tagGroup SexThe Club Ch. 02

The Club Ch. 02


I couldn't stop thinking about it. Ever since that night at the club, The Train Station, it crept into my thoughts when I get a spare minute; waiting on the kids to get out of soccer practice, on break at work, late at night before I go to bed... I went through an economy pack of batteries for my vibrator alone that month! And then came the night, date night with Chad. Mary, the teenage girl who babysits for me after school and on date nights winked at me on the way out the door, as Chad waited in the drive. I'd decided there was no point in driving to meet him so we could drive somewhere else.

"So, Chad, where are we going tonight?" As much as I wanted it, I wasn't going to assume he was the sex-crazy pervert I'd become.

"I thought you should decide tonight. After all, I picked last time. Have you had supper yet? We could go somewhere nice."

"Sure, why not? How about the Olive Garden?" Now I know there are nicer places, but I wasn't dressed to the nines, and well, that's pretty much at the top level of nice for what I normally do anyway.

We chatted about little stuff on the way and through supper, we normally keep in touch throughout the week, but the kids always give me new things to talk about. Still, I kind of felt like my brain was on autopilot, distracted by the messages my body and hormones kept sending me. Chad was no help, he played the perfect gentleman but I could tell by the tiny corner of a smile he knew what was really on my mind. We've been friends so long, he could read me like a book. Halfway through my grilled chicken salad, I gave in and slipped out of my shoes, sliding my hose-sheathed foot up his thigh under the table. To his credit, he didn't miss a beat, acting like nothing was going on as I massaged his cock through his slacks.

Maybe he was the sex-crazed pervert I'd become, because he was rock hard, I think before my foot touched him at all. In the semi-private corner of the restaurant, I'm pretty sure I brought him almost to orgasm twice, just with my foot, through his pants! He did have a rather satisfying blush by the time we finished eating.

"You little minx! I guess you liked last time a lot, huh?" He breathed into my ear, his arms around me, pinning me against his car as he unlocked the door with his keys. It wasn't quite dark out yet, a warm summer evening where a lot of people could clearly see us. I didn't care, as my hand wandered down his back to cup his firm ass.

"Chad... I want to go back. I want to try new things... Does that make me a slut?" I was so turned on, but scared too. Men are expected to act like this, but not women. Would he decide I was some tramp, and stop seeing me? I mean, we didn't have any real commitment, but I didn't want to lose him either.

"Mel... There's nothing wrong with it. Sex is natural, and you shouldn't ever feel bad for doing something that feels good. You've known me this long, have you ever seen me judge someone like that?" I giggled then gasped as his hand brushed my right breast. Right there in the parking lot, with cars driving by.

"Take me back, then. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it, ever since. I want to feel it again, more even."

The ride there was short, maybe I'd been thinking ahead subconsciously when I picked a restaurant halfway between my house and the club. I couldn't keep my hands off him the whole drive. The parking lot looked as unkempt and abandoned as before, but the bouncer at the door brought a reassuring sense of security. He smiled warmly as we went inside.

"Chad! Melinda! It's so wonderful to see you again!" Persephone immediately welcomed us with the energy and excitement I remembered. It was reassuring, she seemed like one of those people who wants to be everyone's friend, and truly cared about people.

"Hello again, Persephone! I just had to have Chad bring me back, your club here is so... exciting!" She ginned, a saucy kind of confident smile just shy of a knowing smirk.

"Honey, you ain't seen nothing yet. Things can go as far as you want them to here, and you've barely scratched the surface. You just let yourself have fun, okay?" Her sexy smoky voice made me shiver a little inside, the way she said that. Now, I experimented with my roommate in college a little, and it was fun, but I always kind of saw myself as the straight type. To be blunt, I like cock, and hard muscles, and tight asses. But something about this place made me want to push those preconceived notions aside and try new things.

Persephone was hot in her own way. A sexy black minidress showed off her long, long legs perfectly, and gave little glimpses of the bottom curves of her ass when she turned or bent down. She was tall, almost six feet, with perky breasts and striking features, exotic and strong. I couldn't help but get a little turned on.

"Like what you see? Maybe you want to take a little taste later on?" I blushed madly, I hadn't realized I'd been staring! Chad chuckled a little, and I almost swatted him.

