tagBDSMThe Club "Illusions" Ch. 02

The Club "Illusions" Ch. 02


I got a call from Nan that week, asking if I could meet her to discuss the upcoming weekend's events. We met downtown, two women out on the town as we laughed and smiled our way through lunch. Finally we both sat, glasses in hand and she leaned forward saying, "Well then, I think I have everything in place, now I just need to see if the part I have for you to play suits you my dear."

With that she began to lay it all out, from the very beginning to very end and I couldn't help but feel excited, my body reacting to her words, my mind picturing it taking place. By the time she was finished I smiled widely and said, "You are a very special woman Nan, it's absolutely incredible, perfect, I really would not change a thing. When do we begin?"

She told me that she would be contacting Jonathan that day and that we could begin that evening and I couldn't help but grin, feeling the power, the incredible energy of being in control, something that had been on my mind ever since Nan had first questioned me about it. What I didn't know though was just how much I desired to exert my influence on another and now, now I had my chance.

Sitting down at the computer I began to set up the dummy e-mail account, one that would lead him on a merry chase though in reality he would know who it was but would not know what the end result would be. I typed out the first message, the words flowing as easily as if I had been the person forever, this Lady Elizabeth. I smiled, closing my eyes and picturing the look on his face when he opened the message to read.


The reply coming shortly saying, "I'm sorry, who is this?"


Nan had given me the address, the one which he used for his writings, his stories, something he would not know I was aware of and the response was frantic, "How do you know my name?"


The reply, short and so sweet to my ears, "Yes".

"GOOD, THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL DO, THIS FRIDAY EVENING, 8 P.M., THE CORNER OF WASHINGTON AND SHELBY, DO NOT BE LATE, DO NOT DISAPPOINT ME." With that I hit enter and though I received several messages after that, asking questions, pleading for answers he would have no satisfaction. I had other work ahead of me and I knew the anticipation of being forced to wait would only make the occasion that much more intense.

By the time Friday night had come around though I had found it worked both ways, I felt like I was at a fever pitch. Sitting at the bar in “Illusions” dressed for the part by Nan until finally it was time and I turned to her and said, "Do you really think I can do this, do I really look the part?"

Her look, her eyes reflecting back at me gave me the answer I needed though to hear her say so out loud only helped reinforce the fact. "You look incredible Lady E and yes, I think you were born for this". She smiled at me and I gave her a nod, accepting her words trying to maintain the character which she had worked so hard with me on. I must admit it wasn't that difficult, it was an intoxicating feeling but come later that night would be the true test.

Matthew smiled, opening the door to the black limousine, watching as I slid inside and he said, "Good hunting m'lady, we'll see you back shortly and we'll be ready, I promise." This time I gave him no heed, acting as if his words and he were beneath me and as the car pulled away he turned to look at Nan and said, "I fear you've unleashed a monster my dear".

She laughed heartily saying, "You know what, you may be right."

As the car drove silently along the city streets I remembered my talk with Nan, how she had instructed me to act. I could already feel the excitement of the chase, the thrill of knowing what lay ahead and it had all but consumed my thoughts ever since I had known my part in the play. It was like slipping on a second skin, one that fit perfectly and one that I knew I would have to taste from more than once to quench such a desire as this.

The vehicle pulled up to the corner, the driver getting out and when he opened the passenger door I could see him standing there, trying to peer into the darkness of the vehicle and with a voice unlike any I had ever used before I said rather icily, "GET IN, I DO NOT LIKE TO BE KEPT WAITING." Seconds later he slid in, his eyes looking at me as if for the first time ever and I must admit I looked little like the woman he had met in the club that night only two short weeks ago.

I let him look for a moment or two before I calmly turned my head saying, "I'd advise you to not stare, it's impolite." His gaze quickly changed and as the ride continued it did so with his head hung slightly, questions at his lips but I knew he was too scared to ask them, something I was counting on. Nan had told me that the anticipation, the unknown would combine to make the fantasy that much more intense, that much more intriguing.

