tagFetishThe Cleaning Girl

The Cleaning Girl


(Warning: Story involves humiliation and water sports)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c) 2001 Couture

* * * * *

"Rosa, could you bring me glass of iced tea when you come through. Something must be wrong with the air-conditioner today. It must be ninety degrees in here," I shouted to my maid Rosa, who was in the kitchen washing dishes. The heat made it difficult to concentrate on the stories I was reading from the internet newsgroup, maybe I would get her to set up a fan for me after I pulled something a little more subject for public viewing than the erotic stories that had become my 'dirty little secret'.

She appeared at my bedroom door and took my breath away, due to what she was wearing. Well, what she wasn't wearing was more like it. The girl only had on a sweat soaked sleeveless t-shirt and white cotton panties.

"Rosa! What on earth!" I admonished her. I had let her get by with not wearing the traditional maid's uniform, but this was ridiculous. I should have never relaxed the rules regarding the dress code, but I remember her reaction still today, "No seniorita, Rosa no puta! You no make Rosa a slave! This only a job for Rosa, seniorita Corbitt!" After her outburst, I never brought it up again. After all, it was only a uniform, and as long as she did a good job on her work, why should I worry about a silly costume.

However, having the bronze skinned beauty displaying her charms in such a manner could not be tolerated. Not because I was offended, but because they called to my hidden self, a self I couldn't dare expose. The wife of a prominent judge couldn't be the kind of woman who fantasized about a girl such a Rosa; especially, not when they were fantasies that involved her dominating me. Oh God! I had become so distracted by her appearance that I forgot to close the story that I was reading. See? This is exactly what I was afraid of.

"Sorry Seniorita, it was so hot," she said approaching me with the glass of tea.

I struggled to close the story I was reading, my hands suddenly becoming useless with my fear. "J-j-ust sit on my . . ." Oh no, she was almost behind my desk, where she would be able to read the porn on my computer! I gave up on coming up with a rational way to get her away from my screen and had to rely on brute force. "WAIT!" I shouted, putting my hands over the screen. Unfortunately, my violent reaction scared her, causing her to trip and fall into my lap with the tea landing on my breasts.

"Ouch. Rosa is so sorry Seniorita!" she pleaded, while she clutched at her ankle.

I almost laughed at myself when I realized that I had caused all this damage for nothing. After all, Rosa could barely speak English much less read it. "It's okay Rosa, here let me help." I got up and let her sit in my chair, while I got down on my knees and investigated her ankle. I nervously wondered if my property owner's insurance would pay for her medical expenses, since I was paying her under the table.

Luckily, there didn't appear to be any swelling, but I gently pressed starting from her calf and working my way down. When I touched her ankle, she jerked back and cried out in pain.

"Hmmm, I better go get some ice for that ankle, Rosa," I said, turning off my monitor before going in search of first aid.

When I returned with ice wrapped in a towel, my heart dropped to may feet. She appeared to be looking a little too closely at my computer screen. "That is private Rosa!" I shouted as I rushed to the desk. Blushing and shaking, this time I was the one who fell down. Not to be deterred, I crawled the rest of the way and cut off the power to the computer itself.

"Seniorita hurt?" She asked, after standing up and stroking my hair comfortingly.

I wasn't hurt physically, but mentally I was a wreck. I was shaking and humiliated; my life as a rich socialite was flashing before my eyes. Rosa, picked me up and sat me in my chair.

"Okay now, Seniorita?" she asked.

Maybe she hadn't read it. She didn't give any inclination as to having seen what was on the screen. She probably wouldn't have understood most of the words anyway. I wiped my tears away and tried to put it behind me. "I'm okay Rosa."

She smiled then sat down on top of me! Of all the nerve! Her breasts were practically in my face, as she hugged my gratefully around my neck. Then she looked straight in my eyes and her grin changed instantly from vacant and stupid to one of sinister intelligence. "So, does Jenny like pee-pee?" she asked, without the thick accent I had grown accustomed to.

Oh God! This was worse than I thought. I felt light-headed. Almost as if I couldn't get enough air. "No, no that was an accident -- a virus on the computer. Need help getting it mmmphhff . . ." The little bitch smothered my protests in her hairy armpit. She smelled of someone who was working in a hot house all day and hadn't put on any deodorant. I should have fought her off and fired her on the spot for disrespecting me in such a fashion. However, this was the sort of thing I had always fantasized about and there was no way the dark part of me was going to allow the logical part of me to stop it.