"Don't laugh you jerk! I didn't mean to stare, Persephone... I just, in here, I want to try new things... be with new people." I was so embarrassed to admit that, and afraid Chad would think I meant I didn't want him anymore or something, but it just kind of slipped out. Neither of them seemed bothered by it though.

"Honey, didn't you know? That's a big part of what this place is about! It's safe, everyone here is clean and drug-free, we're actually very picky about who gets in, so that when it comes down to it, you can feel safe to be with anyone here. I set this whole club up so that people can try new things, fuck strangers if they want, without any worries, or judgments."

Chad looked so reassuring and supportive, and Persephone so calm about the whole thing, I just kind of let all my worries go. It was... liberating!

"Why don't the two of you slip into something a little more... comfortable? The party hasn't quite gotten into full swing yet, people are still showing up, so you won't miss much yet." I hadn't even realized Chad was carrying an overnight bag until he pressed it into my hand. A few minutes later we stepped out of a small curtained-off section that I imagine was used for times when people specifically didn't want to be seen. He'd packed me a red teddy with easy-open snaps down below, with matching red thigh-highs and garters. He wore a black man-thong, and in the setting of the club it was amazingly hot. He'd always been pretty toned and sexy, and having it all on display that way just emphasized it.

The party apparently got started just abut the time we came out of the curtain, people were talking still, but some were already enjoying themselves with equipment and or other partygoers here and there. I pulled Chad over to a spot where two men were sandwiching a woman, holding her thighs up, as they slipped into her ass and pussy. My mouth went dry at the expression of bliss on her face, the sounds coming from her lips, when the man in front of her wasn't kissing her.

That teddy was soaked already. Chad was rubbing his satin-wrapped cock against my ass as we watched, his breath in my ear as he looked over my shoulder. I almost came right then and there, I don't have the slightest clue how he managed to control himself.

"Wanna try it?" I shivered at the words in my ear. "I think you'd look amazing, held up like that, being fucked like that..."

I turned around and kissed him, rubbing against him wordlessly, partly to shut him up before I lost it completely, and mostly because I had lost it. I wanted him so bad, so I slipped down him, kissing and sucking at his skin, listening to the moans of the woman behind me, feeling eyes on me as I pulled his cock-sling to the side. There was no time to pull them down. I hungrily took him in my mouth, the taste of the slippery pre-cum sweet on my tongue. He apparently was barely holding on, because it took maybe thirty seconds before his hands went to my hair, and I felt him shudder as he filled my mouth with warm salty cum. I was so hot, I swallowed it and kept going, trying to milk him for more, but after a few more seconds he pulled me back a bit.

"God, you're hot tonight... You really have been pent up, haven't you?" I nodded, still enjoying the aftertaste of his cum. "Do you want more? I need a few minutes before I'm up for more, but this whole place is your playground."

"Are you sure it's okay?" I wanted one last bit of reassurance, even though I already knew, already decided I wanted to let go tonight.

"Go. I promise, I'll be right nearby, watching. No jealousy." That was all I needed to hear. I made for the table again, and several people who had been watching us followed. The crotch of my teddy was soaked already, and I barely noticed Persephone helping me up to the table. She showed me how the straps worked, they gave the illusion of restraint but were easy to slip out of. Then a man was there, all leather and steel rings, his lips slowly working across my right breast. I glanced to the left and there was Chad, watching, smiling encouragingly. I shivered as the buff man in the leather teased my skin with his tongue, the bump of a metal tongue stud against my nipple through the satin of the teddy, then he unhooked the spaghetti straps and pulled the cups off my breasts. The warm moist suction on my nipple almost distracted me from the hand moving up my thigh.

There was Persephone, her manicured nails tracing up my thigh to trace the soft fabric cupping my pussy, then back down to my thigh. The man sucking my nipple touched it with his teeth lightly, flicking his tongue over it, and I arched my back against the table helplessly. Then Persephone's hot breath blew between my legs, and I moaned as her lips brushed my oh-so-sensitive mound, her teeth pulling at the teddy until the weak snaps there gave way. Her tongue was soft and hot and slippery against my sopping lower lips, she took one slow, long lick all the way up my slit sending shudders through me when she reached my clit, the first of what would prove to be many orgasms. As the aftershocks slowed down, I felt her move, but was distracted by the man moving to stand, his hips coming into view, then he undid a ring holding the leather pouch in place and suddenly his cock was right there in front of me, my head laying back off the edge of the table.

