tagGroup SexThe Coed Circle Jerk

The Coed Circle Jerk


This memory took place a long time ago and our mores have changed so much that the story might be alien to some but back in a 1967 freshman dorm, it was not so easy to get men and women together for open sex discussions. My dorm, for instance, was a twelve-story high rise in the middle of Philadelphia. Men and women alternated every two floors. Each odd floor had a large social area and each even floor had a balcony overlooking the social area. There were strict rules about no women allowed on men's floors and vice verse. We would meet in the lobby or the cafeteria.

On my floor, much time was spent playing cards or Risk and smoking dope. Lots of money passed over the tables. Talk usually turned to sex and put-downs about subjects like masturbation and homosexuality abounded. Remember this was 1967. The world was changing. If a guy would get up to go to his room, he might be vocally accused of going to jerk off. If two guys got up to leave, they were obviously going to suck each other off. This kind of ribbing and teasing was a normal daily occurrence. There were two men on the floor who were gay but, again, this information was not publicly discussed. Needless, to say, there was a lot of curiosity and speculation about these two.

I recall one late night discussion about sex. It was discovered that many of my fellow students had no idea about the female anatomy. Myself and several upperclassmen lectured them and answered their questions that night about such topics as what and where is a clitoris?; do they pee and fuck from the same hole?; and other really simple stuff. A lot of guys went to bed that night a whole lot smarter.

A couple of days later, I was having lunch in the cafeteria when Sally asked if she could join me. Sally lived several floors below me. She was a year ahead of me and I knew she was dating a Resident Assistant. She was a very pretty and curvaceous girl and she had a sexy sense of humor. I liked her a lot and while I wanted to get into her pants, it was merely daydreaming on my part. Her long blonde hair accentuated what are known as 'blow job lips'. Her peasant blouse only improved the view of her braless breasts each time we moved. She surely was hot.

"Hey Ray, so what are you going to do when the campus closes for winter break?"

"Oh, I'll be staying here in the dorm. I have my radio show and my interns job at KYW. I'll only have a few days free. Where are you going?"

"I'll be staying here the first week. I have an exhibit at the end of the week. So I guess we'll see a lot of each other in the quiet place."

The conversation ran like that for a while. I was getting ready to head off for class when she dropped this bomb. "I heard that you held quite a lecture the other night."

"What lecture was that, Sal?"

"Oh, you know, the one about vaginas. I heard that you know quite a lot."

"Oh, I disagree, Sally. It wasn't that I knew so much is that these kids knew so little. Listen, I really have to run. If you want to discuss this later, I'll be back at 4:30." I chuckled and ran off to class. I wondered how she knew about the talk and why she cared. I was curious.

When I returned from class, I went into the cafeteria to get an apple and a bottle of soda. To my surprise, Sally was also there getting some fruit.

"Wow! How's that for coincidence?"

"It's not coincidence, Ray. I was hoping to continue our discussion. I have an idea I want to ask you about."

I followed her downstairs to the main lounge. It was empty this time of day. We sat down on a couch in the corner.

"So, I guess Danny told you about the sex lecture. Why does this interest you?"

"Yeah, Danny told me. He was also amazed by the ignorance that people have about sex. He told me that you knew a lot and explained it well. How come you know so much, Ray?"

"I had the good fortune of being taught the art of pleasure by an older woman. She instructed me as to what a woman likes and responds to; how a woman's parts work; everything I ever needed to know." I laughed at the thought of all the women I'd ever given orgasms.

"Wow. You were lucky. I bet you've put her lessons to good use." We both laughed.

"This probably won't surprise you but girls are just as ignorant. We had a similar lecture on our floor and I was amazed by the lack of knowledge they had about their own parts, let alone yours!"

"Well isn't that something these kids will learn with experience?"

"Sure, at least some of them will. Some of them will always be doing it wrong because they just don't know. There's no sex education in this world except the book your father gave you when you were thirteen or the movie the made the girls see in the school auditorium, you know, about our periods. I feel very strongly about this and I hope to bring this to my teaching career someday."

"Having classes in school instead of learning it on the street would be a good thing, Sally. That's pretty noble."

"So here's my idea, Ray. During the first week of the break, we have a group discussion about sex and we answer their questions together with viewpoints from both sexes. No sex, just discussion and education. All questions answered. What do you think?"

