tagGay MaleThe Coastal Road: Ryan and Axle

The Coastal Road: Ryan and Axle


Ryan and Axle were 22, tall and muscular. They'd been good friends in college.

"Remember Angie?" Ryan asked. His strong arms held the wheel of the Jeep, a tattoo showing through his singlet.

"The redhead?"

"Yeah, I went there."

"Dude, I was fucking her for weeks," Axle laughed. He slouched, deep into the car seat, a chill vibe across his square stubbled jaw, his solid cheek bones, serious eyes and thick short brown hair.

"Massive tits." Ryan's smile spread across his smart, strong face.

"And on a redhead."

The two men looked at each other and laughed.

"Fuck I'm gonna miss you, man," Ryan said. Axle was about to join the army so they were going on one last road trip - from their home town to Axle's barracks.

"Me too man, me too," Axle answered.


"Dude she wasn't into you," Axle yelled as they stumbled into the hotel room.

"Not after you told her I was 22," Ryan answered, taking off his shirt, showing his smooth ripped abs and strong pecs.

"I didn't know she was 30," Axle's pants fell to his knees. He had muscular legs, with warm tanned skin and brown hair.

"Fuck it." Ryan fell back onto the bed. "Dude I'm glad you got us a king." Wearing nothing but tight white cotton boxers, his 9" dick formed a huge soft bulge in boxers shaped for smaller cocks.

"I grew out of singles at 10 years old." Axle's wide strong body sprawled across one side of the giant bed. His light cotton boxers were grey and formed a manly bulge around his 8" cock.

"You're a beast, Axle," said Ryan, turning to face his friend. Muscles formed deep thick lines just above Ryan's cock, pointing down.

"Faggot," Axle laughed and punched Ryan's arm.


Ryan rolled over and pinned Axle to the bed, his smooth muscular back formed two rippled wings of strength as he held down his buddy.

"Taken down by a civilian," Ryan joked. "Who's a faggot now?" His strong legs pressed against Axle's huge muscular body, his crotch just inches from his buddy's dick and 8 tight sculpted abs.

Ruffling sheets.

Axle rolled Ryan over and landed on him. As Ryan struggled, Axle lowered his body onto his friend, pushing his strong chest against him, the tough powerful body beneath him.

Axle hesitated.

The strong man spent a moment holding his buddy's manly body beneath him. Ryan grabbed Axle's huge chest to wrestle it off him. He held his buddy against him and looked into his eyes.


Ryan stopped struggling. The two men pushed their bodies against each other, Axle pushing his cock against Ryan, Ryan's hands gripping Axle's chest, Axle holding Ryan's strong upper arms, every muscle in their strong chests pushed against each others'.

Hard cock against hard cock.

"What the fuck?" Ryan shouted. He snapped out of it as he felt Axle's hard cock against him.

"Dude are you hard?" Axle jumped back, feeling Ryan's dick.

"Fuck you man, you're hard," Ryan answered.

The two men looked down at their underwear. Ryan stared at Axle's rock hard cock and felt his buddy's body. The two men's hearts were racing, their breath heavy.


Ryan threw Axle over and jumped on him, pushing his hard cock against his buddy.

"Fuck it, man," Ryan kissed Axle. "We've come this far, we might as well do it."

Hesitation from Axle.

"Don't you ever tell anyone about this, Ryan."

"Our fucking secret Axle. Just between you and me."

"Dude, have you ever done this before?" Axle was terrified.

"I don't even know what we're doing." Ryan pressed his body against Axle.

Axle kissed Ryan and reached down to his firm ass, clasping it in his hands.

"No girl I ever fucked has an ass like that."

"Me neither man," Ryan answered, reaching around to grab Axle's strong butt.

Ryan looked over Axle's huge body. He really was a beast - almost twice as wide as Ryan, pure muscle and testosterone. Ryan pressed his dick against this wild beast of a man. He reached down and pulled his buddy's huge cock from his tight cotton underwear.

Axle held Ryan's cock through his boxers, touching it gently. Then he pulled the civilian dick out and wanked it.

"I always knew I had a bigger cock than you," Ryan joked.

"Faggot, I'll shove it in you and see how small you think it is," Axle pulled Ryan's boxers to his knees and clasped the civilian's firm ass, pushing his hand in slowly. Feeling his fingers enter him, Ryan kissed Axle.

Axle threw Ryan face down onto the bed, then pushed his cock against his buddy's ass. Slowly he pushed the huge 8" cock inside.

"FUCK!" Ryan screams. Greedily, Axle covered his buddy's mouth and pushed his cock in deeper.

"Bitches love my cock."

Ryan gave his virgin ass over to his buddy.

"I'm your man, take me. Take me," Ryan offered.

Forcefully, Axle rode his buddy's ass, pushing deep inside, back and forth. He felt the tight cheeks around his cock. Felt the pulses of his fucking ripple through his buddy's body, every push taking over the civilian more and more. Axle grabbed Ryan's strong, muscular shoulders and pulled the man's body towards him as he thrust into the tight virgin ass.

"Bud... Harder... Harder bud... Harder," Ryan begged.

"Liking this faggot?"

"Fuck yeah, man."

Axle pushed deeper inside. Then he pulled his cock out and turned Ryan around to face him. The two men held their huge cocks against each other and wank them. Axle felt Ryan thrusting his cock against him, felt the speed and the passion. He's knew his buddy was almost there.

Ryan and Axle came, their jizz oozing across their chests.

Axle's body fell onto Ryan and he held him in his arms for a moment.

"Dude, what the fuck?" Ryan asked.

"What was that bro?"

"I dunno, just get a towel and lets clean it off."


In the middle of the night, Axle woke face down on the bed as Ryan climbed onto his back and pulled his boxers to his knees.

"Bud... come on... No," Axle challenged.

"Scared to take on a real man sized cock after I saw your little bitch dick?"

"Dude, we weren't gonna do this again."

"Shut the fuck up."

Ryan rubbed his cock against his buddy's ass. He turned Axle over to face him then pushed his cock into his mouth.

"Suck this cock faggot."

Ryan forced his king sized dick into his buddy's mouth. Axle looked up at Ryan. Ryan felt the beast tamed by his cock. He pushed his cock in deeper, grabbing Axle's face with his hands and fucking it.

"Time to really take this," Ryan demanded. He lifted Axle's giant muscular legs up, revealing his tight virgin ass. Ryan eased his cock in.

"Oh man," a tear fell down Axle's face as the beast was dominated by Ryan's massive cock. He eased it in and out, gentle but powerful, back and forth. Ryan felt Axle melt beneath him, felt his buddy's pain. That powerful man, completely taken over by some civilian cock.

Ryan cums inside Axle.

Axle put his arms around his buddy and held him, feeling the civilian's cum ooze into him.

"This is going to happen again, isn't it?" Axle said, and kissed Ryan.

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