The Coed Circle Jerk


A bunch of voices piped up all in agreement that there were many more questions.

"I'll be here for a few more days. Maybe we can do this again. Write down your questions for us. Now remember, we have to be discreet about this. This is our business and our business only. Now get your clothes back on and all of you, get out of here.

I went over and got another glass of wine. I also lit the last joint I had and was sucking in every bit of it.

Sally and Vickie stayed around. I watched my guys leave with the girls and I wondered if any found their way back together. Finally, Sally and Vickie approached me.

"Now that everyone's gone, I think this went well."

"Frankly, I'm surprised it went as far as it did. But if these kids lost some measure of naivete, then good. Vickie, did you learn anything?"

"You would think that growing up in a house full of brothers, none of this would be new to me. The truth is, it was all new to me. It was very interesting; you two did a great job. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to go back to my room and think about all this. Thank you again and if you have another discussion, count me in." She lightly kissed us both and walked down the hall.

Sally and I started to walk toward the elevator. "Ray, do you want to go back to my room, have another joint and drink some more wine? I want to talk about what we just did."

"Can this wait until tomorrow, Sally? I would really like to go back to my room and jerk off. I can still smell you on my face."

"I have a better idea. Come with me, Ray, you deserve this." She quietly led me into her room and closed the door. She lit a couple of candles as I sat on the edge of her bed and lit up. She put her finger to her lips. "Tonight was a better laboratory for my ideas than I ever dreamed. It went further than I thought it would but I was glad as I watched all of their inhibitions fade. It just proves to me how little people know and how far they will go to learn. There was one thing though that disappointed me."

"And what was that?"

"I didn't get to see your beautiful cock cum. I wanted to see that."

"Don't get me wrong, Sally, I enjoyed it a lot. Maybe I was a bit too tired or maybe it was from the excitement leading up to tonight. For the past two weeks, all I could think about was your body...and seeing it tonight...well..."

She slowly started to strip. "This is for you, Ray, just for you." She lifted off her tee and her perfect breasts stood proudly; her nipples hard and pointing right at me. She came closer to me and held her breasts in front of my face. She leaned in and moved a nipple over my cheek, my nose and around my lips. She repeated this with her other breast but this time, I stuck out my tongue and licked around the nipple. She mashed her breast into my face as I sucked in between my lips. "Mmmmmm," she quietly moaned. She stepped back from me and lowered her shorts and her panties with one gentle motion. Her vagina was damp and fragrant. "Can you smell me, Ray. You make me very wet." I reached out and cupped the cheeks of her ass drawing her toward me. Leaning down, I buried my face in her huff and took deep inhales through my nose. "It smells good, doesn't it. I love the scent I have. It turns me on, too."

She stepped back again and reaching out to me, she lifted my shirt off. Her lips sucked on my nipples and her hands lightly scratched my hairy chest. Then she pulled my sweatpants down. My hard cock popped up and waved in the air. "I like you too," she said. Getting down on her knees and pushing my legs apart, she leaned in and began to suck and kiss my cock. Her light touches and feathery kisses were to die for. "Ahhhhh, this is wonderful." I slowly dropped back onto the bed.

For the next few minutes, Sally licked and kissed my balls, my shaft and the head with tender and sensual motions. My head was swimming. After a while, she got up and pushed my legs onto the bed. She got on next to me with her head over my cock. She swung her legs around and captured my head, pressing her bottom down. Looking up at her small pucker and her gaping vagina made my cock bounce. This made her giggle. Her vagina dripped down onto me and her nectar was just this side of the angels, if you know what I mean. I reached up and took her sweet cheeks in my hands, caressing them. I pulled her ass down to me and licked around her pucker, occasionally dipping my tongue into it. This made her rotate her ass down, pushing me deeper. She leaned down and devoured my cock just as I spread her legs apart and traveled past her taint into her pussy and up around her clit. I sucked and licked her lips. I made circles around her clit. I squeezed her buns and drove my finger up her poop. This drove her wild as she pushed back against me. My nose was buried in her cunt as I lapped away at her button.

She had my entire cock in her mouth. I felt the head pass up to the back of her throat and that did it for me. Without warning her that I was approaching orgasm, I started to spray my cream into her. She pulled her head back and sucked in the head. I could feel my cum sloshing around her mouth. She suddenly pushed her knees forward, squatted down and rode my face to a soaking finish. While her legs stiffened, pussy juice was running down my face. I smelled divine. Her orgasm was of the spectacular kind in that she shook, she squirmed, she squeezed and she sprayed. And then she collapsed on me.

He lay for a few minutes before she slowly rotated her body around so that she was laying on top of me. I put my hands around her waist and held her close. She looked at me and studied my face for a few minutes; she had a cheshire cat's grin. I learned why as she leaned down and kissed me. I opened my mouth and slipped my tongue out just as she passed a glob of my cum into my mouth. I smiled and swallowed it. She began to kiss and clean her love sauce off me. "I knew you would swallow your cum. I knew you wouldn't care."

"It's a sex fluid, that's all. I don't mind. I like the taste of my cum."

"You mean, you taste yourself when you masturbate?"

