tagNonHumanThe Collar of Anubis

The Collar of Anubis


Chloey exhaled loudly and blew a strand of hair off her damp forehead. The hallway was dank and dark, and she certainly had no business being here by herself. Significantly buried under the earth, the narrow and long hall could collapse at any time. The discovery of the passage was new, and reinforcements had not been added yet. However, Chloey was a girl on a mission. She was fevered with ambition to find the undiscovered tomb of Pharaoh Shoushep before her colleagues could find it and reap the rewards of her hard work and unprecedented research. In a field dominated by men, it was imperative for her to make a significant find, so that she could be taken as seriously. She could do anything they could do, but there was this one pesky matter of actually proving it first.

She continued her meticulous work, creeping forward tentatively on her hands and knees, a miner light on her head beaming illumination as she ran her hands carefully over every surface of the hallway walls. There was a hidden chamber here, she knew it. She just couldn’t find the opening. She inched forward on her hands and knees, staring intently at the wall for any fissures or seams. In her intense concentration, she did not notice any movement around her, so when she suddenly felt something scuttle over her hand and up her arm she was more than taken off guard. She reared up and flailed in surprise, shrieking and scrambling to shake it off. She heard a faint, but distinct rumble. She had a fraction of a second and a twisting of her stomach to register that she just jumped around in the wrong place. The floor underneath her caved in and she dropped through the floor and into inky blackness. She landed with a hard thud on the earthen floor, knocking the wind out of herself.

Groaning when she finally caught her breath, she rolled to her belly and slowly lifted herself to her hands and knees. Nothing seemed broken, she noted with relief. Her miner’s light was still lit, thankfully, and she gazed around the room. The light cast a dim beam out into the cavernous space. She could see the outline of what looked like a sarcophagus surrounded by many trinkets and canopic jars. Her heart pounded in her ears. Could this be Shoushep’s tomb? She rose slowly to her feet and approached the sarcophagus. It was 8 feet long and made of glittering black basalt, and engraved with hieroglyphics. An enormous statue of the reclining Anubis jackal lay at the feet of the sarcophagus.

The Jackal wore a gold collar she was familiar seeing, but it was adorned with rows of glittering jewels. It was far more ornate than in the other sculptures she had seen. It also had a golden chain attached to the collar, which was then chained to the wall. She cocked her head, wondering why would someone, symbolically or otherwise, keep Anubis tethered. She ran her hand gingerly along the chain, and it rattled against itself, echoing loudly in the still room. She leaned in to peer at the collar, noting how strange that it looked like the collar was attached over the sculpture, as opposed to being a part of the sculpture itself. She ran a finger underneath the collar and indeed, there was space. She sucked in her breath as the neck of the Jackal felt warm under her fingertips. Strange. She spun the collar carefully and it rotated easily on the massive neck. There were hieroglyphics in between the jewels. Her fingers traced over the inscription on the collar, trying to work out what it said. She could make out a word or two, but it was a like trying to read in Braille. The gems seemed to illuminate light from within and the hieroglyphics glowed like hot embers. The collar slid off the neck of the statue and she gasped as it melded to her neck. Her hands shot up to grab the collar. It was secured snugly around her neck. She tugged at it, but it did not budge. There was no buckle or fasten to undo - it was a solid circlet of gold. The jackal blinked red glowing eyes.

The Jackal just blinked. She backed up quickly, but she was now tethered to the wall, and the chain jerked her off her feet. She dropped to her knees, staring up at the statue with glowing eyes.

The Jackal rose off the pedestal and padded heavily down to her. He was enormous, towering over her on all fours. His great head dipped down to smell the collar and subsequently, her throat. She squeezed her eyes shut, fearing he would tear her throat out with his massive jaws. He ran his black snout down her body, snuffling along her skin. He raised his head and gazed into her eyes. She gazed back, torn somewhere between fear and wonder.

He rose, then, to his hind legs. He kept rising. His shoulders broadened, and muscles bulged out from his trapezoids and down his biceps. His chest widened and muscles swelled in pectorals and lateral muscles. His stomach widened, abdominal wall rippling with muscle. His legs thickened and straightened. He morphed seamlessly into a man. There was no cracking of bone, no tearing of flesh. He fluidly shifted his shape into a hugely muscled man, with golden arm bands cuffed at both bicep and wrist. He was bare chested and tattooed, with a broad expanse of smooth bronzed skin. His tunic was short and made of linen edged in gold. She stared at him, jaw agape, still on her knees. He held out his palm, and fire danced from his palm onto the torches set in the walls. The room lit in a warm whoosh, all the gold gleaming in the firelight, all the narrative on the wall surging to life. His arms folded over his powerful chest, and his gleaming eyes like glowing embers gazed down at her. His face was still the Jackal. This was Anubis. There was a fucking GOD staring at her.

His muzzle curved upward slightly the second she registered the thought. He turned his head and yanked the chain from the wall. He wound it around his hand, cocking his head to watch her. The chain grew taut, and she was forced to rise up on her knees. She could see their collective shadow cast on the wall in her peripheral- his bipedal silhouette with his great jackal ears in profile, yanking the chain toward himself and her, on all fours, attached to the chain and pitching forward at his summoning. The irony was not lost on her.

