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The Client


Everybody likes to fuck, and fat chicks are no exception. Most people balk at the idea of laying the wood to a fatty, but if you can get over the outward appearance, you can get some of the best pussy you ever had. These chicks might not be much to look at, but they'll drain the cum out of your nuts like a champ if you let them.

Let's take Marsha for instance. She's the typical worker you'll find in just about any office. She's about 45, and overweight from years of sitting at a desk. Marsha's friends from work decided one day to give her a little present. They found a cute guy to give Marsha a little lovin'. They told Marsha that an important client was coming to the office today, and that to land the account she was going to have to do whatever it takes to make sure the client was happy.

Marsha knows that in the real world shit like this never happens, but she said to herself, "fuck it, I'm not passing up a chance to get some cock,I'll play along."

The client, a twenty something named Ryan, arrived at the office about 11AM and Marsha proceeded to give him the presentation and show him around the office. Around noon everyone decided that it was time to go to lunch, leaving Marsha and Ryan very much alone in the office. Marsha didn't need any more cue than that to get to work. She led Ryan to a conference room and locked the door.

Marsha, neither bashful nor sexually inhibited, went immediately to the task of making the client happy. She took a seat next to Ryan at the conference table and asked, "what did you think of our presentation?"

"Well, I have a few questions, there's the matter of the quarterly earnings projections......uh they...uh," Ryan replied.

"Go on," Marsha said seductively.

"Well they uh....you know....they," Ryan was stammering because he had just noticed Marsha was massaging his dick under the table.

Marsha stood up and took her top off.

"Uh...Ms. Cunningham I don't think," Ryan babbled.

Marsha un-zipped Ryan's pants, took out his flaccid penis, dropped to her knees and started to suck. Now most people would probably be saying to themselves at this point, how in the hell is an overweight, middle-aged office worker going to seduce this fit young twenty something?

Ryan was about to find out the fun way. It was about ten seconds before Ryan was a moaning, quivering puddle of goo in Marsha's experienced hands. Marsha was a master cocksucker. She was an expert at giving just the right amount of attention to the head, then deepthroating it all the way down to the base, and massaging your balls in that perfect way to keep you right on the edge of cumming, but not until she was ready for you to.

After about three minutes Ryan didn't even know where he was. Marsha had him in the palm of her hand and she knew it. She planned to play this little encounter for all it was worth. Marsha was an expert at telling just when a guy was about to cum, and she loved to tease them.

She would deepthroat you for a while to get you nice and worked up, then she would suck just the head like a lollipop for a while until you were just about ready to pop, then she would suddenly stop and lick the area between your balls and asshole while you were sitting there with your dick throbbing.

She always knew just how long to wait for you to calm down a bit, then she would massage your balls as she licked you shaft up and down with the tip of her tongue, the repeat the process all over again. Sometimes she'd do this two or three times before she'd let you cum.

Guys would get frustrated and yell, "dammit bitch don't stop I need to cum." Marsha would just giggle, and go on teasing the poor guy mercilessly. She knew they liked it, and when she was ready to let you cum, it was all worth it.

The way you could tell Marsha was done teasing and was ready to let you cum was, she would put her hands behind her back and lick all the way up your shaft then take your cock in her mouth with no hands. She would suck only the head like a lollipop then just when you were about to pop she would grab your dick right where the shaft meets the head and squeeze it hard then let you explode. The cum would gush out of your dick all over her face, and leave you worn out and quivering.

This is where Ryan found himself today, nuts drained, dick throbbing, head spinning, buck naked, with Marsha, now also naked, standing over him, with some very naughty things on her mind.

After receiving the blowjob of his life Ryan was babbling, "Uh...Ms. Cunningham...wow."

"Shut the fuck up," Marsha barked.

Marsha climbed up on the conference table, spread her legs to reveal a clean shaven pussy and said, "I just gave you the best head you ever had, get you ass over here and return the favor."

