tagLesbian SexThe Closet Ch. 01

The Closet Ch. 01


I entered the house and called out "Hello?! I'm here!" I set my bag on the floor by the door, bending to pet the kitty squad that greeted me in lieu of my friend's absence, I said "Hi Broley."

He meowed his greeting, rather pleased with himself at being first to get attention, and twisted himself between my legs while the others jostled for prime petting position.

I hadn't seen a car in the driveway so I parked on the street, and was glad of it when my knock went unanswered. I knew I was welcome to enter so I did, but it was clear that I was alone in the house. Deciding to get a drink of water I headed into the kitchen just as the sound of approaching footsteps made me glance sideways.

A soft breeze whispered through the curtains fluttering them open just enough for me to see the top of her head walking by, and up the driveway. A second later I heard those dainty steps on the stairs.

Then the sound of a door opening and closing made me look up and smile; Lisa's voice rang out "Sorry! Hi honey how are you?" We headed straight toward one another, all smiles, for a big hug. It had been far too long since we'd hung out so our hug quickly turned into a long, tight squeeze.

Ever since Lisa moved to a small town nearby our friendship had been tested by the distance, but not found to be lacking. Still, I think she'd have to admit we don't see each other nearly as much as we used to. Or as much as we'd like to. In fact, we often remark on how much we miss one another.

She and her husband had longed to be home owners. They worked so hard to save their down payment only to find the prices in my city out of their reach so they moved thirty minutes away, back to where she grew up, but promised to keep in touch. This being their first house it needed a lot of work, but it also held a lot of promise for what they wanted in a home.

"So tell me. What household project is in the bag?" I asked pulling back, but not letting go as I nodded toward the large, clearly marked hardware store bag Lisa had deposited on the floor. Removing one arm while leaving the other around my waist, she dropped her keys on the nearby counter, turned to look at it.

"Oh it's the closet project. I finally get a nice big closet, but it's this big open space without any organization, and I can't put anything in it." Lisa replied rolling her eyes. "It's so good to have you here." Lisa's smile lit up her whole face as she looked at me.

Deciding she needed a drink, she slowly relinquished her hold on me, grazing my back side ever so slightly. It didn't occur to me at the time to be anything other than an accident.

She walked over to the sink, turned on the water filter with one hand while fishing a glass out of the cupboard with the other. "Want some? It's warm out today." She spun around and grabbed some ice trays from the freezer throwing one into the sink, empty, and cracking out ice from the second emptying it too.

"Yes, I was actually on my way in for one when you arrived." I took the few steps over to the sink, and accepted the ice cold water Lisa was now holding out for me. I drank it down fairly quick, thanked her for it, and set my glass on the counter. "Need any help?" I asked her

"With the closet? Sure I do, but you're wearing my favorite sundress. Not sure that's the right attire for manual labor." She ended her statement with a small chuckle as she looked me up and down.

"No, it's not a problem; really, if you want help I'll do it. I'm so happy to see what you've done with the place and hang out. I really needed to get away." I gave her a brief, weak smile, and then returned my gaze to the hardware bag.

"Ok. What gives?" Lisa asked, yet it was more of a statement than a question. She can always tell when there is more. And she always listens without judgment. It's one of the many things I appreciate about her.

I look into her brilliantly light blue eyes, and she met my green eyes with a knowing look, telling me she wouldn't drop it, so I should just spill it. "I miss him. A lot." I confessed. I start to tear up.

"Oh honey, I'm so sorry, I know it's been rough. You said you might have to let him go though, right?" Lisa tried to be understanding while injecting a note of common sense into the situation.

"Yes, but that doesn't change the fact that I never wanted to." To say that I missed my lover was the biggest understatement ever. Yet, I didn't want to spend my time with Lisa complaining about a decision I had made, and now was having a hard time living with. I was in a wrecked marriage devoid of trust and commonality.

It seemed I couldn't get out of it, and honestly had no clue if I ever would. It was unfair to both of us to continue any kind of contact. We never really could have all of one another. It was killing me.

