tagGroup SexThe Club (for sexywife104)

The Club (for sexywife104)


Jo splashed water on her face and looked in the mirror. The muffled beat of the music pulsed around her rhythmically, as if she were enclosed in a giant heart. Her normally pale skin was flushed with exertion. She'd been dancing since . . . well, since several drinks ago, anyway. It was all a little hazy at this point. She reached up and adjusted one earring that was in danger of falling out, a dangling blue hoop swirled with rainbows. The door to the ladies' room swung open and a trio of laughing coeds stumbled in amidst a blast of music. Jo adjusted her short black skirt and double-checked her white button-down blouse. The top two buttons hung open, revealing her neck and breastbone. In a moment of inspiration, she undid a third button, officially moving her into danger territory. Depending on the angle, anyone would be able to see her small, bare breasts. But in the strobed lights of the club, they might not believe their eyes. She smiled at herself in the mirror and headed back to the dance floor.

She squirmed through the crush of bodies on the floor, lights flashing in a never-ending sequence of colors. The music was a physical presence. Each beat reverberated in her stomach. She and Dave had never been to this particular club before. It was an adult club, with professional dancers, a bar, several seating areas, and a small but crowded dance floor. The place had a bit of an "anything goes" kind of reputation. She found Dave at the bar, and plopped into his lap. He handed her a fresh drink, and she took a deep sip of something cool and fruity, with a kick of alcohol at the end. As she drank, Dave's hand trailed along her bare thigh, sliding up under her skirt, and she felt a thrill of excitement. She pulled at her husband, urging him to dance with her, but he demurred. Placing his lips next to her ear, he half-shouted over the music, telling her that he wanted to watch her dance.

Jo sunk into the sea of bodies again, pulled by their tide to the center of the dance floor. She swayed and twirled there, losing herself in the music. There were bodies all around her, but the lights and motion combined with the drinks to make everything an indistinct wash of shapes and colors. She pressed tightly up against a young black man in a tight mesh top. She leaned back and felt a hard body press against her back. Laughing, perspiring faces swam past her face in a cascade. She felt strong hands on her hips, and a thrill of pleasure shot straight to her groin as the man behind her pulled her against him. She could feel the contours of his body against hers, and she moaned inaudibly as his hands slid up her sides. She raised her hands over her head and gyrated her hips against his, as his hands continued up to her arms and all the way up to the point where her fingers locked together. A couple moved against them, and she found herself back to back with a young brunette. They wriggled together for effect and soaked up the admiring hoots of the dancing men. The black man from earlier reappeared, moving in so close she could see the ripped muscles of his abdomen and smell a musky cologne mixed with the smell of his sweat. She placed a hand on his broad chest and moved closer, straddling his thigh. They bucked together to the relentless beat, and she gasped as his thigh made contact, grazing along her crotch. A bolt of pleasure shot through her, and she nearly lost her balance. Automatically, her hands went to his shoulders to support herself, and behind him, through the bodies, she could see her husband watching her hungrily.

Jo rotated her hips again, encouraging the contact, and shuddered as his denim pants rubbed directly on her bare pussy. She thrilled to the realization that he had no idea she wasn't wearing any panties. The music shifted beats, and she slipped off him. Their eyes met momentarily, his intense, smoldering. The mystery hands behind her returned, and she leaned back into her other partner. Her head tilted towards him, and suddenly she felt lips against the bare skin of her neck, warm and wet. She gasped and thrust her ass back towards him. She could feel his excitement, a stiff cock pressed up against her. His hands found her hips again, and roughly pulled her back against him, grinding her along the length of his member. His hands slipped up, and brazenly found her nipples, taut and hard against her blouse. She cried out as his hands pinched them suddenly, roughly. Her first partner hadn't disappeared, either. He moved closer and closer, until she was sandwiched between the two men. The one in front rotated his pelvis against her, and she felt the urgency of a second hard cock. Her head was swimming, and it seemed like every nerve ending in her body was shooting lightning straight to her groin.

