tagBDSMThe Closet Domme Pt. 02 Re-Awakening Ch. 01

The Closet Domme Pt. 02 Re-Awakening Ch. 01


Chapter 1 - A New Beginning

It was nearly six months before Jacky felt normal again. The nightmares had stopped and her new job was finally starting to feel comfortable. The change in scenery helped, but still how does one recover after all that happened? It took another two months from that before she could relax completely into her new world.

Now, she was heading out for fun with some of her new friends. They had met at her Krav Maga class and all of them were heading out to the bar. She hadn't meant to get close to anyone like she did this group, but after a few days a week for a few months they had just started talking.

In particular, Eric and she had become close. He had a nasty break-up with a fiancée that had sent him reeling and he had relocated to San Bernardino to get away from her. His job was actually more stressful than hers, he was a firefighter. Tonight found the six of them, all men but her sitting around the bar and trading stories about their old relationships. She sensed Eric's stress, but after a few beers watched it resolve. They had a few nights of chatting and she knew that his heart had been royally broken.

"So, Jacky, come on you have to have at least one crazy story."

"It's not that I don't have crazy stories, but I'm just not going to share all that with you guys tonight. Geez. I tell you what I do have one, but it has a good ending...well at least partly good."

"Alright, we'll take it. Now spill." Freddy was sweet, a little bit of an ass when he drank, but sweet.

"Well, one of my boyfriends decided that I was too wild for him. So, he went on a work trip, hooked up with his ex and decided he wanted to try to have a 'normal' white picket fence life with her. Of course, it went to shit, and he came running back." She laughed thinking about Dean and how much she had to leave out about what her old relationships consisted of.

Eric knew about her interest in domination. They had laughed about it a few nights over Chinese. In some ways, it was better to have a male friend like him than a girlfriend. After all, with her sexual interests, she was more dominant than most women would even know what to do with. Plus, he had made it clear in the beginning that he wasn't interested in anything like that, so it was safe for her to open up. And, he was a great listener, respecting her boundaries always and not pushing for more information than she was willing to give out.

"You were too wild for him; I can't believe that." Fred smirked and when she looked over at Eric he had an even bigger smile on. If he only knew, Fred would keep his mouth shut. "What did you spank him or something?"

"Yes, actually, and tied him up, tortured him, you know fucked him in the ass and everything Freddy. Why? You wanna go have some fun?" She cackled and Freddy relented laughing with her. She made jokes like that once in a while and they always blew them off except for Eric who knew the truth, but never said a word.

"You're too much Fredrick, although your punching tonight makes me wonder." He smiled at her and reached a high five up. He was right, she was on fire tonight. Jacky had worked hard throughout the last few months, wanting to learn how to defend herself for obvious reasons. She was finally starting to see the results of her hard work and feel so much more confidence than she had when her world crumbled.

"Alright, I think it's time to break up this party and head home, what do you guys say?" Jimmy chimed in, the reasonable older guy in the group. He was like her older brother now and she loved being around him.


The group soon broke up heading out to the parking lot. Jacky made her way with Erik over to his truck and they hopped in. He always picked her up on the way to class and gave her a lift home. It started not long after her first class, and now it was a pattern for them. When he didn't have to work the next day, he would even stay over sometimes and hang out. It was nice to have someone else there and she had a comfy couch that he didn't mind.

She bunked with him sometimes when he wasn't on the weekend too, and she would even crash in his bed. Jacky was still amazed at how close they had become so fast and to have no sexual component was a refreshing part. She wouldn't lie to herself though, Eric was gorgeous. He had short shaved hair, easier for his mask when he had to wear it, and no facial hair. The guy was just a few inches taller than her with huge shoulders. He was built sturdy, and she stole an occasional glance when he wasn't looking, but she never thought about acting on things.

"So, you still have that good beer in the fridge, because I am off tomorrow and wouldn't mind hanging out. I wanted to talk to you about something, anyway."

"Definitely, and I have some killer Oreos in the cupboard. You will love these things. They're red velvet and to die for."



