The Club


I entered the club, a friend had recommended to me. The beat of the music hit my stomach. My eyes needed a few seconds to adjust to the dim light, occasionally mixed with fingers of red light. The primary colors were black, red and gold. Stairs led up from the round dance floor to various sitting areas. This gave the impression of a roman style arena.

After having a drink standing at the bar I hit the dance floor. I did not understand why my friend recommended this club so highly. Sure it looked nice but so did many others. I danced for a while, moving from here to there occasionally catching the eye of a girl till I reached the center of the tightly packed dance floor.

The center of the dance floor was empty except for her. A circle of other dancers formed around her, like a queen holding court. She looked stunning. Long legs wrapped in pants of shining black leather, so tight that they appeared to be painted on. Her top consisted of a loose fishnet body made out of tiny golden chains. Beneath that she wore a bra made out of the same shiny material than her pants. Short blonde hair framed her face and her skin was kissed by the sun. Lips which begged to be kissed colored in dark red. She danced alone. Her hands wandered suggestively over her body. Occasionally she danced closer to one of the other dancer, danced with him or her for a while, before moving back in her space.

After a few moments she danced over to me, her bright blue eyes mustering me, a smile playing across her lips. She danced with me, her movements sinuous, snakelike and tempting. When she moved back in the middle of the circle I followed. She raised an eyebrow in surprise and started to move in close circles around me swaying her hips. My hands grabbed her hips and pulled her closer. Her arms wrapped around my neck as she danced closer to me till our bodies met. Her gaze locked into mine, mischief glittering in her eyes. As she moved closer my hands moved around her hips, fingertips caressing her buttocks. An impish smile crossed her lips as she turned around and started to grind herself against me, her hands again moving over her own body. My hands roamed over her hips and sides. Her movements aroused me. As she leaned backwards that impish smile of hers told me she noticed. Slowly she sucked a finger between her lips. Then pushing her hips backwards, while moving she put some distance between us. Turning she smiled at me again and started to dance backward to the edge of the dance floor, promise glittering in her eyes.

As she moved back through the crowd I started to follow her. One time I thought I had lost her, but then I spotted her at the edge of the dance floor. She stood there, waiting. Moving through the dancing crowd I pushed towards her. As I exited the dance floor she turned and walked away, hips swaying, occasionally looking over her shoulder. I tried to catch up to her, but before I could reach her she slipped behind a red velvet curtain next to the bar.

Wondering, what lay behind that curtain I reached for it and stepped behind. I was standing in circular corridor, dimly lit by red lights. I could make out her silhouette to my right and headed towards her.

She was leaning in a doorway and seemed not to notice me as I approached. I slid my hands around her waist and kissed her neck, taking some skin between my teeth gently tugging. She leaned her head back and purred into my ear. Slowly I became aware of other sounds over the beat of the music, moaning and panting. I looked in the room before me and suddenly I understood, why my friend had recommended this club.

Leather couches were scattered along the walls of the dimly lit room. Here and there flatscreens were mounted showing porn movies. A huge circular bed dominated the center of the room. Ropes hung from the ceiling and two crosses were mounted along the wall. A petite Asian girl, her body bend forward and arms tied to her back, hung in one of the ropes. A slender naked man stood before her, grabbing her hair and sliding his shaft in and out of her mouth. A muscle bound second guy stood behind her pounding her pussy. More people in various states of undress just watching or engaged in sexual activity occupied the room.

Her hands slid around my neck and over my bald head. She sucked my earlobe in her mouth and started to nibble at it. My hands moved under her fishnet top and further upwards cupping her breasts. I kissed her throat, grazing my teeth against her unprotected skin. She moaned and started to grind herself against my crotch. My lips brushed against hers, tugging her lower lip with my teeth. Moving my hips against hers I could feel my arousal grow, enticing her to grind even harden against me. She flicked her tongue against my lips, looking at me with parted lips, desire glowing in her blue eyes. I kissed her forcefully and our tongues began a wild and passionate dance. My hands squeezed and kneaded her voluptuous breasts, digging my fingers into the soft flesh of her breasts. She moaned into my mouth. With some effort I managed to pull her bra beneath her breasts. The shiny material dug into her flesh and pressed them upwards and together, enticing my hands to grab her naked flesh.

I growled with desire as her hand slid between us and rubbed my hardening manhood through my pants.

