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The Clinic


Copyright © November 2017 by CiaoSteve

CiaoSteve reserves the right to be identified as the author of this work.

This story cannot be published, as a whole or in part, without the express agreement of the author other than the use of brief extracts as part of a story review.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

Author's Notes

Foreword #1 : All characters in this story are over 18

Foreword #2 : This is pure fantasy and could contain events which may not happen in real life

Foreword #3 : The story itself was based upon a suggestion from a fellow reader, Dimitris. I am appreciative for his ideas and for providing the opportunity to use his suggestions as the basis for this story.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It's a well known fact that students never have any money and Jake Masters was no different to the rest of them. He was a second year Physics undergraduate at one of the top universities in his country. Studies were going well, life was great but could be greater still with just a little more disposable income. The problem was that he didn't really have time for a job, even a part time one, alongside his studies.

So the day the advert went up, discreetly positioned in a dark corner of the student common room, Jake immediately had an idea in mind. He took a quick photo of the advert and returned to his room to read it more closely. It wasn't the type of advert that you wanted to linger around for all to see.

Back in the privacy of his own room, Jake examined the photo closely on his mobile phone, almost reading it out loud to himself:

* * * WANTED - NEW DONORS * * *

Cuminside Clinic

State of the art sperm bank looking for new donors

Discreet, personal service

Our attentive staff will look after all your needs

Rewarding for the right candidates

Flexible arrangements, come as often as you want

Call now for your personal screening

01727 471234

He made the call the next day and made an appointment for the following Friday afternoon as he didn't have any lectures at that time.

The day arrived and Jake took the two buses to the clinic. It was located out of town, a fairly large, modern building set back from the road behind a row of mature trees for seclusion. He walked the long driveway towards the entrance, dressed not to grab any attention in a plain tracksuit and sneakers. For sure the building was modern but Jake wasn't so sure about the state of the art piece in the advert. Maybe though his mind would be changed once he was inside.

The closer he got, the more his stomach churned, carrying out cartwheels that even the best gymnast would have been proud of. Over and over in his mind he told himself that this was only a test and nothing to be worried about. He could leave at any point if he wanted to. There was just one part of his conscious which tried to fight back, to say that nothing comes for free and all may not be what it seems. Jake though pushed that thought to the back of his mind and walked in through the automatic doors.

He glanced around, taking in his environs, taking a deep breath as he realised that this could have been the reception in any new hospital or doctor's surgery. There was a waiting area to the right, a reception desk straight ahead and a door off to the left, presumably leading to the consulting rooms. The walls were adorned with pictures. Two walls covered with the usual glossy images of healthy adults in various stages of life; loving couples, in pregnancy or young families. The third wall was decorated with pictures of the staff themselves, roles, names and employee of the month. Jake was just taking in the mug shots, amazed at the way that they looked more like the employees of a modelling agency than a medical facility, when he heard a woman's voice.

"Hello, can I help you sir?" came a quiet female voice from behind the reception desk.

Jake turned and approached the desk, behind which sat a smartly dressed middle aged woman, exactly the sort you would expect to find in the reception of any doctors or hospital. She wore a name badge which confirmed her to be Sharon and that she was a receptionist at the Cuminside Clinic.

"Oh yes," came a nervous reply "I phoned up a couple of days back and made an appointment."


Jake took a glance around, to make sure there was nobody within earshot before replying.

"Jake . . . . Jake Masters."

There was a slight pause as the receptionist typed away on her keyboard.

"Oh yes, I see." she smiled up at Jake before continuing "You replied to our advert for new donors and you are here for your screening. Take a seat. It won't take long and one of the Sisters will be with you."

"Sisters?" Jake thought to himself stopping just short of saying the word out loud. He hadn't thought of the fact that he may be screened by a woman. Anyway, no turning back now and he really could do with the extra money. As requested Jake took a seat in the waiting area, his attention returning to the photos on the opposite wall. His mind wandered, eyeing each photo up and down. There sure were a lot of women on the staff and a lot of beautiful ones at that. It wasn't long before he heard his name being called out.