The car pulled up at the club and as my door swung open, the driver doing his duty I saw his door open as well, Nan at the ready. I saw the look of confusion on his face and he started to say something to her but she paid him no heed, turning to me with a nod and I said, "You will take Mr. Samuels and prepare him for tonight Nan, no questions, no answers, is that clear?"

"Yes Mistress" was her simple but to his shock potent response and with that I walked into the club, Matthew holding the door open and I walked past him as if it was I who owned the establishment, not him.

Nan was ready, her part unlike her normal role in life but one she seemed to relish and I had agreed, if we had switched the roles it would not have been quite as unnerving to Jonathan. This way, I got to examine life from each side of the lash, if you know what I mean. I knew what was going to happen but to better explain it I think I'll let Nan take the tale from here for awhile and I shall rejoin you at the appropriate time. For now, I need to change into something a bit more..fitting.

To say I was pleased with Elizabeth's performance would be an understatement and I could tell from the look and confusion on Jonathan's face that she had certainly captured his imagination. "Come with me Mr. Samuels, we have little time and quite a bit to accomplish before the night truly begins." With that I began to stride briskly toward the door, giving Matthew a wink as I walked past but he simply nodded, remembering his place. We walked through the still mostly deserted main floor, heading toward a door at the end of the hallway, a special room, one where I had first met Matthew and his alter ego and where tonight I would meet Jonathan's as well.

I watched him closely as he stepped through the doorway, his eyes looking around taking in all the costumes, the full bath with the huge claw foot tub, the dressing area, makeup area, everything set up to transform him into the object of his own desire. For a second, just a brief second I thought he might bolt, might turn and run but I thought it might not hurt to bend the rules slightly saying, "It would be a shame to leave now and spend the rest of your life wondering what if...would it not Jonathan?"

The words you spoke rang true, the man standing there with a sigh nodding his head and with that you said, "I would advise you to do as I say, Mistress does not like to be kept waiting and I have heard you have much to lose. Now, strip." The word so simple but so effective, like a slap to the face and with that he began to undress slowly as you turned smiling towards the camera that you knew was hidden from view. Knowing two who were watching and listening closely to what was transpiring. The two who even now were undergoing their own transformations.

He stood there, his clothes in a pile at this feet and I could see it in his eyes, read it in his body language, he was so lost, so vulnerable and I couldn't help but smile as I walked around him. Inspecting every inch, my nails trailing over his chest, down his back, feeling him trembling in anticipation, his eyes closing and I knew as Mia was to me that he would be to Elizabeth by the end of the night. I had said earlier that I had sensed something between them, two souls lost not even aware they were searching for each other. After the events of the past two weeks I believed even more now that they were destined for each other and I was going to do everything in my power to assure just that happened.

"Through there you will find everything you will need for your first assignment, return to me when you have removed every bit of that disgusting hair on your body. That's with the exception of the hair on your head, wash it thoroughly, shampoo and conditioner is that clear?" He nodded but I quickly shot him a look saying, "You will answer me when I speak to you, I deserve to be treated with the same respect that you will give your Mistress. The correct answer is Yes Mistress, now say it."

"Yes Mistress?" and with that I waved him on, turning my back and beginning to lay everything out in anticipation of the work which lay ahead.

It took awhile but when he returned he did so in the white robe I had laid out for him and I could see he had indeed followed the directions precisely. I pointed to a chair saying, "Sit". He did, sitting down in front of the area covered with potions, lotions, all forms of makeup, jewelry, everything to begin the process. "I want you to pay attention to what I do, you will need to be able to do this on your own soon and if you can not then you will pay for such a transgression." I picked up the first container and looked at him in the mirror saying, "This is foundation, and this is how we begin."

As the minutes passed and things moved along I knew that Elizabeth would be watching and I wondered if she was as pleased as I. His face, his eyes, everything about him lent easily to that which I was trying to do and by the time I was finished it was all I could do not to smile, to proclaim to him how pleased I was. I managed to simply nod and say, "There, we'll finish your hair and touch up things after you've gotten dressed."

