The Club


Dear Les,

It's been a while since I've written, and there's been a pretty big change in my life. When you come to visit next month, be sure to bring some of your best underwear. We'll be going to an event with The Club. After you read the rest of this, you'll understand why.

I guess I'll start with what happened a few months ago at Missy and George's. They'd stopped me at the supermarket one Saturday afternoon, and, well, I ended up in their bedroom. Here's what happened when I was there:

I lay back on their king-sized bed, closed my eyes, and tried to concentrate. My left hand was plucking at my nipples, my right rubbing circles around my vulva. I was trying to relax and feel sexy, but I was aware of every little thing. The breeze coming in through the window – a dog barking down the street – a car going by... Did I mention I was naked? Well, I was. They just dragged me up there, made me strip, and, well, it went from there. Anyway, I wasn't having much luck getting excited.

"I just can't do it," I said, sitting up.

"Of course you can," said Missy. "Just relax and feel. You masturbate all the time. It's no different."

"It is different," I insisted. "It's the middle of the day, you just stopped me and brought me here, and you and George over there are watching. I wasn't in the mood at all and I really should be running my errands. The kids will wonder where I am."

"The kids, as you call them, are two cats. They'll take care of themselves," George said. "You have to take care of yourself."

"Like that helps a lot," I replied. "I'm on this bed, naked, you two are dressed. George, you've never seen me naked before. Janet, you have, but that was when we were college roommates. This just isn't comfortable."

"Ignore us. Think sexy thoughts. Relax and feel the pleasure running through your body. Think about what will happen to you if you can do this. You'll be part of The Club. You'll never have to be horny and alone again. You can have a discreet partner, or you can go to a party and have multiple partners. You've been telling me all these years that's your fantasy. So, put your fantasy in your head and masturbate."

"Is it worth it?"

"Yes, Janet, it's worth it. The Club has an opening for a single woman. You're the candidate. You just have to prove to the others that you can be erotic. I know you can. I shared a room with you for four years."

"Please, Janet, just try," George said.

"All right. Is this really what it's like?"

"Yes, Janet," George replied. "We've all had to do it. Some folks come up to you, say 'Now, please,' and take you someplace relatively quiet and discreet. There will be a number of people there, but not us. You take off your clothes, masturbate to orgasm, put your clothes back on, and that's it. They watch. They don't say anything and you can't ask any questions. You just do it."

"OK, I'll try again." I wasn't so sure things were going to be any better, but I had to try.

I lay back closed my eyes and started playing with myself again. "This is so dumb," I thought. "Why can't I do it?" It's not like I'd never masturbated with Missy in the room before. We'd done it all through college – even watching and helping each other sometimes. But I just wasn't in the mood. The kids were waiting for me, I just knew it. If I didn't get home soon one of them would do something nasty to one of my shoes.

"Ok, relax," I told myself. I started tugging on my nipples. That's how I like to start. It isn't as good as someone sucking on them, but they have to get hard before I'll lubricate. It was just one of those weird little things. I tugged a little harder and pinched at them.

Good. There was the feeling. I could feel my nipples getting hard and starting to ache. It was a good ache. I squeezed my breasts and the horny feeling ran through me. Maybe I could do this. I let my right hand slide over my belly and through my pubic hair. I tugged a little on my hair. Oh yeah, that was nice. I tugged at my curls again and then ran my hand deep between my legs. Ok. I was getting horny.

George gasped when I cupped my mound and let my middle finger wriggle between my labia. I willed myself to ignore him, pinching the nipple on my left breast hard and moving the hand between my legs in a circle.

There's this little feeling I get when I know I'm aroused and have started to lubricate. It's like things relax inside but the outside gets congested and puffy all at the same time. Anyway, it happened, and when it did I stopped thinking about George and Missy being in the room watching me and started focusing on the really nice feelings running all through my crotch. I started thinking about the time Missy and I had made love with each other one night, and how her mouth and tongue felt on me and about another time with this really nice boy with a cock that fit into me just right and how nice it felt when he was moving in and out of me and I was squeezing down around him.

