tagGroup SexThe Close Pt. 04

The Close Pt. 04


He past few weeks had been quiet. My personal life was sorting itself out, which was good news, inside I, was far happier than before. Things were interesting Margaret and I had found a way to communicate via sending letters via my work to her shop. This was very old fashioned but interesting never the less in the world of fast moving technology. It made you feel like a teenager again.

I had been waiting for Trevor to say something every time I saw him he was red with rage but had not spoken to me. I guess he was keeping his powder dry or just had no excuse to express his views. His wife Vanessa though had other views she had even said hello, smiled at me she tended to be shy but obviously the view had caused her something to be excited about. I guess life with Trevor was not all that exciting. She breathed in deeply I wish I could have fun like that. I was shocked but smiled and wished her a good day.

Tracey had been busy doing I do not know what often coming home late. She would call me and ask how things were going being suggestive and controlling. Her mind was set on getting Margaret and I together with her for another encounter saying she was horny and ready for a wild time. She was going to check with Margaret which night her husband was out so we could all gets together again. This was exciting and I have to admit I was looking forward to it.

The date had now been set for Wednesday. Margaret and I had exchanged messages and were glad to be in each other's company again even if this meant Tracey was they're playing her games. In some ways it took off the illicit nature and guilt of our desires for each other. Someone else to blame and I think we both found her control exciting, taboo and it helped us not rush into each other's arms without thinking planning ahead.

Tuesday evening came and I was sat at home. The doorbell rang so I got up to answer it. On opening Trevor was standing they're looking ready to blow and asked if we could step inside to talk. I was somewhat hesitant but knowing his desire to be mister perfect in the community anything that was going to be said was verbal so I agreed. He then started to talk. What do you think you are up to, you messed up your own marriage sleeping with the neighbour causing server pain to her marriage now you are doing the same thing with my sister in law. I looked at him puzzled. It is not like the whole word could see you to at the window the other week.

I was still looking confused. He spat out are you trying to deny you had sex with Tracey? My jaw dropped with shear disbelief. He could see I was shocked. I explained that Tracey had told me about her husband gambling away their marriage and subsequent divorce hence why she was in the rented flat. I am not sure what he thought of this or should I put it what was increasing his rage.

He then said she had been married for 25 years to his brother and that he worked in the oil industry in the Middle East the places not always being safe for family to stay in. I asked the obvious question why is she in the flat? He said she needed somewhere to stay as they were having the family home rebuilt after some subsidence. He knew that with the new owners they would want some income so had sorted out a short-term rental agreement, so it suited both parties. The bus route was helpful she had a few anxiety attacks when her husband had been in Libya working so had lost her licence for 12 months.

It was obvious he was telling the truth, he also knew I was too. I apologised to him, which he accepted. I explained how she had been trying to blackmail Margaret and myself based on the story. How the money had been lost in her husbands bookmakers. He was less shocked by my revelation than I expected. He explained I always felt she was not a nice an honest person her only interest being his brothers wealth. His brother had said many times he was unhappy in the marriage but because of faith would never leave. This is very common and again I said sorry.

He was not angry with me anymore. I felt if anything he was happy with the truth. It could get his brother out of something he did not like. I know my brother will never divorce her. I wish I could get even with her though. I looked at him how are you going to do that? He shook his head how do I do that it is like she can get away with it at will. To think her husband and her had been celibate for a decade and she is now doing all sorts of things all for her own personal desire. I cannot believe her level of wanton lust. I guess she is now letting it all out. I looked at him and said this is probably the only thing that makes sense she is exploring rediscovering herself sexually though it is not really the way someone in her position should be acting. She is a churchwarden!

I had not realised this and was stunned. Trevor said exactly looking at my face. How do I get even on her? He seemed desperate to do so. I said I know how you can stop it thinking of our meeting tomorrow already arranged. I explained what was happening about the meeting between Tracey, Margaret and I. I guess if you come over as soon as you see her walk in you could expose her lies. Trevor looked at me and said yes that would work but it does not leave her in a position where I am even. I said true but at least it stops there for the on going events.