Reaching for my hand she pulled me in for another tight squeeze, then let go but pulled me toward the stairs with her hands grasping both of mine, "Let's go and I'll show you what I want to do with the closet. Then you can decide if it's a challenge worthy of your time. Ok?"

It sounded like a good plan, and I really didn't care what we did together as long as I got to be here with her. Lisa is so fun, and an all-around beautiful person. Once, when I was very drunk during a girls' night out, I confessed that I thought she was beautiful, and it was too bad I wasn't a lesbian. She laughed and reminded me that both of us were married, but never rubbed it in or brought it up once we were all sober again. Ever. I was glad of it.

"I'm game. It'll keep my mind busy." And I followed her up the stairs to the master bedroom.

The closet was an L shape, but the entry was short, and you had to duck your head while also moving it a little to the left in order to go around the corner into the much larger and longer part of the L.

Lisa pushed the light switch as she entered. A soft glow lit what looked like a small room to me verses a closet. "Wow. It looks so much smaller from the outside."

"Yea I never did get to show you even though I told you it was big." Lisa's laugh was genuine and filled with excitement. She went on to point out the spaces she thought should have shelves, and where she wanted to install some kind of seat. I listened intently, watched her verbalize her deep thoughts, and couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"What exactly is so funny?" she insisted, so I told her, she sounded like a master carpenter revealing the grandest of plans to build a mansion; she was very excited as she explained it all.

"Well I am excited! So there." And she stuck her tongue out at me, shaking her head in mock disgust, laughing that easy laugh of hers. "Ok I take it this is a little less exciting for you, and you'd rather do something else for our hanging out time?"

"No, no, no, that's not what I meant at all. Really, I couldn't help myself, picking on you. I haven't had the chance for a while so I had to do it." I broke into a grin, but then said, "So what's first? And do you need something?"

"What do you mean?" she asked, looking at me with sort of an astonished face, and once again I caught her eyes glancing up and down the length of me. I knew she liked my dress, but this time, I wondered if there was more to it. Just as quickly as thought occurred to me, it left.

"Unless you've trained the cats to fetch tools I don't think we have what we need up here." I chided her for leaving the bag behind too, "And the hardware you just bought isn't here either."

"Oh of course, duh." She seemed slightly relieved and a little embarrassed, but recovered at once starting to hand out orders for me to retrieve the bag from downstairs while she got the tools from the room next door, and begged the cats to flee the scene.

I bounded down the stairs and into the kitchen, snagged the bag from the floor, and raced back up the steps to find her just about to walk into the closet carrying the tool belt, and their cordless drill. "All right, I'm ready, but are you sure you don't want to borrow shorts and a tank top?" she asked.

"Lisa. You know I'm heavier than you. I wouldn't fit into your clothes; but thanks for the offer. I'm comfy, and as long as it won't hinder you, I think I'll keep it on." I winked at her. She broke into what I thought was a rather sly grin, and then she nodded, a little apologetically it seemed, then returned the focus back to the project.

She handed me one end of a long shelf we needed to position, and mark for brackets on the wall. We worked together on the first few smaller shelves once we'd marked out the bigger ones, the whole time talking of her job and my new job, the little details of life. It was good to catch up. With such fluidity, and her detailed plan, we soon found that it was time to drill all the holes.

Lisa wore a tank top that fit her well, a pair of shorts that always reminded me of that TV commercial for that hair removal product allowing you to wear really short shorts, and her bare feet. Both of us had slipped off our shoes in the bedroom to preserve the new carpet in the closet.

My sundresses are great and they're my favorite clothes for many reasons, not the least of which is their ability to hide my stomach paunch, while accentuating my ass and breasts. They're cooler than having a binding waistband around my midsection, and they wash up so easily. I'd always known that I looked good in them because complete strangers told me so consistently. I bought more.

Besides, I love them, and that's what counts so I wear them all the time, whenever I can.

It was nice to catch up and find that the time had been well spent. We realized we'd only been working for about forty minutes, but were ready for a break. It wasn't exactly hot, but spring was here, and being inside a closet with a dark roof warmed by the sun directly above did make it a little sticky. Lisa asked if I needed her to get the fan.

