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How do I begin to describe one of the most exciting nights of my life? Have you ever awoke planning to have another average day, yet totally unexpected events occur leading to something happening which you will remember until the day you die? Well, a day such as that occurred to me a few months ago.

I guess a little about myself. I am a 31-year-old male and have been married for six years. Unfortunately, I was not in the greatest relationship but I was content. The hardest part was after we had a child; it killed my wife's sex drive. I literally had to beg my wife for sexual relief, but most times I was shot down. Fortunately, during this time of immense sexual frustration I maintained a close friendship with a very attractive single woman whom I had a brief but very enjoyable fling with in the past. Her name was Emily.

Emily was a good friend because we had a lot of things in common but even more so because we mutually had very high, explorative sex drives. We both loved all aspects about sex. We loved to watch people do it, read about it, talk about it, and obviously, actually have it. The only thing that was frustrating about having Emily as a friend was her steadfast rule to not have sex with a married man behind another woman's back.

I totally respected her value but it never hindered our intimate discussions about sex. We had a very bold and open friendship so nothing was censored between us. I loved listening to her give explicit details about the various sexual encounters she had over the years with men. I guess you can say I got sexual satisfaction vicariously through her. Well, I had been in a sexual black hole for nearly a year, getting it maybe once a month when one day my wife asked me if I would mind her going overseas to visit her family with our son. I had just started a new job so it was impossible for me to travel but I encouraged her to go. I was excited about the opportunity to have some time to myself. Two weeks to be exact. So with my blessing, a week later they boarded a flight to the other side of the world.

It had been a long time since I had some privacy to talk with Emily so that evening I gave her a call. I was eager to learn about her latest sexual conquests. At first we caught up on how our lives were going but-- like always --we eventually moved on to our favorite subject. I was disappointed to learn that she was in a dry spell the last few months but I jokingly reminded her that at least it hadn’t been a few years like myself. We also joked about how watching porn was a savior for us. That was when I discovered that we both happened to have rented the same video. It was a movie that explored the life of a swinging couple.

That focused our conversation on the swinging lifestyle in general. I mentioned to her that I had always been curious to go into a swingers club but had never had the opportunity. I absolutely love to watch people have sex, albeit on video, but always imagined that actually seeing it live and in-person would be much more intense. Emily stated that she had always been curious herself to watch others in such a way. But, for her, the idea of people actually watching her have sex was even more exciting. When she told me this, the thoughts that ran through my mind really turned me on. I don’t know what came over me at that moment but I took a risk and boldly said, "Would you like to go explore one with me?"

My heart stood still when she didn't respond with an immediate, ‘NO!!’ After knowing Emily as long and well as I had, I knew that she was seriously thinking about it. The pause was giving me a rush. Eventually, in a softer tone she said, "I might be tempted!"

"Really?” my quivering voice responded to her. The lack of sex we both were experiencing recently was probably getting the best of us but I still felt like I needed to gently encourage her further. I reassured her that I knew she didn’t want to have sex with me but it would be fun to go do something that we both had thought about for some time. I then said, "It would be exciting to possibly find some people who would let us watch them have sex. I don't know, maybe they will all be fat and ugly but at least we could watch out for each other. And, again, I promise that I won’t make a move on you. Who knows, maybe you will meet some stud and get lucky! Maybe live out your fantasy"!

I paused. She was silent, thinking again. There was literally a minute of silence but this time I kept quiet. I didn't want to push the issue.

"When?” she said. My heart started to feel like it was going to burst out of my chest.

"Let's go tonight, before we change our minds". I couldn’t believe she was actually considering this. This had all come out of left field. I hadn’t felt that much anticipation for a response in years. I was silently praying she would say, ‘Yes’.

There was another long silence that nearly killed me, then my prayers were answered,” Okay...let’s go for it”, she said.

My response, my voice almost cracking, "I'll pick you up at 1000 tonight"! After hanging up the phone, it took me literally five or ten minutes to stop shaking. Then I pulled myself off my couch to get ready for the night ahead.

