tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe College Days Ch. 03: First Punishment

The College Days Ch. 03: First Punishment


After our first encounter, time passed quickly. Paddy skipped the third month because he out of the country and while he spoke to us in the coming months, he did not meet us. Soon, we had our first semester exams. For the next weekend, Paddy asked us to come to his place. We were picked up by his driver. To our surprise, Paddy instructed us to study for the whole weekend. We were not allowed to go anywhere for the weekend and he reminded us that there would be consequences if we did not do well in the exam. He gave us our targets that we were supposed to achieve and told us to spend the next 2 weeks, leading up to the exam, working on it.

We devoted most of our time to studying and Paddy would call us just to check how we were doing. It felt like he was serious about our career and unlike a parent had more control over us. He owned us and was now making sure we did as told from an education standpoint. We studied and did our best. Out of the 8 exams we had, I did fine in only 4 of them. The others were ok, but I did not feel good about them. Anu seemed more confident of doing fine in most of them. Either way it was a great relief to have completed them. With the money we had from our allowance we threw a party for our friends and had a good time. We also defied Paddy and ended up drinking that evening. As it usually happens, it ended up in a drunk fest.

As we were recovering from the party the next day, Paddy called and invited both of us to his house for the weekend after the exams. It was the first time, me and Anu were together with him in his house. My mind wandered around what he would do since we were with each other. We were both dressed in skirts as we knew that is what he wanted. I wore knee length skirt and Anu did the same. I realized that we both were dressing as if we were going to see our boyfriends, but the twisted part was that it was the same guy. Since college was off, we came to his house in morning. After a bit of chit chat as normal, Paddy switched the conversation.

"So, looks like you naughty ladies had encounters with booze."

We both were shocked at how he found out. Anu spoke.

"How do you know?"

"I have my ways. That was naughty of you."

"Sorry." I spoke up.

"Bad girls!"

"Did you think you would get away with it?"

We stood there, a bit contrite and not having much to say.

"Come with me."

We both followed wondering what he had in store. He took us to his room which was like a gym with two treadmills and lots of other exercise equipment.

"Undress to your underwear."

"What?" He had seen me naked before but doing it in front of Anu was more embarrassing.

Anu stared at him at his request but she had no way to defy him. She asked if she could change into shorts or something and he said no. We both disrobed and got on the treadmill and Paddy helped set it up. He then set the timing to 1 hour and told us that we can slow it down if we wanted but we were was not allowed to stop it. He then punctuated it with a slap on our panty-clad bottoms.

We both were poor when it came to fitness but had never done much exertion. Anu was a bit more athletic than I but we were gasping by the time we hit 30 minutes. We set the speed to the slowest possible and dragged on. Paddy left the room several times but would wander in, time and again to check on us. We somehow managed to complete the hour and were very tired. Paddy allowed us some rest.

"You girls need to do this more. In fact, I want you to do two hours every weekend from now on. You can come here and do it if you want."

We both nodded wearily. After we had rested for half an hour, Paddy came back.

"Time for part 2. Let's go."

We are marched into his large bathroom. And the second part of our embarrassing punishment began. He made us strip off the remainder of our clothes and essentially showered us like little kids. It was humiliating on several levels as I it was the first time I was naked in front of Anu. Paddy took liberties to soap us and touch us in our intimate places and seemed to enjoy it. He made it clear that he was doing this because we did not follow his orders and behaved like spoiled brats. Paddy allowed us to dry ourselves and then took us to the living room. We both had towels wrapped around our bodies. Paddy mocked us for covering ourselves and asked us to remove it. We returned to our fully naked state.

"Now for the last part. Priya, get over my lap."

"What do you mean?"

"Get over here and lie over my lap."

I got the point and draped myself over his lap.

"Ahh, that beautiful ass of yours." He remarked.

"It also was naughty. Wasn't it?"

The question was rhetorical. He proceeded to give my bottom a few slaps. This was the first spanking I received from him. It would be the first of many. He just rubbed my ass, like he was shining an apple. His fingers played with the resilient flesh. He moved to the other cheek and did the same.

SLAP. One followed by few more. My body twisted a bit and he pulled my right hip in, pulled my pelvis into contact with his own, and, held me tightly.

"Relax." He said, and I did.

SLAP. SLAP. SLAP. SLAP. SLAP, he continued, spanking her all around my bottom and the tops of her thighs. He warned me that he was letting us go easy this time. The slaps stung but did not hurt that much and it also felt like he was just playing and not intending to hurt me.

After a few minutes, he told me to get up. He replaced me with Anu.