"Sometimes, I jerk off into my hand and then lick my hand and fingers clean."

"That's so hot. I love the image. Whenever I masturbate, I lick my hands, too. Sometimes, if I'm wearing panties, I'll take them off after I've soaked them and I'll put them in my face. And whenever I use a vibrator, I lick it clean."

"Have you ever had an experience with another girl?"

"When I was thirteen, I spent a summer with an older cousin. She taught me about sex. Hers was the first pussy I ever tasted. I've had a few encounters with women since. And you, did you ever suck off another boy?"

"I was eleven and had a school friend who had matured faster than the rest of us. He lived up the street and we would play ball and explore the woods. One day, when we were out in the woods, he took out his dick to pee and I was amazed at how big and hairy it was. I was just sprouting hair. Anyway, he taught me about my penis that summer. Eventually, we got to sucking each other off. We did this off and on for a few years until he moved away. Since then, I've only been with another guy once but I was with his girlfriend at the same time."

"You had a threesome? You are so lucky! Tell me about it."

"It wasn't all the great, to be honest about it. The three of us were walking home form a party and we were all a little drunk. At one point, my friend and I peed into a bush. His girl loved that. We took her home and the three of us made out in the back yard. I'm pretty sure I felt his hand on my cock so he wasn't surprised when I started to share his cock with her. Other than that, no. Given the chance, I'd do it again."

I was started to get hard again from these vivid memories. She shifted her body and spread her legs placing my cock under her clit as she slowly rubbed forward and back. We smiled at each other.

"I'm getting an idea, Ray."

"So am I, Sally." With a slight motion, she moved forcing my dick to slide into her. As she lowered herself down my pole, she kissed me again. Wow. She spoke quietly as she gentle fucked me.

"Will you be around here all summer?"

"Yeah, I'm planning to move out of the dorm into my own place. I hope to be working full-time at the radio station. Why, what do you have in mind? And what about your boyfriend?"

"My boyfriend and I are very close to breaking up. He wants to see another girl and, to tell you the truth, I'm kind of tired of him. He's a good guy, don't get me wrong, he's a real sweet person. He doesn't satisfy me...that's really it...I need someone more exciting. So we're about done. I don't think we'll last even another week. When he gets back to classes, we'll be free and he can fuck whomever he pleases. And I want to date you. I like you. I've had some of the best sex just in the past hour."

"I'm in agreement with everything so far. And that is your idea?"

We are talking in bursts and pauses; our fucking was starting to get very serious. "No...I want to do things with you...I want to explore...I...I...want to share a woman with you...another man, too...I want to fuck outside where someone can see us...I want to be in an orgy...maybe gang-banged...I...I..."

"I'm gonna cum. I have to pull out."

"I want to do this, too..." She jumped off my cock with a loud pop and a cunt fart, shifted her ass and then lowered her anus onto my dick. The head slipped past the sphincter and I felt her bear down and squeeze. When she stopped, my cock slipped up her ass. With her hands on my ribs, she began to slide on it. I couldn't last another second and I sprayed her lower intestine straight up to her eyebrows. "Oh God, that feel's great." She squatted on me keeping me inside her even as I began to go soft. Her fingers flew to her pussy and she began to rub. I pushed her to the side and swiveled around so my head was at her crotch. As she diddled herself, I placed two fingers into her canal and felt for her G-Spot, rotating my finger tips around it. She was grunting as I continued my rubbing. I leaned my head into her taint and started to lick it. Eventually, my mouth made it to her ass as my semen was dripping out. "Ohhhh," she groaned. My fingers pushed in deeper and she started to shake and squirm again. I'd already learned that this was how she came and I rode it with her. As we lay there, totally exhausted, I realized that the entire bed was one big wet spot.

Sally and I dated for two years after that. Upon graduating, she took a Peace Corps job in Africa. I lost touch with her after a few months. But these memories all came rushing back to me yesterday. I was standing at Cooper's Beach in the late afternoon watching the slow rolling waves and feeling tranquil. I heard a voice call my name and turned. There was a small attractive woman standing next to a tall man, obviously her husband.

"Ray? Is that you?" I looked at her and couldn't place her. Forty some odd years changes a person. And then it hit me. My face broke into a wide smile. I even felt my eyes well up. "Sally?"

"Charles, this is my college boyfriend, Ray."

"Are you the one that did everything with her? You were, what, lab partners?"

"He's the one I told you about, Charles. After you, he was the best lover I ever had."

"She was the best lover I ever had. No one ever compared to my Sally. Those are wonderful memories."

"Do you live out here?"

"Yes, I do. And you?"

"Yes, we just moved out here. I can't believe it's really you, Ray. I'm so glad we're neighbors because we have much catching up to do."

"I have a suggestion," said Charles. "Perhaps I should get reservations for dinner and the two of you can reminisce and tell me stories. And after dinner, perhaps you'd like to come back to our place. I'd like to get to know you, too....and I'm sure Sally would love to fuck you again."

And that is exactly what we did. We mesmerized Charles with our stories of threesomes and orgies and kinks and fetishes and all the adventures we had together. And the three of us spent last night fucking like rabbits, an activity I anticipate that could last a very long time.

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