tagBDSMThe Club Ch. 01

The Club Ch. 01


As a mom of four, I don't have many chances to get out and have fun. As a single parent, I end up tired and frustrated most nights. I depend very much on my small collection of toys and lubes, late in the night when everyone else is asleep. But one night a month, I schedule a date night. I have a boyfriend of sorts (We'll call him Chad), though honestly it's more an arrangement of convenience, friends with benefits. We go out, we dance, we drink, we sometimes catch a movie, and I'll sleep over, while my brother watches the kids for the night. I tell my brother it's girl's night out, and if he knows any better, he never comments.

One night we tried something a little different. Instead of the usual neon-lighted dance-hangouts we normally favor, he took me to a seedy-looking little place downtown. The sign above the door was plain black and white, and it read "The Train Station." Now, I trust Chad, we're not in love really, but we've been close friends for a lot of years, and he's been there for me through most of the worst times of my life. So, I trusted his judgement, even though the place seemed more like a place to get mugged than to have fun.

"Chad, what is this place?" Trust is one thing, curiosity quite another.

"Don't worry, it's a lot more fun than it looks. I think they keep it this way so it doesn't attract too much attention, but it's a very safe club. You'll keep an open mind, right? I promise it'll be fun, just give it half an hour, okay? After that, if you say you're not having fun, we'll leave, no problem. Did you wear the underwear I sent you last week?"

The week before, he sent me this slinky black thing, all lace and ruffles, but strong too, with metal rings at the hips and bust. It seemed a little kinky, but in a fun way, and he included a message to wear it tonight. I even got a bit of a thrill wearing it all day, thinking what kind of fun he would have peeling it off me that night, but when he asked about it there in the parking lot, I suddenly realized what kind of club this was.

"Is this some sort of kinky sex club? I don't know about this, Chad..." Admittedly, the idea was definitely getting the juices flowing, I mean, how exciting! But images of sweaty strangers in leather masks beating each other with whips flashed through my head, and well, it was kind of scary.

"Sweetie, you know I'd never hurt you, or put you in a position to get hurt. I've been in here before, the people are nice, and no one will push you into anything. I promise, half an hour, and no pressure." He offered me a hand out of the car, and I sat there for a moment, weighing my options. It didn't take long; if Chad promised it would be safe and fun, it would be.

I took his hand and stepped out of the car, and he led me into the club. The bouncer, a buff guy in a nice button-down shirt and slacks opened the door for us with a nod to Chad, like they were friends. Just inside the door, I was struck by how nice it was inside. The entryway was clean, and completely lacking in the bums one might expect looking at the outside. The inner entrance was a pair of swinging doors padded with black vinyl, and beyond them lay a lot of what I imagined in the car! In the center of the large space stood a wrought-iron cage, inside which a woman in a purple rubber minidress and sparkly heels danced. My eyes were drawn to the shiny black leather collar around her neck. But as quickly as that caught my eye, I registered so much more: a man in leather on a table with three women touching him with feathers and riding crops, two women in panties and bras licking each other all over, a girl straddling a machine that pumped a dildo in and out of her who seemed to be having an amazing orgasm... It wasn't a huge crowd by any means, but there were enough people that every... display? was being watched by at least a few avid voyeurs, many dressed in wild outfits.

"Oooh, Chad, you made it! And you must be Melinda, I'm so glad he convinced you to come!" A tall woman in thick makeup with a gorgeous long black dress sauntered over and shook my hand gently. "I'm Persephone, what do you think of our little club?"

"Well, it's surprising, I'll give it that! Chad kind of sprung this all on me." I smiled at Chad to let him know I was still keeping an open mind, and I have to say, it felt good seeing the expression of fear and concern at my reaction melt off his face.

"Oh, you naughty boy, you! Well, if you get scared or upset, feel free to retreat to the entryway, and John out front will take care of you. He's the guy in the nice shirt? He's a paid security guard, and he'll make sure you're safe and have a taxi home if something goes wrong. But, I guarantee if you just relax you'll have fun. Chad, can I talk to you for a minute?" I nodded distractedly as Chad stepped aside with her, I couldn't keep my eyes off of all the stuff going on around me. The woman on the machine just kept going and going, and it was almost hypnotic. After a moment, Chad slipped his arm into mine, and when I looked up at him, he seemed chastened.

"I'm really sorry I surprised you the way I did. It was just supposed to be something fun, but Perse... Well, I should have talked to you about it first." I could tell he really meant it, obviously he hadn't realized it might be a problem at all, but Persephone must have set him straight. Still, I couldn't be mad at him, once the initial surprise wore off, I could tell no one was hurting anyone... much, and everyone seemed to be having fun.

"It's okay, Chad. So, why don't you show me around and introduce me to some of your friends?"

As the night passed in a whirlwind of weird but incredible erotic excitement, we watched people do all sorts of kinky things. After a while, Chad and I settled into a cozy corner to talk.

"What do you think, Melinda? Would you ever want to come back?" I gave him my best blank expression and pretended to think long and hard about it, even though there were much more important long hard things on my mind at the moment.