Anu got the same treatment and it felt longer watching it, than receiving it.

"What else should I make you do?" He asked rhetorically as he let Anu get up.

I gathered some courage and decided to ask him.

"You like controlling women?"

"You can say that. It is fun and if you had the chance why wouldn't one?"

I remember thinking that there was truth in what he said but being in the wrong end of this was the main problem for me. We ended up chatting a bit and it became evident that he was using us to satisfy his dominant streak. He encouraged me to speak up and also to play the experience as a game. I did take some of his advice to heart and it made my next few encounters with him easier. We both happily drank it. The alcohol helped in what we had to do next.

"All this nakedness has made me horny." Paddy joked as if it was our fault.

"Why don't you two decide which one is going to give me a nice blow job?"

I looked at Anu, not knowing what to do. Before I said anything, Anu remarked that she would do it. I was a bit relieved but also a bit annoyed that Anu stepped up without much of a debate.

"Sounds good. Priya, you can go cook something for us." Paddy offered.

I looked around to pick up my skirt. Paddy saw that and asked me to just wear a t-shirt and nothing else. I found a t-shirt in my bag, threw it on and went to the kitchen. I could picture Anu giving him a blow job. I still hated sucking his cock but in a weird twisted way, cooking for him felt like a let down. When I finished cooking and went back to the room, Anu was sitting next to him and chatting. She was still naked but seemed comfortable in the situation.

"So, what did you cook? I am starving," Paddy asked.

Paddy allowed Anu to wear her skirt and top. I was still in my t-shirt with my bum peeking out from under it. We ate quickly as most of us were hungry from all the activities. Paddy was a good talker and would easily switch topics. Over time we grew very comfortable talking to him and even opening to him.

After dinner, Paddy left us watching TV while he himself worked out. I felt a bit uncomfortable being with Anu alone. Anu however opened up and joked about his cock being hard forever. I asked Anu if she did not mind it. Anu just shrugged it off saying she was ok with that. Paddy took more than an hour and came out fully drenched in sweat and without his t-shirt. Paddy was always fit and muscular and I could not help admiring his sweaty body.

Paddy toyed a bit more with us over the weekend, but it was more mentally. He talked and asked a lot of questions about our experience so far. While answering them was very difficult, it also felt therapeutic to verbalize it. Anu and I agreed later on that it helped accept the situation we were in. Paddy was good at understanding our minds and over time we got to understand him. He was dual in personality; and he would strive to balance out his evil by doing some good. His sexual exploitation of us in return for a lot of things was one such example.

Another month passed after that weekend. Paddy emailed us saying that this weekend he would want us to compete in who could give him a better blow job. We had time to labour over it and think about it. Anu and I felt awkward competing and that too in such a fashion. We both did our best to search the internet for some tips and were surprised to see there was no shortage of that. I would say we were as prepared as we could be.

Paddy picked me for the first blow job. Over the years, I got better at it, but that day was hard. I spent about half an hour sucking and licking his cock. Paddy would play with my hair and move it away so that he could look at my face. My mouth hurt by the time he came, and I spat out his cum on the floor. Paddy did not look amused.

Anu was asked to do the next. She followed a similar route to mine. Though she seemed to get him off sooner. I was partly amazed at Paddy's sexual stamina and Anu's ability to make him cum so quick. It was clear that Anu had won this contest very easily. He gave us lurid details on what worked and what didn't. He explained what to do with our tongues, what to do with his balls and importantly how to control the tempo. He even went to the extent of telling us that while it felt like we did not like the act, we actually had so much power over a man, that, it was worth it. He derided me for not swallowing and told me to learn that. He praised Anu for using her hand well. This blow job class helped me later on and I am sure my current husband is quite happy that his wife is such a good cocksucker.

Since I lost the contest, I was the one who would get punished. Paddy's first task was to make me clean the house and cook for them. I was supposed to do it naked with just an apron. As if it was not humiliating enough, Paddy and Anu started shooting toy darts from behind. Quite a few landed on my butt and while they did not hurt, they did annoy me. Anu was also forced to join this and it became a contest between Paddy and Anu on who could hit my butt. I managed to smile at their childish acts. Dinner was served by me and I had to wait for them to finish. Paddy and Anu watched TV while I had to clean up and get the dishes clean. I was essentially a maid to both of them for the weekend. I was not allowed to do much and ordered around for menial tasks. Even Anu joined in this partly which angered me. That weekend started a bit of tension between me and Anu and it escalated in the coming weeks. Paddy also had sex with Anu on Sunday and I was again asked to cook and serve them. I had lost the contest, and this was the price.

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