Suddenly, I felt a hot warmth on my stomach, then it spread down to my sex, before pooling under my ass and driveling down my legs. She had done it! She had pissed on me! I was no longer a wealthy socialite or even a person with thoughts and feelings. She had reduced me in one moment to nothing but an object, an object of derision. My pussy throbbed with arousal.

She pulled away from me and stared at me again. This time I could no longer meet her eyes. "Do you want more Jenny? Does Jenny want more pee-pee?"

I hesitated. I shook my head no, but my trembling mouth opened. "Yes," I squeaked.

"Does Jenny want to be my little cleaning girl?" Rosa lifted her arm up so that I stared at her hairy pit. "Start right here cleaning girl."

What is happening to me? She was pushing my buttons, making me humiliate myself, but enjoying it at the same time. I debased myself further, by leaning forward to lick her fragrant arm pits. It was salty, but not altogether unpleasant except for the hair that was now stuck to my tongue.

"You forgot the other one, cleaning girl," she laughed at me. "I'll give you a reward when you finish!"

This time she didn't raise her arm, instead making me try to wiggle my face into position. Eventually, I was successful and when she was satisfied that I had done a passable job, she stood up. I couldn't stop myself from staring at the erotic sight of her soaked cotton panties.

"Stop staring at my pussy and take off my panties, stupid!" she ordered with derision. I burned with humiliation wondering if I was so obvious in my yearning, as I stared at her dark pubic hair, easily visible through the soaked panties. I reached forward my hands shaking, almost expecting her skin to burn my fingertips.

"Use your mouth you dumb cunt!" Somewhere inside me I heard a little voice shouting to stop, to flee this girl that didn't sound very much like my old Rosa. Instead, I bent forward and like the stupid little cunt I fantasized about being, I got down on my knees before her and caught the waistband of her panties between my lips. The odor of urine was strong and I caught the smell of her arousal as I pulled the panties down her bronze legs. While I struggled to remove the undergarment from beneath her foot, I felt the stream of urine beating down on my head; beating me into submission.

"Look at my pussy you dumb whore! You couldn't get enough of it a while ago, so look at it!" she taunted me.

I tried to do as she ordered, but she shot the cruel stream in my eyes, forcing me to turn my head to the side.

"I said look!" she demanded, pulling my head back while she continued to piss on my face. She gushed even harder and some even went up my nose, causing me to choke and sputter. The stream finally ceased and then she heaped further degradation on me by wiping her pussy clean with my Chanel dress. While I lay coughing and huddled in defeat on the floor, still staring obediently at her pussy she spread the lips of her sex and explained, "Do you see this, you stupid cow? Pleasing this is all you are good for, so from now on, this is as far up as your eyes go! Do you understand?"

"Yes," I muttered.

"Good. Don't you dare move bitch," she said, before she sauntered off.

I snuck a hand up my skirt and massaged myself, while I wallowed in my own desperation. She returned with a towel and the maid's outfit I had tried to get her to wear.

"Stop playing with your self slut!" she ordered and I hastily removed my hand from my pussy. "Let's get you dried off and changed into some clothes that fit your new station." She stripped me quite proficiently and toweled off the excess moisture, yet I still stunk of urine. Then, she clothed me in the maid uniform, sans panties and bra. The picture was complete; I was officially the victim in one of my stories.

"You were made for me cleaning girl," she said self-confidently even though she was naked, while she inspected me. "I'm not even from Mexico stupid! I just act like that so I can get out of doing things that I don't like to do. I've always hated the little rich high-and-mighty bitches I worked for and you were one of the worst. It has always been a fantasy of mine to put one of you bitches in her place and now I finally have the chance."

"Come on cleaning girl, it is time for you to get to *work*." With that, she struck my thighs with the belt she had removed from my skirt, sending me scurrying into motion. "Finish dusting the floor, cunt," she said, pointing to her discarded dustmop.

She struck me again with the belt, much harder this time, causing me to scream. "Always curtsey when you are told to do something, cleaning girl."

I tried to rub away the stinging sensation coming from my thighs. I grabbed the hem of my skirt, put one leg behind the other, looked meekly down at her feet, and said, "Yes, Miss," with as much humility as I could muster.

