tagMind ControlThe Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop


I had been walking through those glass doors for the last several weeks at almost exactly the same time, just after 10am. Just like all those other times I had just finished running or swimming and showered and was now ready to study.

The days I don't come in have me thinking about coming up with a good excuse to go get a cup even though I'm not studying. What could it be about going there that gets me so turned on? I always end up going downstairs to the bathroom to put a vibe in my panties before I can get back to work.

Today, I ordered my drink from Mike, the slightly-stereotypical-looking-college-philosophy-too-ironic-for-you guy who's always behind the counter. He's tall, probably a good 7 or 8 inches taller than me, with short brown curly hair and these intense green eyes.

I swear most days I can tell he just got hard when I walked up to the counter. He's always flirty and jokes about how he's blatantly "distracted" by my cleavage. I've taken to always wearing deep v-neck t-shirts thin enough for my nipples to show through when they get hard, which always happens when he starts staring. I'm starting to think Mike's been turning the AC down a few degrees before my normal arrival time too.

He's also been joking that he's been putting a special ingredient in my chai tea that's making it hard for me to be away from him too long. I always flirt back, this time sliding both my hands into my jeans back pockets pushing my tits a little toward him, asking, "and why is it that you've been spiking my tea?"

He turns to me and, with a mischievous little grin and a twinkle in his eye, says "I want you thinking about me seducing you... so that I finally can."

I acted aghast and say "Can what? Can seduce me?" I smiled again, "of course, I would know you wouldn't have to go through all that if you wanted me."

His smile broadened, "see, it's working already."

I laughed and ended our little exchange by taking my tea and walking upstairs to the little study nook I've adopted as my own spot. I turned on the little chandelier hanging over my corner of the little sofa and put my laptop out on the coffee table and basically settled into preparing to work. I slipped off my flip-flops and stretched out my legs on the other end of the sofa making sure to keep my short stretchy skirt from flipping up.

I worked like that for about half and hour when a wadded up paper landed on my book. I looked up realizing I was alone on this floor when another wad of paper flew through the air and landed in my shirt. I heard Mike bust out laughing and then the sound of his feet pounding up the stairs. He rounded the corner and, grabbing my legs, slipped under them and onto the end of the sofa, setting my legs down on his lap. He laughed again and put his hands on my calves.

"And just WHAT do you think you're doing, young man?" I say with completely faked calm disbelief. Inside, my heart was racing and my skin was on fire from his hands finally being on my body.

"We're ALL alone..." he announces as he rubs my calf softly, "Sooo, I hung the closed sign up and locked the door." He begins to slide his hand farther up my leg, over my knee, almost to my skirt hem.

I try to maintain my composure and calm my breathing saying, "and you think what is going to happen now?" Everywhere he touches leaves a trail of tingling across my skin. It feels sooooo good. I don't want him to stop touching me regardless of the words coming out of my mouth.

"Well, my little temptress, the last bit of powder I put in your tea today should be just enough to make you feel something rather electric whenever I touch you. It takes about thirty minutes to hit your system and it's been about thirty-three minutes since I handed it to you. So this" as he grips my leg a bit and slides his hand farther up the outside of my thigh under my skirt, "should about be enough to set the spark."

I wondered if he was really telling the truth after all. Did he really spike my tea all this time? Was there really something that was making me want him like this? My skin was on fire and "electric" seemed like a very good word for what was happening right now.

He slipped his hand down and around the underneath my knee and pulled it up towards him. I wasn't resisting in the least. In fact, I was focusing on trying to keep my breathing calm and not pounce on him.

He lowered his mouth and kissed my knee looking up at me the whole time, watching for my opposition I guess. His mouth felt cool on the fire that had become my skin and I wanted more. Lots more.

I consider his hands and his mouth and the way my body is reacting to his lips on my skin, "Mike? You didn't REALLY put something in my drink did you?"

He calmly took one of my hands and kissed my palm making me catch my breath. He licked my finger and then sucked it into his mouth. My skin tingled and danced and my panties became moist. Just then I wondered if he could see down my skirt but his eyes never left mine.

He leaned over, sliding along my body, until he was just hovering over me. He smiled and kissed me, lightly on my lips and then slipping his tongue searchingly deeper. My whole body reacted to his mouth and he was on me instantly. He slid my skirt up on one side and slipped his hand down my thigh and back up to my panties. I couldn't believe I was just laying back on the sofa letting this young guy who I barely knew do these things to me.

Mike sucked on my bottom lip as he slipped his fingers under my panties and began rubbing my clit. "Mmmmmm... see, you're already so wet and your nipples are so hard." With that he reached his other hand up and pulled my shirt down to push one of my tits up and kissed my cleavage. Everywhere his mouth touched was like cool water on my overheated skin.

He pinched my nipple and sucked at it through my shirt, then just pulled it up and unhooked my bra grabbing both of my tits and began sucking on my nipples, licking and lightly biting. I couldn't tell if the intensity I was feeling was from him or me.

He slipped his hand back under my skirt and pushed his fingers against my panties rubbing me through the thin damp cotton. He slid two fingers under the cloth and rubbed them along my clit for a brief minute before pulling them down my legs.

He rubbed his body closer against me calling attention to the obvious bulge in his jeans. He pulled me up and sat me on his lap. I never noticed he was that strong but he moved me like I didn't weigh a pound. Straddling him put my tits right in his face and he took full advantage, licking and kissing my big double-d cups and sucking on one nipple and pinching the other. I could feel his jeans pressing against my clit as he pulled me tighter to him.

