said in a hoarse voice.

She leaned in, licked some of the jam and then sucked a bit of jam and a bit of cock then some jam then some cock then some cock then some cock until she was sloppily bobbing up and down on his dick with both her soft hands stroking and twisting the shaft in sync. Newton leaned back against the sofa back, opened his legs wider and let out a long sigh.

Newton knew that no matter what the blow job skill level of the woman fellating you was, she always improves when you tell her she's good at it. Just like in all other fields of human endeavor, people thrive on encouragement. That includes giving big dicked, dark strangers blow jobs.

"That's good baby. You're a natural. That cock likes you. Does it taste good now?" he asked in low voice.

"Mm mm," she mumbled looking up at him, nodding.

As she got more into the blow-job she started stroking his balls with her free hand and running her hand up and down his dark, hairy thigh. She wasn't a natural and Newton could tell that she hadn't done this many times before, if at all, but there's no such thing as a horrible BJ, especially if it involves a lot of enthusiasm and saliva.

He decided not to warn her beforehand and when he shot the first blast she snapped her head up, face scrunched up with cum dripping out of her mouth but kept stroking his length with two hands as he ejaculated rope after thick white rope of cum high in the air landing on the sofa, on his chest, on the floor, missing her face but landing on her right ear.

That's another reason he liked fucking in the lounge. Cum doesn't stain full grain leather. Of course, he was no expert, he will consult with the "cleaner" about that later, he thought, enjoying his little joke.

"Jees, that was great, girl. I really needed that," he said, springing up. "Do you want something to drink? I've got orange juice, sparkling water or beer if you're interested," he said, walking to the kitchen.

"Orange juice please - with ice if u have it," she said, watching his firm, hairy ass walking away as she wiped the cum from her ear with her hand.

Newton soon re-emerged with a glass in either hand while his still wet dick swung gently to and fro in sync with the clinking of the ice cubes as he walked back. Most women are fascinated by the sight of a live dick. She was no different.

He watched her gulp her drink down like she was dying of thirst.

"Sucking cock must be thirsty work," he thought.

He waited for her to put her glass down before he slowly put his arm around her and gently started pinching her nipple. Newton loved her smell. She smelled of cheap perfume, orange juice, a slight whiff of sweat and possibly wet pussy.

"Subject to imminent confirmation", he thought.

He pulled her towards him and leaned in for a slow, lippy kiss. Soon, their tongues were violently intertwined with her shifting her small body towards him. Newton ran his other big, hairy hand up and down, up and down her slim, firm thighs. Mostly up.

As he reached her panty covered pussy, his searching fingers confirmed his delicious suspicion; very, very wet pussy.

For Newton, there was just one thing for it. He had to taste it.

Abandoning his prior gentle, slow and easy approach, he dropped down between her legs, whipped up her flimsy dress, snatched her wet panties to the side, took a nano second to admire her neatly trimmed lady garden with her clit poking out as if in greeting, then stuck his whole tongue in her tangy heaven. She immediately leaned back like he had earlier and closed her eyes; spread her legs wide with a loud, long moan.

Newton ate that pussy and ass like he hadn't eaten for months. In reality, he'd had some excellent, all weekend long pussy from a club date just the weekend before. But the dick never remembers, does it? It may have a head but it has no capacity for reminiscence. A man's cock is only forward looking. It has no memory. It only looks to the immediate future. It only does strategy, it only knows stealth.

As his tongue went about its ravenous work, he slowly undressed her, starting with her, sodden pink panties. She lifted her tiny, light brown, freckled ass without hesitation as he peeled them down her skinny legs. With his thick, wet, wriggly tongue consuming all her senses, he released her dress's pink buttons one by one until he parted her dress and bared her body to his appreciative gaze. He then quickly divested her of her bra and strappy sandals.

Despite the size of the room and the sea breeze, it still reeked of pussy, sweat and cock.

"If only I could find a way to bottle that smell," the businessman in him thought with a wry smile.

He knew he was an expert at eating pussy. So many satisfied customers can't be wrong. He knew why he was good, too. He enjoyed it as much as they did. Maybe more. What was it? The heady smell and taste of moist pussy? Combined with two handfuls of wriggling female ass? The sound and sight of the writhing, moaning, sometimes sweaty body attached to that pussy? What's not to love?

He knew just when to start paying attention to the little man in the boat. Not too soon, not too direct, not too hard, not too soft. As her ragged breathing got louder and louder, he grabbed her ass tighter as a distraction to slowly insert a digit of his index finger into her very tight asshole. Not even enough for her to notice. A woman's ass is the most accurate measure of whether and when she starts coming. He felt every orgasmic pussy pulse magnified through her sphincter muscles as they contracted violently around his dirty, stinky digit. And, boy, did she come. Eyes tightly shut, cute button nose scrunched up again and that low guttural rhythmic moan as she lost control of her exquisite limbs.