Pretty soon after those thoughts went through my head I heard myself start to pant and moan a little, and that "getting close" feeling went through me. I stuck my middle and index fingers inside me and got them nice and wet and then started rubbing around my clit. God it felt good. It was warm and there was a nice little breeze and I was rubbing and rubbing and rubbing and my nipples were nice and hard and my breasts felt real good and my crotch was tingling and everything felt really, really good.

Like you know, I enjoy masturbating and do it a lot so when I get to this point I can sometimes really draw it out. I just rub a little less, or put my fingers in my vagina and let my clitoris rest a little. It feels great to be up on that edge, knowing that my orgasm is waiting for me. One time, I swear, I did it for an hour or so, just going up to the edge and dancing along there, then backing down a little and then going back to the edge. When I finally decided to let myself go over the edge, it seemed like my orgasm lasted forever, and I just shook and trembled and I know I screamed really loud and it was about ten minutes before I kind of woke up and the bed was soaking wet and I was really red down there and my clit, well, it was sore for about three days.

But this time I didn't want to wait too long. It had been hard enough to get up to this point with the two of them watching me and I wanted to make sure I did orgasm and didn't lose it. Sometimes I lose it if I try to tease myself too much and if I'm not really in the mood. And today, well, it just wasn't worth it. So I rubbed a little harder and pulled real hard on my breast and then I came, and I yelled a little and the waves were going through me and I was shaking a little and it felt real good. It wasn't the biggest orgasm I ever had in my life, but it was a good one.

After I came and calmed down a little I felt George and Missy sit down on either side of me. I opened my eyes and looked at them.

"That was hot," George said. "If you do that when they call everything will be fine."

"You are so sexy," Missy said. "I'd forgotten about you yelling when you come. And how you play with your boobs. You're going to be fine."

"Yeah, sure," I said. "Assuming I can get to where I was the second time around. The first time I tried nothing was going to happen."

"It will be fine. It will happen. There's something about performing for a room full of people. Just think of them all naked," said Missy. "After all, you're going to see them all naked soon enough, so you can see if your imagination matches reality."

"Missy," I said, "We're both 48 and George is 54 and I bet this group is the same age more or less. None of us are 19 anymore. Our tits sag and the men have paunches."

"Yeah, but we all have pussies and cocks too, and we get horny just like we did back in college. And it's fun when we're all together. And, well, when I'm horny and George is out of town I can just call someone up and we can have some fun. We're a group, but we're very committed to each other. It's not a commune, but there's more to it than just a bunch of horny suburban perverts going at each other."

"It's true," George said quietly. "It's not just sex. There's something more. That's why it works."

"Well," I said. "It sounds pretty good. So what's next?" I got up off the bed and started putting my clothes back on. It felt a little weird to be dressing in front of Missy and George and them watching me. And George was being a man and not looking me in the eyes, but looking at everything else. It was nice to be looked at, but it was a little weird, too.

"You'll just hear 'Now, please' in your ear and you'll be off on the adventure," Missy said.

"When?" I asked.

"Sometime in the next few weeks," George said. "Be ready for it, but don't worry about it. They'll pick a good time."

I pulled my shirt over my head and shook out my hair. It was time to get back to real life. I slipped into my shoes and we went out to the driveway where my car was.

"Ok you two," I said to them before I pulled off, "I'm game for this, but I'm going to be nervous until it's over."

"Don't worry," Missy said. "Everything's going to be fine."

I guess I should tell you how I got into this situation. Missy and I were in college together and Missy got married pretty soon after we graduated. I wasn't so sure about marriage, and went on to law school, graduated, and got into a pretty good law firm here in town. You know about how I made partner in near record time and built a pretty good career. But, like you know, too, I never got around to getting married. Part of the issue was the time I spent working. Part was because ever since Missy and I made love that night I had figured out that I was bi, and I didn't want to pin myself down to one partner – male or female. So I've had a number of relationships, including you which is really special and will last, but other than with you nothing that lasted more than a few years. And now I'm 48 and calling my cats kids. Missy and George were right to step in.