"Mr Masters," came the receptionist's quiet voice "the Sister will see you now."

Sharon pointed over to the door on the far side of the reception area which had now been opened by a young attractive lady, long black hair against her fair skin, wearing a short black skirt and, over the top, a white button up medical smock. The Sister smiled and, holding the door open, beckoned Jake to follow her. They left the reception area and into a long corridor. There were doors off to each side, each one named and numbered. They seemed to be a mix of offices, consultation rooms and recovery rooms. Towards the end of the corridor the Sister opened a door to a room which was aptly named "Consulting Room #7 - Screening". She turned to Jake and ushered him in before closing the door behind.

"So, Mr Masters, I'm Sister Angelica," she introduced herself in an accent which was definitely not local. "Please take a seat," she continued, pointing at a low leather armchair .

Jake sat down. It was rather warm inside so he removed his zip up top and put it on a table at the side. He took a quick look around the room, relieved to see that it was simply a doctor's consulting room, albeit a rather plushly decorated one. There was a consulting table on one side, a desk and computer and then the area where he was sitting which contained a couple of low tables and comfortable chairs. He watched as Sister Angelica walked over to the only window and slowly closed the blinds. He hadn't noticed before but the heels she was wearing really exaggerated her long toned legs. That, and the way she wiggled her ass seductively when she walked, convinced Jake that she was more a Sister Angelic than a Sister Angelica. With the blind closed the room was rather dark but that was soon addressed as she turned on a couple of freestanding lights.

Sister Angelica picked up a clipboard from the desk by the computer and walked across to the chair opposite Jake. She noticed his gaze, fixed on her body, and smiled inside at the impression her form was already having on the young lad. Now though was time to step it up a little and see what he had under the covers. Could he be the one?

Jake meanwhile was still fixated in the attractiveness of this young nurse, his eyes running up and down the length of her body, following those long legs up to the point where they disappeared inside her skirt then imagining the shapes inside, visually exploring every hidden curve within her smock. The Sister bent forward to place the clipboard on the table in front. Her smock dropped down providing Jake with an eyeful down her top. His mouth almost opened in awe at the beautiful pair of firm tits which hung seductively from her chest, each topped out by a small hard nub of a nipple. Down below, his manhood twitched and grew a little at the sight facing him.

It hadn't even registered that Jake should have been shocked by her lack of a bra, all he could focus on was the beauty of those tits. She lingered there just a second longer than necessary before sitting down in the chair opposite, her legs crossed, left over right.

"Make yourself comfortable Mr Masters," continued the Sister in her sultry foreign sounding voice. "Would you mind if I called you Jake?"

Jake shook his head, acknowledging her question. She leant forward, this time to pick up the clipboard, flashing her pert tits again at the lad. His cock twitched once more and, conscious of his growing manhood, Jake cross his legs to hide it from view.

"Now Jake, we've got a few things to get through but it shouldn't take long. I'll start by telling you a little about the clinic and how we work as some of our ways may be a little alien to you if you've been elsewhere. Then I have a little questionnaire to complete and finally we need to give you the once over and take a quick sample for screening. Is that OK?"

Again Jake just nodded, seemingly having lost the use of his mouth.

"Oh . . . and Jake, don't be afraid to ask questions as we go. We want our clients to be happy with everything we do here, and to date we've never had a disappointed customer, they just keep cumming again and again, if you pardon the pun."

Jake laughed, a nervous laugh, then sat back ready to listen. Sister Angelica herself relaxed back into her seat. She uncrossed her legs lifting her left up and over before following with her right and crossing once more the other way round. It was only a few seconds but Jake didn't miss a thing. A la Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, Sister Angelica was flashing a naked pussy at the young lad, the only difference being that hers was shaved bare revealing the long straight line separating the Sister's outer labia. It was only a second but the clear image of a bare shaven pussy was etched on his mind. His eyes noticed and his cock reacted, again growing in size slightly, by now a clearly visible lump in the front of his joggers.