"Gee, I think it would be fascinating. I'd love to hear a female talk about her sex, especially in a group like this. I would be fascinating...and stimulating, too."

"Good. I'll set it up. We'll have it in the lounge on my floor. There will be no RAs in duty and no one in the dorm. We'll wear comfortable clothes. It will be like a big pajama party. You round up a couple of guys and we'll keep it small...may three and three or four and four." She was clearly excited about this. "I let you know what date. I don't think we should talk about it...you know, be discreet. I don't think the university would approve."

I agreed with Sally and watched her tits bounce as she scampered off. "My, oh my," I thought, "this will be interesting."

Over the next couple of weeks, it barely crossed my mind. I was so into the end of the semester with tests and papers due that I hardly had time to jerk off. It was on the first Saturday of the break that I bumped into Sally. I'd just finished working out at the Phys Ed Complex and was walking into the dorm as she was walking out.

"Oh, Ray, I'm glad I bumped into you. I just left you a message. How is Monday night for our discussion, say nine?"

"Oh, sure, Sally. I get off the air at six and I'm off my other job until Wednesday, so Monday will work for me. You know I'd just about forgotten about it. Monday night will be fine. I'll round up some kids."

"Great. I'll get a few bottles of wine. You roll a couple of joints, okay?"

I walked my floors of the dorm and found three kids who were at the first lecture. Teddy was the guy from Baltimore that we all presumed to be a homosexual because he had a feminine way about him and spoke with a slight lisp. Mark was a good looking young student from Western Pennsylvania. He was planning to major in medicine. And Ben was a studious kid from upstate New York who wanted to major in Business. It was obvious that both Mark and Ben were virgins by the nature of the questions they'd asked that night of our first discussion.

I spoke with each one of the boys and each agreed that it would be interesting having another discussion especially with girls taking part. Mark and Ben agreed immediately. Teddy was a little skittish. He admitted to me that he's never actually ever seen a vagina let alone talked about one. He thought for a while before agreeing that a female viewpoint might relax him and erase some of his lack of knowledge on the subject.

On Monday night, I rounded up the boys and we took the elevator down to Sally's floor. Sally met us there and herded us into the lounge. The lounge was dimly lit and had eight comfortable chairs in a tight circle. There was a table with several bottles of Mateus and crackers. The girls were waiting for us. Vickie, a slim, tom-boyish girl with a soft face, sat in a tee-shirt and striped pajama bottoms. Krista, a pretty girl on the chubby side, also was in a tee shirt and pajama bottoms. Krista's tits were considerably larger that Vickie's and they stretched the cotton, outlining her nipples. Elise, a pretty girl, was very quiet and on the few times I'd seen her, I thought she seemed very restrained. Her body was great. In her tee shirt and gym shorts, she looked delicate and delectable. Still, there seemed to be a distance, an aloofness that she unknowingly broadcast. Sally was also in a tee shirt and gym shorts. Her sweet pair-shaped breasts seemed so happy and perky. Sigh. Well, at least I can check them out all evening.

"Ray, why don't you light up a joint while everyone gets some wine? Let's relax for a few minutes. Ray and I are here to answer your questions and try to remove some of your ignorance and curiosity. We will try to answer them honestly and with no holds barred. There are no stupid questions. If there is something that has puzzled you,made you curious or made you nervous, then ask us. We know that it's possible that some of you are virgins and that's okay. Ray and I are not and so we can answer so of your questions that, most likely no one else will. We are all discreet here. Maybe, after tonight, you'll be more relaxed with yourself and with someone of the opposite sex. Maybe we can remove some of the pressure you might feel. Smoke the joint, drink some wine and drop some inhibitions. Ask what you really want to ask but didn't have the nerve. Here's your chance. Who wants to start?"

There was quiet. As it neared the point of discomfort, Vickie spoke up. "I led a very sheltered upbringing and I am a virgin, I'm not afraid to admit it. I could never understand the concept of intercourse. I mean how does a big penis fit into a small vagina? I sounds silly but with penises and vaginas all being different sizes, how do you find your perfect fit? Do you?"

Sally smiled. "Well, gee, Vickie. Somehow this rarely seems to be a problem..."