With that there was a knock on the door and as I bid enter, it opened to reveal a tall, statuesque beauty dressed in red. "Mia will assist you in dressing, I shall return shortly." With that I walked past Mia who bowed her head as I suddenly stopped, looking up to the dark haired woman saying, "Mia, I will hold you responsible if she is not ready when I return, is that clear?"

The voice that came forth was slightly familiar and it was only when she replied, "Yes Mistress, as you wish" that I knew Jonathan suddenly realized that Mia was Matthew.

Walking next door to where Elizabeth was watching her bright smile told me she too was indeed pleased and we both saw the look on Jonathan's face was one of stunned understanding as Mia merely smiled saying, "You're well on your way, we just need to help the process along, shall we?" He nodded, biting at his bottom lip as Mia began to pick up each item from the bed, handing it to him and helping as she made small corrections. The forms he wore to fill out his breasts, helping to lace the corselet, seeing the look on his face, the shy smile which filled it as he pulled on the silky, lace thigh high stockings and knowing he was now living his dream.

I walked in, opening the door a few minutes later to see the now two women sitting, Mia smiling, the other anxious knowing how very close she was. With a wave of my hand I sent Mia on her way where Elizabeth was waiting for her and I once again said, "Sit" and she stood and walked slowly on her new heels back to where we had begun and I began to take the curlers from her long, thick brown hair. Picking up a brush I began to style it, framing her face, knowing how desperately she wanted to look in the mirror but there was none to be found.

Finally, I put down the brush and picked up a tube of lipstick saying, "Purse your lips as if you were to give someone a kiss" and she did so as I applied the dark burgundy shade, her lips now shining and as I put the cap back on I told her to stand so that I might take a look. I knew that Elizabeth was now waiting in the club, Mia at her side and that I would be the first to witness the completed project.

I tried to keep from showing my own excitement, putting a few items back in their proper places, acting nonchalant as if it truly did not matter to me but when I finally turned and saw her, the look on her face of desperation, so much wanting to hear my thoughts that I could not help it, I had to tell her, "You look..lovely my dear. Now, come along, your Mistress waits."

Walking back down the hallway, her hand in mine I could feel her shaking, looking down at her nails, the color matching that which adorned her lips and I gave her hand a quick squeeze, a signal telling her that it would be alright and I got a bit of a smile, still the same shy one that Jonathan had shared with me when we had first met.

We finally turned the corner and she came to an abrupt halt, her eyes growing wide to see all the people who now were here, the club beginning to fill up for the night ahead. Once again I knew she had the urge to panic, to hide, to run but I simply said, "You don't really want to keep your Mistress waiting, do you?" and with that she took a deep breath and we walked toward the table where I knew they would be waiting on us.

As we walked I saw several people I knew, as the co-owner of the bar I took great pride in keeping up with the clientele and I saw the many curious stares and some people looking openly at the young beauty whose hand I held and I smiled, knowing I had helped play a part in her coming out party. A party which had only started and was bound to continue long into the night. We finally made our way through the throng, the people seeming to part as we came to the table and the two people sitting there looked up and with a nod I said, "Mistress, may I present to you, Wendy Lynne, your new submissive."

As Lady Elizabeth I had a certain stature, a way I had to carry myself but it took all my self control not to stare at the woman who stood before me. So beautiful, the look in her eyes almost pleading as she waited to hear of my approval or perhaps otherwise. I took a deep breath, steadying my voice before saying simply, “Wendy, sit next to me. You look exquisite.” The smile which came to her face only emphasized her beauty and with that she sat down properly and awaited what would come next.

Nan and I conversed while Mia and her sat there quietly, watching the crowd until I looked at her saying, "I have business to attend to, I shall return shortly" and I stood and walked away, quickly disappearing into the throng. I quickly moved to my vantage point, knowing what was to take place next and I watched as Wendy stood, than as I had instructed sat down, conscious of her dress, crossing her legs demurely and sitting with hands in her lap.

Her head was looking down so she never saw him approach until she heard a voice say, "Excuse me miss, would you give me the honor of a dance?" I could see the look of confusion on her face as she looked at him for a second before turning only to find Mia and Nan gone as well. I smiled as I saw you shake your head no, your eyes not daring to meet his.

