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The Club


Now I want you all to know that I am at heart a decent man but we all have our secrets.

Let me start at the beginning. I was sixteen when my girlfriend became pregnant it was the typical story; too much booze and no condom. Suzy was dead set on having the kid and I found myself growing up real damn quick. To make things right for Suzy and our baby I married her but I wasn’t really in love with her. When she gave birth to my daughter it was like the second coming of Christ for me. You should have seen her so tiny and pale not all wrinkled, red and bloody like most babies.

She became the light and joy of my life.

Sadly, Suzy and I grew apart so that when I was 20 Suzy walked out on me and my daughter. I didn’t care I divorced her ass and took the only good thing she gave me, my baby, and left.

For years it was just Salome and I. People everywhere would stop us on the street saying that we looked so beautiful together and I don’t know about myself but my girl is definitely a beauty. She didn’t take after her mother or I very much rather she’s an interesting mix of us both.

I have black hair and green eyes but Salome has dark brown hair like Suzy and where her brown eyes came from I don’t know as Suzy had blue eyes. She has lovely cheekbones and the sexiest lips I’ve ever seen.

The sad thing is as I have aged and watched Salome grow up I’ve seen how withdrawn she can be. She’s so smart and at 22 she has just graduated from college and come home to live with me. I thought college would loosen her up but there is an intrinsic aloofness that Salome has never been able to shed.

She spends a lot of time in her room writing, I have no idea what she writes as she hides her journals but I would give almost anything to know.

When I come home from work Salome is there at the door ready with a hug and a kiss and dinner on the table. She can be really old fashioned or what she terms “a forties girl”.

Tonight is a Friday night and I had the day off just relaxing and doing some yard work. Salome came down the stairs at ten dressed in jeans and a see through T-shirt with no bra. I just stared at her pert little breasts with the nipples poking out. She stirred the dark desires I had tried to hide not only from her but from myself.

I had wanted Salome since she was sixteen.

Every woman that I have ever fucked has never compared to my daughter’s beauty.

Before I die I know that I have to find a way to either sate this desire that grows on me or purge myself of it forever.

“Hey Daddy,” Salome leaned up against our kitchen counter where I was standing surveying my work in the moonlight.

I turned my head sharply from her breasts back to the window.

“Me and Jen are going to go out dancing, ok? I’ll be home soon.”

I could only nod as I tried to press my hips into the counter to hide my raging erection.

“Don’t worry I can’t drink, I’m the designated driver.”

“It’s alright baby, have fun.” I chocked out.

“Don’t you have a date tonight, Daddy?”

At my daughter’s words I remembered that yes I do have a date with a woman I have been seeing casually. “Yeah, thanks for reminding me I’d better get ready.”

“I’m out the door Daddy, love you.” She leaned forward to kiss my cheek inadvertently pressing her soft breasts into my arm. I flexed it in a way to try to ward off the thrilling sensation of her warm flesh. Salome reached up stroking my arm. “You look good, Daddy. You’ve really changed since I went away.”

To counteract the loneliness of not having my daughter in my life I began to go to the gym six days a week as a result I have a body that men younger than me envied.

Salome gave me an almost sad look as she walked away her long hair swinging at her hips.

I walked up the stairs hearing Salome’s car pull out as I passed Salome’s room I saw that she had left her light on. I walked into her room smiling at the piles of stuffed animals and books that were cached in every available corner. Seeing one of her books lying open on the floor I bent to pick it up noting that my daughter’s handwriting was in it I began to read.

She blew me away.

I had no idea that my Salome was a poet and here was at least a year’s worth of her carefully guarded work lying open before my greedy eyes. I became so engrossed that I was a little late picking up my date.

Rebecca, my date, was a sweetheart and we were good friends though I could tell that she wanted more and I was interested in her. After we had dinner she suggested that we go dancing at this club she found. I just nodded as her comment reminded me of Salome. I wondered what she was doing. She had revealed so much passion in her poetry. I had no idea that Salome could feel such things.

Not that I thought my daughter cold just immature in the ways of love and relationships. I now saw my mistake.

The club was hot and the people there were all laughing, drinking and swearing at each other Rebecca led me right onto the dance floor where she began grinding her sexy little hips into my cock. Within a few moments I began to loosen up and dance.

After almost an hour of dancing Rebecca and I walked over to the bar where she ordered us drinks as we were waiting Rebecca slipped out to go to the ladies’ room. I leaned against the bar not really wanting to drink when several women came up to me actually running their hands all over me begging me to come out and dance with them. I turned them all away praying that Rebecca wouldn’t see. The most persistent of them all was some young thing with blond hair that actually put her hand over my cock, licking her lips.

“Come on you drunk bitch leave the guy alone.” I heard a familiar voice say as the girl was dragged away by someone I couldn’t see.

Intrigued, I followed the blond who was led back onto the dance floor by a girl with dark hair dressed in a black halter dress. The brunette put her arms around the blond and the blond immediately began to grab all over the brunette much to the delight of the men standing around. As they slowly began to dance to the pulsing rhythms of the song the blond was snatched away from the brunette by a big guy whose friend came up close to the brunette to dance with her.