"Vickie," I said, "It's the yin and yang of sex. Somehow, the walls and muscles of the vagina are able to conform around the shape of the penis. It is similar to the finger on a glove. But also, the vagina is very flexible. Just consider how far the walls stretch when a baby is passing through. The vagina can accommodate almost any penis."

"Good description, Ray. I have had two lovers so I'm not all that knowledgeable but my first lover had a thick, fat penis. It stretched my walls and felt good in me. My second lover has a long penis of average thickness and it, too, feels good inside me and altogether different. I never noticed a problem."

"Just as each vagina is different, so is each penis. Part of the fun of sex is the way the parts fit."

Sally and I went back and forth like this for well over an hour. None of the questions were unanswerable or difficult. Everyone seemed to become looser and we were all draped around the chairs. At one point, I draped my leg over the chair and had to field comments from the girls about the visible line of my boner. Some questions caused such steamy discussions that the temperature rose in the room.

"I don't know if I even want to try oral sex," said Ben. "All I've ever heard is that it smells down there and tastes funny."

"It doesn't smell down there!" Elise said adamantly. "We wash, for God's sake!"

"Elise, relax. Ben's question is not uncommon. A lot of men think that a vagina smells and a lot of women think that putting a penis into their mouths is dirty. Let me give you my opinion, okay? I have never smelled a vagina that didn't make my dick harder. I love the scent of a woman's arousal. When a woman starts to get turned on and she feels her pussy getting damp, she gives off these insane animal pheromones. Her public hair traps the moisture and the scent gets stronger." With great dramatic flair, I took a deep breath in through my nose. Immediately, I smelled arousal. "Just like you can smell now. Just like all of us men have erections, all of the ladies are damp. Thank you for the illustration, ladies."

"Don't be embarrassed, people. Thinking about it made me damp, too," said Sally. "I think that having a man make love to my clitoris with his mouth, is one of the best orgasms you can have. On the other side, having my man cum in my mouth is like a delicacy to me. To me, it tastes and smells wonderful. Sometimes, my boyfriend will kiss me after he goes down on me and I can taste myself. I promise you, it tastes nice."

"I agree, Sal. On occasion, I've gone down on a woman after I've cum. I can taste my semen and I don't mind it at all."

"That's cool, Ray. It is a little unusual for a man to do that. You are very enlightened."

Teddy spoke up. Until this point, he was just a listener. Now, he wanted to jump in. "Some of you may think I'm a homosexual but the truth is, I don't know what I am. I have never had any experience with a girl. I have had a couple of experiences with another man and I can attest to the fact that giving and receiving a blow job is very satisfying and a lot of fun. I don't know if a vagina could feel as good."

"Thank you for your honesty, Teddy. There are all different ways to give and receive pleasure and if the pleasure is received, it works, right?"

"Teddy, what is it about giving a blow job that turns you on?"

"Oh, I think it's a few things. It's the sensation of feeling it grow in my mouth that I like. I like the feeling that I can do this to someone else. I can control the tempo, I can feel him cum. Maybe, it's an empowering thing."

"Okay, and speaking of a man's orgasm, what does it taste like? I heard it tastes horrible." Krista asked Teddy.

"Maybe it's an acquired taste but cum doesn't taste bad to me. It's a little salty and syrupy. I don't mind it all."

"Neither do I, Kris," added Sally. "I like the texture on my tongue. I don't mind the saltiness. It's different. It's creamy and I like that feeling." Sally looked around the room. Ben was subtly stroking his dick. "Ben," she said, "stop playing with yourself. Wait until you get back to your room and jerk off there. Thank you."

Vickie looked at Sally and laughed out loud. "Sorry, Sally, I just had the image that we'll all be jerking off when we get back to our rooms and it made me laugh. I'll tell you the truth, I've never seen a man orgasm and I would love to see that." She placed her palm over the crotch of her pajamas. "Boys! The thought made me damp and made my nipples pop out, okay?"

Sally thought for a moment as everyone seemed to be watching each other. She pulled me to the side of the room to confer about the idea. We both agreed that if it was handled right and closely monitored, it could be great for everyone. We returned to the circle and she said, "All right. If everyone agrees, we could all get naked and we could watch each other masturbate. Girls, go get some towels and some blankets." Moment later there were blankets spread on the floor and the chairs were pushed back. Sally had us stand in a circle, boys on one side, girls on the other. "Ok, everyone. Let's watch each other strip." Since none of us was wearing much to begin with, we were all naked quickly. "No, look at each other." There was the scent of arousal again. "Do you smell that, boys? Does it smell bad?"