He didn't push at me, simply made it available, and somehow adjusted the top of the table so my head could face him comfortably. I didn't waste a second, taking the head of his cock in my mouth. It wasn't too big, in fact it was a bit smaller than Chad's, but a little thicker, with a slightly different taste. I was just getting into a nice rhythm of sucking when I felt Persephone's manicured hands at my thighs again, gently pushing apart. I thought nothing of it until I felt another cock, warm, touching my pussy, the head rubbing up and down the lips, brushing against my clit over and over. At that point I stopped paying attention to who was where, it felt too damn good to care.

I've always loved sucking cock, it's not something I told anyone, because I didn't want people to think I'm a slut, but there's something about feeling him filling my mouth, the taste of him, his cum, the way he hardens and softens, that silk-over-steel way the skin slips over the rigid flesh... And this guy was tasty. He fucked my mouth slowly, building up speed, as the cock below slowly slid into me. It was delicious, the sensuous way I was being fucked, in counterpoint to the building speed of the cock in my mouth, but all of that was lost as another orgasm washed over me. I gripped the hand straps as every muscle in my body tensed up. The guy fucking my mouth pulled his cock out and with a couple of strokes, splashed hot, thick cum onto my lips and neck, just enough getting my my mouth that I could taste the bitter but so-damn-erotic taste of it, a glob sliding down my tongue as I panted in my own bliss. Then the fucking sped up, going from long slow strokes, all the way out then all the way in, to hard fast thrusts. I could hear Persephone's dusky voice moaning above me, then she drove it in to the hilt, her hips pressing hard against my thighs as she came.

The reality of the situation slowly dawned on me as I came down from the high of orgasm. Persephone, a woman, was fucking me? How? I could feel the slippery cum dripping out of me, sliding down into my ass. It didn't make any sense. I wasn't upset, I was way too relaxed to be upset, but I couldn't wrap my mind around it. She walked around the table and leaned down, sucking the think drops of cum off my neck, sending thrills of aftershocks through me as her tongue quested up my chin, then she kissed me. The mouthful of cum slipped across my tongue as it wrestled with her own, her lips so soft, like I remembered from kissing my roommate in college years ago. No way were those the lips of a man even if she had just fucked me, her cum still dripping into my ass.

"Better, baby?" Chad's voice was a comforting bit of normal, husky with desire.

"Mmmmm." I moaned into Persephone's mouth, unwilling to break the kiss just yet.

"Why don't I help you off there and you can catch your breath. I got so fucking horny watching you up there, you're so hot..." I really appreciated the compliment, as Persephone undid the straps that I could have slipped out of easily. It was nice to let her do it though.

"Persephone... What, how did..." I was a little confused, until she helped me off the bed, and I looked down. This... woman... with her tall sexy body and perky breasts, had a penis. A big one. Not the biggest I've ever seen, but the kind that catches the eye. She seemed surprised at my look of confusion.

"You mean you didn't know? Oh, honey, I thought... Melinda, I'm transgender. I kind of thought you knew and were being nice. Shit, I'm sorry, I should have made sure before..." She was really upset, and as much of a surprise as it was, I wasn't really upset. I was mostly curious, after all, I came to the club with an eye for new experiences, and this was definitely a big one!

"Persephone, it's okay. It's a bit of a shock, but I'm not mad. You've been nothing but nice to me, and I don't think you were trying to trick me or anything. Besides, last time I came here was a bit of a surprise too, and it turned out pretty well." I smiled reassuringly, I think. "So... Can I... see?"

She nodded, with a stunned look. I reached out and cupped her breast in my hand through the thin silk of her dress. She wasn't wearing a bra, her breast was soft and warm, and the nipple was hard and crinkly, just like mine get, though hers were smaller. Thinking back, I was kind of surprised that I hadn't realized it, she was tall and had strong features, broad shoulders and a small but noticeable Adam's Apple. But she was so... delicate, feminine, it was hard to see her as anything but the woman she obviously was, especially when the hem of her dress hung down over the front of her. So I didn't bother trying. Then the front of it moved a little, presumably brushed by that big cock I saw earlier. I reached down and lifted the hem, and there it was, bold as brass.