Ryan sprang up out of his seat and planted his head between Marsha's thighs. Marsha didn't really expect Ryan to give her the best head she'd ever had, she was just happy to get her pussy eaten, but Ryan was lapping at her coochie like a crazed dog. Licking her labia, sucking her clit, sticking his tongue in her pussy.

"Damn Mutherfucker, Get in there and Get Some," Marsha thought to herself as she let her head back and let out a soft moan.

Marsha was thoroughly enjoying Ryan's eager tongue when a thought hit her. Marsha looked up and noticed Ryan's now extremely erect penis, the head swollen and purple, veins bulging throughout the shaft, she suddenly shoved his head from between her legs and climbed from the table down onto the floor.

"Give me that fucking cock," she barked.

Ryan hadn't even noticed he'd gotten his erection back, let alone how hard it was. He'd been so focused on Marsha's yummy tasting pussy he'd forgotten about everything else.

He looked down at his engorged sex organ, and thought to himself, "Damn."

He quickly came to his senses and joined Marsha down on the floor. He positioned himself between her thighs, and slowly rubbed the tip of his penis along Marsha's pussy crack, pausing to pay special attention to the clit. He slid his cock inside her, and thought to himself, "Fat chicks pussies are tight, wet, and very warm."

He'd only been inside her a minute, and his cock was already slick with pussy juice. Ryan grabbed Marsha's tits to balance himself and kept thrusting. Ryan began to notice that it didn't feel like he was going to pop so he started to pump faster and faster until finally he was tired he had to take a break.

Marsha was having the time of her life. Her eyes were closed, she was moaning, "Uhhh..yes...fuck yes."

When Ryan pulled out, Marsha might not have even noticed. Her hips were still grinding so Ryan decided to not disappoint her and used his fingers to massage her clit as he took a quick break. Ryan was breathing pretty heavily, but his dick was as hard as it had ever been. So hard in fact that it hurt. It didn't really hurt in a bad way, but hurt in a way as to make Ryan think, "Shit, my dick's never been this hard before."

Ryan used his thumb to massage Marsha's clit, and his middle finger to penetrate her pussy. He used the other hand to massage her tits. Marsha was kind enough to reach over and give his painfully throbbing dick a nice massage, she really seemed to know just what to do to please a man. It didn't take very long for Ryan to catch his breath, and re-position himself back between her thick thighs for intercourse.

As Ryan was about to insert himself back inside her, he stopped and thought a moment, "You know, this might be the best sex I ever had."

As Ryan slowly entered her, Marsha gave a soft moan and arched her back. This time Ryan decided to pace himself so he wouldn't need another break before climax. Ryan had a nice little rhythm going when Marsha decided she wanted to get on top for a while. Ryan hesitated for a second, Marsha probably had a hundred pounds on him, but he said to himself, "fuck it, if I get crushed I'll go out a happy mutherfucker."

Ryan let Marsha climb on top and she didn't crush him, quite the contrary, she rode him reverse cowgirl like a mutherfucking pro. She bounced up and down on his dick like an eighty pound gymnast. It was about this time that it dawned on Ryan that girls don't learn to fuck like this sitting at home on Friday nights eating ice cream and cookies, this bitch must get around.

Ryan had been with models, dancers, actresses, and beauty queens, none of them had ever fucked him like this. Ryan didn't have time to give much more thought to this because he was ready to get his nut.

Marsha must have been some kind of mind reader because it wasn't long before she had climbed off of him, and up onto the conference table again. She grabbed Ryan and pulled him between her thighs, then guided his now painfully engorged penis into her eagerly waiting vagina. Ryan didn't give a shit about getting tired now. He was going to plant his seed so deep in this fat bitch she'd be spitting out cum.

Marsha had no objection to this, she wanted as much of his sperm as she could get. You wouldn't think a fat girl could do the splits, but Marsha had her legs open so wide, that if a Mack Truck had a dick it could get inside her. Marsha was smart enough to know that this was the man's time and all she needed to do now was lie back, spread her legs, and enjoy.