"It smells great," said Ben. His seven-inch erection stood proudly, it's head flared up and red. "I am sooo hard."

"Yes, you are," said Teddy, smiling. His cock was long and thin, curving to the right.

"Now everyone sit down close enough so that you can watch others. Ladies, sit back and spread your vaginas wide open so the boys can look at the parts we've been talking about." The boys all leaned forward and inspected the different pussies. As I leaned toward Sally, her scent filled me nose. I inhaled deeply and grinned. I looked up at her and we both smiled.

"Now I want the girls to come closer and inspect our dicks. Take a look at how each is different." Elise asked us to lift our dicks up so she could see the vein that travels up to the head. Vickie wanted to see Teddy's foreskin pulled back. All of us were very turned on and soon, we were masturbating for each other. I enjoyed watching prim little Elise jam three fingers into herself while her other hand tapped at her clit. She made little mewling sounds. I was idly stroking my dick when Krista moved closer to watch me. I began to give her a show as I spread my legs wide and let my sack hang. She tweaked her big round nipples. She quietly and subtly slipped her hand under my testicles and gently felt them. Sally, fingers twiddling her light blond bush, smiled weakly. Her eyes had the half-lidded look of desire.

Mark said he was about to cum. Vickie jumped in front and said, "I really want to see this." Elise and Krista jumped along side. Mark sat back in his chair as he pumped. He began to gasp as the first shot exploded skyward and landed on the back of the chair. His cum, white globs of it, began to flow down his dick.

"That was fucking cool." They said. Sally began to grown. Watching the scene had taken her to a new place. Everyone watched as she gyrated and moaned. Her eyes were closed and her hands flew over her body. She place her clit between two fingers and started to rock her hips up and down. Finally, she arched her back and squeezed on her fingers. Her thumb stopped strumming and she collapsed with a sigh. She pulled her soaking fingers out of her pussy and offered it to the boys. Each boy sniffed it and tasted her fingers. Teddy was particularly impressed. When I leaned over, she refilled her hand with her secretions and smeared it over my mouth and my nose. She stuck two fingers into my mouth and I made a big show of sucking them dry. Politely, I thanked her.

Teddy was next to announce. He stood up in front of the girls and whacked his hard organ at them. Vickie said, "I want to taste this." She dropped to her knees and opened her mouth. Teddy smacked his dick against her lips a few times and stroked it faster. "Ungh...here it comes." Shots of cum flew into her mouth. At first, she pulled back but then pushed his cock into her mouth and sucked out the remaining cum. Teddy stood there, knees half-bent, with as euphoric and beaming face.

Vickie sat back and looked at Sally. "It doesn't taste bad at all." She open her tongue to show that a glob of cum still sat in the center. To all of our surprise, Sally sat up and kissed her on the mouth tasting some of the cum.

"Not bad at all. Kind of sweet...you must eat a lot of fruit and veggies, Teddy," she said.

Elise was next. I loved watching the way she manipulated her clit. She asked Ben to stand over her head so she could watch him jerk off. Krista followed a moment later. Her orgasms was more vocal and to everyone's appreciation, she squirted her juices all over Teddy's face and chest. Ben was next and as he started to cum, Elise reached up and jerked his cock. His cum flew in big gobs all over her chest.

Vickie leaned over and took a glob onto her finger. She tasted it. "Hmmm...saltier."

Elise wiped some off her nipple. "Yeah, you're right. Saltier."

Krista leaned over and took the other nipple into her mouth. She licked and cleaned the cum around her breast. "Hmmm. Tasty!"

"What about you, Ray? Are you going to cum for us?"

"I'd like to but to be honest, I don't know if I can now. Watching all of you cum was terrific and my cock has stayed hard. I just think maybe my moment passed."

"Do you feel bad about this?" asked Sally.

"No and I'll tell you why. It's not unusual that sometimes, in certain situations, the anxiety and excitement makes it difficult to get into the mood again. I'm not concerned. I can jerk off later. I don't get upset or bent out of shape over it."

"Okay then. I'm glad you're cool with it. I had fun and I hope you guys learned a few things. Do you have any more questions?"

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