The Coast Trip


Things finally slowed down a little around our house, so Lee and I decided on a short run to the Coast.

We like to get away from the day to day grind, and we really enjoy finding some unsuspecting guy and giving him an "accidental" peek at Lee!

It was the middle of last week, and hotter than the hubs of hell in Portland, so running around Newport in the cool breeze sounded great!

I am a Massage Therapy instructor at a local school, so my free time can be nearly any day of the week. I get paid by the class, and if I don't have any schedules, I am free to go as I please.

So we grabbed some snacks, and off we went! Lee just slipped a simple pullover blouse over head, and a short pleated style skirt, a bit old fashioned but comfortable. I like her pullover blouse, it is thin and yellow, her breasts show nice and clear when the light gets right, and one errant gust of wind and her bare fanny shows, too!

She knows this, of course. She also knows I like it, and she will take the opportunity to tease any gas pump jockey we find if the situation comes up. Once I wrote the word "HI" in black marker pen right above the top of her pussy, just to see what would happen. The poor kid almost swallowed his tongue, washed the window 10 times, then he got some courage and walked around to Lee's side window and said "Hi, back!"..

That was hilarious, we have a lot of fun on our little trips.

We finally arrived at the beach, and were just wandering around the streets. We had stopped near a vender, there was every kind of silly knick-knack known to man on display. We were looking over the merchandise when I noticed this guy about 50, he seemed odd. For one thing, he was pointedly ignoring Lee, and that isn't normal! Plus he was carrying this huge bag, and was wearing a large coat.

I looked him over out of the corner of my eye to make sure he wasn't going to try and slip a hand in Lee's purse or something, when I spotted the camara lens at the corner of the bag!

Hell, this guy was trying to do an upskirt on Lee! My first thought was to pop him one, but then I got an idea. I whispered to Lee that she had some pervert trying to take a picture up her dress! She looked at me funny, then it hit her. She got that sly grin on her face and said, "Watch this!"..

Then she leaned way out over the table, lifting her left leg straight out behind like she was trying to keep her balance.

The guy just turned in behind her, and I saw the lens go under her skirt, actually lifting the back of it. Lee stayed like that as long as she dared, then went to set her leg back down, pretending to be interested in some silly little statue.

The guy moved right with her, by the time Lee was standing back upright, he was innocently looking at something else.

We walked across the street, and looked back as he moved into position on another victim. We watched him work for about 15 minutes, he sniped at least 3 others while we stood there!

We laughed, and headed back to the car. I asked Lee what she thought he might do when he saw the shots of her, since she never wears panties!

*Oh, I can just guess" she laughed..

We headed back towards Portland, on a whim, I stopped at the same gas station we had hit on the way down. Sure enough, the same young man was on duty. I laughed as he headed for our car on an almost dead run. Lee slipped between the split front seats into the rear just as he got to my window, the poor guy looked almost crestfallen.

But Lee slipped her top over her head, and pulled her skirt above her waist, and lay back.

I looked over the back of the seat, there she lay, almost completely naked, her legs spread wide giving the guy a show!

Just then I heard a voice, he said "WOW..I guess you weren't bullshitting us!" I glanced in the side mirror, the other attendant was staring in the window, too!

Lee laughed and jumped up, pulling her top back on, and hopped back in the front.

We continued on towards home, I could hardly wait to get there and get my reward.

A few days later, I was surfing and opened up an amateur photo site. Here was Lee's pussy, clear as a bell in the Voyeur section....I must admit that this has given me a lot of new ideas...

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