tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Collector Ch. 02: Angel & Erin

The Collector Ch. 02: Angel & Erin


Author's note: This story is a sequel to my earlier story 'The Collector Ch. 01: Erin'. Although I'm sure you could figure it out, it would probably make more sense if you read that story first. This story contains themes of reluctant sex, and anal sex. All characters are over age 18.


It was what Angel had dubbed 'Fuckless Fridays'. Erin was still too new to the rhythms of the compound to understand from experience, but the term made sense immediately. For whatever reason, Friday was the day least likely for Carter to take one of the girls.

"It's because he often has some party or event he goes to on Fridays," Angel explained. "Dinners with high-profile investors, art gallery openings, the theater..."

The two were sitting at one of the compact poolside tables, finishing dinner. As she had been promised, the food was excellent. Tonight one of the house staff had brought them down a whole fish which Angel had expertly finished on the grill. Full and content, only the wine drew their continued attention. Angel considered the bottle. "It's South African. Whatever you think of the man, he has attention to detail."

Erin hadn't missed the connection. Every time Angel spoke, her beguiling accent reminded Erin of her exotic background. Her accent and absolutely everything else about the young woman was beguiling. She was quite possibly the most beautiful black woman Erin had ever met. Her complexion was flawless, with remarkably smooth skin darker than any of Erin's classmates or friends. Her features were equally striking, with a narrow nose and large eyes. Only her succulent lips reminded Erin of her African American friends.

"When's the last time you two..." Erin trailed off awkwardly. She still felt uncomfortable discussing her situation, even with someone like Angel.

Angel laughed. "When's the last time I fucked him? It's okay Erin."

"Okay, when's the last time you fucked him?"

"Never." Angel was carefully gauging Erin's reaction, a wry smile on her lips.

"What? I thought everyone-"

"Fucked him? Not exactly. Hold on."

Angel rose, and disappeared into her own cabana. She was wearing a white one-piece swimsuit which contrasted dramatically with her ebony skin. Erin took the opportunity to admire her round ass.

Returning, Angel placed a simple wood box on the table between them, and opened it. Keeping an appraising eye on Erin she pulled out a large, penis-shaped sex toy.

"Damn girl," Erin muttered. "Carter not big enough for you?"

Without commenting or breaking eye contact, Angel slid the toy to her lips. As Erin watched in amazement the dark-skinned beauty pushed the rubber head past her lips, then the shaft one inch at a time until at last the balls pressed against her chin. At least eight or nine inches had disappeared into her throat. She tugged it free again, liberating several strings of drool to slap against her neck.

"Shit," was all Erin could say.

Angel smiled, not without a trace of deserved arrogance. "So you see, no. I've never fucked Carter. I've never had to." Her accent was achingly sexy.

The two enjoyed a moment of silence. Around them, insects chirped and birds fluttered. It was dusk in Bel-Air. Erin had another sip of wine.

"Valeri said you were almost done here."

"Maybe," Angel said, cautiously. "I think."

"You think?"

Angel looked about nervously. "Listen Erin... it can be hard to tell sometimes. Carter is complicated, to put it mildly. I think in his heart he's a good person, but he has his demons." The growing darkness seemed to press in on Angel. She slid deeper into her lounger. "He's usually a perfect gentleman, provided you fulfill your end of the bargain. But," her fingers nervously sought the proper grip on her wine glass. "Lately he's been a bit intense with me. I wonder if he's really going to let me go."

Erin had harbored the same doubts. What was to prevent Carter from taking advantage of her, then going back on his word? Angel seemed to share the same concern. "Listen," she said, gripping Angel's hand tightly. "Whatever happens to you happens to me. If he mistreats you, we're both out of here, right?"

Angel squeezed Erin's hand back tightly, but her eyes were far away.


"Seventy-five thousand? What is this?"

Valeri had stopped by the next morning to show Erin an app on the tablet. Its sole purpose seemed to be to display a number. "This is your balance," Valeri explained. "It's what you've earned toward paying off your family's debt. Think of it as points. Whenever you do something to please Carter the points will go up. If you really make him happy the points will pile up quickly. Your goal is one million points."

"So, reach a million and I'm done here?" Erin had hoped to wrap-up her stay before classes resumed in the fall.

"Oh yes," Valeri assured her. "Please understand, Carter will still own your parents' mortgage, car loans, etc. They'll have to learn to live more frugally than they have. But, no one will be evicted and your tuition at UCLA will be covered by Carter. You'll be able to finish school."