The Club, as they called it, are people I actually know. Some of them I've been doing business with for years, some are from church, and some are from the civic group I belong to. When George and Missy told me who they were I was a little surprised. But when I thought about it I realized that they were a group and that I had seen them doing things and having parties with each other and stuff for years.

Anyway, I was nervous for the next few weeks. I didn't dare wear any of my old, comfortable underwear. I'm a normal woman. I wear old cotton panties and comfortable bras on the weekends and newer, but still basic, white underwear during the week. But for that month I only wore matching sets of mildly sexy underwear – including a garter belt and hose some days. One day I even wore the corset we bought because you have a fetish for corsets. It wasn't the everyday me, it was the dress-up, go out, have sex me. I was always really aware of my body and what I was wearing – even more than when I dress up to have fun.

They got me one night coming out of the county courthouse. I'd been filing some zoning papers for a new office building I'm working on, and Mary Simpson just stepped up to me and said "Now, please." It took me a moment to realize what she had said, but I just followed her to her car and got in. We chatted about nothing in particular, and she drove me to the country club. We went into the clubhouse and went upstairs to one of the suites the club has for little private parties and out-of-town visitors for weddings and funerals and such. There were ten or eleven people there, sitting and standing around the bed, which had been turned down. I knew what I had to do.

The first thing I did was look around and see who was there. George and Mary weren't, but everyone else they said was in the group, except for Ken Oscarson, Rita Lewis, and Lesli Godfrey. I took a deep breathe and stepped out of my heels.

I was wearing my grey suit with a pale pink blouse and hose that had just the tiniest touch of pink to it since I'd had a client meeting in the morning and was running around the courthouse the rest of the day and needed to look pretty professional. I stepped out of my heels and slipped out of the jacket and Joan Herriman took it from me. I fumbled a little with the fastening for my skirt, but I finally got it undone and let the skirt slide down to the floor, where I stepped out of it. Joan took it as well. It felt strange to be stripping in a room full of people, especially with everyone was staring at me and knowing what I was going to do. Another deep breathe and I unbuttoned my blouse, opened it, pulled my arms out of the sleeves and handed it to Joan.

Now I was just in my light grey silk slip and underwear. And I would choose that day to wear a garter belt and hose. Actually, that was probably a good idea since it made me feel sexier when I put it on in the morning. Right then, though, all I was was nervous.

My slip was next, and I pulled it over my head. As soon as it was off and they could see I was wearing garters and hose I heard a few people suck in their breath. I knew no one was supposed to say anything, but it sure sounded like some of them had to bite their tongues to keep from saying anything. It made me feel good that I could get that kind of a reaction.

I stood there for a moment in my underwear so they could get the full effect. It was the pale pink set that I bought in Paris. You've seen me in it. It's designer stuff, ridiculously expensive, but when I saw it I just had to have it and I do feel really sexy when I wear it. I looked around the room and saw that some of the men's crotches were bulging, and Sally Henderson's nipples were poking through her blouse. I felt my nipples get hard. I remember thinking that maybe this would be easier than I thought.

I wondered for a second whether to take the bra or panties off first, but it only took another second to realize it had to be the bra first. It fastens in front and I reached up between my breasts and unsnapped it. I was really nervous as I was doing it and kind of hurried through it, tugging it over my shoulders and off as quickly as I could. My nipples got harder – the air-conditioning was on and I was a little cold.

I was still really nervous so I pulled my panties down really quickly. This time I definitely heard a gasp. Missy had told me a few days after I practiced in front of her and George that I should at least trim my pubic hair, if not shave it. Well, I didn't shave it all off, but I did shave it off my labia and trimmed it neatly in a triangle above that and I'd kept it that way. (You're going to love it, I just know.) I'd touched it up just that morning, so there wasn't any stubble showing – just me, pink and vulnerable. I stood up, just me in my garter belt and hose, my boobs and pussy bare to the world.