She approached his feet and he continued winding it around his hand and she was forced to rise to her feet. He wound it around his hand again, and she jerked forward toward him until she was only inches away. She faced off with his pectoral muscles. He passed his hand over her form, touching nothing. Her clothes wilted off her body without her moving a muscle. Her eyes widened as her over shirt slid off, her tank top crumpled away, and her trousers melted off. It was as much magic as his shape shifting. Both denied the gravity and object relationship she had always understood things to be.
There was no stepping out of the shoes, no tugging down the panties. They just simply were no longer on her body, and were in a collective crumpled heap several feet away.

He gazed at her naked form. She drew an arm over her breasts and a hand in front of her thighs. He reached out and brushed her arm away. His hand grazed over the lush swell of both her breasts. He paused and brushed his thumb over her nipple and it sprang up against the fleshy pad of his thumb. He covered her other breast, and slid his thumb over that nipple too, until both nipples stood stiff and pink, like pencil erasers. His hands fell away as his eyes intently gazed upon her chest.
She reached up to cover her breasts again, feeling even more modest now that her nipples jutted out. He impatiently knocked her arm to her side. He travelled his hand down over her ribs and belly, cupping the curve where her waist nipped in and her hip curved out. He squeezed and pet the swell briefly, eyes sparking from flame to scarlet. He passed his hand over his tunic and it melted into the air as well. She gasped as his huge erect member sprang forward. It was goliath and hard, bulging veins running up and down the length like vines around a column. She shook as she suddenly knew for sure what his intentions were. He was a God. She had no idea what that entailed. Would it kill her? Would it hurt? Would she be able to go on living her life afterwards?

He spanned his hands around her waist and they easily overlapped one another. He lifted her and walked several feet to place her on an altar that had been sitting in the shadowy recesses. It was well used, worn smooth and it felt like hard silk under her bare ass. He slid both hands to her knees and spread her legs open wide. She exhaled a shaky breath as the cool air caressed her open center. His great head dipped down and his tongue unfurled from his dark muzzle to lick her bare pussy. Her stomach jumped as his tongue slid in between her lips and flicked up to her clitoris. It lapped powerfully around the delicate button, cradling it in the folds of his long tongue, and then flicked back down to enter her canal. It pushed into her, insistent and sweeping- like a dog seeking the marrow of a bone. His tongue was much longer than a man’s, and it laved her in long rasping strokes. It felt like nothing she had ever experienced, and her hips rocked gently on his tongue without her even being cognizant of their movement. She could feel her wetness cascade over his tongue as he drew it out and onto his tongue, extracting slowly out of her and licking up her slit, coating her with her own slippery fluid. It mingled with his saliva and thoroughly wet her pussy inside and out. His tongue ground into her again and rasped over the uber sensitive pad of flesh on her inside wall. His mouth was open, his teeth pressed against her clitoris.

Knowing the sharp canines were cradling the flesh of her pussy made her thighs tremble in fear and arousal. His ears tickled the inner flesh of her thighs. His tongue plunged stiff and deep and her pussy fluttered around his tongue in a small shuddering pre climax. She gasped and hitched forward, elbows buckling as she grasped the sides of the altar. He withdrew his tongue and drew up her slowly, straightening as he did. His cock jutted powerfully forward. He grasped the shaft firmly in his big fist. He nudged the gleaming and swollen head in between her wet slit. He pushed in, grasping the altar with the hand wrapped in the chain, and the other hand clenching his thick shaft until he forced enough inside her that it would not just pop back out. He let go of his shaft then, and grasped her hip, wrenching it more open and drawing her closer as he thrust in deeper. She cried out as his thickness spread her roughly wide. His cock was impossibly huge and he forced it inside her one inch at a time.

He sawed back and forth in short strokes, her cunt stretching painfully to accommodate his oversized member. Her head fell back and she grit her teeth. He lengthened his strokes, dipping down to lap his rough tongue over her pussy and his own thick shaft, to keep the thrusting well lubricated. He tugged her head back further with the chain, to invite the arc in the small of her back and the tilting forward of her hips. Another inch forced inside her and they both groaned aloud.
His arm slid under to her arched back and lifted her to his hips. She glanced down at her raised hips, rocking on his granite erection and saw that there was still a significant amount of his cock still waiting to be inside her. He cradled the small of her back and hips at the same time and thrust deeply into her, literally impaling her on his shaft. She was a rag doll being slid up and down a barber pole. His glowing eyes closed to narrow slits as his cock buried itself inside her. More inches immersed in her, and she felt him bumping against her cervix, the small taps of pain sending shock waves of pleasure throughout her entire body. She arched in delirious pain and pleasure, her pussy lips stretched around the base of his cock, which felt like a tree trunk, as he drove deeper and deeper into her. She moaned as the pleasure of the pressure sank into her core and the friction began a delicious deep slow throb that was increasing in pace and tempo. Her tight walls squeezed his thickness, wetly welcoming his invasion.

