The Cline's Conquer Time Ch. 04


Heather tensed up when her mother whispered in her ear. She had heard that tone many times before, whenever she had misbehaved in her younger years. She loved her mother, but Heather knew better than to piss her off. When Jocelyn got angry, you did not want to be near her. She would get furious. She was a hurricane, and she could create a wide swath of damage in her wake.

Jocelyn was a strict, cutthroat bitch, and she knew it. In her opinion that's what made her not only a good mother, but also an effective seductress. Her manner of seduction was not one of coy interplay and light flirting, but one of cold dominance and aggressive sexual confidence. There was no mystery with her. If she wanted to fuck you into submission, you would know it. And this method was tried and true. Most men didn't know how to handle a woman so coldly aggressive, and they usually had no choice but to bend to her unwavering will and yield their thick dicks to this aggressive MILF slut. And once they gave into her, there was no going back. No matter who these men promised their love, loyalty, and cum to, when Jocelyn came calling, these men belonged to her.

Jocelyn didn't just fuck men. She owned them. She added them to her collection of fuck partners around the world. Everywhere she went, each stop she made, she had a man ready and willing for her to fuck, dominate, and destroy. One of the few places she did not have a booty call in place was at her daughter Heather's house... until now. Jocelyn was ready to add another boy-toy to her collection.

Heather had better get used to the fact that when her mother came to visit, she would have to yield up her marital bed and sleep on the couch. Cause Jocelyn would settle for nothing less than spending her nights in the marital bed with the man of the house. Heather had better get used to the fact that she would have to try to spend her nights on the couch trying to fall asleep while listening to her mother's moans and screams echoing throughout her home. She would try to fall into a peaceful slumber while hearing the slapping of skin, the groaning of the bed, the slamming of the headboard against the wall. Heather would have to get ready to yield her husband to her mother, like so many had before. Heather would have to prepare to give up her husband to her or face the consequences of her ruthless cunt of a mother.

These thoughts, these evil fantasies, made Jocelyn smile slyly.

She watched her daughter tense up and try to straighten out and walk on her own, but she was far too drunk to maintain this façade for long. She would try to walk straight but it only took moments for her to resume tripping over herself. Derek leapt forward to grab her and carry her forward. Jocelyn didn't even bother keeping up the pretense of trying to help. She strode ahead of the happy couple, swaying her incredible ass as she walked, showing her new son-in-law how a real woman should carry herself.

Derek didn't watch her delectable ass shake in front of him, and Jocelyn suspected that he wouldn't. But that was okay. Because he would get a much more up-close view very soon. A very in-your-face kinda view. Derek would get a first hand view of how powerful a weapon his mother-in-law's ass was. Jocelyn knew how to shake her ass like the filthiest of sluts, the nastiest of strippers. And he would see how enticing she could be when he saw her ass in the flesh, bared to his vision, merely inches apart. And when they would get even closer. When her ass was smothering him into submission, only then would he understand it's true power.

Jocelyn marched on with confidence, leading her daughter and son-in-law. The attractive hotel hostess stepped towards Jocelyn like a soldier would her commander, smoothly handing her the room key before stepping away. Kaitlyn knew from her dealings with Jocelyn how domineering she was, so she knew enough to step back and steer clear of the damage Jocelyn was about to do.

As Jocelyn pushed the button for the elevator and they all stepped inside, Derek could sense Jocelyn was not happy. A tense silence surrounded them all, other than his wife's drunken mutterings. Mercifully, they reached their floor quickly and Jocelyn marched on ahead, easing the tension temporarily.

Derek was starting to get annoyed with his mother-in-law for not bothering to help carry Heather. He was struggling to make sure Heather didn't fall down.

"Uh, Jocelyn, can you, uh, help me out a bit?" Derek asked. Jocelyn stopped and looked back at him, annoyed. She walked towards them and moved in close to Heather. Gripping her daughter's arm, she leaned in and whispered harshly.

"Stand up straight, young lady, you are embarrassing me!"

Heather gulped and stood up straight, in fear of her mother. Jocelyn proceeded onward, now that Heather was standing straight.

Derek followed Jocelyn as she reached the door to the suite. She held the door open impatiently and allowed her son-in-law and her daughter into the room. As soon they cleared the door, Jocelyn allowed the door to slam shut. She turned the deadbolt and followed the couple as they entered the room.