Trevor looked at me and explained how when he met his wife she had been working in a club as a hostess and that when Tracey had found out she had been rude and degrading to her. He explained how Vanessa needed to do this work to help support her family. I think she misses some of it he said but I know she loves our secure life together. I already new she missed it but did not tell him. She would love to get even with Tracey too.

His next sentence stunned me. The only thing I have to ever ask for forgiveness is my dreams of having sex with Tracey. I was amazed he said the only reason I kept watching you was I wished it were I the other week. I did not know what to say. What do you think she would say if we exposed her? I said I am not sure but she would not want her husband to know so would want things kept quiet, plus I think she is into her forbidden sex so somehow would want to keep it going somewhere. I just could not cheat on my wife though. I looked at him, bring her with you. He looked shocked and I explained from what you told me she would enjoy it getting even.

He looked somewhat dazed and said yes I think you are right. He said what about Margaret? I said honestly if she is not there at the start Tracey will balk and not come. I feel bad about her husband was Trevor's response. I said so do I but I am not sure how long that relationship will last. He looked at me I think you are correct and his health issues are not great either. He then said how do we make it works.

I was somewhat at ease now. I said I would contact Margaret to explain what has happened. I am sure she will want to get even with Tracey as well, I know I do. You and your wife have reasons to as well; Tracey is a loser on all fronts. I said just turn up after you see her arrive with Margaret tomorrow. He looked and said yes, I cannot believe I am going to do this but yes we will.

Wednesday morning came I woke up excited, also nervous about what was going to happen latter. How were things going to play out? As I was leaving for work, Tracey was also leaving she asked for a lift. On the way she spoke about almost everything just general life. When I was close to dropping her off the subject changed. She started to talk about the outfit she had purchased for Margaret a shear white nylon body stocking that she was sure was going to show off her dark brown skin and for herself a light blue one, she was obviously excited. She had known idea about what I had found out via Trevor. This was rather exciting news, biting my tongue was hard work. As we stopped she turned to me and smiled kissed my cheek and whispered into my ear. I can't wait to use you and your friend for my pleasure tonight. She passed me packages wear these tonight, she got out of the care and left.

The day went quickly at work; my mind was not very focused for obvious reasons. I drove home wondering how the evening was going to pan out. After eating I was getting ready for the evening ahead. I opened the package Tracey had given me inside was a sheer black male thong a message attached told me to wear just a dressing gown over it. I did as instructed. I then received a phone call it was Trevor, he confirmed that he was coming over. He had explained the situation to his wife Vanessa who was very keen to be part of it. I listened thinking about how she had already told me she was up for fun. He then asked about how they should prepare.

I explained what I was wearing and needed to so as not to make Tracey aware of what was going on. I explained what Tracey told me she and Margaret would be wearing. He seemed shocked but at the same time excited. I cannot believe she is behaving like this he said it is a side to her I have never seen in over 20 years of marriage to my brother. His wife Vanessa was listening on his speakerphone, she said to him darling leave it to me. I will get you something to wear and we will be dressed to impress.

The phone call ended and I sat down both nervous and excited about what might happen. I was half wondering if what was going on was some sort of plan hatched to control us further. Did Tracey have something on the other two? I had no idea really it was probably just my mind racing worrying for no reason. I was hoping this was going to sort certain situations out and make life a lot more straightforward. Though I was excited about the whole situation.

The backdoor was knocked. I knew that this must be Tracey and Margaret arriving. They came inside and I lead them to the living room, Margaret smiled at me our hands brushing each other. A sparkle to see each other but a look of unhappiness knowing we were not free to be alone as friends and lovers. Tracey seemed to be in her element though her heels making her stand taller, her sense of control easy to see. She was the top lioness and she knew it. In a way it made her more attractive, sexy and alluring. She was here to use us to help drive her sexual want and needs. We were both aware of this also. Though inside I was looking forward for it to change.