Erin nodded quietly. "You said Angel was almost done. Does that mean her number is almost a million?"

"Ah, yes. Almost. In fact, you should ask her about it. You two might be able to help each other out." Valeri excused herself.

Erin found Angel sitting in front of her cabana, her breakfast largely untouched. She barely acknowledged Erin, preferring instead to gaze off into the distance. Together, the two sat in silence for several minutes.

"This is so fucked up," she finally blurted out.

"What is?"

Angel fumed for a moment before turning to speak. "I'm supposed to be done this week. I'm supposed to entertain Carter one more time, then fly back to Johannesburg on Wednesday. Now I can't. I'm going to miss my brother's wedding."

"Why can't you go?" Erin wondered if this had to do with their conversation the previous evening. "Carter won't let you?"

"Oh, he'll let me if I want to." Angel turned away from Erin and began slowly shredding a paper napkin. "It's just that if I don't earn enough points before I leave then I have to pay for the flights myself. Carter will only pay for a one-way flight back and only after I meet the terms of our deal."

"That's got to be an expensive flight, especially if you have to book with short notice. Can you afford it?" Erin hadn't checked her bank account yet to see what her allowance would be, but she had the impression it wasn't lavish enough to pay for international flights.

"Sort of. I have the money, barely. There are other issues though. My boyfriend is supposed to go to the wedding. I think he might propose to me."

Erin squeezed Angel's arm and tried to manage a smile.

"So, yeah it's fucked up because I've been telling everyone I was studying here for the spring semester. I don't see how I can go back for a week or whatever then come back to L.A., especially if Michael proposes. Fuck!"

"Why won't uh, 'entertaining' Carter get you free. Do you have fewer points than you thought?"

Angel glared at her. "Erin please, I'm sure we both know exactly how many points we have." She turned away again. "No, it's just that the last couple of times he hasn't given me as many points as before. Valeri won't say directly, but I get the impression that being deep throated isn't quite the novelty that it once was. I can't close out in time."

"Valeri said I might be able to help you."

"She's wrong," said Angel. "Carter will give you 'extra credit' for bringing a friend. That's probably what she meant, but it won't be enough. I can only close out if I fuck him."

"Why don't you, then?" Erin wondered if her willingness to let Carter have his way with her so quickly made Angel think less of her. "I mean, I get that you don't want to, but if it gets you out of here on time..."

Angel took her time responding. Erin watched a leaf blow across the pool deck and into the water. "Erin, I've only ever slept with Michael. I agreed to stay with Carter for the same reasons you did, but I swore I'd only blow him." She shook her head in frustration. "Now I'm this close."

Erin squeezed Angel's hand again, then got up to dangle her feet in the water. After a minute Angel joined her. For a moment they were just two young women enjoying the pool on a hot day.

Something occurred to Erin. "Carter knows you don't want to fuck him, right?"

"I'm sure he figured it out pretty quickly, yeah. Never seemed to bother him though. Nicole fucks him, and now you're here, too."

"Angel," Erin said, choosing her words carefully. "I think he wants your ass."

Angel continued staring at her with an unreadable expression.

"I mean, think about it. He knows you don't want to give it up, but he wants a little something special before you leave. If you give him your ass you're keeping your promise, at least in his view of things."

There was another lull in their conversation before Angel asked "You've done it?"

She had, after a few drinks on spring break. One moment she and her boyfriend had been laughing and playing around in bed, the next moment he was in her ass. The session had been unplanned, daring, and thoroughly enjoyable. Erin had climaxed easily with just a finger on her clit. Attempts to recreate the moment hadn't generated the same magic however, and after a while they stopped trying.

"Yeah. It can be nice. It helps to be in the mood."

"Well, shit. And if I'm not in the mood?" Angel looked depressed.

"It can hurt I guess."

"Yeah. So again, I'm fucked."

The leaf that had blown into the pool earlier drifted past them, just out of reach.

"I was a bit drunk the first time I did it," Erin hinted.

Angel mulled it over. "Wine or gin?"


"He'll want your throat first, then your ass."

The always prepared Valeri gave them instructions as she led them to the upper pool. This level of the compound was more formal, with a long rectangular pool and symmetric landscaping. At one end Erin glimpsed a party room with a catering kitchen and a bar. Valeri took them to the other end with the luxurious guest house. The bedroom faced the pool so guests might open the blinds and step almost directly into the water. Angel's final session would be held here.