"So where should I begin?" continued the Sister. "The Clinic was built a year or so ago in response to an increase in demand for semen. We've always seen ourselves as a little different to other clinics in the market. On the first hand we have tried to brush off the seedy image of donation but more importantly we believe our techniques are second to none in terms of collection and preservation, meaning we can work with just a select few of the most potent donors, which in turn means that we offer the best in treatment to those requiring our services. We are a not-for-profit organisation with income from the treatments netting off against the costs of donation. We like to think that our donors do enjoy their participation, they are key to our business and we must make sure that they have a totally enjoyable experience. You could say we go the whole way to make sure that they are satisfied. As I mentioned before, some just keep cumming and cumming, again and again, whilst others never really leave. Here, have a look at some of our testimonials."

The Sister once again leant forward to hand Jake a sheet of paper, those tits hanging free just a foot or two from his face. She smiled again to herself, noticing how his eyes never left her hardened nipples. Finally she withdrew leaving Jake to study the sheet of paper. He skimmed the notes, picking out several sentences:

". . . was nervous at first but the sister soon took me in her hands, making for a pleasurable experience . . . Simon, 26"

". . . look after your every need to make donating an out of this world experience . . . Ricky, 22"

". . . they handle you so gently, the whole experience is pleasurable to the extreme, surprised quite how much could be donated in a single session . . . Mick, 19"

". . . first donated in June, been cumming ever since . . . Paul, 22"

It sounded too good to be true. Was this really such an easy way to make a few extra pounds? There had to be a catch?

"Sister Angelica . . . " Jake started but was cut off.

"Please, that's very formal. I do prefer Angel."

Jake was surprised but guessed this was all part of the plan to put you at ease. "Angel, can I ask a couple of questions?"

"Of course, Jake" she responded, once again uncrossing and re-crossing her legs, flashing that bare shaven pussy at the lad.

"Please don't take this the wrong way, but both you and the receptionist have an accent I didn't recognise. Can I guess you're not from around here?"

"Not at all. It's a Good question Jake. You are right. We set up the clinic here due to local demand but most of the staff are not local, in fact many have come a long way to be here. But as I said, we only want the best."

"All sounds very impressive, but what's the catch?"

Jake couldn't help himself. He didn't trust anything and despite the wonderful stories he had heard and read, there had to be a catch.

"Catch? No Jake, there isn't a catch. We need a steady supply of good quality potent semen and we believe, at the same time, that our donors require the best in the way they are handled. If it isn't enjoyable and rewarding then they won't keep coming back. Now, why don't we move on to the questionnaire?"

They did just that and for the next ten minutes the Sister read out a series of questions to which Jake provided answers. It was the usual array; name, address, marital status, sexual activity, illnesses and ailments etc. The final section though took Jake a little by surprise. It was a series of questions about what seemed random unrelated subjects, a bit like a longer version of a word association test aimed at judging his reactions. A few questions did make Jake's eyebrows rise but he tried to answer each one.

"If you could date anyone, who would you choose?"

"Mmm, difficult one. I like blondes so I guess Marilyn would have been interesting if she was still around"

"Do you believe there is life out there?"

"What, life somewhere else in the universe? Very much doubt it but I'm willing to be proven wrong. Would be great to meet a few aliens."

"How long could you disappear for without anyone noticing?"

"Not sure anyone would really notice, and I guess some may relish the idea."

Finally the questionnaire was finished. Each question asked and each question, however strange, answered. The Sister didn't give anything away, just the odd nod at his answers.

"So Angel, how'd I do?"

"Oh, that bit's fine. It's more to break the ice and get you relaxed. Now, if you are still interested in continuing I'll need you to give a quick sample. Do you think you could do that?"

Before he had time to answer, the Sister uncrossed her legs once more then stood up. She bent over at the waist to take his hand.

"Come now Jake, it won't take long and we'll see if you are the right type of donor for us."

