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The Clinic


by deliciousthoughts ©

There are several stories on this site that started off my interest in interracial lesbian domination. This is MY version of one of what I remember of one of them.


"Kathy, we're ready for you now," the receptionist said.

The brunette pushed up from her seat in the waiting room and headed through the white door across the corridor. The room she entered was larger and more comfortable-looking than she had anticipated, and the soft music playing in the background added to the surprising sense of calmness and relaxation. Even the long examination table situated in the centre of the room was covered with padded black leather.

The black nurse who greeted her was tall, buxom and beautiful—more like a model than a nurse, Kathy thought. Her white uniform was figure-hugging tight and the two buttons undone ensured that a significant amount of her impressive dark cleavage was on display.

"Please accept our apologies for the delay," she said, flashing her white teeth as she smiled. "But we can get started immediately. Once we've gone through the formalities, Dr. Bock will join us."

Kathy nodded. "Dr. Bock?"

"I'll explain everything as we go along," the nurse said, flashing another smile. "We're a private clinic as you know and everything here has been designed to ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible. Just relax and lie on the table, please..."

Kathy did as she was bid, smoothing her skirt down her thighs and staring up at the ceiling. She tried to think why they would have a mirror there, but then the nurse was at her side again.

"My name is Amaka." She handed Kathy a small paper cup. "Just drink this, it will help you relax. Then I suggest you close your eyes and concentrate on the music. We want you in your most tranquil state for the consultation with Dr. Bock, don't we?"

Kathy swallowed the drink in a single mouthful and laid her head back onto the white pillow as Amaka took the empty cup from her. They might want her in a relaxed state but she knew the importance of staying alert. Whatever was in the drink, she was too clever to let it affect her. And yet ... she was already beginning to experience a detached, almost dream-like state.

It couldn't be that powerful, could it?

"I've completed the paperwork before you arrived," she heard Amaka say. The nurse had such a soft and yet commanding voice. "This is what is going to happen now. I'll help you off with your clothes so that you are ready for the doctor to see you and while I'm doing that, just enjoy the music and listen to what I tell you. In fact, Kathy, the more you hear my voice the more relaxed you're going to feel."

Kathy opened her eyes dreamily at the woman as she reached down to unbutton her blouse. Instinctively, she raised her hands but Amaka moved them back by her side before returning to the buttons again.

"Shhh," she softly whispered. "That's alright, baby. You're a little out of it. You need to relax. Amaka is going to do everything for you."

Baby? Nurses didn't call patients 'baby'?

And yet somehow the word felt soothing. So did the way this beautiful woman smiled at her as she removed her blouse. Even more of her magnificent black cleavage spilled out of her white uniform as she bent over and Kathy had an almost overwhelming urge to raise her head so that she could feel their warmth against her face.

The cool air hit her nipples before she realised that Amaka had removed her bra. She shyly pulled her arms across her chest to cover herself but the nurse was taking hold of her wrists again and returning her arms to their position at her side.

"There's no need to hide them, baby. They're beautiful."

Instinct told Kathy that she should have been alarmed by the words but instead she felt a surge of pride. This voluptuous black woman had the most amazing breasts and yet she was complimenting Kathy on hers.

"Deliciously high," Amaka's soft voice continued. "And they're wonderfully perky. They're very similar to my girlfriend's and she has long nipples like yours, too. I can get her off just by sucking on them."

The words washed through Kathy's mind. Something didn't feel right. But then, why shouldn't this nurse talk to her like this? They were two women, after all. It had been some time since anyone had sucked on her breasts, and certainly never a woman. That wouldn't be right!

But she had an open mind. She never judged others...

A delicious tingle began to cover her body as the image of the sexy nurse sucking on her breasts suddenly appeared in her mind. My God, where had that come from?

She couldn't remember Amaka removing her skirt, although she thought she could remember raising her ass to let her slide it away. She pushed up again when the woman's soft hands slipped under the waistband of her panties and slithered the silky garment down to her ankles.

"I need to examine you, Kathy," she heard her say. "You're feeling incredibly relaxed now, aren't you?"

It was true. She was. There was something in the back of her mind, trying to tell her something. But it wasn't easy to remember what that was.