He was insistent as Nan had instructed him to be saying, "Well miss, I do not wish to make a scene but I shall if you will not afford me at least one dance. Which shall it be?" Watching, she took his hand, standing and as her eyes scanned the room desperately for one of us, the dark haired stranger took her to the dance floor where he pulled her into an embrace and they began to move to the slow, sensual song playing.

My eyes never left them, surprised to feel the emotion which began to fill me, the one I was to portray. As I watched him pull her closer, his lips finding her neck, his hands daring to slide down over her hips and seeing her body tremble at such a touch I moved quickly, knowing Nan was watching closely. I on the other hand was once again found myself quickly becoming "lost" in the fantasy as I strode to where the two were dancing, pulling the young mans arm from around her and with a single slap across the face spitting out in fury, "How dare you? She belongs to me!"

The look on his face was one of stunned disbelief, the blow having been much harder than he had anticipated and it was genuine fear in his eyes that I saw as I advanced upon him again only to hear Wendy say, "It, it's not his fault m'lady, I." and with that I wheeled, the look I gave her one of pure anger.

Just then Nan walked up and I said, "Take her to my chambers, I'll deal with her shortly. Now, go" and with that the blonde took her by the hand and whisked her away. It was only when they were gone that I turned to see the dark haired man had fled, my acting as convincing to him as it had been to my new charge.

I strode briskly, people moving quickly out of my way as I went down the hallway and opened the door leading into the catacombs of the club. I'd traveled here earlier that day with Nan, she showing me what would be available, at my disposal. Toys of all types, some more for show than others and others more for pure pain than pleasure. Wendy was about to find out that my taste for her would tend toward the latter. Walking, I saw Nan coming my way and as she got close she said softly, "Elizabeth, you've scared her to death, I think."

The look I gave her brought an abrupt halt to her words as I spoke softly, evenly, "It's what she wants, what she desires, is that not right Nan?" and when she did not answer me quickly enough I repeated, "I SAID IS THAT NOT RIGHT?"

Nan nodded, her head slightly hung, her eyes wary as she replied softly, "Yes Mistress."

"A wise decision, now come with me, I will need your help and possibly to keep me from doing something I might regret at a later time" and with that I walked toward the door which she had only moments ago left. I flung it open, the wood slamming against the wall as a gasp escaped Wendy's mouth and I walked in, taking her by the arm and saying, "YOU WILL COME WITH ME NOW." With that I pushed her forward as she tottered on her heels, almost falling as Nan stood by silently and the three of us began to walk deeper into the bowels of the building.

We came to a enormous door, one locked and as Nan walked up, taking a chain from around her neck Wendy watched, her face pale even under her makeup as the blonde unlocked the huge wooden obstacle. It opened slowly, a push from behind sending the brown haired beauty inside as I laughed wickedly and said, "You were warned what would happen if you were to disobey and you have committed the worst of transgressions, allowing yourself to be used like a commoner, by a mere man none the less." The door closed, the sound of the lock loud in the confines, the dim light showing little as I said, "So, if you desire to act like a whore, you will become a whore. TAKE THE DRESS OFF THIS INSTANT!"

"I, I'm sorry Mistress, I swear I did not mean to." and with that I walked up and with a single pull the dress ripped, her blue eyes growing wide as she gasped again, this time trying to cover herself as Nan simply stood there, waiting, watching.

"The lights Nan" and with that she flipped the switch and I watched as Wendy cowered in fear, her body begin to shake at the sights before her. Reaching up I pulled down a chain, a pair of shackles attached and as I smiled, a smile which did not reach my eyes I said softly, "Come here little whore, you need to be taught a lesson." Her eyes glassy, her mind simply surrendering itself to the fantasy, a fact that was not lost on me. I was too caught up in it myself to allow me to stop as she walked slowly to where I stood and seconds later I motioned to Nan who flipped the switch, the motor coming to life and the poor girl's hands and then her feet were lifted off the floor.

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