I know I was blushing as deep red as I ever had. My face was burning. But I had to keep going, so I unfastened the garters on my left leg and rolled down the stocking. I did the same on my right, and then unfastened the garter belt. Joan gathered it all and put it neatly on top of the dresser while I climbed onto the bed. I lay back and spread my legs open like I always do when I start masturbating.

Looking back on it, it wasn't all that bad, but right then I was terrified. I looked around the room and thought to myself "You can't be doing this, you can't masturbate in front of these people, you just can't." But I did.

What happened was I just closed my eyes and started playing with my breasts just like I had with Missy and George. Since my nipples were already erect it didn't take long for me to get them aching. Then I was alternating tugging on my nipples and squeezing my breasts and that little thrill you get ran through me and I relaxed a little. I let go of on of my breasts and slid my hand was between my legs and a picture of you between my legs was in my head and I got that relaxed and congested feeling and I was nice and wet. And I rubbed myself and felt my clit get hard and this time I did drag it out. I went up to the edge and danced around it three different times before I let myself come. When I finally came it was a really big orgasm and I yelled like I always do and everything was a blur and shaking and trembling and all the good stuff that happens when you have a really big orgasm, including a big wet spot on the bed.

Well, I finally opened my eyes and everyone looked a little flushed and every

man had a very visible bulge in his trousers and every woman had erect nipples. Joan handed me a damp washcloth and I cleaned myself up a little and then got up off the bed.

They all watched me fasten the garter belt around my waist, pull on my hose, and snap the garters onto the hose. I put my bra on, adjusted my breasts in the cups, and then pulled my slip over my head. I love the feel of that silk sliding down over my body. I shivered a little, and I was really aware of my pussy and breasts – it wasn't that long after I came, so I guess I was still aroused. Some of them looked a little disappointed at that point, but I kept on dressing. Blouse on and buttoned, skirt fastened, slip back into the jacket. Step into the heels, pick up my purse and walk out of the room with Mary following. We didn't talk on the way back to the courthouse, but I did say thank you to her when I got out of the car. She'd picked me up about five, and now it was around 7:30.

Three days later I got an invitation to a party at the Simpson's house for the following Saturday night. The only strange thing about it was a little note tucked inside that said "Pink is a very appropriate color for you." I guessed it was a reference to my underwear, so when I got dressed for the party I put on the same hose and underwear I'd worn on that special day.

The Simpson's have a nice house with some land, and a big fence that blocks the view of the back yard from the street. The curtains in the front of the house were all closed when I got there, which seemed a little odd for a summer Saturday afternoon, but when I got into the house I understood. All the women were wearing underwear sets like mine, and that's all they were wearing. The men were dressed. It seemed a little odd, and sexist, to me, but Missy pulled my aside and explained while I was undressing that The Club had different themes for each of their parties and my initiation underwear had inspired this night.

I kind of knew when I got the invitation that there might be an orgy involved, and I was right. It was in my honor, and after dinner the women took off their panties and bras but kept their garters and hose and heels on. Since the party was in my honor, I got to choose the first fantasy, and I indulged myself a little by having Missy underneath me and licking me while I was on my hands and knees and Jeff Henderson was doing me doggy-style. I came real hard from that, and I came about ten more times that night since I was the new girl and everybody wanted to do something with me.

Since then, it's been pretty nice. We all take care of each other in The Club, and not only have I always had a partner on those nights when I'm horny and couldn't have phone sex with you, I've had a few repairs done around the house. I've done some simple legal work for some folks like checking over the Simpson's oldest daughters' first apartment lease, and we've had a few parties. Lesli Godfrey is a GP, so we all get tested pretty regularly, and very discretely, so there's no issue about diseases. Considering we keep it in the group except for a couple of relationships we single members have and everyone knows about, and we're all otherwise pretty straight arrows, it's not surprising, but Lesli is insistent that we do it so that if something does happen to one of us we head it off pretty quick.

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