"Some patients find the examination enjoyable," Amaka softly continued. "So I want you to let yourself go. Do you understand? Such feelings are only natural."

Kathy looked upwards into the ceiling mirror as the soft hands cupped her breasts. The contrast in colour between the dark hands and her white skin was astonishingly attractive. Amaka had an almost feathery touch and while something didn't feel right, it was difficult to protest when the woman's touch felt as good as this.

Her nipples had grown erect under the nurse's manipulation and the more those hands caressed her breasts the more aroused she was becoming. That wasn't right, was it? But then Amaka had told her that she would enjoy the examination, that the feelings were only natural.

She wondered if Amaka could tell how aroused she'd become? If she even had a hint of what Kathy was feeling, she'd be shocked.


Amaka glanced down at the heavily breathing woman. Her only disappointment was that she was so compliant. She loved the rare moments when one of her subjects found the will to fight against her. The struggle to resist always added an extra edge to her work.

There was never any doubt about the eventual outcome, of course. Not a single woman had yet been able to withstand her ministrations. And certainly not after the combination of relaxant and aphrodisiac they'd consumed. But one day she'd test herself further. She'd seduced women in bars around the world, why not in here without the drug?

But this one wouldn't take long.

"How does that feel, Kathy?" she softly asked.

"Wonderful," the prone woman murmured.

Her eyes were closed but she was breathing more deeply.

Amaka spread her fingers across the woman's perky breasts and used just the tips of her fingers to manipulate those rock hard nipples. When Kathy's body jerked on the padded table, she smiled and squeezed each long nipple between her thumbs and forefingers.

This time the brunette moaned out loud.

The black nurse took a step back as she considered her next step. Her normal practice was to tease her patients for longer, to work them up into a state from which there was no turning back. But this one was already ripe for the plucking. Why not?

"Why don't you open your eyes and watch in the mirror?" she told her.

Kathy's dreamy eyes half-opened and she looked upwards.

Amaka let her watch their reflections as she undid the remaining buttons of her white uniform and slid it from her black shoulders. It dropped to the floor at her feet. Straight or gay, she'd rarely met a woman unable to resist her voluptuous body ... and never when they had an aphrodisiac flowing through their veins.

She posed for a moment in just the half-cup bra, matching thong, stay-ups and heels. The cream coloured lingerie provided the perfect complement to her dark skin.

Kathy's gaze was all over her body and when reached behind her to unclip her bra, the woman's eyes almost popped out of her head.

"I know what you want," Amaka whispered softly.

She leant forward, allowing her full black breasts to sway across the woman's face. At first she teased her, drawing each chocolate-coloured nipple across Kathy's mouth but pulling a fraction away when the brunette tried to capture one between her pouting lips.

Only when the pleading eyes found hers did she allow her to suck one inside.

"That's it, baby," she softly encouraged, sliding her right hand down Kathy's body.

The panting woman was so wet she was easily able to work two fingers inside her.

"That's it," she breathed. "Suck on those boobies while I take care of that need. If you're really good, I'll let you taste Amaka's black pussy before we introduce you to Dr. Bock..."


Stephanie Ames bit her nails as she continually glanced out of the car window. Her girlfriend had disappeared into the Clinic some time ago and since then she'd waited nervously for her return.

Something was wrong. And she didn't intend to wait any longer.

She locked the car door behind her and made her way across to the entrance, her eyes sweeping around her for the sight of anything unusual. She couldn't shake off the feeling that someone was watching her but that was ridiculous. No-one knew she was there.

It was important that she didn't blow her girlfriend's cover, of course. But every one of the dozen reasons that had crossed her mind for the delay had been fading fast with each passing second. Given the nature of their investigation, waiting any longer had become a no brainer.

The woman's unflustered reaction at reception did nothing for her sense of unease. It was almost as if she'd been expected. Despite conveying the sense of urgency to her— Angelica Moran was attending the Clinic for a consultation but she needed to speak to her without delay—the woman simply told her to take a seat until she could trace 'Miss Moran's ' whereabouts.