He sank his thumbs deep into the crevice between her hip and thigh, grunting between clenched teeth and with great effort, pulled his cock out with an audible pop. Liquid splattered her belly lightly. It was not his come. She moaned a hiss of disappointment, her cunt throbbing dully, begging for his cock. It stood up straight and throbbing, gleaming wet in the torchlight. He leaned over her and lifted her off the altar, and set her on the floor. He wound the chain around his hand and tugged, and she fell forward to her hands and knees. He stepped behind her and sank to his knees, one pushing in between her own to nudge her legs further apart. She spread wider and sank forward readily. Her pussy was eager for him to rejoin, so she leaned down on her elbows and raised her backside, thrusting it back towards him. He slid his hand down her spine, to the round globe of her ass, sinking into the firm flesh of her cheek, pulling it away from her pussy, exposing her throbbing wet pink core.

His thumb dipped into her sweet wetness and he growled low, in deep desire to occupy that exquisitely tender space. He squeezed his shaft again and ground his cock into her. This time, it easily slid halfway in. He grasped her hips and held her still, bucking against her backside, drilling deeper with every thrust. She tossed her head back, wailing in pleasure as he filled her completely, his heavy balls slamming into her clit on every deep driving thrust.
She wriggled back into his pounding drives, and he slid his chain wrapped hand around her waist, cupping her mound in his hand. The chain slid in the cleft and pressed against her clit. Her gushing wetness quickly made the chain slick and it slid easily back and forth, sawing on top of her clit as he pressed his hand flat against her entire mound, squeezing in time to the thrusting. His balls thudded against the chain in a galloping punishing rhythm and her body lit on fire, as every cell raced towards her epic climax.

He too, was pounding towards climax, pulling almost all the way out so the head of his cock dragged her backward with his pull, then pushing forcefully into her so her face pressed into the dusty earth underneath her. Back and forth, and faster and faster he went, she getting dragged helplessly underneath him. Suddenly he slowed, grabbing her hips roughly to keep her immobile. He expanded inside her, and she could feel every vein, every contour of his cock as he suddenly jerked and spasmed inside her, his fluid pulsing up her canal, hot and thick. She shuddered under him and her body exploded around his ejaculating cock, milking his length imbedded so deep inside. She had never come so hard, she was left breathless and unable to control her movements as her body spasmed and shook wildly in the aftermath of her whole body climax. He pulled out of her, still massive, and as his heavy distended length fell out of her with a heavy thud, a gush of liquid spilled down her thighs. She collapsed to the ground, thighs still trembling, uterus still contracting, pussy still spasming.

She felt his big hand lift her hair off her neck, damp with her sweat. She turned her cheek gratefully and looked at him. He was gazing at her with gold flecked hazel eyes, rimmed with sooty black lashes. No longer a Jackal’s head, he had the face that would befit a God. High cheek boned with smooth flawless skin, full sensual lips, and a strong jaw. She blinked several times, and slowly sat up, staring at him in wonder.

He inclined his head in deep gratitude.

“It was a curse.” His voice was warm and melodious, like honey sliding off a warm spoon.

She opened her mouth to speak, and didn’t even know where to begin. She had never believed in curses, or Gods for that matter. Yet, here he was, so there that was.

He watched her, and seemed to understand her thoughts, even though no words came out of her mouth.

“The theory, I believe, was to keep me trapped here forever by this collar. With a tricky incantation, she managed to trap my Ka with it, inside the inscription- and then it was immobilized inside the statue until you ignited it by your tracing.”

She nodded slowly, taking in the information. “Is the… sex... is it part of the ritual?”

“Yes.” His eyes flickered amber and the corner of his mouth upturned slightly. He glanced at her sideways and then shook his head no.

Her mouth fell open in surprise.

He shrugged faintly, eyes raking over her appraisingly. “You are a beautiful woman.”

She closed her mouth and smiled slightly. She hugged her knees. “What happens now?”

He raised a brow. “Now, I can go home. And you – you will receive what you wish. This is indeed, Shoushep’s tomb. He wanted to control the afterworld, too. Someone was foolish enough to collaborate with him to keep me trapped here so that Shoushep and she could, in theory, rule there forever.”

He cricked his neck to the side. “I have much work to do.”

He rose to his feet and extended a hand down to her. He hefted her to her feet easily. He passed a hand in a small arc and the torches extinguished and her clothes slid back onto her body in the same fashion as they departed.

He grasped her shoulders lightly and kissed her softly. “Thank you.”

A door opened on the south side of the chamber. “You will find your way there.”

He stepped away from her and walked through the west side of the tomb. There was no door, he just melded through the wall and then was gone. She gazed around the room in dull wonder. She hardly knew how to take inventory. She wobbled forward on shaky legs, scanning the room. The statue was gone. She touched her neck. So was the collar. Her fingers traced over a delicate chain with a pendant. She peered down at it. It was a pendant embedded with the same colored gems in a gleaming gold disc. She took in a deep breath and knew that from this moment on, her life would be very, very different.

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