tagBDSMThe Cocktail Party

The Cocktail Party


"Yes, Slave, you're dressing for the evening. It's a cocktail party. Dress classy but sexy. A short black dress with stilettos would be appropriate."

You rush to dress appropriately already slick and wet from this voicemail message. You pick an expensive black dress that clings to your body. The material is almost like silk but it is stretchy and hugs your body. Four inch classy high heels are pretty much the only other clothing. You know better than to wear a bra and your panties are a thong.

Your make-up is perfect, your hair is gorgeous, your legs are so damned long you have to admire them yourself. You want to give yourself a quick orgasm. You start to rub, careful not to mess anything up. You get close to the edge when the horn starts honking. Exasperatingly close... but you stop and rush to the car.

A limo is there to pick you up. The driver gets out to meet you and places a thick but supple leather collar on your neck. It has a D ring in front. He places luxurious but strong leather cuffs with D rings on your wrists. The bonds are so beautifully designed that they could pass as jewelry. He then adds a blind fold and you realize I am not in the back of the car.

You sit with perfect posture in the back of the car behaving as if I could see you, knowing the driver will probably report on your behavior anyway. You are not bound but you sit so still you could be. Between the excitement of the evening, the blindfold and the mild masturbation, you are aware of every tiny sensation. You wonder if it is possible to accidentally orgasm just from the vibration of the car which seems to pass right into your clit like the most mild of vibrators.

The car stops, the door opens, your blindfold comes off and you see me. "This is a party of very special friends. You are to behave as the perfect blend of sophisticated girlfriend and obedient slave. I trust that you will find the right balance."

"Yes Master, of course Master, anything you want Master" ...you bite your lip, you wonder why are you rambling. You wish you could just drop to your knees and suck my cock. Pleasing your Master in public gets you very excited but this is so much more demanding because you need to make the right decisions on your own.

You are nervous by this demand because it is not as easy as simply surrendering. How to be both girlfriend and slave? How to be classy and appropriate and still be obedient? These are hard questions. But, you are thrilled to realize that you are now my most prized slave. You know it is incredible that I have brought you to this party. My reputation for spectacular slaves is well known to you. Your pride swells. Your fear is a tremble that feels like a small orgasm.

Inside, you enjoy a Martini and your confidence grows. Every man is admiring your amazing body and every woman is either shocked or jealous. Pride rises inside you.

You follow me around for a few minutes and I am glad that everyone is impressed that I have such a classy and sophisticated woman by my side. You are much taller than me in your heels and I am particularly pleased that such a tall, athletic and confident looking woman is my slave.

You no longer worry about the difference in our height. I love showing off a very tall slave and you know it.

You "heel" demurely by staying just behind me and to my right as I walk among the guests. After awhile, you relax and you start having normal, intelligent conversations with some of the other guests and drifting around on your own. You have a second Martini and start to forget your place. So many handsome, wealthy men are fawning over you. They are flirting with their eyes and finding subtle ways to touch you. You know their dates are noticing and you don't care. You are the center of attention and you deserve it.

I'm shocked by your impudence. My slave is humiliating her Master!

You see the look on my face and rush to stand before me, eyes downcast, hands behind your back. "Kneel" is all I say. Blushing and self-conscious, you cannot disobey. You know people are staring but you dare not look around. You are mortified and yet, deep inside your head, you are amazed to realize that submitting to me at this party is even more thrilling than the attention of all those men just a moment ago.

The pockets of my sport coat contain some things you had not guessed at. Quickly, I place a ball gag in your mouth and belt it tightly behind your neck. Then I attach your wrist cuffs to the front of the collar that you are wearing. A six inch chain and lock link your hands together up against the collar. I produce a leash, a short dog leash with heavy links in the chain and that gets attached to the D ring in your collar as well. "Stand" I say and you do. Despite two Martinis, high heels and your hands cuffed against your neck, you stand up very gracefully. Your grace and your full height which is well over 6 feet with the high heels is not lost on me. You are you beautiful but you still have so much to learn.

I pull up your tight dress so that your ass is exposed and everyone can see your tiny thong panties.

Your gorgeous ass at the top of those long legs attracts attention and I can see the pride in your eyes. "You still don't get it, do you?" So, I pull the leash through my belt in the center of my back so that your face is just 6 inches from my belt. Now that you are bent over, your ass is particularly exposed. You are pretty certain that one of your breasts has slipped out of the edge of the low cut dress. Your hands are trapped by your neck so there is no way to adjust your dress. The crowd is staring so I announce that we should continue with the party as normal. "Please, my friends, enjoy yourselves as before. My arrogant Slave is quite happy to be in this predicament and after all, she knows that her behavior brought this on. Just to reassure you, let's hear from my little slut herself....Slave, do you wish to be released from this position?"

The room is totally quiet and everyone hears you say... "No Master. I forgot my place as your slave and I thank you for this opportunity to do better. I will do whatever is required to restore your confidence. Thank you, Master." You speak loudly and clearly because you are determined to regain your place as my very best slave.

I turn back to the crowd. "Well, now that this is clear, you should all feel comfortable to admire my slave's ass from as close as you like. Look at it, talk about it, spank it, scratch it. I believe that my slave may have offended some of the women here by flirting with your dates. I have a small riding crop with me for those women who feel they were offended."

You are mortified. Not just for the obvious reason. Your pussy is sopping wet and you are sure that everyone will notice if they look closely at your ass.

For the next hour, I wander around and get caught up with a number of friends and you, of course, follow me around very closely. You are bent awkwardly but your strong stomach and back and all that exercise makes it reasonably easy for you to follow me around in this position.