Derek was unsure of what to do with Heather and Jocelyn saw this indecision.

"Give her to me." Jocelyn said tersely, and Derek handed over his wife into her mother's arms. Firmly and quickly, she led her over to a loveseat and tossed her roughly onto it. Heather was dazed and dizzy but still conscious.

Derek was rubbing his forehead in frustration when he noticed his mother-in-law staring at him, hands on her hips, looking furious. Heather and Jackie had experienced Jocelyn's furious anger in the past, and they had survived. Derek was so easy going and eager to please that he never made people made at him. He would go out of his way to please others at his own expense. He was long overdue for the disciplining he truly needed. He had been coddled and made soft by a weak-willed father and overprotective mother. His friends and family treated him with reverence, building him up. He had surrounded himself with people more interested in protecting him than knocking him out of his comfort zone, tearing him down a few pegs.

Jocelyn's nipples tightened and her pussy moistened as she looked at her son-in-law, ready to give him the verbal thrashing he so desperately needed. She thought over her plan of attack. There were multiple directions she could go. She was an experienced whore, so she knew how to land a guy. She just tried to think of what the best approach would be to make this young man call her Mommy. He would probably resist, fight back. But those were the growing pains necessary to become a man.

She quickly formed a plan in her mind. Use her iron will to get him on his knees. Use her huge, soft breasts to take the fight out of him. Use her imposing ass to break him. Let the games begin.

Derek saw the anger on her face and he tried to diffuse that anger with his cute smile, but Jocelyn was not one to fall victim to such amateur tactics. Once her blood was boiling, there was no stopping her.

Jocelyn just stared him down, her hands on her jutting hips as she stood imposingly in front of him. Her lips were pursed in a thin line as she studied her insolent little shit of a son-in-law. Her pose showed off her hot body to him, and he didn't even take her in. He didn't notice the canyon of cleavage her dress showed off. He didn't notice the silky smooth flesh of her monumental breasts. He didn't notice her long, lean legs, her muscles showed off exquisitely thanks to her high-heels. He didn't notice the way the dress clung to her hot body, clung to her fit thighs, clung to her hot ass. He didn't notice the way her nipples showed through her thin dress. This just set her off. He could be a naïve little shit all he wanted, but if he didn't at least appreciate her perfect, mature body, then he was practically begging her to tear him apart.

He would get his wish.

"This is all your fault, you know." Jocelyn said icily.

"What is?" Derek asked, gulping.

"I talked to your mother earlier." Jocelyn started as she began circling around Derek. "She talked all about you. She was gushing. She said you were such a good son."

She circled around him till she was directly in front of him, about a foot apart.

"In my experience, you can either be a good son, or a good husband... but not both." Jocelyn said. Derek's eyebrows crinkled in confusion. "So you need to know what type of guy you really are. Not what type of guy you want to be. What type of guy you are! You need to decide what's more important to you, your wife or your Mommy. Are you a momma's boy or a loving husband?"

"I, uh..." Derek stammered in confusion. "I love my wife. She's my world. I love my mother too. But, I'm not... like, a momma's boy. I haven't lived with her for years."

"Derek, I'm not being literal!" Jocelyn said sharply, rolling her eyes. "What I am saying is... what do you need more? Do you need a wife... or do you need a mother?"

"What?" Derek asked, confused. "I, I, I need Heather. She's my wife. I love her." Derek stated.

"THEN ACT LIKE IT!" Jocelyn screamed, causing Derek to jump and step back.

"Whashhh goinnnn onn?" Heather slurred.

"Shut up!" Jocelyn said sharply, dismissing her like a child, shooing her away to let the adults talk. She turned slightly to look at her daughter from her periphery. She turned back to face Derek and sneered at him.

"When a man marries a woman, it is his job to protect her, keep her safe. Some women need more. They need more guidance, more protection... like keeping her from doing stupid shit like getting drunk on her wedding day." Jocelyn stated, staring pointedly at Derek. "As her husband, I'd expect you to know what type of girl you're dealing with. As her mother, I have to ask myself if you even know what type of girl Heather is. I have to ask myself 'are you just that stupid'? I have to ask myself if you married her to try to be someone you're not." Jocelyn said.

