tagBDSMThe Club: The Doll and Revenge

The Club: The Doll and Revenge


Author note: This was not what I thought I would write as a follow-up but it is where it went early feedback and the story took me.


I sit down with Lindsay and Will the others are at the table next to us, and say, "So when does she start?"

"Any second now," Lindsay says. As I sit Lindsay unzips my pants and slides her hand in rubbing my cock. While I take a drink.

I look at Lindsay sitting in her half cup black bra, black mini skirt, lace topped stockings, and 5 inch come fuck this slut heels. The thing that really left me shocked every time I saw it the collar and leash on her neck.

The Club was really a group of dominants and their willing sex slaves. Lindsay was Will's she would obey his every command. Just like Alison and Susan where Their husbands fuck slaves.

The first three months was meant to be Stephanie's training to be my slut slave. But something didn't go quite right, at least that is what I'm suppose to believe.

The Club could be broken down into basically two parts the small groups like Will, Lindsay, Hal, Alison, Tom, and Susan. Every now and then they would find an individual who wanted to be dominated by everyone. The other more interesting part was the Club Houses they were more organized and provided the small groups with opportunities to swing, and make some money which is why we were here tonight.

As I sit Lindsay rubbing me and Will, reflecting on what had been happening. the lights at the center of the room are raised making a platform visible in the middle of the platform is Stephanie standing nude, with the exception of her 5 inch red fuck me heels, her unbound hands behind her back with a little pink collar on her neck. The silence is broken by the PA, "tonight's main auction is Stephanie a slut from club 439 for a three month lease. She is 28 years old, 5' 10", and 113 pounds. As you might have been able to tell from her slender frame those tits are not natural, but they are still fun to play with. Give them a shake Stephanie."

At the command from the PA Stephanie shakes her shoulders causing her massive 36DD tits to jiggle and shake like they are natural. "That's right guys augmented through the club true slut program. They feel and act like 36DD naturals."

I sit back knowing what is about to happen and the announcer says, "what are the bids for this lovely fuck doll?" In the center of the table a screen lights up a five minute counter at the top and a dollar figure right below. The counter starts to drop and the dollars go up.

Will smiles at me and says, "that slut is going to make us rich. I can't believe how well the true slut program worked on her."

Lindsay grabs my cock and really starts working it. Every time the conversation turned to how totally Stephanie was transformed to a living sex toy, Lindsay would work harder on me. I think she felt guilty that basically I was alone, Stephanie wasn't a woman anymore she was a sex toy.

The stray thoughts taking me back to what happened over the course of the just six months.


"I don't know," Stephanie said, " I haven't ever heard of anything like that before."

"That's because it's new. It just made it out of trails," Tom said. "Look if you are more comfortable with traditional birth control that's fine. I was just thinking with all the cum you're exposed to right now you wouldn't want to risk forgetting your pill."

"Fine," Stephanie replied. "I will give it a shot."

"Good, you won't regret this. Now take off your top and bra." Tom said.

"What?" Stephanie said confused.

"There are two small injections one in each breast."

"Fine," Stephanie says taking off her top followed by her bra. "Let's get this over with." Topless she sit waiting for Tom to inject he with a new amazing birth control that she has been told has never failed to prevent pregnancy, shortens or eliminates periods, and will increase her sexual experiences.

Tom pulls a tray over with two needles picks up the first and injects it into Stephanie's left nipple. "Ouch," Stephanie says.

"Sorry about that halfway there." Tom grabs the second and injects her right nipple. "All done, how do you feel?"

Stephanie rubbed her nipples for a second then stops after the go rock hard. "Fine," she says a little flushed looking down at her chest.

"Good," says Tom as he undoes his belt. Walking away from the locked door. "Now let's make sure it works. Strip." Stephanie obeyed stripping down and stands nude as Tom looking her up and down. "Look at that," he says, "I thought it would take longer to get you wet." Stephanie shifts as she notices how wet she already is. "Bend over the table Steph." Stephanie without hesitation complying bends over the table.

Tom walks up behind her and rams his cock in her clearly ready pussy. Stephanie opens her mouth and moans out loudly and Tom shoves her panties in her mouth. "Can't have you making a scene now can we." Stephanie shakes her head no. "Glad you understand," pulling her hair Tom roughly fucks her until she shakes with an orgasm.

After she comes down Tom pulls Stephanie by the hair to her knees. Then fucks her skull for moment before cumming down her throat.

The screen goes black as I moan and grab Lindsay by the hips throwing her down on my cock and cum deep in her round toned ass. Will says, "now clean him up." Lindsay drops to her knees and sucks my cock.