Stephanie's mind wouldn't settle as she waited. She and Angelica both worked as investigative reporters on The Daily News and had been piecing together this story for a few weeks now.

The final link had been to get inside the Clinic to corroborate their suppositions. Only then they could present their findings to Jack Beaumont, their editor. In hindsight, maybe they should have told him—told anyone—what they had planned. They were taking a risk going undercover without back-up.

But they both knew their grizzly editor only too well. Without the inside track they wouldn't have been able to gain Beaumont's agreement to going undercover like this.

They could be way off the mark with the story, of course, but neither of them thought so. There were too many coincidences.

And then there was Emma Parks. Sweet little Emma was a good friend of theirs—a young woman who had married her childhood sweetheart. She had been as faithful a girl as you could ever meet until her consultation at the Clinic. Since then, her personality had changed completely. She had quit her job as a teacher, her marriage was on the rocks and rumour had it she was now working as an escort.

Little Emma—who wouldn't say boo to a goose!

On the face of it, such a thing just didn't seem possible and yet further investigations had seen them identify two other women who seemed to be in similar situations. Not one of the three admitted to anything, of course. They wouldn't even talk to Stephanie or Angelica.

The only link the reporters had between the three women was the Clinic, and in particular the specialist consultant. But all research on the guy—James Bock—had drawn a blank. That was when they had decided they needed to experience the clinic first hand.

That plan had seems sensible at the time but now, with Angelica missing, Stephanie was having doubts.

She glanced at her watch again—she'd been waiting for over ten minutes. Enough was enough. She jumped up from her seat but just as she approached the receptionist again, a voice to her left called out her name.


Amaka sent the blonde reporter a wide smile as she turned towards her.

"Stephanie Ames?" she repeated, holding the door to the consulting room open. "You're looking for Angelica? Please come this way."

She watched the woman do a double take, just as Angelica had earlier in the day. She'd checked herself in the mirror and knew how hot she looked in the white uniform. It left little to the imagination. Plus her face was flushed with sex. That always added to her attractiveness.

"Sorry, the air conditioning is playing havoc today," she added as Stephanie walked past her into the empty room.

She picked up two glasses from the table and drained hers. Unlike the other, it contained nothing but water. Then she handed the other glass to the blonde.

"Please, the air is dry. It's important that we keep taking fluid."

She picked up the jug from the table as the woman hesitated. She could tell what the blonde was thinking—she wouldn't be here long enough to worry about a dry throat. She just wanted to find Angelica and get out of there before anyone was suspicious.

"Drink up and I'll pour us another," she insisted.

As usual, it only required a gentle nudge. Stephanie finished the drink in three sips but then instantly asked.

"Where's Angelica?"

Amaka smiled gently and then refilled both empty glasses. She placed her own on the small table beside her, out of the way.

"Please sit down and I'll explain," she patiently told her. "Please, make yourself comfortable."

She nodded to two chairs beside the padded table and the woman took the one nearest to her. She looked a little light headed—the drug was working. The need to relax would be overwhelming.

It's the air," she soothingly explained when Stephanie raised a hand to her head. "Please, finish your drink."

Her uniform rode up her thigh as she sat next to Stephanie and crossed her long chocolate legs. The blonde's eyes followed the movement all the way to the lacy tops of her nude-coloured stay-ups and then her face coloured as she realised Amaka was closely watching her.

She sipped at her drink—once, twice—and then she had drained the glass again.

The nurse smiled. This was going to be even easier than she had anticipated. The woman wouldn't be able to resist with one dose inside her, but with two it was a formality. There wasn't any need to gradually lead her into this, she could have fun with it...

Angelica had been attractive, with that dark wavy hair and deep brown eyes, but this woman was something else. Amaka had a preference for blondes, especially natural blondes with blue eyes. And this one clearly spent hours at the gym. She had a body like a tigress.

"My name is Amaka," she said, the words temporarily drawing those cloudy eyes away from her body and back to her face. "Yours is Stephanie Ames and your girlfriend is Angelica Moran. You both work for The Daily News. Investigative reporters, as I understand it."

Stephanie stared at her for a moment. It was difficult for her to think straight, Amaka knew that, and she paused for a good thirty seconds while her words filtered home.