"That depends. Do they let anyone who comes play, or do we only get to watch?" I already knew the answer, and so did he, he took the helm of my black minidress and slowly lifted, his eyes watching for any sign of distress. But he was being so slow about it, I grabbed his hands and pulled up. My lace-covered hips came into view about the same time as his hands brushed the sides of my breasts, and I almost jumped on him right there. It was such a thrill! I mean, sure most of the other people there were in their underwear too, or less, but for me it was all new and intense! My eyes drifted over to the cage, where a man in nothing but a few leather straps and a collar was licking, his face pressed between the bars, the woman bend over with her ass pressed against the side of the cage, her head and arms on a cushion on the floor.

Persephone waved over to us, an encouraging grin gracing her strong features when she saw my skimpy "new outfit."

"Gonna join in the fun? I recommend the fucking machine or the table, it turns and can be positioned to hold you almost any way. There's nothing quite like getting fucked while tied to it, with everyone watching!" Persephone fanned herself with a hand at the very thought, and I nodded, imagining it already, as I unbuttoned Chad's shirt. Apparently he was dressed for the occasion, as a creation of leather straps and heavy steel rings peeked out from under the shirt. Once the whole thing came into view, I found myself panting, totally turned on by something that was weird and scary only hours before. But athletic, toned Chad in leather like that was just *hot*.

He took my wrist gently and led me to the table, which apparently had just been vacated by someone else. It was still warm when he picked me up by my waist and set me on it. He slowly set my ankles into leg holders, bits of the vinyl-topped table that separated and moved on hinges, and slipped some leather cuffs around my ankles, tightening them to the table just enough to hold them in place.

"Comfy?" I nodded at his question, knowing he meant the situation just as much as the tightness, then he slipped cuffs over my arms at the other end of the bed. I felt something soft trail over my breasts and lifted my head as much as I could to look; Chad was trailing a pink feather over them, and already a few people had gathered to watch. Maybe they were extra excited, since I was new or something. It didn't matter though, I was so turned on, I just wanted him to fuck me, no matter who was watching, or what they were doing!

With a smooth flick of Chad's fingers, the metal ring holding my bra in place slipped free, and he cupped my breasts in his hands, thumbs flicking over the nipples softly, before leaning over the table to suck on the right nipple. I almost came the moment his hot tongue slipped over that little pink nub. But he leaned back up, my nipples crinkling when cool air brushed the wet tip.

Then he moved lower, and I couldn't see very well, but I felt the metal rings at the sides of my panties give way, one after the other. I lifted my ass enough for him to pull it free, blushing to my toes as I could feel strangers staring at my pussy. I felt their eyes caressing every inch of me, peering into all my secrets. I closed my eyes and it got even more intense, I could almost feel them, questing fingers, wandering hands tickling, teasing, touching. Then a warm hand touched, Chad's hand, caressing my inner thigh. I did cum then, tensing in the straps, my already-soaked pussy suddenly much more slippery inside.

Chad apparently took my moans as encouragement, because his finger slipped into me as the waves of ecstasy continued to crash through me, his digit arching up to touch the spot he knew made me really lose it, and I did. Minutes, hours, days later, when the lights stopped flashing in my eyes, I felt him pull his finger free, and gasped for breath, drained yet energized, still feeling every pair of eyes burning on my hot, sweaty skin. Then Chad was kneeling over me on the table, his mouth sucking hungrily at mine, his tongue invading, probing, wrestling with my own. His breath tasted like strawberries.

I felt hands touching, teasing, guiding him into me, but his hands were above my shoulders. I should have cared about a stranger touching me down there, but at that moment, I didn't. It was amazing, I was so wet from the amazing orgasm, so sensitive, and well, his cock is *much* bigger than his finger. He knew exactly how to touch me, and the table gave him free reign to do it without interruption, so he did. It must have turned him on almost as much as it did me, because in no time at all I felt him cum inside me, a rare feeling. It was enough to send me over the edge yet again, even harder.

Some time later, as I shuddered with aftershocks drawing ragged breath, slippery cum dripping down into my ass and pooling on the table, I realized hands were actually touching me, gentle soft touches and encouraging caresses. It felt so good after such an intense experience, I accepted them, welcomed them even. After a moment, Persephone appeared above the table, over Chad's exhausted shoulder.

"Honey, you okay? I know you're kinda new to all of this, and if you don't want other people touching, just say so." She looked so concerned for my feelings that I wanted to reassure her I knew what I was doing.

"Mmm, no way, it feels really good. Like a sensual massage. Keep going!" And I meant every word of it, the massaging, gently kneading fingers felt amazing on already very relaxed muscles. "But I think I'm worn out for the night."

After that, the night wrapped up for Chad and I, though much of the party continued much later, I'd imagine. As he led me to the car to go back to his house for the rest of the night, I felt I had to tell him my view on the night's happenings.

"Chad, you really surprised me tonight. In a good way. I would like to come back. Persephone and all the others were so friendly, caring and open... And the things that go on there... Well, it's not something I want to do all the time, but it *was* amazing, and I definitely want to come back. Maybe next time I can try the fucking machine!"

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