Jake sat and stared, his eye line once again straight down her top, eyeing up those beautiful breasts and rock hard nipples. Without realising it, he found himself being pulled up out of his seat. Jake couldn't take his eyes off this temptress of a nurse, there was just something about her. He was so infatuated that he hadn't even bothered to try and cover up the bulge in his joggers.

"Well, well, well . . . what have we here?"

Jake jumped as he felt long fingers running up the length of the bulge in his trousers. It was almost as if he was a rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming car, unable to react, unable to move.

"Now, why don't we see what's hidden under here?"

The Sister hooked her hands around the top of his joggers and gently pulled them down, catching hold of his boxers as she went. Out sprung Jake's almost erect manhood, the head already glistening with the slightest drop of pre-cum from the visual and tactile attention it had already been given.

"Why don't you take these off and hop up on the table for me?" the Sister asked, pointing over to the consulting table.

Jake did as asked, lying on his back almost dreaming.

The Sister pulled a chair up at the side.

"So Jake, I need a sample but I also need to quickly examine inside. Are you OK with that?"

He hesitated before confirming, at the same time moving his hand down to his cock as if to start masturbating.

The Sister laughed.

"Oh my dear lad, that won't be necessary. Why don't you relax and let Angel take care of that for you?"

She smiled as she placed one hand on his shaft and gently rubbed it up and down, feeling the length and girth as it stiffened in her grip. Happy that it was fully engorged Angel reached to the side and took a bottle of lubricant and the appropriately sized condom, expertly applying the latter to Jake's rigid member.

"There," she winked "that'll take care of the sample, now all we need is a little stimulation. Close your eyes Jake and let's see what happens."

She reached back for his shaft, admiring its large length and even more impressive girth, running her finger tips up and down the length. Before long, she broke off and poured a little lubricant in her hands, rubbing them together to coat their entirety. Angel sidled down the side of the table, took hold of his shaft again and, with one greased hand, started to pull him off. Jake closed his eyes, imagining a naked Angel gently fucking his rock hard shaft, those pert tits bouncing as she rode his cock. Up and down, he could almost see her pussy enveloping and releasing his manhood, it's length shining with her love juices. There was a voice at the back of his dream, a soft sultry voice, a voice that just had to be obeyed.

"I'm going to start the examination now. Can you spread your knees for me?"

Jake did just that, his breathing deepening as he imagined Angel continuing to ride his hard cock, tickling the head before she plunged back down. He could feel his pre-cum rising to the surface as the need to relive himself built inside. He was there, watching this beauty ride him to the point of no return.

Totally engrossed in his vision of beauty, Jake barely noticed the pressure at his rosebud as Angel pressed with a single long digit. She moved her greased finger around gradually relaxing his sphincter and easing inside, whilst at the same time keeping the momentum going on his shaft.

Jake moaned as his climax approached. He was totally under her control now, living his fantasy of being fucked by this beautiful nurse. He didn't flinch at the intruder down below, as that long finger delved deeper in search of its target. All Jake could concentrate on was the vision of a slick pussy riding up and down his shaft nudging him closer and closer to shooting his load. All he could concentrate on, that was, until the invading finger found its target.

Jake moaned out loud as the finger circled his prostrate, applying pressure from inside. It didn't take long at all for the desires to well up inside, his head burning with the need to cum. Deep in his fantasy, Jake called out between deep rasping breaths.

"Angel . . . yes . . . Angel, take me, ride me, just a little more."

She continued her onslaught applying just a little more pressure to his shaft and his prostrate with the expected response. Jake moaned deeply and bucked his hips as he shot his load, filling the condom with his seed. Job done, Angel slowly removed her finger leaving the young lad, eyes still closed, recovering from a huge climax. Carefully she removed the condom and transferred his semen to a plastic vial for testing later.

"There Jake, wasn't so bad, was it? You can get dressed now. I'll get the results in a week or so and we can see if you are the type of donor we are looking for. We'll give you a call when the results come in. There is one thing though that we ask of all our clients and that is to keep our relationship anonymous."

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