"No," the blonde eventually said, without any conviction. "We—"

"There's no point in denying it," Amaka interrupted. "We research our potential patients thoroughly and knew who Angelica was before she arrived. But you, well, you're a lovely bonus. Your girlfriend has told us all about you."

Stephanie looked at her aghast and then shook her head as if that would help her make sense of all this.

"Let me see if I can help you," Amaka continued. "Angelica was very obliging when I asked her to explain. Mind you, by then she was like a bitch in heat. That girl practically screams out her orgasms, doesn't she? Very sexy."

She crossed her legs again and the woman's gaze couldn't help but take in the sliver of black skin that appeared above the lacy tops of her stockings. Her blue eyes were wide at Amaka's words, disbelieving, but at the same time she was trying to control the sexual heat running through her body."

"Have I said anything that's untrue?" the nurse gloated. "She's a hot bitch, that girlfriend of yours. Let me see, she said that you're both reporters investigating the clinic and guess what ... no-one at your paper knows that you're here. How convenient. She posed as a patient and wanted to understand all about our procedures."

She leaned forward and took Stephanie's hand as the woman's gaze dipped into her heavy cleavage.

"So I showed her," she softly continued, reassuringly squeezing the blonde's fingers. "She's a very sexual person, wouldn't you say? And you don't need to take my word for it, baby, I'm going to show you what happened? We always tape our consultations. They come in useful in the unlikely event we meet any resistance later."

She grinned as she eased herself up from her seat.

The video screen on the wall next to the padded table sprang to life when she touched a button beside it.

"I first put the patient at ease," she explained, turning to face Stephanie.

She crossed her arms under her pendulous breasts as she continued.

"The music helps and so does the drink we feed them. It's both a relaxant and an aphrodisiac. How are you feeling now? Is the little white girl hot to trot, like your girlfriend? You've had a double dose, baby. Why don't you watch? I think you need to see this..."


Stephanie was trying to take in everything that Amaka had told her but in her dream-like state it was all too difficult to comprehend.

She should be horrified—she was horrified—but her whole body was burning with arousal. Could it be true, had the nurse fed her an aphrodisiac? Why else would she be feeling like this?

Was that what she'd done to Angelica, too?

Her girlfriend was on the screen, lying on the padded table. The shock that ran through her when she realised that Angelica was naked was matched by the sight of Amaka's body in just her lingerie. She was magnificent—a sexual black Goddess.

And she was seducing her girlfriend.

"Don't be shy, baby. You wanted to know what happens in here and Amaka is showing you. How else are you gonna write your story, huh? Now why don't you relax and let Amaka take care of you, make you feel better. You'd like that baby, yes? I know you would..."

A confused frown was spreading across Angelica's brow as she lifted her head up. It was a look Stephanie knew well. Her girlfriend was trying to puzzle something out and invariably stood her ground until she had.

"I need to think..." she breathed.

"No you don't, baby..." Amaka softly murmured, running a reassuring hand across the reporter's cheek. "Think of why you're here. You want to know the truth, don't you? And you badly need to feel good, don't you, baby? Let's relax you..."

Amaka triumphantly smiled at the camera as she spoke and then she picked up a bottle and poured some oil onto Angelica's body. When her hands caressed the liquid into the brunette's flesh, Stephanie could see the way her girlfriend slightly shifted her body on the padded table. She could hear that barely perceptible purr she knew so well.

"How does that feel, baby?" the nurse asked, reaching for more oil.

"Wonderful," her entranced girlfriend murmured.

Her eyes were closed and she was breathing more deeply.

Stephanie wanted to do or say something, but she could only watch helplessly as Amaka poured more oil onto her palms and then reached for Angelica's perky breasts. Normally, her girlfriend would have resisted with all her might ... but not this time.

"Just relax," the nurse persuasively murmured.

She spread her fingers across Angelica's breasts, making sure she brushed against the rock hard nipples. Stephanie knew exactly how much her girlfriend loved having her breasts pleasured and the way she sighed and then squirmed on the table sent the same message to Amaka. The nurse smoothed her fingers over Angelica's breasts again and again, flicking across her erect nipples.

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