tagBDSMThe Closet Domme Ch. 24

The Closet Domme Ch. 24


Chapter XXIV - The Dark and The Light

Saturday morning, Jacky awoke feeling blissful. She opened her eyes and there he was, her mysterious angel staring back at her. His fingers played in her hair as they lay there under his sheet in the early morning light shining through the window behind her.

"I forgot just how beautiful you are, especially in my bed in the morning." His voice was still full of gravel from sleep as he spoke.

"Well, look who's all blissed out on sex this morning." She smiled at him and licked her lips. He seemed to still be glowing after the night before.

"I suppose I am. Last night was incredible, especially when you spanked me." He groaned a little.

"So, you like it when I hit that ass, do you?" Jacky smiled at Juan, taunting him.

"A little, might want you to hit it a little harder or maybe even get rough with me in a few other places?" Oh, he was teasing so deliciously. She felt her body start to warm up as she lay there.

"You know I haven't gone too far that way. What else do you like though?"

"I don't know, that was sort of pushing my boundaries already, but maybe we should push them more." Juan smiled when he said this last statement, and it made Jacky wet and strangely curious.

"I tell you what let's try now. Get on all fours and face that headboard." Jacky dropped her voice, there was something about the smug look that Juan was giving her that made her want to control him. He was so strong willed, and he had resisted her control for too long. Their play the night before had been only a taste. It had been too long since she had that much control, and now it was not enough.

"Why what are you going to do?" The Jacky she had allowed herself to be before was gone now, and the Domme was back and starving.

"Don't question me angel, just do." The Domme voice came out and Jacky lowered her head slightly. Her eyes were full of intensity, but it wasn't faked or forced. The hungry animal that she had buried was here now. She got off the bed and stood next to it waiting.

Juan looked at her for a second or two, and then he sat up and turned around assuming a position on the bed on all fours. Jacky smiled, but stood still watching him and admiring this sexy pet of hers. She smiled knowing she had claimed him.

Jacky approached him, the tie they had thrown off the bed in her hands. She played and toyed with it as Juan waited there. He looked at her from the side, a little fear in his face. She leaned tying it around his wrists and then to the headboard, pulling it so it was tight.

"Mmmmmm...my little angel. Aren't you just a sight." Jacky ran her right hand down Juan's back and over his butt. She hummed to herself slightly and then pulled her hand back.

Slap! Jackie struck Juan's ass.

"Harder." Juan's request was barely audible, but it was a request Jacky wanted to honor in some primal part of her. It was a request she had longed to hear, that Sable never gave her.

Whack! Jacky's hand stung after it connected. She had smacked him harder than anyone she had ever hit before.

"Spread your legs!" Jacky commanded Juan with no concern for how he felt about it. Juan complied resituating to spread his knees.

Jacky reached forward tapping Juan's balls slightly from behind. Juan jerked in response. Jacky couldn't tell if he was more surprised or if it hurt. Her former self would have stopped right there and asked if it was okay. Now, though, she pulled her hand back a little more and struck them again.

Juan jerked at her contact and inhaled his breath sharply. Jacky ran her hand down over his balls now, ending with a stroke up the shaft of his cock, which was pleasantly hard. Her hands started exploring him then.

Her left hand trailing across his back as she approached his face. Juan picked his head up enough to look at her. His face was flushed, but the look in his eyes was one of enjoyment.

The room was silent as he watched her walk to the nightstand and open the top drawer. A bottle of lube came out from where her hand disappeared and she looked at him showing it to him as if it were a prize.

"Now, angel, tell me that you liked that." Jacky felt her pussy get wet as she spoke. Commanding this man to tell her that he enjoyed her actions, not caring about the way he truly felt about them made her wet with anticipation.

"I liked that Lady J." Juan was breathing heavy and his voice was raspy as he spoke.

"Good little boy, now you get your cock stroked." Jacky squeezed lube into her hand and reached under Juan seizing his cock in her hand. She stroked him slowly making sure to get him ready. Her stroking grew faster once he was lubed. She continued speeding up, feeling him get harder as she went. Juan started moaning after a few strokes, until she stopped suddenly dropping his cock.