My skin was unquestionably fitting the definition of "electric". His mouth sent waves through me and I wanted... needed to feel him inside me. I pulled back from him enough to pull his shirt off. His hands and his mouth hardly left my body and when he pulled me down against his chest I swear I almost came right then.

He licked my neck and, while grabbing a handful of my full breast, cupped my bare ass under my skirt and lifted me up and against his jeans. I dropped my head back, breathing deeply. In-between licks and kisses he almost laughingly asked, "it's really working right now isn't it?" I could only gasp as he slid his hand down my stomach pulling apart my lips, rubbing my clit and pushing into my pussy.

He fingered me saying, "I'd love to just play here for a while but I've been needing to fuck you for a while, so..." with that he unzipped his jeans and released his throbbing cock. He lifted me against it and using my body, rubbed my pussy against his shaft. He moved me so easily and I was so hot that I put forth no resistance to stop him as he raised me up and pushed his tip against my clit and then down pushing against my pussy.

I could feel how big and hard he was as he lowered me down onto his hard shaft. I was dripping wet but still he had to push up as he pulled my hips down to get his big cock to finally slide deep into me. And that was what I wanted sooo much.

At first I let him move me and just enjoyed the feeling of his cock pushing up into my cunt, pulling out as he lifted me up and then sliding back down his shaft. "mmmmm, yes. Yesss..." I said as he sucked my hard nipple into his mouth.

He breathed "that's it honey, feels so good to finally be able to thrust into you " as he pulled me down hard. I started to grind down as he was thrusting up into me again. "oh that's it darlin', ride my cock." I looked down and pushing him back kissed him deeply as I began to really fuck him at my own pace, sliding up his long shaft and almost letting his tip ease out before I tightened up and pushed down onto his shaft again. I started to really grind down, squeezing and fucking his dick as his hands roamed all over my body, pinching my nipples and pulling my hips down.

I began to feel like my whole body was on vibrate and I could feel Mike's cock thrusting so deep into me. I couldn't tell if the pulsing I was feeling was coming from me or from him but I knew if I kept grinding down on his shaft while he sucked my nipples like that it wouldn't be long before I was cumming all over him... very very soon. "Mmmmmm.... Yes, Mike, keep fucking me... oh yes, that's it. I'm going to cum on your cock. Harder, oh please, keep going harder."

I began to cum as he squeezed my ass and thrust harder up into my wet pussy. He pulled me off his cock and laid me back on the sofa, lowering his face to my dripping wet clit. He began to lick and suck on my clit and pushed a finger into my pussy as he began to moan as he licked. I could feel his tongue rubbing up and down my clit, flat and thick to my cunt, and his finger fucking my soaking pussy. "ooooooh.... Oh yes, yes yes!" I came all over his fingers and he immediately pulled them out and dived his tongue into my pussy. I felt like his tongue had a high setting that went on right then and he licked from the top of my clit back down into my pussy again and again, making me cum so hard.

He pushed his finger back into me and moved his body on top of me again, pushing his cock into me. He felt like he was thicker and longer and my nipples were so hard against his chest as he started to pound into me, deeper and faster. I felt like I hadn't stopped cumming and yet, was going to again. He was so hard against my clit as he slid his shaft deep into me, filling me up again and again...

I could feel his orgasm building and he couldn't seem to stop himself from fucking me hard and fast. He thrust deeper and deeper and then pulled out and exploded all over my stomach.

I swear my body was still vibrating and he squeezed my tits again and pinched my nipples. "You're probably going to keep cumming for another few hours so we need to make a decision."

I lay there with my legs spread, his cum all over me, and his finger toying with my clit again. "what did you do to me?"

Mike smiled, "exactly what I told you earlier. I've been drugging you and now it's built up to where you're going to get wet every time you're around me. In fact, just thinking about my cock will probably make you cum. But right now we need to think about keeping you happy for the next few hours. The first time we activate the powder lasts a while and I'll need to open the shop back up. Let's go somewhere I can fuck you some more. I know you want to feel me slip back into you again. I can tell by how your pussy keeps squeezing down when my finger slips into you."

He was right. I wanted him again. Now. I didn't care where we went. In fact, I was pretty sure I was going to climb on top of him again in the car.

He moved away from me and began putting his clothes to rights and I did the same. After I put my panties back on I reached into my bag and pulled out the little remote vibe I'd been carrying around with me. I slipped it into my panties between my pussy lips against my wet throbbing clit and handed him the remote.

"Mmmm.... I've been wanting this remote for a while. I saw it in your hands a few weeks ago and have been thinking about it every since."

I grabbed my things and we walked downstairs. About halfway to the door he turned the vibe on to the first setting.

It was so hot! I was already wanting to push it into my pussy just from feeling it slide against my clit with every step I took.

As we got to the door one of the other guys who worked there walked in. He smiled and looked at us with a knowing look. "Where are you two off to? Hmmmm?"

Mike laughed a bit and told him he was going to be taking the rest of the day off. We left and climbed into his car. He drove quickly to his place but between fingering my pussy lips and pushing my vibe in and out of my pussy at every light it seemed he was only keeping me purring until we finally pulled into his garage. Activating the powder apparently was a very complex procedure and was going to take hours...

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