We moved into the living room and Tracey was ready to take control. She ordered Margaret to stand in front of the fireplace, which she did. She then in a deadpan voice told her take off your coat. Margaret did as she was told it feel to the floor. She had on a white sheer body stocking, it looked great against her dark brown skin the contrast was very pretty, you could see her nipples black and hard. She was aroused already but you could see the worry about not knowing Tracey's plans. Looking over her I could see she had freshly shaved her pussy and her lips looked really pretty against the fabric her white heels showing of her legs as well. She looked very beautiful.

Tracey then orders me to stand up. I did as commanded she ordered me to take of my dressing gown, which I did. I watched the eyes of her and Margaret both gazing at my cock through the thong. It was already showing signs of life from seeing Margaret's figure. It felt strange having them look at me but at the same time nice that they both desired me as well. They were both fulls of passion and desire. One pure lust the other deeper and more emotional, looking into their eyes told you this.

Tracey ordered me to sit down. I did as commanded next to Margaret, we sat close our hands locking together, and it felt nice to be near each other once again. She snuggled into me the feeling was obviously mutual. Tracey was stood before us she was in her element looking down at us like we were bad pupils. Her pose was strong her hand on the belt of her long jacket. She asked us do you want me to take my coat off. We both replied Yes, she looked stern and we both added a please. She knew the reply would be such but got much pleasure out of hearing it. She then untied the belt, opening the coat and let it fall to the floor. She had on dark blue heels, which showed off against the light blue fabric of her body stocking, which was covered, in paisley blue patterns. Her legs toned and firm from the gym.

She looked at us admiring her body hands on hips chest pushed emphasising her firm breasts her nipples red and firm through the fabric. Tracey was happy to see our faces admiring her body looking down you could see her pink lips were already wet against the fabric. She was a woman in total control of sexuality desires and us. Tracey was ready to use us to please her again tonight. She ordered us to kiss each other; we turned our faces and our lips met slowly, kissing gently glad to be close again.

The doorbell rang; everyone jumped surprised by the sound. I looked and quietly said I will go answer and be back, I put on my robe slowly walking towards the hallway then the front door. I opened the door and standing before me was Trevor and Vanessa. He looked somewhat apprehensive whilst she was smiling. He had a coat on which was very long I got the impression how Vanessa had dressed him was playing on his mind. She had a red three-quarter length coat on, Her stockings or otherwise was read and her heels were red and high. I guess trying to take off her lack of height. I asked them to come in which they did. They both took a deep breath a second. I said let me enter and take my robe off then wait 1-minute before walking in.

I walked into the living room and let my robe fall off. I explained it was someone asking about window cleaning. That everything should now be ok, as they had gone. Tracey stood up and told me to go sit next to Margaret, I did as she asked. She looked at us standing strong as always her eyes in a daze as if wondering where to start with her games.

She smirked I enjoy the way you to kiss like teenagers so I will let you again before I start my fun and games. We turned kissing each other with passion like we were stealing a few precious seconds together before curfew. Tracey sighed how pathetic the lovebirds!

Tracey demanded look at me! At that moment the door opened and Trevor and Vanessa walked in, she went bright red her stance falling like she had the wind taken out of her. She was unaware of the eyes looking at her. Margaret held my hand tightly unsure what was going on after the way Trevor has exposed our affair before. I breathed in her ear do not worry. I could feel her relax at my words. The silence was finally broken.

Trevor said hello Tracey does my brother know what you are up to? Her face went redder than before. She started to plead with him; you cannot tell him it will break his heart. I am so sorry I will do anything to keep this quiet. It was so strange to see the role reversal the once so dominate Tracey was no so weak pleading for her activities to be kept away from her husband. Trevor just looked at her with disdain and his look cut through her. She held her hands together asking him for forgiveness. He just looked at her and said I will never forgive you. She pleaded please Trevor do not shame me.