"Yes, the one I saw in the bedroom we passed? I'll go grab it." I turned and was out the door before she could protest, and back in no time with a floor fan that could be set to rotate.

"Man. This is great. You even have plugs in here." I bent to plug in the lamp and when I stood, once more I found Lisa staring at me, as if contemplating what to say. I glanced around, making sure I had it in the best spot to cool the most area. "What should I set it on, high, medium or low?"

"High, I think, and make sure the rotate switch is pushed down." and she walked over pointing to the top of the fan seeing that I couldn't find it. We both reached for it and ended up knocking hands. We giggled at one another, but suddenly everything seemed different. Her face was very close to mine, and I found myself experiencing urges I had never had before.

Lisa stepped back a bit and said "Go ahead." So I turned on the fan. I brushed off my feeling from a moment ago, and sat down on the floor enjoying the relief of a cool breeze.

"Yea I might just have to insist on a small window in here even though Chris already worked his butt off installing electricity and carpet. Then it could be a really nice little private space." Lisa looked at me, now lying on the floor, and folded her arms, but did not sit down as I had expected her too.

"What kind of private space were you thinking of? I thought it was a walk in closet. And what's wrong? I thought we were taking a break? Why don't you sit?" and I patted the floor next to me. She seemed to be thinking over her response very carefully.

"You're right. We are." And she sat down next to me, stretching out her long legs parallel to mine, leaning back on her hands. "I guess I was thinking of it as my own personal retreat." She continued, "Kind of like a place where I can enjoy some privacy, ya know." She turned to look down on my face and found me grinning from ear to ear. "What?" she asked.

"Yea I know what you mean. A place to play, right?" I myself enjoyed play time with my favorite sex toys, a lot more these days since the loss of my lover, yet it never seemed to be enough, so I knew exactly what her meaning was.

Lisa looked away and her cheeks flushed, "Kind of....I guess.....don't know." When she didn't look at me I sat up, and asked the obvious question in what I hoped was an understanding way. I didn't want to seem too eager, yet I was very curious.

"Lisa, is everything ok with you and Chris?" Her answer came fast. Almost too fast, I thought.

"Oh yes, honestly! We are fine. It's..." but she didn't finish her sentence. Instead, she turned her body toward me until our eyes locked, and she was sure she had my full attention. "I've been fantasizing about somebody else."

My breathing quickened, and I suddenly became very aware of everything. The feelings I had experienced earlier, how her gaze held mine, the fact that the air seemed to be filled with electricity. Lisa watched my every move, and clearly wanted some sort of response before continuing to talk.

"May I ask who?" I found the courage to say, but not to look at her when I did, yet she captured my gaze once more before she nodded her head.

"Ok. Who is it then?" I said and I leaned back slightly very cognizant of her nearness, my body's urge to close my eyes and start exploring every inch of her....ask her to explore mine. And then I found myself blurting out, "It's not a crime to fantasize you know, and it's perfectly normal too!"

Lisa simply whispered an "I know.", but then added, "But I don't want to just fantasize anymore. I want to act on it." Until now I hadn't realized that although my eyes were not closed, I had turned my head away from her stare again, and again she didn't respond until she had eye contact. She lifted one hand, and putting it on my chin, gently turned my face to her once more.

And then she kissed me.

I felt myself tumbling head over heels into a world of new feelings, wants, fears, and unimaginable excitement. I had never kissed a girl. I had never admitted to myself, at least not more than in passing, how attracted to Lisa I was. And here we were, necking now, in her master bedroom closet.

Suddenly she stopped and found my eyes once more. Her eyes held the desire I buried within me, but she hesitated. "Are you ok?" she asked and waited patiently, taking in the stunned yet obviously aroused state of me. She glanced down at my hard nipples now easily seen due to the thin sundress fabric.

Finally finding my voice, I managed a breathless but weak, yes, then leaned in and kissed her, finding that she'd gladly met me halfway. The situation was like an out of body experience yet here I was feeling every bit of it in every pore of my being. Suddenly, I pulled back as a thought occurred to me, and I had to know.