"Beg me for more angel." Jacky wanted more herself, but the denial and forcing him to beg was having an amazing effect on her pussy. She felt moisture run down her leg as Juan looked up still breathing hard.

"Please...Lady J...please give me more."

Jacky ran her hand down Juan's ass and continued beyond letting the last vestiges of lube streak across the hairs on his upper leg until she reached his bent knee. On the way back up, she was not so kind. She dug in her nails scratching the surface of his skin. Her touch this time was met with a soft hum from Juan. She realized he was enjoying this. He liked the roughness that was somehow thrilling her as well.

Thwap! Jacky smacked Juan's balls again causing him to cry out softly. She herself gasped at the feeling. It was exhilarating! Her arms prickled as her hairs stood on end. The cry that had come from him was one of pain mixed with pleasure. That was a new sound for him, and for her, but it was sexy as fuck. She wasn't sure what to say or what she wanted to do for a moment as she reveled in this feeling. Juan knew what to say though.

"Please give me more." His words startled her back to consciousness as she found herself squirting more lube into her hand. She was on his dick then stroking him fast. When she felt him stiffen she stopped dropping his cock instantly.

"You want to cum don't you little bitch?" Did she just call him a bitch? Holy shit! Who was this woman standing here? Jacky's pussy filled with blood at the thought of what she had just said. Calling him that had been unintentional, but the way he looked at her as he lifted his head made her feel incredible.

"Yes, please...oh God please." Juan was begging her in a voice that trailed into a moan.

Thwap! Jacky smacked his balls yet again. His cry was louder this time, but held pleasure in it.

"Tell me whose balls these are?"

"They're your balls Lady J."

"And whose cock is this?"

"Oh God, yours...I'm all yours. " Juan's voice was full of desperation and his eyes smoldering as he lifted his head.

Jacky untied him slowly allowing him the freedom to drop his hands beneath him. Then, she shoved him over so he fell on his side. Juan's chest was flushed and his face held a million words that he didn't dare speak. Jacky didn't care about any of that though, she wanted to be satisfied and he was here for that purpose.

She got up onto the bed kneeling and moved to Juan. She reached out and he almost looked scared until her hand contacted his chest shoving him onto his back now. She moved slowly watching Juan's eyes as she approached.

"Put your hands at your side, I'm going to fuck the cum out of you now. Don't you dare touch me, or I'll punish you." She straddled Juan with her face looking at his feet.

She positioned his cock so that it slid into her dripping wetness. Juan groaned as she slid down and it only served to excite her more. His noises spurred her onward and she started to ride him. She rocked on him at first, and then every few moments she would slide him almost out and completely back in with a smooth motion. His cock was rock hard and it felt amazing inside of her, touching every nerve on the way in until her clit rested on his balls. He filled her completely each time he was in, taking her breath away.

Juan's quads flexed beneath her hands as she gripped him, savoring how this felt and imagining what he must be thinking. She would not turn around though, this was about her getting pleasure. When she heard him moan louder and faster, she knew Juan was close and she increased her speed, now slamming down on him more and more often.

"Aaaaaah...fuck yes." Juan bucked in his orgasm, spilling his cum inside of her. Jacky realized then that his entire body stiffened when he came. His toes curled as his feet flexed and she felt the seizing of his quads below her. When he relaxed, he spasmed slightly. Jacky sat up pulling his cock out and turned to face him.

He looked perfect, his hands were gripping his headboard now to avoid touching her. She crawled up to his face and shoved her wet pussy onto his mouth. His eyes shut slightly as he started to lick her body.

"Oh yes, suck harder little bitch, make me cum." Her words were stern and Juan responded instantly pulling her clit into his mouth to massage it. She felt his cum and hers slide out of her pussy and it made her more excited to think about it running into Juan's waiting mouth and down his chin. She leaned forward taking his hands from the headboard and pulling them down to hold her hips.

Jacky's hands gripped at the wall trying to grasp any part of it that she could, but all she could do was brace herself as she closed her eyes. Juan's tongue was all over her, but he kept going back to sucking on her clit, which drove her mad. His hands gripped her hips tightly as she started to rock against his face.