Two hours later and they were embroiled in a Godzilla movie and sucking down their 4th beer each when Eric finally came out with what he wanted to chat about.

"Listen, I've been thinking about it, and well you know we're pretty good friends, so I figured I could ask you for a favor of sorts."

"Oh Jesus, this doesn't sound good. Lay it on me. I can always say no right doofus?"

"Yea. So, look I've only ever been with one girl and I know you've been with a few guys. I guess I was just curious what it was like with someone else and you know if I was terrible and she just never told me."

"Whoa Eric, are you talking about sex?" Jacky stopped drinking her beer and paused the movie so she could be sure. His face was completely serious and that's when she felt her heart jump into her throat. This was her friend Eric, one of the best friends she had ever had.

"I was. I know it's stupid, but I was just thinking that you would be honest with me, and well you're gorgeous. I know we would never really date or anything, but I thought since you weren't ready to see anyone maybe." Eric started to ramble and he was too cute as he did it.

"Wow, I'm not sure. I mean what if it's like really terrible. I haven't been with anyone in a long time Eric. Plus, you know what really does it for me, and that is definitely not your thing. You are hot and everything, but I don't want to ruin our friendship."

"We won't if we just understand from the beginning. Like we do this once, and you can be totally honest with me and we just stay friends. You know I'm not going to tell anyone."

"If we did though, what if it was really good and we wanted to do it again? Would we be dating then? Because no offense, but I can't date you. I mean you know the type of stuff I like to do, so we aren't going to date Eric."

"I know, I know and I'm far from ready to date. I guess we could just be friends that had benefits and then if either of us starts dating we could stop. I don't think it would be a big deal. Plus, you were just saying last week that you miss fucking, and I know I do. Why not scratch the itch together. Jacky we already crash in each other's beds." He looked at her smiling, and she couldn't help it. Honestly, it was a good idea in so many ways.

"Let's kiss and see if it's weird." She made the suggestion and leaned forward wondering how strange it was going to feel to kiss her best friend. When their lips met, there was no magic, no spark, but it was nice. It was really nice. Jacky hadn't kissed anyone in so long she had almost forgotten how soft lips could make her body respond. Her pussy engorged and she was taken away by sensations that had been dead in her for a long time. They pulled apart a few moments later, and both sat just staring at each other.

"Wow, you can kiss Jacky, damn. I think that we can make something work if you are willing." Eric looked a little taken aback, and she couldn't help but smile at him.

"I want to think about it, so not tonight or anything okay. Just let me think. For tonight, can we finish this movie so we can see if they kill him in this one?"

"Definitely, and if you decide you don't think we'll work, then no worries just let me know, okay?" I honestly really want to keep our friendship. I feel like you get me more than anybody else I know."


Two days went by, and Jacky considered the good and the bad of saying yes to Eric. She knew it wouldn't be like Dean or any of her other boy toy submissives from before, but she was attracted to him. Plus, it would be nice to blow off some steam. Sex was always her method of destressing, although her current job really wasn't as stressful as her old one. Here, it was just her and her boss and she was able to take on a bunch of different cases. More importantly, he knew her whole back story and tried to make sure that none of the cases she worked would create any issues for her. He was really a great guy. The schedule helped too; working until 9 or 10 was out of the question and he himself left by 6 every day, and insisted that she not stay much later. It was a job she could really learn to love.

After class on Thursday, Eric was driving her home and hadn't mentioned anything. They didn't have class from Friday through Sunday, so it was a nice night to go home and relax. Eric had to work the next day, so she also knew that he wouldn't be staying over tonight. As she rode in his car, Jacky finally got up the nerve and turned to him.

"I think one time would be okay. So, you're off on Sunday right?"

"What? You mean us...together."

"Yea, you still want to try it once right?"

"Definitely if you're willing, and if we have some rules considering what you really like I figure we need rules." Eric sounded a little nervous for whatever reason.

"Fair enough, if you're off on Sunday, then why don't I come to your place on Saturday night? We'll give it a try, but if it sucks we won't talk about it again okay?"