As Ryan was making his final thrust, Marsha began to gently encourage him, "Mmmm..faster baby, Oooh yeah fuck me baby."

Ryan pumped faster, and Marsha took a more assertive tone, "You better not stop....you better not stop until you cum... You better fuck me you skinny mutherfucker...You stop I'm gonna kick your ass."

Ryan's dick was drenched in pussy juice, sliding in and out hard and fast. He was pumping the shit out of her when suddenly Marsha froze, let out a deep moan and said, "Uhhhh God."

Ryan ignored her and kept thrusting. He pounded her for about another forty-five seconds before his body froze. As wet as her pussy was, Marsha could still feel Ryan's cum as it exploded inside her. It was warm, and there was lots of it. Ryan was still frozen, breathing hard when Marsha came to her senses. She scooted back on the table so she could take Ryan's now deflating cock out of her pussy. Marsha got down on her knees and noticed cum was still oozing out of Ryan's dick. She grabbed his cock and let a few drops drain onto her tits. She gave the tip of his dick a little kiss and went to gather her clothes.

When she finished dressing, Ryan was still standing by the conference table naked, pussy juice and cum still dripping from his dick. Marsha walked up behind him and ran her fingers through his hair and said, "so about that account."

"Oh... the account...uh you see...I should probably explain," Ryan babbled.

Marsha walked over to the conference room door and opened it to reveal her two grinning friends just outside, their ears pressed to the door. Ryan quickly grabbed his clothes to cover his now flaccid penis.

"Uhh..Andrea... Danielle hey," said Ryan

"You aren't really a client are you sweetie?" Marsha asked with a sly grin.

"Well no... you see," Ryan stammered.

"It's ok honey, the men's room is at the end of the hall to the right, why don't you go get dressed," Marsha suggested.

Ryan gathered up the rest of his clothes and scrambled out of the room. Marsha gave him a pat on the butt as he hurried by.

"Shit, Where the fuck did you guys find that one?" Marsha asked her friends.

"Talking shit at a bar downtown," Danielle replied.

Marsha's friends didn't get Ryan as a present for Marsha. Marsha was the present for Ryan. Ryan liked to brag about his sexual conquests, but for all his talking, Andrea and Danielle didn't think it sounded like Ryan had really experienced good sex.

It sounded to them like he was dating really pretty girls, but they were just laying there like rag dolls when he got them into bed. So Andrea and Danielle decided to help him.

They told him, "We'll get you a girl that will give you the best sex you ever had... We're not going to tell you anything about her, just be at our office at 11AM and pretend to be a big shot client... One of the girls in our office is willing to do anything to make our clients happy, if you get my drift, you'll know her when you see her. If you don't leave saying you just had the best sex ever we'll give you a $1000."

Danielle and Andrea did play a little game of bait and switch with Ryan. When he arrived for his presentation Marsha was the one doing the talking, going over the boring numbers and business stuff, that went in one of Ryan's ears and out the other, while Marsha's assistant Amber was making eyes, smiling, crossing her legs, hiking up her skirt, and doing all the flirting. It took all the self-restraint and discipline Andrea and Danielle could muster not to laugh as Amber got Ryan all worked up.

Ryan got dressed and came back out into the office. Marsha, Danielle, Andrea, and Amber were all waiting for him with sly grins on their faces.

Amber chimed in first, "Sooo...."

"Want your thousand bucks?" Andrea barked.

"Uhhh.. Well no, that's uhhh... the best sex I ever had," Ryan stammered.

"Didn't think so," replied Danielle.

Marsha took out one of her business cards, walked over to Ryan and put it in his shirt pocket with one hand as she gave his dick a squeeze with the other and said, "Call me when you need it done right sweetie."

She gave him another pat on the butt and went back to her office. Amber, Danielle, and Andrea all burst out laughing.

"Bye," they all said in unison as Ryan headed out to his car thinking to himself,

"What the fuck just happened?"

He did know one thing, he wouldn't overlook fat chicks again.

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