The Club


Part 1

She was nervous as she made her way to the entrance of the club, she had been thinking of this moment for months, getting more and more excited at the thought. Now though, that the time to actually go through with it was here, she wasn't so sure.

"I don't have to do anything I don't want to" she thought to herself, "It's something I've wanted to do for ages and it's not as if anybody I know is going to see me, besides I might not even get in."

She knew she would though, she had heard of places like these having limits on the number of single men they would allow in but they would let as many women in as they could possibly fit, especially attractive women and she knew she was one of those.

She paid her cover charge and walked into the main room, she wasn't sure what she had been expecting to find when she came here, but she was pleased with what she saw. The main room was large and had a bar, with big couches spread throughout the room, on these couches she saw men and women fucking, women fucking each other while men watched and some just watching the action and pleasuring themselves. The latter being what she was here tonight for.

She had always been aroused at the thought of people watching her while she teased herself and made herself cum, she had always been too shy to do it though, but tonight she was at a place where she could do as wanted with no shame and she was looking forward to it even if she was nervous.

She went to the bar and ordered a drink to help with her nerves, she looked around and saw that everyone in the club was young and attractive she was extremely pleased about this as she'd had visions of the place being full of fat old perverts, instead she saw curvy young women with firm full breasts and pretty faces and tanned young men with toned bodies and big dicks, as the drink worked it's magic she felt more relaxed and decided to look around.

She walked over to a group of people who were stood around one of the couches in the middle of the room, watching a slim, pretty, brunette masturbating.

She could feel herself getting aroused as she thought about how she would be doing the same thing later whilst a group of strangers watched her, in her most private and intimate moment.

She watched as the brunette on the couch slowly slid a finger inside her and then moaned as she brought it back out, she brought her glistening finger to her nipple and started to gently pinch it while her other hand made its way to her clit which she started to rub, as she writhed on the couch a young blond woman came over and gently touched her arm, she gave the girl an enquiring look, the brunette nodded and the blond got to her knees and started to trace kisses up the girls inner thighs, the girl squirmed and then gasped as the blondes tongue found her swollen clit. The blonde started to lap at her pussy and then she put two fingers into the girl and started to fuck her.

The girl moaned and writhed as the blonde worked her tongue and fingers faster and faster, finally with a loud moan the brunette came and collapsed on the couch, the blond kissed her and told her to find her later to repay the favour. While this had been going on several men had got their cocks out and began to stroke them, some women had even gone to their knees to take the men's hard dicks into their mouths.

She was saving herself for later, she had never been so turned on before, but before she would give into her fantasy she wanted to see what else the club had to offer.

Part 2

She walked around the club taking in all the sights it had to offer, she could feel the tingle between her legs but refused to give in just yet.

She noticed an archway at the far end of the room, intrigued she walked over to it and entered the room ahead, inside she saw fairy lights strung on the walls and candles scattered around the room, in the centre was a large round Jacuzzi.

Couples were making love in the water while people sat around watching them, the water foamed and bubbled and she could almost feel it caressing her skin. She slowly peeled off her clothes and noticed with satisfaction people looking at her naked body with approval and lust in there eyes.

She slowly lowered herself into the warm water and gasped when the force of one of the streams of water hit her throbbing clit from behind, she knew she wasn't ready to come just yet but it felt so good she couldn't move, she turned around so that the jet would be directly on her pussy and squirmed against the pressure, she felt people moving closer to her but was so lost in sensation she didn't care, she felt a hand close over her breast and massage her sensitive nipples, another hand found her firm backside and squeezed. In front of her a stunning young man crawled towards her on the tiled floor she could see his firm hard dick between his legs and she decided that whilst she wasn't ready to come just yet she didn't see the harm in giving someone else pleasure.

She reluctantly moved away from the jet stream, promising to herself that she would most defiantly be coming back to it later. She pushed the probing hands away from her body and started towards to the steps towards the man, she walked over to him, naked and dripping wet and pushed him down so that he was lay flat against the cool floor, she gave him a small smile and flicked her tongue against his nipple, she then kissed and nibbled her way down to his hard cock, first she kissed it and then slowly ran her tongue along the shaft, teasing him and making him gasp.

She took his balls into her mouth and revelled in the feel of there firmness. He writhed underneath her touch and knowing that people were watching her sucking on this strangers dick made her feel so turned on she could feel the wetness from her pussy dripping down her thighs, she ached to be touched but this wasn't about her yet.

She moved further up his body and took the tip of his penis into her mouth and ran her tongue around the head and then suddenly took the whole length of him into her mouth, the man gasped and thrust his hands into her hair, she greedily sucked on his hardness sliding him in and out of her mouth, she started to gently play with his balls and the she could feel the man begin to breath harder, she brought her other hand to his cock and started to work him with her mouth and hand at the same time, she looked up at the mans eyes and could see he was close. She looked around the room and saw that they were the main attraction, she loved this feeling of being watched and as she saw the women fingering themselves and the men wanking she felt a sense of pride as she was making them do this to themselves. One of the men near her was on the verge of coming, she slid the cock out of her mouth and demanded "cum on me" She took the cock hungrily back into her mouth and felt a warm splash of cum land on her back, soon she felt more hot cum cover her as all the men stood around and released their pleasure onto her, the sight of her covered in cum must have been too mush for the young man as she felt him spasm in her throat and then she felt the hot creaminess slide down her, she swallowed and then licked him clean, she stood up and looked at all the people in the room sated and satisfied she, wanted to be one of them, she longed to be touched and her pussy was on fire, but still she wasn't ready to give in just yet, she climbed back into the Jacuzzi and washed all the cum off her body, she came out and decided to leave her clothes where they were she wanted to see the lust in peoples eyes as she walked around fully naked, she walked towards the archway to go back into the main room, she turned around and gave the young man she had just pleasured a smile, he smiled back at her. What a night this was turning out to be.

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