"That was Stephanie's first injection of true slut," Will says Susan bobbing up and down on him. Stephanie's moans coming from down the hall where Hal, Tom, and Alison are being serviced.

"What does it do," I ask enjoying Lindsay cleaning my cock.

"It depends on the woman, but basically it increases their sex drive, eliminates their periods, and prevents pregnancy. It will also increase tit size only a little bit most of the time."

I see Susan deep throating Will and he moans grabs the back of her head and cums. "Nice work slut," Will says and Susan smiles at the compliment. "You want a different girl," Will asks. "This one has an ass that will suck your balls dry." Slapping Susan's fair skinned ass leaving a red hand print.

"Sure," I say my cock hard again from Lindsay's sucking and tongue work. Lindsay holds my cock as Susan impales herself on my cock.

"Bitch, go get Alison in here you go play with Hal and Tom," Lindsay gets up and walks out of the room. Susan bouncing and humming. "All the girls in the club get it. That is why one girls has to pay dues for a week every quarter." After a pausing for a while just fucking our sluts Will says, "Oh yeah one other side effects of the true slut treatment, is they become more submissive. Isn't that right ladies?"

Susan just moans her agreement and Alison says, "Oh I don't know about that I have always been a bit of submissive slut. But it does make sex so much better."

"See what I mean. Stephanie just needs two more doses and she will be good to go. Then she just has to pay the dues and we can all hit the clubs."

Will stops talking again and just fucks Alison like a doll hard and fast. Her face red hanging between her legs moaning. Susan seeing that the conversation is over starts bouncing and grinding harder on my cock. I pull her against me reach around and twist her nipples making her moan loudly, "oh yes, oh yes, use me."

Wanting to push her submissive streak I say, "shut up slut, just fuck me." Susan leans forward and fucks be harder with only a gentle hum leaving her lips.

I hear Stephanie in the other room moaning like a whore clearly getting ready to cum hard, and Lindsay saying, "Bitch I said fuck him with your fat whore ass. That's it grind on him make him want to fill that slut ass with cum." I hear Stephanie gasping and Tom grunt. "Thank him now Steph you slut."

Will says, "Don't worry I am sure it is on tape if you want to see it."

A little disappointed at missing Stephanie's first club anal I grab Susan throw he on the sofa and pound her ass making her cum and depositing my load up her ass.

Will having just cum in Alison says, "why don't we take a look."

As we walk in the room we see, Hal taking his turn with Stephanie's ass. Stephanie fondling Tom's balls and eating Lindsay's pussy. Then Lindsay grabs the hair on the back of Stephanie's head and holds her their making her eat her juice while she cums. Watching Lindsay, Hal slams into Stephanie's ass and cums. He drops Stephanie's hips and she falls to the bed. Sweat all over her body, cum in pussy and ass. Her hair a mess from it being used to direct her face to a cock or pussy, not to mention the gleaming pussy juice nose to chin. She just lay exhausted her chest heaving, and her nipples still rock hard.


"Oh yes fuck me, please fuck me," Stephanie moans Tom pumping her from underneath. Alison standing behind her just finishing putting on the 10 inch strap on. Stephanie's growing B cup tits bounce as she pumps Will and my cock in her hands.

"Slut beg for Alison to fuck your slut ass." Hal says standing in front of Stephanie Lindsay sucking his balls and Susan his cock.

"Alison please I need you to fuck my ass. Please use my holes. I need to be fucked please." Stephanie says between gasps. With no gentleness Alison rams the strap on up Stephanie's still tight ass, and Stephanie gasps as it goes in.

Hal sends Lindsay to suck Will's balls and Susan to suck mine. He steps forward cock in Stephanie's flush face, "ready for the next step in your training."

Stephanie nods and says between trusts and pumps, "yes sir make me airtight like the slut I am, please let me service all your cocks at once." And opens her mouth Hal grabs the back of Stephanie's head and rams his cock down her throat.

Stephanie wide eyed lets him control the pace. Tom and Alison find a rhythm with each other filling her completely in an out together and soon Hal matches. Stephanie grunts and moans her eyes roll back in her head from the pleasure. With so much happening to her Stephanie soon forgets to pump our cocks and Susan and Lindsay grabs Stephanie's hands and pump Will and I with Stephanie's hands. After three more minutes Stephanie shakes and quivers Tom grabs Stephanie's hips and throws her down on his cock. Hal forces his cock deep down her throat. Throws his head back as he cums down Stephanie's throat.