"I, I don't understand." Derek replied, causing Jocelyn to roll her eyes again.

"Some men get married because he and his wife are a perfect fit. They have total and complete trust. Others get married because they like being with a girl who calls the shots. A girl who runs the household... makes all the decisions. A woman who 'mommies' them. So I have to ask, do you think Heather is the mothering type? Cause if you do, I'm afraid your mistaken. She's too passive to be that kind of girl. She's the type of girl who needs lots of guidance." Jocelyn said.

"Whaaattt?" Heather asked.

"I said SHUT UP!" Jocelyn roared. "If you married my daughter because you want to be mothered around, you are barking up the wrong tree. If that is the case, you need to tell me now, cause I just don't think you have it in you to be the husband my daughter needs. You just don't seem like the kind of guy to be the head of the household. You just seem like the kind of guy who always gets bossed around. And if you are, you need to tell me, now! If you are, this marriage will not last, and I will not have my daughter married to some boy who can't guide her the way she desperately needs to be guided. We both know she's not the smartest or the prettiest of girls. And she knows that too. So if you break her heart and waste her time, it will destroy her. And honestly, I'm all for tough love. I understand that some people need to have their heart broken a few times before they find their place in the world. I just need to know now what your intentions are for my daughter. Do you intend to love her forever, or do you intend to break her heart? If you intend to leave her at some point, I won't stop you, but I will have our lawyer draw up the papers. Have them ready to go."

"Jocelyn..." he began, shaking his head."I don't know what you're talking about! I don't want to hurt Heather! I don't want to break her heart. What kind of man do you think I am? What are you thinking?"

Jocelyn's eyes flashed, and for a split second, Derek thought she was about to slap him. She looked tense and incensed.

"How dare you talk to me like this? How dare you question me?" Jocelyn spat out.

"What... Jocelyn, wait! I don't want to make you mad! I just want to know where this is coming from." Derek replied, trying to placate his mother-in-law's anger.

"I've known boys like you before. Sick, sick boys who quickly realize marriage is not their kind of thing. Filthy, nasty boys who would rather seek out a real woman, who bosses him around and gives him the disgusting kind of mothering he craves." Jocelyn said.

"Jocelyn, I don't..." Derek began.

"I am the woman who raised the girl you claim to love with all your heart! The woman you married! You should be on your knees thanking me. You do NOT speak to me as if I'm just some woman you met on the street. You will treat me with respect... and reverence! And you should address me as such." Jocelyn spat out.

"Um, wait... what do you want me to call you?" Derek asked.

"Call me... Ms. Cline... for now." Jocelyn said, with a satisfied smirk.

"Um, okay... Ms. Cline." Derek said, again placating his mother-in-law. "Um, like I was saying..."

"No, Derek, you misunderstand. When I said you should be on your knees, I meant it." Jocelyn said, pausing, letting the thought sink in.

"What?" Derek asked.

"You disrespect me by marrying my daughter without my permission. It is the job of any good mother to scout out her future son-in-law, make sure he is the perfect fit for her daughter. You robbed me of that, and you disrespected me by avoiding my judgment, forcing me to do this now, on your wedding night. Derek, you've been a disrespectful asshole for too long and it is time for you to learn your lesson." Jocelyn stated.

"Joceyl... I mean, Ms. Cline, I meant no disrespect. Honest." Derek said.

"Then prove it." she said coolly, staring at him expectantly. Derek looked around, unsure if he should give her what he knew she wanted. It felt kinda strange. He looked over at his wife, who was barely staying conscious. He didn't have a choice, right? This was his mother-in-law. He had to win her over for his marriage to work out. He couldn't afford to make an enemy of her.

Derek never would have wanted to do this normally. But his mother-in-law held him with her striking eyes, her cold gaze transfixing him as she yelled at him. Derek shouldn't be afraid of her. He was a fairly muscular, tall young man. She was a slim older woman who was a head shorter than him. But yet, he was terrified of her. She had this presence about her. You just didn't want to defy her.

And there was something inside of him, like weird deja-vu or something, which was telling him that there was a certain pleasure in giving in, to falling to your knees in front of a woman. It felt like it was awkward as it felt, he knelt down and got on his knees in front of his mother-in-law. He looked up at her and held his arms out as if to ask if she was satisfied.