I picked her up at exactly 1000 PM and we both softly laughed when we saw each other because we both couldn't believe we actually were going through with this. As always, Emily looked very attractive. She’s 26, is about 5’4” and weighs about 115 pounds. She has sandy blond hair with very soft facial features. It had been years since I had the pleasure of seeing her nude body, but my memory served me well by letting me remember how nice a body she had. She had very soft curves and even softer skin. Her breasts were the size that fit perfectly in your hands. I never forgot how her small, pink nipples instantly turn hard when touched; nor had I forgotten how much she tastes like candy. Some women exude a sexual aura that experienced men like myself can quickly sense. An aura where one knows instantly that this woman will tear you to pieces in bed. Emily definitely had that aura tonight.

Emily dressed nice for our upcoming adventure wearing pants that highlighted her cute little ass. Her shirt was loose fitting, which had the effect of letting one’s imagination wonder what was underneath it. I had no doubt that she would be getting a lot of interest when we arrived. When we left her place I had to force myself to concentrate on the road ahead.

On the way, we discussed what each of us would want to see or do most. As per our conversation on the phone earlier, we again both quickly agreed that we would love to watch other people have sex. I then told Emily that I wasn't sure I could actually have sex with a complete stranger because I was still married; but it would be exciting to masturbate while watching somebody else. During the entire drive to the club, Emily never elaborated what her limits would be which definitely peaked my curiosity.

It took us about 30 minutes to arrive at the club and by then we both were very anxious. Maybe anxious is a bad term; we were both highly sexually charged. We agreed on the way over that we would pretend to be a couple for the night and we held hands as we walked into the club.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the social club was a softly lit, clean place. I had always pictured a club like this being seedy looking but it was far from that. It had two levels with the first floor presenting a lavish dance floor and bar. Off into the distance was a large room with groups of chairs and tables occupied by a number of patrons. The front door cashier explained the lay out and told us the club also had a sauna/Jacuzzi area on the first floor. The second floor comprised of multiple rooms for variable activities. The cashier didn't elaborate what those activities were though, raising both our interest.

Both Emily and I slowly walked around the first floor and, as expected, the majority of the patrons were older, most in their late 40's. Nobody jumped out at us but we were told that more people showed up around midnight. I could see many people staring at this young, attractive woman I was walking with. We still held on to each other's hand pretending to be the loyal couple. We both didn't care too much about mingling with people and making new friends. We each new what our true agenda was--to see some people having sex...live and in-person...and soon. We didn't want to make ourselves look too obvious so we stayed downstairs for about 15 minutes, gradually working our way over to a spiral stairway in back of the club.

After ascending the staircase, we walked down a narrow hallway. Near the end of the hallway we heard what I thought was the soft sound of a woman moaning. As we turned a corner and peaked into a small room I was taken aback by the view of a couple, both completely naked, having sex right in front of us. They appeared to be in their late 30's and both had very attractive bodies. The view stopped us both dead in our tracks, both of us immediately entranced by this couples heated lovemaking in front of our eyes.

The man was on his knees and the woman was leaning back with her ass at the edge of a leather couch. Her legs were spread wide, each leg wrapped around the outside part of his shoulders. His forearms were under her thighs as he reached around, grabbing her hips. Her eyes were closed as she softly moaned from the pleasure she was receiving, her hands busy squeezing her breasts. She had long black hair that fell to the side of her waif little body. She had small breasts and her nipples were hard. I became transfixed on the man's hard penis going in and out of the woman's wet pussy. I could see white condensation of her juices at the base of his cock. Along the shaft, the wetness reflected light coming in from the hallway.

I unintentionally sighed heavily, which caught the attention of both couples. The man looked at us but he didn't stop his strokes for a second. As I continued to watch his penis slide in and out of his lovers wet pussy, I could see her lips fold in and out, gripping his penis with each thrust. The woman didn’t move, enjoying the feeling of him sliding in and out of her as she looked up at us. They both smiled and the man said, "Hello...you both are new faces?"