The whip caught me on my bare thigh. "Aiieee!" I screamed.

"Look at my pussy, not my feet dumb ass!" she demanded, pointing angrily at her exposed pussy.

"Yes, Miss," I curtsied again, this time not taking my eyes off her cunt.

"That's right, talk my pussy that you love to stare at so much! Away, the skirt goes higher and your knees go wider when you bend. Can't you do anything right?"

I knew the way I was being treated should have offended me to such a degree that I should have kicked her out of the house from the word go, but I was held captive by my sick desires. I bent down just as she asked and looked directly at her pussy. "Yes, Miss. I'm sorry Miss." I could feel my juices running down my thighs, as I humiliated myself.

"Much better, slut, get to work."

I curtsied again. "Thank you, Miss." I began to mop the oak floor, while Rosa got a beer out of the fridge, took a swallow and then belched loudly. It was still hot in the house and by now I was coated with sweat. My thirst burned, while Rosa followed behind be drinking her beer and lightly swiping my exposed bottom with the belt, whenever I bent down. Not enough to hurt, but just enough to let me know that she could.

With my feet aching from the heels she had made me wear, and my mouth dry from the hot dry heat, I wondered what had happened to Rosa. Then, I heard the sound of a small brass bell ringing. I followed the sound of it to the living room and saw Rosa sitting naked on the back of my couch, with her feet resting on the cushions.

"Come quicker next time slut! Is the cleaning girl thirsty?" she asked.

"Yes, Miss." This time I remembered to look at her pussy, while I curtsied.

"Yes, Miss, the *cleaning girl* is thirsty," she corrected.

"Yes, Miss, the c-cleaning girl is thirsty." I blushed and curtsied deeply, hoping to avoid the belt.

"Good slut, cause whenever you hear the bell, my pussy is getting ready to make pee-pee. It is time to show her how thankful you are for being allowed to look at her. If you let any go to waste, you may have a hard time explaining to your husband how the couch came to be covered in piss." She sat there on the couch, practically laughing at me. Yes, she had me trapped, and there was nothing I could do about it.

I dared to glance up at her face and noticed her brows were furrowed and her eyes closed. Oh no, she wouldn't! Not yet! I looked back down at her pussy and saw the water beginning to flow. I rushed over to her, my high heels clacking behind me, as a dove into the couch and pressed my mouth against her pussy. No sooner had my mouth made contact, than the water begin to gush. It streamed down my throat, as I attempted to swallow the onrush, as best as I was able.

She was full and I wondered how she was able to hold that much in. Finally, the flow stopped and I collapsed on the couch. I would love to be able to say I collapsed because of my shame, but my body was no longer able to support itself, because I had climaxed while she had pissed.

"Now it is time for you to thank me for the gift, my little cleaning girl," she ordered, from her imperious perch.

"Thank you Miss," I didn't even have the desire to look at Rosa's face. I had found my fantasy lover there beneath the dark matted pubic hair of her sex. I cleaned her pussy lovingly, until I tasted the musky arousal, instead of the salty urine. I licked until I was rewarded with another drink, only this one was much sweeter than the first. I drank every drop and moaned, "Thank you Miss," to her pussy.

The rest of the day was spent in a similar fashion. I cleaned and she corrected with the belt whenever it was necessary. The bell rang many more times that day and towards the end it was very difficult to drink all of her 'gifts'. However, each time Rosa picked a spot to sit or stand above that was over something more expensive or harder to replace than the last. By mid-day she had me trained well enough to service her while she sat above the toilet. We both knew that I could have refused and just let it fall where it was supposed to. Instead, the bell rang and I drank. I think this sign of my submission turned her on; she even let me thank her 'properly' for a very long time on the hard tile bathroom floor.

Next, she had me prepare lunch for us both. She sat at the table, while I kneeled on the floor between her legs, staring at her pussy as I ate my food without the use of my hands. When Rosa was finished, she ordered, "Lick my pussy. I want you to always have your lover's taste on your tongue."

I did as she ordered and was slightly disappointed that she didn't want me to make her cum, but evidently she had been well satisfied by my servicing today.

While I finished cleaning up the dishes, I heard her calling me, "Come to the living room, cleaning girl!"