"That's fair, and if it's good we'll only talk about it between us. But, Jacky, I...well I can't do the dominant/submissive stuff. I would want to just do normal stuff. Is that okay?"

"I'm not going to lie, I'd like to control a big guy like you, but for the sake of trying things out we'll give it a go as normal as I can be. And, you're sure it won't make things weird right? I mean we'll stay friends regardless, because I really need a friend Eric."

"Absolutely. I'm not letting you go either."

"Alright, well drop me off here and I'll walk up to my apartment. And, I'll text you when I figure out what time will work on Saturday."


By Saturday, Jacky was on pins and needles as she went about her day. It had been a long time since she even thought about being with someone else sexually. It did put her mind at ease that this was Eric, but still she was nervous. She had set a time of 8pm, and packed a small bag of clothes for the next day. It wasn't always something she did, but if she knew she was likely to shower at Eric's she did. Her spare toothbrush was already there, so that part she didn't worry about.

A quick deep breath, and Jacky was off to find out how this was going to go.


It was a little awkward for about five minutes from her arrival before they both calmed down and were joking. It relaxed her enough, but still she had not been with a man in so long, and now he was going to take her in a way she hadn't really allowed in forever. She had vowed to take no more angels after the painful time, but this might prove to be too far in the other direction.

Eric had asked her, so politely and so nicely. He knew about her prior life and adventures - well as much as she could without showing him. Now, though she was about to have sex with her best friend. Jacky had just reminded him that she may not be ready again, and giving him control might be too much. He had been so understanding, reminding her that he had not had a woman in a long time either. He had promised her that if she felt uncomfortable or if there was no interest he would stop. She already knew there was an interest, but feared where it would end. She didn't know how to let him have her.

Standing in his living room now, she watched as Eric turned on music. To her surprise, Slayer blasted from his stereo. Their discussions had delved into music tastes, but she had never heard him play Slayer before.

Eric's face blushed, "Oh shit sorry...I..."

"No, leave it on. Is it all Slayer or a mix?" Jacky asked with a sweet smile.

"It's a mix, and I started to listen to it more after you played it at your house." Eric had a small grin on his face as he spoke.

"I told you Slayer was awesome, not as awesome as Metallica, but awesome. Now, are you going to talk or are you going to show me what you have to offer?"

Eric smiled back at her and walked across the room taking her hand as he led her to the bedroom. The music followed them in there. He had the house wired for the stereo all over. She loved how he spent his time making his place into the ultimate man cave.

They stood in the bedroom with only a small lamp across the room as a light source. Jacky felt her temperature rise as Eric's hands found her face. He pulled her into him and his lips locked on hers.

It was as if they were kissing for the first time. Perhaps she had been guarded before, but she had not realized how warm and wet this man's mouth was. He lips danced with hers and she found her body responding further. Eric trailed his fingers down her arms as his mouth stayed transfixed on hers. One hand finding the small of her back to hold her in place as his other hand nestled itself in her hair. Jacky relaxed into him enjoying the make-out session that they were in.

Eric ultimately broke their connection as he pulled back and moved to slide her tank top over her head. The touch of his fingers along her skin made her breath catch. She said nothing though, but watched his face and saw the fascination there of a man who had been celibate for far too long.

He was back on her then burying his face in her neck. The feel of those soft full lips on her skin took her breath away once more. Her pussy responded now with moisture welling up inside to roll into her panties. Her neck had always been the spot that pushed her buttons and now he was lavishing it with his attention.

Jacky's hands could wait no more and soon she was scratching at Eric's stomach pulling up his t-shirt in the process. If he wanted to remind them both of what it was like to make love, then she was certainly going to facilitate it. Eric yielded easily with his eyes locked on hers.

His chest was chiseled just as she imagined. Too many times in their interactions she had found herself considering what he must look like under those clothes. Now she gazed on his light brown nipples with hair around them and felt her pussy fill with blood. The throbbing only grew worse when Eric was back on her mouth once more.