"Sorry", jumped out of my mouth.

"Will leave you both alone", I continued as Emily and I slowly moved out of the doorway.

"No! Why don't you both stay and watch! Please! This is why we come here”, he said.

The woman smiled at both of us again, bringing a finger up to her mouth and softly biting it. I thought I was going to die from the rush of adrenaline that surged through me.

"Okay", I said.

I then let go of Emily's hand and pulled her body closer to me, moving us both into the room and against a wall near the end of the couch. We were only a few feet from them now. I didn't let go of Emily as I held her against me and she didn't resist as I leaned against the wall with her in front of me. Then, once again, we both became completely enthralled watching this sexy couple fuck each other right in front of us. It was such a beautiful sight seeing the woman's bare legs and feet spread around her lover’s arms as he continuously slid his hard penis in and out of her. I desperately wanted to pull out my rock hard cock and start jerking-off right then and there, but I held back. As I held Emily, I could feel her taking quick, shallow breaths as she became more and more aroused. We both could smell the scent of sex in the air.

We watched the couple make love to each other in this position for several minutes. He would pump harder, then slower, repeating the process over and over. Sometimes, the woman would reach down with her hands and rub her clit or use them to caress and pinch her nipples. Occasionally, she looked over at us, which was followed by a quick moan, caused by the excitement of being watched by two complete strangers. I knew the man was extremely turned on because he had his lover in a death grip, trying to push his cock as deep into her as he could. At one point, I saw him glance over at Emily, his eyes wandering up and down her body. I had a very strong feeling he was fantasizing about himself fucking Emily. I couldn’t help to wonder what was going through Emily's mind as she watched them.

In time, the man slowed down then looked over at us and asked a question obviously directed at Emily. "Is there another position you would like to see us in?"

A couple hundred positions popped into my mind but Emily shocked me when she said without any hesitation, "If she doesn’t mind, I would like to see you do her from behind"!

He smiled at Emily and simply said, "Sure!"

Following Emily’s request, he removed his penis from the woman's wet pussy. But, before she could turn over, he lowered his head and placed his mouth over her wetness for a few minutes. We could see him running his tongue over her clit, sometimes putting his long tongue deep inside her. The woman moaned heavily as she squirmed in pleasure and I heard Emily make a soft sigh as she watched. I knew that Emily was envying her.

After her lover finished tasting her, she quickly kissed him and turned over to her hands and knees. We both watched intently as the man licked his fingers to rewet his 7-inch penis. Then, we watched as he lined himself at her opening and pushed himself slowly back inside her which caused the woman to arch her back, feeling his hard tool slip back inside her warm pussy. He then grabbed on to her small butt cheeks and started to pump the full length of his hard penis in and out of her. Occasionally, he pulled himself all the way out and then thrust it back inside her, teasing her.

After a few minutes of thoroughly enjoying him do her from behind, she reached underneath herself and started rubbing her clitoris for even more stimulation. We could her the wet sounds of his penis going in and out of her pussy and his body slapping against her. Again, the man casually looked over at Emily and he started to fuck his lover even faster. The woman moaned louder in approval, pushing back into him with each thrust, vigorously rubbing her clit. She soon began moving her head side to side, her mouth open as the pressure inside her built rapidly.

It was just a matter of time until the inevitable when she suddenly locked up, then screamed out in the throes of an intense orgasm. Her body bucked back and forth as she cried out. This put the man over the edge and after a few intense thrusts he yelled out, "I'm going to cum, baby!!"

We both watched as he pulled out and started stroking his penis almost violently. Then, his face grimaced as a huge load of cum shot out of his penis. The first load shot all the way up to the woman's neck. Then, several more large spurts of cum shot out soaking her lower back and ass until he finished convulsing. From where I was standing, I could see his cum run down the crack of her ass over her pussy, dripping onto the couch. They both then collapsed into each other, enjoying one of the most intense orgasms I had ever witnessed.