"What about Chris? How will he feel about this? What..?" but before I could finish she silenced me with another hungry kiss, and then stopped briefly to tell me not to worry, and began fully exploring my mouth again. I couldn't get back into it until I knew for sure so I put my hand on her shoulder to stop her. "I need to know."

"He knows. It's ok. I told him about my feelings. He's fine with it. I just didn't act because I didn't want to create more stress for you. It's your situation that made me hesitate. Not mine." And there it was. No harm no foul. Chris knew, it was ok, so even though I had no clue what I was doing, it would be fine as long as nobody got hurt.

So I let go.

Lisa reached over and switched off the light. So now the only light was what spilled in through the open door, and around the corner. Not much. And it made the exploration all the more exciting. Lisa raised my hands, straightening my arms, indicating I should keep them there, and then slowly removed my dress. I had nothing underneath.

She moaned her approval as she nibbled my left nipple while grasping my right breast in her hand. I pulled her down with me to lie on the floor, and began to pant. "I don't know what to do." I whispered to her, but she continued to drift back and forth between nipples until she felt like kissing me again.

"Whatever feels good....no rules...no expectations." She kissed me, brushed her thumb over my right nipple, and sucked on the left nipple until she'd created a stiff point. "Just go with it. Stop me if you need to. Instruct me when you want."

Oh I wanted, that's for sure. I had arched my back slightly, and thrown my head back, the pleasure making me feel drunk, but now I lifted my head up to kiss her. My answer was received and understood.

Lisa maneuvered her thin, taught, and very attractive little body on top of me now, and I took her tight little ass in my hands, necking, groping and squeezing her up and down. I wasn't necessarily fat, but Lisa had the body I once had, and wanted to have again. I slid my hands up her back, taking her tank top with me, and she assisted me by sitting up so I could remove it. I unhooked her bra, and let it fall off enough to take her nearest nipple into my mouth.

I hoped what I did to her felt good since it was my first time exploring another woman's body, but it appeared to me she was enjoying it, so I took her advice and tried to just enjoy. I licked both of her now erect nipples as I held one breast in each hand. I felt rather than saw that she was watching me. I stopped and looked up at her; she framed my face with her hands, and moved them slowly back, burying her fingers in my shoulder length hair, holding my head.

She kissed my deeply and in-between I heard little whisperings of how long she'd waited to tell me this......show me this...what she wanted to do to me...what she was going to do. Each time she stopped to tease me verbally, I felt my body's sensitivity raise up a notch. It was intense to say the least.

Now she seemed to lose some of her control, and took my hand shoving it into her shorts revealing a moist and exposed vagina, no underwear. I found myself being pushed back down on the floor as she reached back behind her to insert her fingers inside me.

I lifted my knees, opening my legs, giving her complete access. She fingered me slowly at first then increased her speed gradually. All the while she moaned softly, and told me how good I was making her feel. I was slowly caressing the outside of her labia, taking it all in, grasping each one of her inner labia stroking them in turn, then rubbing them both in-between my fingers as I worked my way up to her clit.

She was now finger fucking me so fast, and I felt as if my snatch were a cinch that she was tightening by yanking the cord fast and hard, over and over again, making it super tight. She asked me, "Am I going to make you cum?"

I was panting with the cool tingling sensation I felt deep inside, not to mention, my ragged breathing, so I barely managed to nod my head in response. Although I know she saw me answer, Lisa repeated her question as she slowed her fingers' pace now.

Then she suddenly stood and said, "I want to see your face when I make you cum." And she turned the light back on. Our eyes were already connected when the light warmed the space so she started to take off her shorts.

I was mesmerized by the sight of this beauty standing naked before me. She was trimmed, just as I was, but not nude and it was attractive to me. Natural, but not scary, and I found myself wondering......now that I knew how she felt inside and out...how would she taste? I stood and walked over to her, then dropped to my knees, all the while maintaining eye contact.

She licked her lips, and said "You need to let me eat you first....I want to give you what you need...what you deserve. If your tongue touches me now I am likely to lose control. This is your first time. You're not fully ready for me......without holding back, I mean. Not yet." And although I could tell how much she wanted what I was about to do, I knew she was correct, so I stood.

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