Once she calmed down enough, he stood up to admire his (and God's) handiwork. So did his brown cock with the over sized, uncircumcised purple bell end.

He rolled one of the cheap condoms over his diamond hard dick, raised her legs over his shoulder and opened them wide as he slowly but firmly entered her slick, swollen entrance and started to push. Her cunt was wet, almost dripping but very tight. She moaned loudly as his bulbous dick-head popped though her flexible, moist, barrier. He kissed each dangling foot from heel to toe then inserted one red nail polished toe into his mouth and started slurping and sucking.

She was soon in hard-fuck mode as she impatiently pushed herself down on his cock on every down-stroke. Soon they established a slow rhythm and became the beast with two sweaty backs, him loudly grunting and she moaning hoarsely in sync.

Newton kept up a slow, steady, twisty pace as he fucked her harder and harder. Without any warning he flipped her over, took hold of the back of her damp neck, bent her head into the sofa, lifted her ass and reinserted his dick and resumed his onslaught in earnest. He watched mesmerized as his dick turned her pussy in and out with each stroke as her asshole winked at him conspiratorially.

He kept going with long and short strokes and then slow long strokes until he felt those tell-tale pussy spasms, her tight pussy contracting almost painfully around his dick and accompanied by her loud grunting, he gripped her neck firmly and started coming with an almighty roar while maintaining a firm rhythm until her spasms slowed and stopped.

"People walking outside must be thinking that someone just bust a huge nut. And they'd be right too," he thought.

After what seemed like ages, he pulled out his wet, softening shaft and slumped down on the sofa as she leaned next to him, her tight ass glistening with exertion against his hip.

Strangely, there wasn't any of the usual awkwardness normally experienced by two people who'd just had great sex but didn't know each other's names.

"I'm Newton," he said with a slight grin.

"I'm Delvene," she said, smiling.

She stood up, went down the passage and into the bathroom as Newton admired her lithe, agile body as she walked away. She returned with a clean white towel, sat down and gingerly removed the cum filled, crinkly condom from his deflated but still thick cock and gently started cleaning him up.

Once done she started looking around for her clothes and as she reached for her panties, he stopped her.

"No, wait, please. You have a delightful body. I love looking at it," he said gently.

When she visibly relaxed and sat back on the sofa, her ass touching his hip again, he asked, "Are you really a cleaner?"

"Yes, I am. I clean people's houses. I've never had sex with any of my employers before though," she explained softly, looking him in the face.

"Do you want to work for me?" he asked.

"Yes," she said immediately, looking down at his thick cock lying across his thigh staring at her with its one languid eye, peeping out from beneath the thick, brown foreskin.

"I'll pay you double your usual fee."

"Ok. Do I have to have sex with you?"

"Only if you want to."

"I want to", she said, reaching for his cock and started slowly stroking its purple head and shaft. She suddenly leaned forward and swallowed as much of his dick as she could in one go and started greedily sucking and licking up and down.

"What? No jam first. Someone's acquired a taste for cock. Luckily, I can go three times in a row," he thought with a huge smile.

"One more thing," he said luxuriating in the powerful, rampant, surging sensation of his dick thickening up again, ready for action.

"Mmm?" she murmured around his cock.

"I need you to clean the house naked."

She lifted her head off his dick and said, "That's impractical."

"Spoil sport. Maybe I should fire her," he thought, a bit peeved.

"If you really want me to clean this place properly, I could get burned with hot water splashing from the sink and other places. Plus, what about corrosive detergents and what not?" she explained expertly, making Newton wonder if she'd cleaned naked before.

"I tell you what. Let's say, err panties on, and a small waterproof apron? Oh, and rubber gloves." she proposed.

"That's all?" he said, brightening up.

"That's all," she said smiling, button nose crinkling up.

"Bare feet?" he inquired, pushing his luck.

"Slipping hazard. Open toed sandals?"

"It's a deal," he said, as she resumed her newly discovered fellatio skills.

"I really need a cleaner," he thought, leaning back again. "Some things in this flat are downright filthy."

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by Anonymous

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by WatcherRob09/09/18

So so

It was a story. That's about the best I can do.

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by tazz31709/08/18


not a very business wise decision, TK U MLJ LV NV

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by Insignia09/06/18

Judge lest ye be judged

Not a fetish guy but you did some things very well and others quite poorly. Please allow me to enumerate:
Grammar and punctuation were rarely a distraction. There were some errors but they did not distractmore...

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by Anonymous09/02/18

i also need a cleaner

Reading your erotic story caused me to make a mess.

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