Emily grabbed a folded towel in the corner to her right and handed it to the man. The couple softly laughed from the rush they just had. After a few seconds, we thanked them for allowing us to watch such an erotic thing, and then we left the room. As soon as we got a few steps down the hallway I turned to Emily and said, "I think I'm going to become addicted to this place!”

Emily laughed then said, "Yeah...well I don't know about you but I need to get off--now!!"

I immediately replied, "You do?”

I then put my hand on my stomach and pushed my pelvis forward. I felt like the bulge in my pants could be seen a mile away. With my left hand, I grabbed my penis through my pants and said, "I could cut diamonds with this thing!"

We both stood silently in the hallway for a few minutes, each wondering what to do next. I had no doubt that Emily was as turned on as I was. I also knew that I wouldn't have gotten much resistance if I pulled her into one of the rooms so we could fuck the shit out of each other. But, I wasn't going to risk losing a good friend despite how badly I wanted to do her. Standing in the hallway was an attempt for both of us to calm down a little bit.

After what felt like an hour but was actually only a minute or two, I finally broke the silence. "So, what do you want to do now?"

Emily was quiet for a moment but she soon gave me a sly grin and softly said, "I want to meet somebody."

I knew what she meant and a hard chill shot through my body. What we had just witnessed made us both extremely hot but she was the brave one who was actually willing to seek some relief. I still needed clarification of what was going through her mind though.

"Do you just want to meet somebody...or do you NEED to meet somebody?”, I said looking her straight in the eyes.

She didn’t blink as she smiled and said, "I NEED to meet somebody!"

My heart started beating faster and it was already going quick. After a few seconds I said, "Well, we can go back downstairs and see if anyone catches your eye."

From all that was transpiring tonight, Emily's face was flushed red and mine probably was too. I didn't know what was going to happen next but I had always, desperately wanted to watch Emily be with someone else. I wasn't sure if she was going meet somebody tonight. I wasn't even sure if she would let me watch, for that matter. But, I was literally shaking with anticipation of the unknown. Softly, I reached out to touch the small of her back and I guided her down the hallway to the stairway. On the way down, I told Emily that this was her time and I would just sit back and enjoy watching her work her magic.

She was the youngest and most attractive woman there so we didn't wait long at the bar before couples starting coming up to chat with us. Emily had a very nice way of being very cordial to people but softly show disinterest if she didn't find them attractive. We sat there for nearly 30 minutes and I was starting to lose hope when a new couple introduced themselves.

Both our eyes lit up when we turned to find a pleasantly attractive couple in their late 20's standing behind us. The guy was probably 5' 10" with dark hair and had an athletic frame. The woman was especially attractive. She was about 5' 3" with shoulder length brown hair. She had a gorgeous smile with full lips and big brown eyes. She was wearing a light colored miniskirt that showed off a wonderfully curvaceous body.

'Damn!!’ I thought to myself as I tried not to stare at her. Their names were Jim and Sasha.

After introductions and some polite small talk, we all agreed to sit at a table to talk further. We learned that they were a married couple that had been into the swinging lifestyle for only a few months. They told us they had never actually been with another couple but had enjoyed the excitement of having sex in front of others. Their favorite thing up to this point was to be watched as another couple had sex right next to them at the same time. However, we learned that their tastes were becoming bolder and they were looking for something new--they now wanted to have a threesome. Jim was very honest and said they had discussed being with either a man or woman but Sasha wasn't comfortable being with another man yet.

Sasha was sweat as she bashfully looked at me and said, "Sorry".

I told her I had no problem with that at all.

I had a strong feeling what they had in mind so I came right out and told them that it would be very exciting for me to watch my “girlfriend” have sex with somebody else, strongly hinting that this may be the perfect situation for all of us. Emily just looked at me but never said anything to object, which was a relief to me. She just smiled at the couple. I could tell by the way she was looking at them that she was good to go. I could also tell by the way she was looking at Jim that she found him attractive.

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