Her eyes lit up and she cooed "mmmm getting all hard and ready for me?"

"How could I resist your charms?" I replied in a throaty voice.

I pulled the fishnet top over her head and pressed her into the doorframe. My fingers raked down her sides, grabbing her ass, as I bend down to plant hot wet kisses all over her breasts. She stretched her arms upwards moaning. As I sucked her stiff nipples into my mouth and started to nibble on them her moaning grew louder and she dug her nails in my neck. My fingertips slid along her hips and started to undo her pants, while she opened my shirt and pushed it over my shoulder letting it fall to the floor. Her fingers raked down my chest as I pushed my hand into her pants. She bit her lips moaning and started to gyrate her crotch against my hand. My finger rubbed her wet lips, parting them. Her hands grabbed my cock and started stroking me through my pants. Feeling her arousal I slid a finger in her wet pussy while my thumb played with her clit. I felt her hands opening my zipper and pulling out my hard shaft. She started to stroke me hard and I bit down on her voluptuous breasts. She gasped as my teeth dug into her flesh and her other hand started to play with my balls.

I wanted more. Grabbing her shoulders I pushed her down. She went down on her knees, smiled and licked her lips seductively. Then she wrapped her red lips around my raging erection and sucked half of my shaft into her mouth. Her head started bobbing up and down, her saliva coating my cock. I could feel her tongue caressing my shaft. All the while she looked up at me with her mesmerizing blue eyes. Feeling the intense pleasure her hot lips gave me I moaned loudly. Desire leading me I dug my fingers into her hair and started fucking her mouth. I could hear her gag, spitting and slobbering saliva all over my manhood. I closed my eyes overcome with pleasure. As I opened them again in looked into hers. Her eyes glowed with unbridled lust. Her arms pressed her tits together as she had both her hands in her pants fingering herself.

"You like getting your mouth fucked?" I asked, drawing my cock out of her mouth, so she could answer.

"I love being used as a fucktoy." She purred.

I wanted her, now. Pulling her up, I pushed her into the room and shoved her onto the bed. She giggled.

"Gonna fuck me with that big cock of yours?"

Teasingly she rubbed and squeezed her tits.

I grabbed her pants and with some effort pulled them down. Grabbing her hips I flipped her on her stomach. I smacked both hand on her ass and she squealed with delight. I pulled her cheeks apart running my tongue all the way down from her crack to her wet lips. A deep throaty moan escaped her lips. I licked back up and started teasing her rosebud with my tongue. The moaning became more exited.

"Good... Don t tease me ... any longer. Stick it in. ... Please, fuck ... my ass."

I kissed my way up her back; biting her neck and engaging her in some wild French kissing. The head of my shaft pressed between her cheeks, slowly applying pressure, feeling her ring give way till we both moaned loudly as my head slid into her. Moaning she wiggled her ass. I moved my hips back and forth till I had my cock logged all the way in her tight ass.

Still having grabbed her cheeks I pulled back till I almost slid out and then pushed back in, in one smooth motion. It felt like her ass was sucking my cock back in.

"Damn! Your ass is tight." I growled. She moaned and got up on all fours and pushed back against my thrusts. I slapped her ass and started picking up speed sliding faster into her tight backdoor.

"Don t ... hold agggghh back." She screamed.

I watched her big tits bounce and jiggle as I fucked her ass faster and harder. Animalistic moaning filled the room accompanied by wet slapping sounds as our bodies slammed into each other. I put one hand on her shoulders, pressing her upper body down with the weight of my body. Her ass pointed upwards and I slammed into her as deep as I could. I felt my balls slapping her pussy with each thrust, my pleasure building. Her hands clenched into the bed as she moaned and screamed incoherently, urging me on to fuck her harder.

She writhed and twitched on the bed. Her body was a joy to watch. I could feel that I would not last much longer. I slid one hand between her legs rubbing her swollen clit. She bucked up against my shaft pounding her from behind.

Letting out a long wailing moan, her ass clenched down on my cock as she climaxed, pushing me over the edge. I could feel my balls explode and my cum spurting into her as I collapsed over her.

We both lay there for some time basking in the afterglow of our climax. After a while I picked her up and we headed for one of the sofas, where we watched the others in the room. I let my hand gently roam over her body.

She smiled "You can't get enough?"

"No. Not for a while." I answered.

She smiled another smile and that sparkle in her eyes as she kissed me. "Good I like that."

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