Alison pussy juices leaking down her legs pulls the 10 inches nearly all the way out of her ass and slams in back in to Stephanie marking Stephanie quiver. Then does it again and again. "Mmmmm bitch cum, cum hard," Alison says a glint in her eyes. Hal releases Stephanie leaving her mouth open. Alison says, "Tell us what a stupid little fuck doll you are."

Stephanie without pausing says "I am nothing but a stupid little fuck doll use meee." Stephanie squeals as Alison slams in again.

Lindsay joins in saying, "Stephanie you stupid bitch beg for Will and Sam to cum on your face. Tell them what a cum whore you are."

Stephanie again without hesitation says, "I am a stupid cum whore. Please Sam, Will give me your cummmmmmm" Stephanie moans with a shutter as Alison slams into her ass hard once again. After taking a few deep breaths Stephanie says, "oh please cum on my slut face. I need your cum."

Will steps forward first Lindsay pumping his cock with Stephanie's trembling hand between moans Stephanie says, "Cum on this little Ali's face." Will lets loose a massive load hitting her forehead and running down her face. Lindsay and Susan hold her hands so she can't touch it cum running in her eyes.

"Don't touch it, slut bitch, until you are told." I walk in front Susan sit pumping with Stephanie's hand and fire my load aimed by Susan right into Stephanie's eyes.

Susan and Lindsay get up after one more hard slam Alison pulls out. Susan and Lindsay pull Stephanie to her feet so Hal can get up. Susan says," our turn to play." The men sit and watch as Lindsay puts a gag that has cock attached. Susan roughly grabs Stephanie's hand and cuffs them together behind her back. Then grabs the blinded Stephanie by the hair forces her to ground on her back. Ass and pussy raised by a wedge, Alison cuffs her ankles to and straps her legs in a bend. Making it almost impossible for Stephanie to move or resist.

Lindsay stands over Stephanie's face. Kneels and bounces on the fake cock coming out of Stephanie's mouth. Her ass in Stephanie's face. Lindsay reaches out and tweaks Stephanie's nipples twisting and pulling making her whimper.

Susan has her own strap on around her waist and moves to Stephanie's raises holes and slides her blue fake cock up Stephanie's ass. Susan turns to Alison removing the length of dildo that anchored her strapon in her pussy and says, "collect some cum in your pussy for the end of our fun."

Alison nods and walks over to me, and says, " I need you to cum in my pussy. Please let me fuck you." I nod and Alison climbs up cowgirl her tits in my face and grinds hard trying to make me cum as fast as she can.

She presses he big soft tits in my face. I can't see but hear Stephanie's muffled moans and Lindsay and Susan's hums of pleasure.

After a five minutes Alison collects my cum deep in her pussy kisses my cheek and says, "thanks baby." Gets up moves over to Tom and says, "I need your cum." Alison climbs on her husband and fucks him as hard as she just did me.

I look at Stephanie, Lindsay, and Susan. Stephanie's eyes glued shut with cum Lindsay bouncing her firm ass of Stephanie's face and twisting Stephanie's nipples. Then starts slapping Stephanie's much bigger tits. Susan pounds away enjoying fucking Stephanie's restrained body using her bound legs to make her thrusts as hard as possible.

As the women punish Stephanie's body, Stephanie squirms trying to escape. Susan slaps Stephanie's pussy and says, "sit still you're our stupid little fuck doll and we will use you how we like." Stephanie stops squirming and takes the abuse.

Tom cums in Alison's pussy, and Alison says, "two loads enough?"

Lindsay on the brink of cumming stops bouncing juices running onto Stephanie's face. "I will get the next two, slut. You give the slave her first treat." Lindsay climbs up falls on Hal's cock and starts to cum.

Alison walks to Stephanie pulls the dildo that has been strapped to her face so it hangs around her neck. Stephanie says, "please stop almost sobbing."

Susan slaps her tits, " what are you now, Stephanie?"

"I'm your fuck doll," Stephanie replies sobbing.

Alison says, "good girl." Then sits on Stephanie's face and says, "eat me out slut." Stephanie's mouth opens and she start eat Alison's sloppy pussy. Alison grinds her pussy hard into Stephanie's face and moans, "that's it get the whore tongue in there good at deep. Eat Sam and Tom's cum out of me make me cum." At the encouragement from Alison Stephanie starts to work harder.

Susan becoming flush continues to pound Stephanie's pussy and punish her as her own pleasure builds. Lindsay having recovered from her orgasm a few minutes earlier was milking the last few drops of cum from Hal.