She felt the need in his tongue as he held her tightly against him. There was a passion between them that only comes from extended periods with no affection. Eric's breathing grew heavy and Jacky tasted a hint of saltiness from the sweat on his upper lip. Then, she realized that she had acted without even realizing. Her fingers were unbuttoning his jeans as he kissed her.

Jacky wondered if this was too far, but didn't stop her actions. She held his mouth with hers now as she eased his zipper down. The familiar hardness brushed along her fingers as she moved. It was in that moment that she knew her imaginings of Eric were wrong. She had thought he would be average as he was not a terribly tall a man. Her fingers brushed along a thick, impressively long shaft as his zipper yielded to her touch.

Eric pulled back and she worried that she had actually pushed too far, but to her pleasure it was only so that he could slide his jeans to the floor and step out of them. His desire flared through him then as he seized her body. The fingers on his right hand snaked down to grab her ass tightly. Soon his left hand joined.

Jacky felt herself being lifted from the ground as Eric buried his face in her neck once more. He took only a few steps with her before easing them both down onto his bed as one unit. The freedom this position afforded him was all he needed as an invitation.

Eric pinned her with his body weight as his mouth explored every inch of her neck. Jacky grasped wildy in his short brown hair as she heard noises escaping her own lips that she had forgotten somehow. When Eric pulled away from her neck his hands were much more fevered. He was working at her skirt in an instant.

The slow and sensual lover had gone and here was a man that needed her. Jacky would never have allowed a man to take her like this as she had been before, yet here she was allowing Eric to do as he pleased. He had asked her if he could have her and make her feel good. She was giving this to him, perhaps it was to test herself. Despite the memory of her old ways, the feel of him encircling her legs in his hands was welcome.

It was like he wanted to feel all of her skin at once and even as he reached her upper thigh, she reveled in the slowness with which he moved. The tightness of his hands was the only sign of his desire, but his speed was exceptionally slow.

Eric paused before even touching her panties, and Jacky wondered if he could see the wetness that had seeped through. She wondered if he could smell her pussy from where he was, but the wonder ended as his nose grazed across her lower abdomen. She felt a streak of heat follow in its wake as his tongue moved along her skin.

The kisses that trailed slowly up her stomach made her back arch. The exquisiteness of being worshipped again took her breath away once more. When this beautiful sweet man's mouth was on her neck again, Jacky could no longer control her body. She was too excited.

Eric was startled as Jacky suddenly tightened her legs around only one of his. He froze looking into her face as she clasped his thigh against her pussy. She said nothing, but shifted her hips up and down. Her release was imminent and she didn't want to wait. It had all been too much and she wanted to cum and cum now.

"Are you okay?" Eric's words were surprised.

"Ahhhh...fuck yes!" Jacky's grip was firm and even as her ankles crossed to grip him tighter her clit exploded against his thigh. She had never intended to cum like this, but the pulsing in her pussy had been too much and the wait had been too long. Her fingers moved to a death grip with one hand on the back of Eric's neck and the other on his arm that propped him up on the bed.

Her legs relaxed as her orgasm subsided and she allowed her hands to relax. Jacky stared into Eric's face then not knowing what he would say. Her actions had surprised her and she wondered if he was okay.

"Oh Jesus that was way too fucking hot. Oh my God Jacky." Eric's words were breathy as he looked into her face. The sight of her cumming had pushed him close to his own edge. Jacky felt the moisture through his underwear as his rock hard cock pressed against her hip. His body was on fire and she could tell just how hard he was trying to focus on keeping himself in check.

Jacky's hand was quick as it eased his briefs down just enough so the head of his cock and half his shaft was free. She slid her fingers between his body and his cock and pressed his skin onto hers. He sighed and groaned at the same time as she stroked him lightly.

"Oh fuck...I...I'm too close...I'm."

"Cum for me Eric, cum on me." Jacky's hand kept moving as she spoke and watched her lover's face.

Eric kissed her then only once and sweetly as he held himself in front of her face. Her hand moved on him feeling him grow even harder. Her other hand found his ass so that she could enjoy him clenching. The wrinkles at the corners of his eyes gave away his pleasure even as his entire body stiffened.

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