Abruptly, there was a break in the music. Her partner jerked his head in the direction of the seats, and took her hand. She reached behind her and pulled her other partner along behind. The seats were sectional sofas, garish red Naugahyde numbers broken into three pieces wrapped like a "C" around a table covered in empty glasses of various shapes and sizes. She collapsed into one of them, and caught Dave's eye. She waved, and he waved back from his perch at the bar. He wasn't far, just a few sofa lengths away. Her dance partners squeezed in on either side of her, and she got a good look at the second dancer for the first time. He was older than her other partner, perhaps early forties, with close-cropped brown hair and a navy dress shirt. He sported a neatly trimmed goatee, and had blue eyes set in a face that was attractive, but not quite handsome. He introduced himself as Rick, a local. Her other partner came back with drinks in hand. J.P. was Jamaican and just twenty-three. He was only in town for the weekend to visit with his cousin, who hadn't felt well and had left early.

Jo sipped at her drink, dizzy with exertion and turned on from the sexy dancing. She leaned back and closed her eyes for a moment. As she did so, she felt a hand sliding up the inside of her thigh. The bass pounded endlessly around them, and she felt herself melting to the touch, fingers trailing along the smooth skin between her legs. Another hand, rougher and surer, materialized on her left thigh, and soon both were tracing patterns as Jo moaned to herself and spread her legs further. One hand won the race, grazing over the lips of her pussy, and she started at the sharp sensation, and then sank back towards the hand. It probed at her, found the spot between her lips where her wetness was spreading. Her partners had crowded closer. She could feel their bodies pressed up against hers, and a warm flood of sensation filled her belly. She thought of the hundreds of people in the club, including her husband, who could look over at any time and see these guys with their hands up her skirt, and her stomach did a little flip of excitement.

Jo reached out in either direction with her hands, and felt her way over taut thighs. In a moment, her hands were tracing the outlines of two hard cocks, and she groaned and squirmed to get a better angle. The fingers on her pussy dipped inside of her, then smeared the wetness they found there in a soft circle around her clit. At the same time, Rick's hand slipped inside the opening of her blouse, reaching straight for her nipple. She gasped as he pinched and rolled her nipple to hardness. Things were happening quickly now. She was afraid to open her eyes, afraid that everyone would be watching, but hopeful at the same time. J.P.'s fingers pulled away from her pussy, which was now warm and slick, and she felt a momentary disappointment, wondering where he had gone. Suddenly, his hands grabbed her neck and pulled her downwards towards the couch. Forced at last to open her eyes, she found herself suddenly face to face with J.P.'s large, erect cock, inches from her face. She gasped involuntarily. He was circumcised, and the fat head of his cock loomed before her, the thick vein running down his shaft to his shaven balls. She'd never seen a cock so large before. It was easily twice as thick around as Dave's, and quite possibly twice as long as well. But she didn't have long to examine it, as J.P. pressed her head closer and closer. She opened her mouth, and the hot tip pressed against her lips. His hand pushed her head down inexorably, and she opened wider, struggling to fit even the head into her mouth. She moaned against him and shifted to all fours so she could suck his cock more easily. She bobbed her head up and down on him, getting him slick with her saliva, but she could still only manage to get the tip into her mouth. She cupped his balls in one hand, and slid the other up and down his shaft, getting him wet.