Lindsay gets up and moves to Will starts riding hard. "Come on baby cum in your sluts pussy give me your cum to feed that bitch. "

Alison breaths get short and deep she plays with her breasts kneading them. Alison grinds across Stephanie's face cum and pussy juice running down her cheeks and pooling in her hair. Stephanie's olive skin slick with sweat. Stephanie's tits swaying with her own heavy breathing. Restrained hips trying to meet Susan trusts. Susan moaning finally thrusting in and collapsing across Stephanie moaning and hips rocking involuntarily.

Moments after Susan's orgasm takes her Alison begins cumming thrashing her hips cum and juices flowing from her pussy. Stephanie moaning and convulsing against her bonds.

Will unable control himself watching three women cumming and moaning in pile and cums in Lindsay.

Lindsay pushes Alison off Stephanie. "Open your eyes slut." Stephanie opens her eyes breaking the dry cum and letting the old cum running into her eyes making tears roll down her cheeks. "Good now beg bitch. Beg for the cum in my pussy whore. You're going to be the bottom bitch here."

Flushed and exhausted Stephanie unable to move looks up at Lindsay and says, "please feed me cum out of your pussy. Please I am your toy."

"Keep your slut eyes open." Lindsay says. Spreads her pussy lips and lets cum drip across my wife's face and eyes. Then squats over her face commanding Stephanie to lick her. Stephanie strains her head and neck flicking her tongue across Lindsay pussy. After a minute or two Lindsay sits and rides Stephanie's face until she cums Stands up and walks away with Susan and Alison leaving Stephanie on the floor. The men sit and talk sports watching Stephanie struggle.


"The way true slut is working on Stephanie is incredible," Tom says. "I can't believe how much she has changed."

"I know," Hal answers, "Honestly I'm glad it didn't work so well on Susan."

"It's crazy Alison hates paying the dues, she has been telling me how she hopes Stephanie will become the group's slave."

"Susan mentioned something like that too, but I think she enjoys dominating the little slut too."

"She is a fantastic fuck though isn't she," Tom says, "and those tits are amazing on her tiny body."

"Hey," Will says Lindsay on her leash following behind. "Where's are guests of honor? That stupid whore has to pay her dues or we will be thrown out."

"They already came and got her they took Sam too. I can't believe she is paying dues at the club. You know they might quit on us." Tom says.

"Don't worry, Stephanie is nothing but a fuck doll now. All she wants to do is fuck and be used."

I flick the monitor to Stephanie she is sitting waiting for in the line of woman to be ravaged. I gathered this was faster than paying dues over the week at a house, but much rougher most women would do anything to avoid it, most are being punished or are group slaves being used to make a buck.

I hear the door open and a man with three women on leashes walks in. "So Stephanie is your wife, I hear she is a real success of the true slut program," he says. "I'm Victor, the North American president of the club." The surprise must've shown on my face that he knew who Stephanie and I where since we were so new. He says, "oh Stephanie has caused quite a stir with her success most higher ups know about her. If she does well here tonight who knows what's possible for you. But I digress I came to offer you a slave as company. Ladies!" The three women rush in front of me and kneel Breasts thrust out, "Choose whichever you like."

I look at the three women the are each amazing the first was short with cropped black hair tan skin and green eyes. Her short body was tight and curvy with b cup tits and the most amazing ass. The second was slightly shorter and thin very thin with small breasts and long blond hair and brown eyes. The last girl was about Stephanie's height and build before the true slut injections. She had blond hair and fair skin.

I point to the first short curvy woman, and Victor hands me her leash. "Excellent choice, her name is Jewels." Jewels crawls over to me and kneels at my side. "Would you mind if I watched with you?"

After a moment pause I say, "Not at all." And point at the other chair in the room he sits and his two slaves kneel sit by side. "It is my first meeting outside our chapter it will be interesting to watch."

Victor nods and says, " I hope you enjoy the show." Then pulls a phone from his jacket and says, "excuse me I need to tell them to get the entertainment started."

After a quick call the lights dim throughout the club, and the lights in the glass room in front of us and slightly below us come up. Four nude men stand in the corners and while in the center of there is a dark hole. An announcer comes on the PA and says, "our first show is Brittney." Slowly the center of the room is filled with an attractive and slightly curvy woman fully clothed in the center her ankles chained to the floor and a panicked look on her face. Once the floor locks in place the announcer says, "these men haven't been allowed to cum for two weeks, Brittney will be helping them. Did I mention they have been given true stud."

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