The blond girl was way too drunk and just ground herself mindlessly into the hulking boy but it was the brunette that held me entranced. She swayed loose and sexy in the guy’s arms her long hair flowing down her back but when the guy started to get a little too touchy-feely she backed away from him grabbing the blond to dance with her again.

When Rebecca came up to me she had to touch my shoulder I was so absorbed in watching that girl, the way she moved.

“Those two seem to be a popular item.” Rebecca gestured with her glass toward the two girls.

I could only nod.

Soon after that Rebecca and I left the club. I dropped her off at her house declining her invitation to come up I had something nagging at my mind that wouldn’t let me go.

When I walked in the door there was no one there so I sat in my easy chair in the dark waiting for Salome to come home. I closed my eyes after a while seeing the hot image of the two girls dancing with the brunette arching her neck back while the blond held her close.

Around two in the morning Salome walked in smelling of cigarettes and alcohol she jumped when I turned on the light.

I knew it. Salome was the brunette at the club she must have changed into the black halter dress at Jen’s house.

“How was your date?” She asked casually.

The lusty picture of Salome dancing burned in my mind making my cock throb and burn while her impassioned words that I had read swirled in my mind.

I took a step toward her reaching out. Salome cocked her head looking at me. “You feel alright, Daddy?”

Without another word I hauled Salome up against my hard chest feeling her soft curves mold into the hardness of my body. She could feel my hard cock flaming right against her pussy.

“Daddy!” Salome tried to push herself away. “Daddy, you’re drunk let me go.”

But I wasn’t. I hadn’t had a drop and neither had she.

Uncaring of her protests I picked Salome up forcing her to wrap her legs about my hips like she used to when she was a child. “Daddy, please.” She whimpered stroking my cock with her pussy as she struggled. I could feel her cunt hot and damp through my pants.

I ran up the stairs like some pirate with precious treasure entering her room and slamming the door as I tossed her back onto her bed. Salome lay back on her elbows with her hair tumbling over her shoulders, her knees spread giving me a great view of her damp black panties.

“Oh Daddy, what are you doing?” She whispered in a seductive tone.

I had no idea my baby could be so fucking hot, so desirable. She was driving me insane.

I could eat her alive right then.

I reached up unbuttoning my shirt pulling it off and casting it aside. She watched me all the while biting her lip as I undid my belt.

“I’ll kill you if you touch me.” She said in that same voice as if seducing me, telling me to try to fuck her.

“What a way to go.” I growled coming up to her laying my body over hers.

She arched up kissing me greedily, passionately as our tongues twined. Her hands stroked up and down my back as I began to tear at her dress pulling it off of her to expose her lithe,0. sexy frame.

I buried my head in her neck kissing and sucking the salty flesh as her hands worked to undo my pants. I felt her hot little hands push my boxers over my hips then delve inside to touch my cock.

I moaned aloud as she began to run her closed fist up and down my shaft. In retaliation I took one of her upthrust nipples into my mouth sucking and pulling the sweet flesh her moans music to my ears.

“Daddy, fuck me.”

Her words brought some sanity back to me as I released her nipple to look into her dark fathomless eyes.

What the hell was I doing?

Salome arched her hips against my naked cock making me groan as I felt her wetness slide against my bursting flesh.

“No baby, I’m going to love you. The way you wrote about in your books.”

Salome’s eyes widened but promptly closed as I began to finger her tender clit sending thrills throughout her young body. She clutched my biceps with a death grip churning her hips against my hand as I continued to ply her flesh.

“Daddy!” She screamed as she came arching her neck back as she had in the club only this time I ran my tongue along the fiery length as I had wanted to biting the base of her throat.

Salome spread her legs wider while holding me closer as I began to ease inside my baby. She was so tight, almost too tight as if she had never fucked before. With a deep thrust I buried myself inside her clinging flesh loving the cry that escaped her throat. I wanted to stop and stay there to let her get used to the feel of me inside her but I couldn’t. I began to move slowly feeling Salome respond to my every thrust with her hips.

Nothing had ever felt this good before.

She sank her teeth into my neck making me cry out and nearly cum. I moved harder and faster inside, pummeling her for all I was worth and still she cried for more. In one fluid motion she turned so that I lay on my back with her rising above me a veritable goddess. I screamed when she began to move on top of me plunging deeply letting me feel the entrance to her very womb with each move.

She arched back her hair a silky waterfall as it grazed my thighs. I ran my hands up her waist and ribs to touch her breasts gently pinching the nipples.

Salome was true to her word, damn near killing me with each thrust, sigh and moan.

She was a demanding, exhausting lover cumming three times before I came. She lay down on my chest panting and sweating, our hearts slamming into our ribs as I wrapped her in my arms still deep within her.

She wanted this too. Salome let me love her and I didn’t know what to think.

She raised her dark head tracing a finger along my eyes and mouth. “I love you.” She whispered.

I think that unconsciously I had known all along about the hidden passionate nature of my daughter but I had refused to acknowledge it.

I realized that all along I was jealous wanting to be that secret lover that she wrote about in her poetry.

Wondering if she would let me.

This was why no woman satisfied me for long. I wanted Salome with her sexy body and beautiful face, her kindness and love.

I wanted those dark words she wrote to be whispered in my ear as I made love to her.

“I love you, Salome.” I sighed contented knowing that we had only begun.

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