I took it in my hand, not sure what to expect. It felt normal, much like Chad's, or the man I just sucked a little bit ago. I could feel it growing hard in my hand, and glancing over at Chad, I could see he was really turned on, watching me handle a woman's penis. It was pretty weird, but I was determined to keep an open mind and have fun. The strangest part was, I already knew her as a woman, so even holding a rapidly growing cock in my hand, I couldn't see her as anything but a strong, unique woman.

"You know, if you keep that up, I might get the feeling you like me or something." The tension of the moment broke and I gave a gentle squeeze as I giggled.

"How about you, me and Chad try something I saw earlier?" She gave me a smoldering hot look and I shivered. It was obvious she knew exactly what I was talking about. Chad showed his interest by simply picking me up, his hard, toned muscles holding my weight in front of him easily. Persephone must have slipped out of her dress, because moments later as she cuddled close to me from behind, I could feel her soft, silky breasts against my back. Her skin was smooth, with much more give than Chad's, very feminine, and she had a hint of some flowery perfume I didn't recognize, among the muskier smells in the club.

Now I'm not a complete prude, I've had anal sex with Chad, so it wasn't a surprise when her manicured finger slipped a glob of cold lube against my asshole, slowly massaging some of it into me. She was so gentle, very considerate and caring. With cooling cum still dripping down my legs, I moaned, and Chad caught my mouth with his for a long, deep kiss, while Persephone convinced my ass to loosen up comfortably, then I felt her hand reach down and guide Chad's cock into me. I was soaking from being fucked so thoroughly already, but feeling my man inside me brought an extra sense of desire, then slowly, Persephone's cock slipped into me too from behind.

It was so fucking hot, I felt like I was going to burst, I was so full. I could feel both cocks rubbing against each other through the thin wall separating them. Chad's hard muscles rubbing flexing to lift me and Persephone's soft body behind me, I was in bliss from the first moment, and I rode the feeling like I rode the two dicks. They got into a rhythm almost immediately, and thrust after thrust I moaned at Chad as he sucked on my neck. Persephone took the example, sucking on the other side of my neck, and the dual attention was so incredibly intense, the building orgasm exploded into full bloom, crashing over me like dynamite. I think I probably screamed. Chad, after watching me and getting so excited, couldn't control himself and came moments later, driving balls deep to spray his thick load as far into me as possible when his arms weakened with the orgasm. Persephone's soft but strong arms took up the slack and she started pumping in earnest, even as I was still shaking with my own climax. The moment just kept going and going, Chad's cock buried to the hilt in me and Persephone's slipping in and out of my tight asshole, until she shoved all the way in, squeezing me tight as she filled my ass with more of her cum.

As the last aftershocks shook me, all three of us slumped to the floor, someone thoughtfully slipped a clean folded towel under us and supported us as we relaxed, still connected at my middle. The feel of them softening inside me, slippery cum sliding around my insides, gave me a little extra thrill,but then they gently slipped free of me. Chad held me up and Persephone knelt down, sweat giving her a sexy sort of glow, and stuck her face between my thighs. Her hot tongue licking up the cum leaking out of my pussy made me shiver, I was so sensitive, but so worn out I just lay back and enjoyed it. She seemed to like it too, judging by the little sounds of pleasure she made, sucking Chad's and her own cum out of me. I almost hit the roof when her tongue went further down to lick at my asshole too, cleaning up the slippery mess there.

"Wow, baby, that was amazing... You screamed so loud, you've never done that before!" I was too wonderfully exhausted to even be embarrassed.

"God... That was... so fucking intense-eee!!" I squealed a little as Persephone finished, then came back up with a Cheshire cat grin. I gasped as she leaned up and kissed me, thick cum still slippery on her tongue. I couldn't help but kiss back, never mind where her tongue was moments before, the taste was different, but not unpleasant.

"I'll never get tired of seeing two women kiss like that!" Chad seemed to approve! The rest of the night was kind of a blur, as exhausted as I was, I had some trouble staying awake. Chad apparently took me back home and helped me to bed. The only thing about that whole night was, that the babysitter gave me a goofy knowing grin every time she saw me for a week!

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