A jolt ran through Jocelyn. This was going so fast. Derek was so easy! He was so easygoing that he would do anything to placate her anger. He was the perfect type of guy to be taken advantage of. She would enjoy this.

"It's a good start." she said coldly, "But you have a lot of work to do to win my blessing. My trust. You ask my daughters and they will tell you, I don't play games. I am quite direct, and I expect everyone around me to do the same. Trying to keep secrets, trying to hide from me, that was your first mistake. So from now on, I want to know everything. I ask you a question, you tell me the truth. About anything I ask. There are no secrets between us. There is nothing in your head that I don't deserve to know. And there should be nothing that you are not willing to do to make me happy."

"Okay." Derek nodded, kind of unsure of what she was saying but nevertheless slowly getting beaten down by Jocelyn's strong will.

"Okay what?" Jocelyn asked. Derek searched for what she was wanting from him.

"Okay... Ms. Cline." Derek replied. Jocelyn gave him a slight nod.

"I need to know that if I give you an order, you will do what I say. Got it?" Jocelyn said.

"Yes, Ms. Cline." Derek answered.

"That's good to hear. Isn't that good, Heather?" Jocelyn called out, looking at her daughter

"Yeshhh." Heather mumbled, barely awake. Jocelyn smirked.

"You need to stay awake, dear. I know it's easy to keep acting like a child and pass out after overindulging, but you need to stay awake and see the things adults do. How adult women are supposed to behave. Got it?" Jocelyn asked.

"Yesssh Mommy." Heather mumbled, trying desperately to keep her eyes open.

"Good." Jocelyn said. She turned to look down at Derek.

"So, what to do with you?" Jocelyn asked herself, looking at Derek as if he was a disobedient dog. "You know, it takes a lot of work to set up a wedding as opulent as this one. I think you owe it to me to rub my aching feet."

"What?" Derek asked. He saw her face begin to morph into a scowl and he added, "I mean, uh, okay, Ms. Cline." she looked down at him, clearly annoyed with him, her lips pursed in anger. Finally, she relaxed and sat on the couch in front of him. She crossed her legs and smoothed her dress over her thighs. She dangled her high heel in front of his face.

"Take my shoe off. Slowly." Jocelyn commanded firmly, staring him down. Derek looked right at her, unsure. Something about this felt so wrong, but he had promised he would do what she asked. He knew he couldn't afford to get on her bad side so soon after his marriage had begun. He felt uneasy about it, but her firm command and steely gaze erased any questions he had. Plus, it was only rubbing her feet, that wasn't so bad, right? It was a perfectly normal request, wasn't it? Slowly, his hands reached forward and he took her black high-heeled shoe into his hands.

"There you go, baby." Jocelyn said, giving him the slightest bit of praise. His fingers lingered on the shoe for a few moments. "What's wrong? What's on your mind? Tell me." Jocelyn asked firmly.

"Uh, it's, uh, this feels kinda strange." Derek said.

"What's so strange? This is perfectly normal. Good son-in-laws make it a point to please their mother-in-laws at every opportunity. Good son-in-laws make it a point to rub their mother-in-law's feet. Or their shoulders. Good son-in-laws treat their mother-in-laws even better than they treat their wives. Good son-in-laws put their mother-in-law's needs above everyone else's, including their own." Jocelyn paused. She continued this line of thought in her own mind.

A good son-in-law should give everything to his mother-in-law that he gives his wife. Much more, to be honest. He should welcome her into his home. Into his bed. And a good daughter should honor her mother by letting her walk all over her and giving up her place in the house to her hot-bodied mother. A good daughter would happily resume the natural order of things, with the mother in charge and the daughter eager to please. A good daughter should be happy to offer up her husband for whatever her mother needs of him. A good daughter should help her mother dress up in her sexiest night clothes, making sure she looks extra tasty. A good daughter should make sure her mother's thong looks perfect between the cheeks of her mature ass. A good daughter should make sure her nightie on her mother shows just a bit of nipple. A good daughter would make sure to dress down to look extra plain, so her husband desires her mother even more. A good daughter would be happy to hear the door to her bedroom lock, locking in her mother and her husband and preventing her from interfering. A good daughter should be honored to hear her mother's moans echo throughout the house, and she should take pride in the fact that it is her husband that is making her mother cum so hard.

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