Trevor began to speak can you remember when I met Vanessa how you were rude because of her family background and the work she had to undertake to support them? Tracey nodded I am so sorry again pleading with him. How do you think that made us feel? She looked at Vanessa I am so sorry, please forgiving me. Vanessa said nothing to her, just giving her a blank look. Trevor was on a role how do you think my brother would feel if he knew? Tracey pleaded he cannot find out, please. What about how you have been exploiting our neighbours. She replied they were cheating anyway. To which Trevor said and what were you doing then?

You do not know what it is like Trevor your brother has been unable to perform for over 10 years now, I have needs and desires. It was an opportunity to express myself feel like a woman for a while without getting emotionally attached to anyone. I admit I exploited them and it made me feel good a woman again, I do not regret it. Though I know it is only about sex my heart is still with your brother you have to believe me. You could see her rise in confidence the sucker punch was being recovered from. Her mind was calculating. Trevor would not want to hurt hi brother so was restricted in what he could say and do, she knew this. She also knew Margaret could not go up against her as Tracey could easily expose her as well. She new how I felt so would not sell Margaret out. If anything this situation was making Tracey stronger than before.

I could feel Margaret squeeze my hand a little tighter she could sense how the situation was developing. Looking at Trevor you could see the confusion in his eyes wondering what to do he was losing control of the situation. A glance over at Vanessa showed something different, she was looking at her husband with disdain at how he was not working the situation to what she wanted or expected. She had no love for his brother she certainly had no positive feelings for her sister in law. Her husband gave her a nice caring life but it was obvious from what she had told me she missed the excitement of her old life and here was her chance. I knew she wanted the excitement she had told me so and all those years of half smiles now seemed to suggest this was not a short-term infatuation.

Vanessa spoke she was ready to take control rescue the situation for her own personal needs. Tracey you were rude and horrible to me bad mouthing me when I arrived, I will never forget it. You have two options either agrees to Trevor and my terms or I will expose you to the church as a bisexual cheating slut. Think about it your mother would find out and so would everyone else in the church and by default around Town. I have no qualms because of you everyone knows of my past so exposing you would make us even.

Tracey looked stunned the winds once again knocked out of her sails. She looked at Vanessa realising she was not bluffing and unlike her husband hand no issue with her brother in law finding out about the situation. Exposing her would be fitting revenge for her high brow disdain she had held for Vanessa in the past and her background. Tracey looked at Vanessa and asked what are your terms.

If you do not want to be exposed ever you from now on will do anything Trevor and I demand. Tracey said I agree, I think he mind had her doing housework running around after them when they needed help. She was considering Trevor's prim and proper outlook on life his Mr perfect persona. She then looked over at Margaret and what, I about these two. Vanessa said I think your days of controlling them are over, as they know your dirty secret now. This seemed to leave her deflated no longer having her sexual toys to control.

Vanessa's next move stunned us all. She undid the buttons on her coat quickly and let it fall to the floor. Everyone gasped. She was standing there in her red heels, red hold up stockings, a very sheer small red thong, exposing her puffy pussy lips and finally a half cut matching red bra. She looked stunning. Trevor turned to her and said you look amazing dear. She smiled at him thank you darling. She asked Tracey, who replied you look beautiful I never new you had such a sexy figure. Margaret squeezed my hand tight we both realised we were going to be involved in whatever was going to occur. Vanessa looked at us how do I look; we both smiled and said a million dollars. Vanessa smiled back and with warmth in her voice said thank you.

You could see Tracey look at Vanessa with lust in her eyes but also her face was realising Vanessa and Trevor's control was not the innocent approach she had been expecting in fact she was now going to be the sex toy. I could tell from our one on one encounter this was a massive turn on for her, not being in control was going to push her levels of sexual satisfaction even higher. Vanessa turned to Trevor, take you coat of dear you seem very over dressed. He did as his wife commanded standing now in a pair of grey boxers, a bulge in his pants obvious for all to see.

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