As I entered the room, I remembered to show the proper respect and curtsied. However, I was disappointed to find that her pussy was covered by her jeans. My disappointment turned to shock when I glanced over at the pretty legs sticking out from a tight mini-skirt beside her. I glanced up to see my friend and tennis partner Jean laughing at me. I could see why she laughed, after all, there I stood exposing myself and wearing a maid's uniform and curtseying stupidly in my own house.

"Jean, I can explain. It was just a joke. A bet that I lost," I said, floundering for an excuse.

"Shut up, you stupid slut!" Rosa ordered, advancing on me and grabbing my ear. "Didn't I teach you how to show proper respect?" She pulled me to the floor and made me crawl over to my friend, so that my face looked at the crotch of her skirt.

By now I was crying from the degradation. I could hear Jean laughing, as I sobbed, "I'm sorry Miss."

"She disrespected you, Jean, so if you want to punish the stupid slut, go ahead," Rosa told my friend, handing her the leather belt she carried. "Get back up and touch your toes slut, it is time for your punishment."

I thought Jean was my friend, but she took even more delight than Rosa had at my predicament. She whipped my ass and thighs with the lash until I begged her to stop. Then, she took particular delight in probing and teasing my ass and pussy. Any attempts I made to withdraw or advance was met with more lashings. As I stood there, passively accepting Jean's finger dryly fucking my ass, with tears flowing down my cheeks, I listened to Jean and Rosa discussing me an old boat that had been fixed up.

"I can't believe this is Jenny. She used to be so haughty and demanding. I must say Rosa, you've really done wonders with her. Did you say this all happened today?"

"Oh yes, I only found out yesterday that she fantasized about being dominated and humiliated by women. Everything you see has been done in one day. The best part is; she loves it. Go on stupid, show your friend how much you love her pussy."

I snuck my head under Jean's skirt, while she giggled at me, then I pulled her panties down to her feet, using my teeth. I knew I would surely be punished for anything less. Then I kissed her on the lips and wondered if this would be how I kissed someone on the lips from now on. Then I began to pleasure my best friend in earnest, dancing my tongue along the folds of her sex and sucking the juices from her cunt. After several minutes she fell to the floor and spread her legs widely. While I worshiped her altar she called me names like cunt licker, douche bag, and her little queer. Her swearing only served to prod me to lick faster. I attacked her clit ruthlessly with my tongue, until she gushed in orgasm. Afterwards, she ordered, "Lick my ass slut!"

I couldn't believe the nerve of my friend. She wasn't just following Rosa's lead anymore; she was actively seeking my humiliation. "Jean, please don't," I sobbed.

My resistance was quickly crushed by Rosa who slapped my face and grabbed my by the ear again. Jean rolled over and teased me by wiggling her ass in my face. Rosa pushed my face in front of her bottom and berated me. "You have made your Mistress very angry! It is time for you to beg for your Mistress's forgiveness. Kiss your lover and tell her the slut is sorry."

I kissed Jean on her ass cheek, "The slut is sorry Mistress," I sobbed.

"Kiss Miss Jean on the mouth, dummy!"

Realization suddenly hit me in the pit of my stomach. Rosa was training me to view the opening of her ass or pussy as I would a mouth. I could feel my sex gushing down my legs at this new humiliation. "The slut is sorry Mistress." This time I kissed her on her dark crinkled opening, causing Jean to moan with desire.

"That's good," Rosa cooed. "Now kiss her again, like you mean it."

I forgot about the musty smell and just imagined that it was the ruby red lips of my friend. I closed my eyes and inserted my tongue between her lips. Her lips pulled at my tongue, while I made love to her mouth. Rosa, however, wouldn't let me forget what I was doing, not even for a minute.

"Deeper, my little ass-licker," she whispered. "Work that tongue in there. Come on, open you mouth wide, so you can really get in there." She grabbed the back of my head and forced my face further in my friend's ass, rocking my head from side to side. "Open you eyes, so that you can look at your new lover. Ha ha, see? Now, you are a real *cleaning girl*." My subjugation was made worse by the fact that Rosa was right next to my face, enjoying every moment of my depravation, while I worshiped my friend's ass. "That's right, that's a good cleaning girl."

Jean was humping back against me, while I pleasured her nether passage. "Mmmmm, I need someone like this Rosa, can I have her?" Jean asked.

"Sure, I'll sell her to you, but she isn't cheap."

"How about five thousand dollars?"

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