"Oh fuck yes...oh fuck...OH FUCK...OH FUCK..." Jacky screamed out as she came, fluid rushed out of her body in wave after wave and she jerked and Juan held her there. The release was incredible as if every nerve in her body had coiled up and sprung free at once. When she opened her eyes, she still felt the pleasure pulsing in her pussy and she looked down to see Juan's face. She moved back slightly and allowed herself to fall sideways landing on her back next to her angel.

There was silence as they both lay there basking in the feeling. Jacky's body tingled and her mind was blank. The intensity of her orgasm had blocked out the world around her. She was left with nothing but their combined breathing in her ears. The peace was incredible.

"Fuck." Juan's single word broke the silence.

"You okay?" Jacky checked in, wondering if she had now reached one of Juan's limits

"Uh-huh. Wow, that was intense. When can we do more?" Juan's voice held excitement as he finished speaking.

Jacky didn't know it, but she had just opened a door. She was about to go down a path with Juan that held darkness, one from which returning would be difficult in more ways than one.


Monday afternoon, Jacky walked into the courthouse relaxed for the first time in a long time. She had always had a bit of tension about seeing Juan since their split, but now that he was her angel again, that tension was gone. Plus, she had finally gotten to breathe and be herself this weekend in a way she hadn't been in a long time. It made her realize just how ineffective it was for her to have Sable as her only angel. He simply didn't fulfill her needs.

She walked into the courtroom, and sighed seeing that Steven had not been brought in from the holding cells in the back yet. A familiar set of dark eyes met hers across the room and she caught the faintest flicker of a smile across his face as they did. The thought that he was on all fours for her not long before made her own smile creep in. There was something about this one that only Dean could rival.

Her bag flopped into its usual spot, and she approached Tala. Today it wasn't about waiting; it was just about saying hello. The clerk was nice as ever making her feel at home there. It was also more than a little amusing that she held such a juicy secret that Tala would just love to hear about.

"Counselor, your client is a little delayed, but he's on his way." The deep voice sparked her again sending a shiver through her being all the way to her pussy. Juan had crept up to sit at the desk next to where she now rested reviewing her notes.

"Thank you Deputy, much appreciated. How are you doing today?" She smiled at him raising an eyebrow.

"Haven't felt this good in a long time actually." His eyes bored into her as he scoured down over her body and licked at his bottom lip.

"Good to hear."

"So, uh, plans tonight?" He asked her nonchalantly.

"Yes, actually."

"Oh, that's uh too bad."

"Not for me." She smiled and heard Tala call to him from across the room. Juan had raised an eyebrow looking at her and she only smiled back.

"I think your client's here Ms. Fredrick." He got up heading into the back area and filing out a few minutes later with Steven and a few other inmates sitting them in the jury box to wait for the Judge to come out. Juan stood at the end of the box and she felt his eyes on her despite her best attempts to ignore them.

There was a murmur in the room as everyone prepared for the Judge to get started, and yet she remained calm and still. She had spoken with Steven the night before at the jail and was completely prepared to go forward, although the odds of getting a low bail were slim. He would at least be getting a bail, so able to get released; hopefully that wouldn't mean more trouble for her down the road. It was definitely going to be a long case with Steven, though.

When the Judge did come out, the cases went by quickly as he addressed various short motions, arraignments, and ultimately cases like Steven's where he had to determine if the bail would be increased or decreased. Fortunately, he was in a good mood today, because he only increased Steven's bail an incremental amount leaving him and Jacky to sigh at the conclusion. The DA had, of course, argued to have it made almost unreachable, but to no avail this time.

"May I speak with my client a moment in the box Deputy?" She walked up to Juan when the Judge had left. She was completely professional although her eyes said something different.

"Of course, Counselor, go ahead." She stepped in at his ushered hand. It made her smile a little at the formality between them and the role reversal where now she had to ask his permission to move. Jacky wondered if Juan found it just as amusing.