Angel clung to Erin apprehensively. In the faint evening chill, Erin welcomed the warmth of Angel's body against hers. Per their plan, the two had each had several gin and tonics. It wasn't a giddy, happy buzz, but Angel had confided that she did feel more relaxed.

Valeri led them into bedroom, still warm from the earlier heat. On the nightstand lay a plain wood box like the one Angel had shown Erin the day before. "Here's everything you'll need, as we discussed." Valeri and Erin rolled back the comforter while Angel stood with her arms crossed. "Erin," Valeri resumed. "This evening is about Angel, but you aren't an idle observer. I suggest you do as Carter asks, but don't be afraid to get even more involved."

Valeri gave Angel a little hug, then excused herself. They were alone.

The bedroom had floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides. The bed itself faced the pool, while the sides looked onto the gardens. Though night had largely descended, light from recessed garden fixtures cast some illumination into the room. Even more entered from the pool deck. With the overhead light off, it was still easy to see.

"Look," said Angel, pointing to the pool. At some point Carter had arrived and climbed into the water. Or had he been there the entire time? He swam toward them from the far end, turned then swam back. His wake broke up the surface, sending small waves to slap against the sides. He swam another lap, his pace relaxed. He wasn't a large man, but he kept in shape. Erin had to admit for a man well into his forties he still had a lean and fit build. He turned and took another lap.

Finally, Carter climbed from the pool and stood dripping just steps from the bedroom. The hair on his chest and abdomen was slicked down, highlighting his tight frame.

"Bring me a towel," Carter said, eyes fixed on Angel.

Angel practically jumped to comply, following Carter as he walked to the outdoor shower and began to rinse. Angel stood by with the towel while Carter washed the chlorine from his light brown hair, chest, arms, and legs. Finally, to Erin's surprise he tugged off his swim trunks and finished by rinsing his shaft and balls. Throughout, he kept his gaze on Angel.

Carter took the towel, dried himself quickly and strode back toward the bedroom, his cock bouncing against his thigh. Passing Erin, he leapt gracefully onto the bed, lay back on a pillow and took a long, appreciative look at the two young women.

"Erin, why don't you help Angel out of her robe."

Both of the girls were wearing silk robes over their lingerie. Erin's was peach colored and clingy. Angel's robe was cream, with floral trim. Neither concealed the ripe figures of the young women wearing them. Instinctively, Erin looked to Angel for approval.

"Look at me," Carter commanded. "Stand behind her and take off her robe."

Erin blushed at the admonition, but complied. Embracing her new friend from behind, she reached her hands around Angel's waist to find the tie. She could feel Angel trembling slightly. Erin undid the tie and slid the robe off, revealing the South African's smooth, dark skin. There was a faint scent of perfume.

Carter looked Angel up and down appreciatively. The young woman's silky black skin contrasted nicely with the simple white bra and panties. The bra pushed her breasts up and together enticingly, while the skimpy panties highlighted her smooth, strong legs.

"Unhook her bra, Erin," Carter instructed.

This time Erin didn't hesitate to find the back clasp and unhook it. She looked over Angel's shoulder to see what Carter would ask next.

"Good," Carter said. "That's good. Now, slide it off slowly for me."

Erin's fingers sought the shoulder straps and tugged them to the sides. For a moment Angel's full breasts pulled the straps downward without assistance. From there Erin pealed the straps past Angel's elbows and hands. With a final tug down, Angel's breasts popped free. The bra fell to the floor.

Carter must have liked what he saw. His cock had swollen until it was no longer content to rest against his leg. With a shake of his hips, Carter flipped the turgid organ in an upward arc to slap heavily against his stomach. If he was any smaller than Angel's sex toy it wasn't by much.

"You can cup her breasts if you like, Erin."

Erin froze. Valeri had intimated that there would be opportunity, but Erin hadn't expected it to take this particular form. She had no experience with other women, and no interest. Neither would Angel have anything to gain. What she was poised to do with Carter would give her more than enough points to close out her obligation. She began to drop her hands.

"It's okay, do it." Just as Erin pulled away, Angel caught her hands and guided them to her breasts. A jolt of forbidden pleasure shot through her as her fingers curled around the South African's full, smooth breasts. She lifted them gently as Angel's hands fell away. They were ever so slightly heavier than Erin's own, firm but pliant. Erin lifted them, slowly sliding her fingers upward over Angel's nipples until she released her grip. They bounced free again.

