tagRomanceThe Cliff

The Cliff


It was overcast when Wesley, Gene, and myself left our little apartment on a trip through the woods. The full moon was barley giving off any light though all the dark blue clouds that drifted over our heads. It was my first trip to the cliff, a place that Wesley and Gene knew well and went to many times to drink and talk about “guy” things. Tonight it was my turn to see the wonders of this place and its so-called beauty.

Wesley packed up a backpack with a blanket, a slingshot, a pack of cigarettes, and his utility knife. Gene through in his a twelve pack of beer and a few other odds and ends and we were off. I must say that the first ten minutes of our midnight hike was not that bad. We went around a baseball field and over a few stumps, but nothing real strenuous. It was when we reached the opening to the woods that they both told me that there was no trail; just a bunch of woods, fallen trees, branches, and briars.

After walking twenty minutes though vines and briars and over holes and trees we finally came to somewhat of a clearing in the sky where above us we could see power lines and the most beautiful night sky. It was so quiet that you could even hear the owls. We walked another minute of so through small brush and briars until coming upon the cliff.

The cliff was about fifty feet high from my own judgment and looked over an area where there were two sets of train tracks. I must admit it was a beautiful sight to the eyes and music to the ears.

Wesley spread out the blanket and Gene popped a couple beers and we sat there talking. It’s amazing what you talk about when there is absolutely nothing to talk about. We must have went on about twenty or more subjects. Well, I should say that they went on about twenty or more subjects. I just lay there under that deep blue velvet sky and watched it like it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

It grew hot and I took off my zipper shirt and sat there in my bra and pants and enjoyed the quiet conversation and that lovely sky. Once in a while one of the guys would let out a disgusting burp, but I would forgive them and go on with what I was doing.

Every once in a while a train would pass on the tracks and we’d bet which track it would be on and which side it would come from. I got it right three times out of five.

Wesley and I kissed and cuddled and he braided my hair and we were the always passionate couple that we are. We wrestled some and teased here and there and I guess that Gene saw that we were both getting quite in the mood because he grabbed his stuff up and told us to take some private time and he’d meet us at the top of the hill.

He walked off moments later and Wesley and I were left alone on the blanket snuggling like a cute couple. The night sky shown down upon us just enough to where we could see each other. If there is a more romantic place in nature than this place I would like to know. It was so secluded, so quiet, so perfect for us that it made me shiver.

Wesley kissed me gently and pulled me to him. After a couple minutes of kissing we began with the teasing. Wesley freed my breasts from my bra and began to suck on my already cold and erect nipples. His mouth was so warm that the warmth went right down into my heart and soul. His hands were flames heating up my entire body.

I reached over rubbing the growing bulge in his pants. Wesley did not have a large cock, but he did not have a small one either. It was perfect for me and that is all I have to say about it. Soon, I freed his cock from his baggy jeans and was pulling it into my mouth. Wesley, as turned on as he was, began fucking my mouth like crazy thrusting his cock into my warm wet mouth and down into my throat.

His fingers unzipped and unbuttoned my pants and his fingers roamed to my throbbing clit. I was already so most that he looked down at me saying, “Well, someone’s already wet.” I giggled some at his bluntness and began to moan soon after when he trusted his fingers into my wet pussy hole. His hands felt so good on me that I did not want him to stop, but he freed his cock from my mouth, moved his hand, and stripped me down to nothing but my socks.

He rolled over on top of me and rammed his hard cock into me. The quiet night echoed my moans and he fucked me like crazy. He was taking me for all I was worth and I completely loved it.

After his cock was soaked and lubed with my juices he proceeded to rub the head of his cock at my tiny anal opening. I moaned at him wanting him to fuck me there. He knew I loved it when he got rough and fucked me in the ass and he teased me almost making me beg him to do it.

His cock slammed into my ass and the quiet night was once again filled with the sounds of my screams and moans. His cock felt so great that I could have had it there for hours and still screamed for more. He fucked me so well that my entire body trembled. He held my hands down rapping me in a sense it was so rough and hard.

He was going to come and he slid out of my ass and back into my wet pussy and began to thrust like a mad man. At just that time a train began by and his intenseness grew. If it was a passenger train I know they got a show because as it passed he filled me with his sweet come and I came all over his cock.

He laid there on top of me for a few moments before pulling his pants back up and sitting down beside me as I stood up and dressed myself again putting on my long sleeved zipper shirt again. We had a cigarette and he had another beer and then we packed up and made our way through the woods and met up with Gene; both of us with unmistakable smiles on our faces.

“Have a good time?” Gene asked with one of those cocky smiles on his face. I just giggle and continued to walk on as the two of them lagged behind me. Once home I climbed into the shower and bathed myself free of the dirt and other things from outside and then slid naked into bed. As for Wesley, he stayed over at Gene’s apartment for a couple hours and had a few beers before retiring around four in the morning only to crawl in bed beside me and wake me up in a very nice way.

We had completely wonderful sex again and then fell asleep in each other’s arms. I must say that the joys of the cliff will always be remembered and that I hope to go back there again someday so that Wesley and I can share time together under the stars and moon with each other in the pure love that we have.

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