Steven was his usual pig-headed self, demanding that she jump into action the moment she left the courtroom and get him released. She knew that only a phone call stood between him and his escape, and that the bail company was already waiting. It was so frustrating sometimes with these clients who thought that she had no grasp of how things worked or what she needed to do. Unfortunately, there was nothing she could say that would make him stop acting like an idiot, so it was just something she would have to deal with.

"So, plans tonight huh, all night?" Juan's voice was low as he looked down at papers on his desk trying to busy himself. She had been packing her bag intending to head out without even noticing him again. It was nice to have him pining after her so much now that she had taken him the way she wanted.

"Yes, Deputy - all night. Now, behave and text me on Thursday." Her words were clear even as she continued packing making no attempt to look at him directly. When she finished, Jacky lifted her briefcase and threw it onto her shoulder. Her walk out of the courtroom was one of triumph and pride. No longer was she afraid of who she was, she had embraced it. It was now a matter of enjoying her life just the way it was.


Monday night, Jacky was more than ready to see her sweet angel again. This time, she finally invited him to her house, figuring it would be nice to be pampered there. It was yet another step, but she knew by now that Sable would accept anything she offered. His faint knock at her door confirmed it.

It was nice to still meet up with him and get pampered, although she was still abuzz from her weekend with Juan. It was a new adventure for her to experience what it was like to be so physical with him. He had suddenly gone from unwilling to do anything, to asking her to be rougher and she would be lying if she said she hated it. In fact, it made her somewhat not look forward to a night with Sable.

"Come in angel." Jacky sat in a chair just inside the door wearing her favorite leather bustier with black lace panties and her tall black leather boots. Her hair was tight in a bun as she waited in anticipation of what Sable owed her tonight after being gone for so long.

The adorable man walked in and immediately stopped allowing himself to take in her entire appearance. He froze there holding a dozen long stem red roses looking every bit the gentleman. His black slacks and dress shoes gave away how much he wanted to see her. It was so perfect that he dressed up for their rendez-vous now. She was used to seeing her angels in whatever they had on before, but Sable, he was going the extra mile.

"Lock the door." She said it simply, wanting tonight to be about actions and not words.

"Yes my lady." Sable turned throwing the lock and turned back standing still waiting. She saw his breathing increase and it made her smile grow wider. He was so primed for her.

"Tell me, did you do as I told you while you were away?" She uncrossed her legs spreading them to flash her barely covered pussy to him. His eyes followed her movements intently as she watched his hands grip onto the plastic covered flower stems.

"I did, every day I got right to the edge of cumming and then stopped. I did exactly what you said." He stammered a little.

"So, are you ready to cum for me tonight then?" She asked him casually as she re-crossed her legs and let her hands sit on her knees. She was so poised like this, as Lady J in all her glory with her sweet angel.

"Yes, please. I haven't been able to think of anything else but you today."

"Put the flowers on the counter and stand right where you are now and strip for me." She smiled as she spoke, eager for her prize.

Sable moved to the counter and put the flowers down on it before returning to his spot. He was hurried once he was back in front of her, kicking off his shoes and then stripping off his socks with haste. When he stood back up, he started to quickly undo the buttons on his red short-sleeve shirt.

"Angel, slow down, let me enjoy seeing you." She cooed at him sweetly and Sable complied slowing his fingers as he finished on his shirt buttons.

From there, Jacky went through the motions. Sable made her happy, sure but there was something missing. Her mind went back to her time with Juan and how much further she had explored with him the last time, and she wondered if she could be with someone as pure and quiet as Sable and someone who clearly had darker tendencies like Juan. It might not be so easy in her estimation to dance between the dark and the light of them both. It was sure going to be fun trying, though.

That night, Sable slept over after regaling her with his excitement at his upcoming date. Jacky was excited for him, perhaps because it signaled his departure. She did have a fear that if Sable left her there would only be Juan and based on what she had seen that might be just too much.


By Thursday night, when Sable was out on his sweet date, Jacky was ready for more adventure. Juan and she had come to the club where Sable had joined her so recently. They danced a little, this time unencumbered by her friend's company and soon found themselves at a small table in the corner. The drinks before them a distraction from what Jacky already felt brewing inside of her.

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