Many men rub your ass and manage to incidentally rub your pussy. Some spank you. You even feel the crop a few times and it really stings. One woman scrapes your ass with her finger nails and then crops you hard. Your face is so close to my back that you can never really tell exactly what will happen to your ass next. I notice your moans through the ball gag but ignore them. You are particularly humiliated that you can't control your drooling because of the gag. Your thong is long gone. It had slipped out of place and some man simply tore it off.

All this time, people talk about your ass as if you were not there to hear. They talk about how it is turning pink. How nice some of the whip marks look. They laugh at your dripping pussy and joke about what a slut you must surely be to love this so much. You love every moment of it. The humiliation comes with the pride of being a slave and your predicament frees you from the complicated decisions of being free. In your heart, this is better than the moments before when you were the princess of the party. You have never been more certain that being my slave is right for you.

For all of this, even with your back starting to ache from being bent awkwardly for so long, you are amazed how hot your pussy is and you wish someone would rub it sufficiently for you to have an orgasm. (But, what you don't realize is that everyone in the room has been told that I will not share you sexually. They understand the limits of playing with your ass but you, of course, have no idea where this might go.)

I decide to sit down on a sofa. I quickly unlatch your collar from the leash, run the leash between my legs (it remains tied to my belt behind me) and reattach the collar with your face now in my crotch. When, I sit down, you are forced to your knees and your face is pressed into my crotch. The sofa is low and your legs are long so your ass is high and exposed. You can tell my cock is semi-hard inside my pants. For all that is happening, you wish more than anything that you could be sucking me.

You hear a man approach me who says, "Master Marx, I've got this wonderful new butt plug which is large as you can see, but once it is inserted it can be pumped up to almost twice this size. May I try it out on your slave?" "Why, of course, good friend, I would consider it a favor as I seem to have a slave who just doesn't yet understand her place. Go very slowly, I have only just begun her ass training so this will not be easy for her. I am sure I will enjoy the view from here."

My friend is a master of anal sex stimulation. I know that he will not touch you with anything except the fancy dildo which he is now covering with a thick coating of lubrication. With the gag in your mouth and your face buried in my crotch, your moans are suppressed. But, as he goes to work on your ass, you experience orgasms that come from so deep inside you that your entire body seems to clench and release. The feelings put you almost into a trance. You feel outside your body and deep inside your body at the same time. But all this time, your clitoris has not even been touched. It feels as hard as a pebble and as sensitive as a sun burn. As your mind returns to awareness, you can think only of how desperately you need to release the immense sensations of your clit.

My friend carefully and slowly extracts the dildo from your ass. A moment of relief is followed by an almost desperate sense of emptiness in your pussy. You need my cock inside you and me pounding you so hard that your clit explodes. But you get nothing yet.

I unlock your leash. Your hands are released and re-cuffed behind your back. The gag remains. I walk you to a corner of the room and tell you to stand facing the corner while I say my goodbyes. You are so close to the corner, your nipples touch the walls and you can see nothing behind you. Minutes go by and you quietly cry although you remain very still. You simply cannot contain the tears with the intensity of emotions pouring through you.

Just as you think your knees will buckle, I am back. I whisper things into your ear that make you feel wonderful. The blindfold goes on and we are soon in the car. Your hands are un-cuffed and the gag is removed. You nap briefly and before you know it, I walk you into your home and tell you that you have earned the right to have your Master stay for the night. Your heart swells but your pride is contained. You are learning your place and you love it.

We both strip and I sit in one of your chairs. Without a word, you fetch me a drink and then get on your knees in front of me with your forehead at my feet. Slowly you gain the confidence to kiss my feet. As I relax, your lips work their way up my legs kissing everywhere. You are hoping you will be allowed to go to my cock and suck it. You know you must go slowly, you must use only your mouth and never your hands. You make it. You are sucking me and I have not stopped you. I am getting excited. I grab your hair at the back of your head and start thrusting into your mouth. You keep your hands behind you offering no resistance. You know that I must never feel your teeth so you concentrate very hard at keeping your lips wrapped around my cock even as I thrust to the back of your throat. Gagging is expected but you take great pride in controlling that urge as best you can. You know that this is something you must constantly work at if you are to be my best slave. But, I do not criticize you if you gag. You catch your breath, apologize and dive back in as quickly as you can.

When I cum you try to swallow every drop but it is impossible. So, you lick me clean and then return to the kneeling position with your forehead against the floor and your ass presented high in the air.

"Prepare your bed and wait for me" is all I say. You wash up, pull off the covers and lie naked on your back. You put a blindfold on yourself that completely blocks out the light. Your hands are clasped behind your neck with your elbows out. Your long legs are straight and spread eagled as wide as possible without being pulled apart by ropes. Your breasts feel heavy, your nipples rock hard. Again, the feeling of an empty pussy and a desperate clit becomes all consuming. You cannot see a thing and you know you must lie and wait.

I come into the room. "Very good, my gorgeous slave. You are learning quickly. In the morning you will be harshly punished for your behavior at the party but tonight I will enjoy your pussy and allow you to cum. You are very special to me."

I get on top of you, you wrap your legs around me but keep your hands in place behind your head. I am deep inside you but hardly moving. You start to use every muscle in your stomach and hips and back to fuck me hard. Soon, you are sweating and panting. Without my help, you cannot quite fuck me hard enough to bring yourself off even though you are trying with every ounce of strength in your core.

I grab your wrists, bite your breasts and start to fuck you with all the strength in my body. Your clit is popping and your vagina is clenching me with spasmic contractions. I start moaning uncontrollably and explode inside you.

Exhaustion overtakes us and we fall asleep in a gentle hug. Your last thought is that you will be punished in the morning. You think of that with trepidation but mostly you are excited because it is your next chance to prove that you are going to be the very, very best slave that Mazterlock has ever known.

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