Jo felt a body shifting behind her, and suddenly a tongue, warm and soft, flicked against her clit. Rick was between her legs, licking her pussy, in front of everyone! Her eyes flew open, and she suddenly realized she was positioned perfectly to see her husband sitting just a short distance away. Dave was watching her hungrily, his hand discreetly sliding up and down his crotch. A couple of guys next to her had noticed, and were pointing at her and laughing to each other. She moaned and closed her eyes again, but she couldn't stop. She just kept sucking on the huge cock between her lips. Her thighs were quivering with sensation as Rick's tongue flicked faster and faster. It was all she could do to keep her balance as wave after wave of sensation flooded through her. As she stroked J.P.'s cock faster, Rick suddenly pushed several fingers inside of her. The change in sensation was incredibly intense, and it pushed her over the edge. She came hard, squeezing her thighs around Rick's head, her legs barely able to support her. She collapsed on top of J.P.'s legs, breathing hard, but moments later he was helping her to her feet. She swayed unsteadily, placing her hands on the table, sticky with spilled alcohol.

J.R. placed his hand in the middle of Jo's back and pushed her forward onto the table. Other hand pulled her skirt up over her ass, exposing her to the entire club. She felt the heat of his body lining up with hers, and she knew he was going to fuck her, right in front of Dave, right in front of the whole club. The head of his cock fumbled between her legs, and she nearly jumped as it bounced carelessly against her clit before pressing slowly against her moist opening. He pressed against her, slowly and forcefully, and his enormous cock split the lips of her pussy. Still wet with her saliva, he worked the tip in and out several time, as uncontrollable shudders raced down Jo's thighs at the sensation. His hands grabbed her hips, and slowly pulled her back onto that huge cock. Four inches, five inches, six inches, seven inches . . . she gasped, struggling for breath as he pushed far beyond where her husband's cock ever reached. Her hands gripped the edge of the table, her hard nipples rubbing against the Formica as she gritted her teeth. He was so deep inside of her, it felt like he was splitting her in half. He was sliding in and out of her slowly now, rhythmically. Through half-lidded eyes she stared at her husband as this stranger's giant cock thrust inside of her. Her mouth was open and panting. She couldn't seem to get enough air. J.P. was fucking her harder now. She could feel his balls slap against her pussy with each thrust.

Her view was suddenly obscured as Rick stepped in front of her. He had undone the fly of his jeans, and his cock was sticking out from the hole in his underwear. He stepped forward and smoothly pressed it between her lips. It was velvety and hot under her tongue. It was short and thick. The musky odor of male sweat filled her nostrils as he pushed himself into her mouth until his pubic hair rubbed against her face. His hands tangled in her hair, and he began to fuck her mouth, slowly but purposefully. Hot shame flooded her as she lay across the table, two cocks buried inside her in front of the crowd. She opened her eyes momentarily. More people were watching; some quietly, some with shock on their faces. The two guys who had been sitting next to Dave had left their seats, and were headed in her direction.

Jo closed her eyes and let the sensations wash over her. She could feel every one of J.P.'s thrusts bruising her pussy. She was sure she was dripping wet, and J.P.'s rhythmic slapping against her was driving her towards her peak again. His body was so hot, his hands felt like pokers wrapped around her hips. It felt like he wasn't doing any work at all, just sliding her back and forth on him with his hands. She swirled her tongue, working it along the underside of Rick's cock. When she next opened her eyes, the two men from the bar were there on either side of Rick, cocks out. She moaned in a mixture of shame and excitement. The man on her left was stroking himself with his right hand, and the man on the right was doing the same with his left, making a strange sort of symmetry. The men moved closer, and within seconds hands were roaming over her sensitive nipples, squeezing, pulling, and twisting them. Electricity shot through her at all of the sensations. It was all she could do to keep Rick's cock in her mouth as J.P.'s intensity increased. The table shook with the ferocity of their fucking, and at least one glass tipped off the edge of table to shatter on the floor. She could feel the crest of another orgasm approaching, as Rick's thrusting grew more frantic. He held onto her hair tightly, and just as her pussy began to spasm around J.P.'s cock, she felt Rick's head swell inside her mouth, and spurt after spurt of hot cum flooded her mouth. She fought for breath even as her orgasm washed through her, until Rick withdrew, a mouthful of cum splashing to the table beneath her as she sucked air in greedily.