"They're nice, aren't they?" Carter asked. He was staring directly at Erin.

"Yes," she replied meekly.

"Just 'yes'? How are they different from yours?" The man's expression was unreadable.

"They're... bigger," Erin responded. Then, sensing Carter wanted more, added "and really soft."

Carter allowed himself a smile. "You're right, Angel has the softest skin. Now, if you'll-"

"Again." Angel cut Carter off.

Erin was confused for a moment until Angel found her hands and again lifted them to her breasts. Even Carter seemed surprised. "Harder this time," Angel whispered.

Sometimes when Erin touched herself she would grab a breast and tug it upward, squeezing firmly. The sensation, combined with some attention to her clit was practically a direct path to orgasm. She decided to apply the same technique to Angel, firmly gripping each breast with her thumbs on top and all four fingers below, then pulling upward. Erin tugged them until they offered resistance, then just a bit harder. After a moment, she allowed her index fingers to slide closer to the thumbs, applying pressure across the base of Angel's nipples.

Erin watched with an almost detached interest as Angel reacted to the contact. The girl's full lips parted slightly and her brow furrowed as Erin kept the pressure steady. After another moment she bowed her head, her lips parting even more. Finally, she gasped out a small 'oh' and turned sharply to face Erin. For a moment Erin thought they might kiss, but instead Angel simply released a ragged breath. "Okay," she said softly.

"Damn." Carter was absently stroking his penis.

Angel's soft breasts still occupied Erin's hands. Carefully she lowered them, allowing each finger to slip slowly and firmly over a nipple. Angel's body trembled almost imperceptibly. By the time Erin finally released her grip Angel was looking at her as if seeing her for the first time. She gave Erin a little smile.

Carter savored the sight for a moment longer before patting the bed beside him. "Here Erin. Let's both watch what comes next."

With a lingering glance Erin pulled back, brushing Angel's belly and hips with her fingers. Something had changed in her. Holding and pleasuring Angel left her aroused and curious. Although a mild sensation, it was unexpected. Erin allowed herself to entertain the notion of further exploring Angel's body. It would have to wait.

Carefully holding her robe in place, Erin joined Carter on the bed. The older man arranged a pillow for her and the two reclined together, facing Angel. Carter slipped his arm around her.

"Angel has an amazing gift which I'd like to enjoy one more time." Carter was addressing Erin, but was smiling at Angel. His gaze was one of fondness. Erin still considered the man little more than a predator, but his admiration of Angel was genuine.

"Come join us Angel. Show Erin what you can do."

Erin had a pretty good idea what Angel's special gift was. After a fleeting moment of hesitation the South African beauty climbed onto the foot of the bed and worked her way toward Carter. She kept eye contact, approaching slowly until just inches from his organ.

"Show Erin what?" Angel asked teasingly.

"You know," said Carter, a trace of huskiness in his voice.

"You mean this?" Leaning slightly forward, Angel shook her head left and right, sending her straightened hair back and forth over Carter's balls.

"Stoppit!" Carter said, laughing. "That tickles. Feels good, but it tickles. Show Erin your trick."

"Oh, thaaaaaaat!" Angel said, smiling back.

Erin marveled at their dynamic. There was an ease about them that belied the manipulative underpinnings of their relationship. Angel seemed relaxed and confident; Carter seemed downright indulgent.

Abandoning her pretense, Angel got to work. She pulled herself just a bit farther forward until she could approach Carter's organ from above. Maintaining eye contact with her host she lifted his cock from his belly and flicked her tongue around the head in a circle. The shaft twitched in her hand. She tongued him again, this time starting from the base up to the head, lingering on the swollen tip before repeating the motion on the other side.

"Yeah," said Carter. "Yeah, do it."

With a wink at Erin, Angel slipped her lips over the head then pulled back releasing it with an audible pop. She giggled, then repeated the motion, this time going a touch deeper. Carter had already been fully engorged. As Erin watched, Angel gradually teased him from turgid to vein-poppingly hard. Making only a few adjustments to her position over his cock, and pausing once to wipe drool from her chin the dark-skinned girl gradually coaxed more and more of his pink shaft past her lips. She was already swallowing more cock than Erin ever had. Each time she pulled back Carter was ever more drenched in saliva. Finally, her lips reached the base of Carter's shaft.

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