J.P. pulled his cock from Jo's abused pussy and pulled her up from the table. She was as limp as a rag doll, the front of her blouse stained with drink. She licked Rick's residue from her lips as J.P. reclined on the couch. He pulled her on top of him, and she followed mindlessly, emotions warring inside of her. She looked at Dave over her shoulder, and she could tell he was loving every second of her being used by these men. He sat her on top of his enormous cock, and in an instant he was buried inside of her again. She gasped anew at the incredible, filling sensation. She collapsed onto his broad chest, and he fucked her mercilessly from below. One of the other men, stout and poorly dressed, positioned his cock near her mouth, and she willingly took him in. He was thin and curved upwards, but with a particularly thick mushroom head. She noticed, incongruously, that he smelled like cologne, as if he had deliberately put some on his crotch. It didn't matter to Jo, though. Nothing did except for this glorious fucking. She bobbed her head eagerly on him, and he quivered over-eagerly under her ministrations.

J.P. slowed his actions to a near halt, and suddenly she felt a new presence. Jo waved frantically, meaninglessly, as the head of a third cock pushed insistently against the tight rosebud of her asshole. He must have slicked himself down with his own spit, and with some effort he was able to work the tip of his cock inside of her. There was pain, but if the sensations had been overwhelming before, she lacked any word to describe them now. She was just a fuck toy that they were going use until they were done. J.P. began gyrating his hips again, and the newcomer's cock gradually worked itself deeper and deeper into her ass. She twitched involuntarily as spasms randomly shot through her. Each stroke of all three cocks seemed to touch her in some different way. The fidgety guy in her mouth continued to tremble. Unlike Rick, he didn't touch her, he just stood there, letting her do the work. The cocks buried in her pussy and ass were working harder now. J.P.s strong hands massaged her small tits as he pushed his cock in and out of her tired pussy. He and the other man were sometimes in sync, both penetrating her simultaneously. At other times, they were on off-beats, with one cock pushing into her as the other pulled out. It was almost as if Jo were having one continuous orgasm. Her clit was on fire, sending waves of pleasure through her each time it grazed against J.P.'s pubic bone.

Trembling guy shivered all over, and came just as Jo's mouth lifted off of his cock, the first spray shooting completely over her face to land in scattered drops on her back. She was being pounded so hard now that she could barely get her mouth around his cock to catch the second and subsequent spurts. Her throat muscles worked furiously to swallow the salty cum. J.P. was saying something, but she couldn't make out his words. But the look on his face told her everything she needed to know. It twisted in an intense grin, and she felt that prodigious monster swell and pump inside of her. She came again then, crying out wordlessly, and her convulsive spasms squeezed her final cock over the edge as well. She felt that cock swell inside her most private hole, and this one yelled so loudly it even cut through the pounding rhythms of the D.J. Jo was wrung out. She rested her head on J.P.'s chest and gulped air. She could feel him soften and slide out of her. The man behind her withdrew as well, and she was suddenly empty, completely empty. It was a strange sensation, after being so filled for what seemed like forever. She could feel warm cum trickling out of both holes, and the taste of cum was still on her tongue.

She may have passed out then. She wasn't sure. The next thing she knew, her husband was helping her to her feet. He kissed her tenderly, passionately, and she knew she had made him proud and turned on. He put his arm around her and led her out of the club. As the door closed behind them, a deafening silence fell. Her ears buzzed. She was so tired she could barely stand. A stream of cum was dripping down her thigh as Dave walked her to the car. He got her into the car, and moved around to the driver's seat. Dave leaned over to kiss his wife, and whispered,

"That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my entire life."

Jo smiled, content with her husband's happiness. He shifted the car into gear and headed for home.

"You must be awfully tired, Jo," he mentioned, conversationally. "There's only one problem, though." He pulled his wife's hand to his lap, where his cock - HER personal cock - was rock hard and straining against his pants. "There's still one more to go..."

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