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The College Life


I can't believe it.. I really did it, this is really happening. I'm going to college. So many thoughts raced though my mind as I stand just below the stage inching closer and closer to the top step. The time going slower and slower until they call my name, until I walk across the stage, shake hands, pose for pictures and receive my diploma. Everyone told me to enjoy life while I was young because the time would go by quickly, I didn't believe them. But now, here I stand, 18 years old, all grown up and now there's no turning back.

Summer went by fairly fast. I played my last summer travel season with my team and we wished each other luck as we were all attending different colleges. Some staying in state and others leaving. Some getting softball scholarships and others knowing this was the end of the road as they wouldn't be able to move on to the next level of softball, at least not yet. As moving day approached I was getting nervous. Would I like my roommates? Would they like me? How many roommates would I have? So many questions that couldn't be answered until I arrived.

I was staying in state attending a college that was basically like my second home. I had been going to work with my mom since I was young, when I was doing online school so I knew the campus very well. Besides that, my brother was now attending that university, he was a junior. The night before it was time to move in was probably the most nerve wracking for me. I couldn't sleep, I was just thinking about all of the possibilities. I had committed to play softball and was excited for that as well. They were a D2 school and I kept asking my self really how hard it would be to keep up with my studies while playing sports, I wasn't in high school anymore so I knew it would be a challenge.

The next morning i ate showered, and packed the last things in to my suit cases. I looked around the room like school wasn't 15 minutes away, like I would never see it again. Although, it may be true. Freshman are required to live on campus so I don't really know how often i'll be back. I loaded my things into an already packed Honda Civic and hopped in the car. I threw my beats over my ears and let the music play. "It's our party we can do what we want, it's our party we can say what we want, it's our party we can do what we want we can kiss who we want we can.." the music was interrupted by a text message. I looked down to see my ex- girlfriends name appear on the screen.

About 3 months ago I broke up with my girlfriend. She cheated on me yet she can't seem to get over the relationship. She texts me at least 6 times a day (Not including when I respond) and calls me twice a day but I usually don't pick up. I told her we should just be friends even though I didn't mean that. I didn't want anything to do with her. Even if I did mean what I said it wouldn't of mattered, she insisted she wanted a relationship, I refused. The car pulled in to the BUSY and FULL parking lot. I should of came to the room earlier and unpacked all of my things I mean it's not like I didn't know where I was going.

There were 4 dorms. There were all girl dorms, all boy dorms and then a dorm with boys and girls. Kennedy was the only boys and girls dorm but still, it was mostly girls. Then there was Bristle, the all girl dorm, Matt, the all boy dorm and Jazz, the all girl dorm. Every dorm had a "family" room which was a lounge room. With games, vending machines, microwaves, tv etc. It felt like home.

My mom and dad helped me carry my bags to my dorm, I was in Bristle. "You need help with that sweetie?" my mom asked seeing me carry 2 packs of 35 water bottles. "Thanks, but I think I got it" I said, my voice carrying backwards. I unlocked my dorm to see my roommate already inside. I paused, in shock. My parents looked around me to see my roommate. "Hi we're Sarah's parents" they said smiling and extending their hands. My roommate smiled and extended her hand. "Hi, i'm Jess. Nice to meet you" "Sarah, aren't you going to introduce yourself?" My mother said nudging my shoulder. Jess looked at me and then to my parents "There's no need we already know each other" She said with a smile My parents smile got even wider and said "Well isn't that great!!" I looked down aggravated and said "Yeah, something like that" My parents left leaving me and Jess to "catch up".

I continued to un pack my things not paying any attention to Jess. "So you're not going to say nice to see you again or ask me how i'm doing" Jess said "Jess, come on. this living arrangement isn't going to work. The hatred I have for you is unbelievable. I said we could stay friends but I didn't mean that. I can't stand you. I gave you my heart and you broke it. " I said holding back tears. I want to tell her to leave but seeing as we both live in this room I can't do that. "What are you even doing here? I thought you got a scholarship to play softball at Kentucky. Why didn't you take that instead of staying out here and why the fuck are you my roommate" I said anger starting to rise

"I took a scholarship here because of you. I'm your roommate because i requested to be. Sarah I love you. I made a mistake." she said looking me in the eyes

"You made a mistake? You weren't drunk you weren't high. You were in your right mind, you cheated on me knowing what you were doing. Knowing it would affect me. I can't forgive that. You can have this room to yourself, I won't be staying here much. I'll probably go stay with my brother at his apartment" I said grabbing my phone, walking to the door and closing it behind me.

The day was tiring, filled with family activities, meeting your alpha group and meeting new friends. By the end I was exhausted. I walked across the street to my brothers apartment and slept there that night. I forgot to turn my phone back on after the argument with Jess. I let it power on and when I did it was shocking. 150 texts, 50 calls, tweets, facebook messages, instagram posts, kiks, and snapchats all from her. "Are you serious" I said to myself I went to my phone and dialed her number

"Hello" she said sleepily like I had just woken her up. "What?" I said my tone sharp

"Sarah, can we talk?" she said "No we can't, goodnight" and with that I hung up. I woke up early to get some breakfast and then headed to my first class of the day. Throughout class I saw my professors mouth moving but I couldn't concentrate on what he was saying all I could think about was Jess. I shouldn't be but I was. I loved her but I kept telling myself "You've been strong this long, why stop now." I had been listening to that ever since the 3rd day of our breakup. So I don't know what made me take my phone out of my pocket and text her.

"Lets talk. Meet me in the dorm at 1" is what the text said as soon as I sent it I wished I didn't. Her reply was immediate "Sounds good. what do you want to talk about" "... You said you wanted to talk last night so that's what we're talking about. No promises, no obligations. Just a talk." I replied back "Okay" she texted back.

I wondered what she had up her sleeve because with her it's never just a talk.

I got out of class at 12:50 and I walked over to a mexican place they had on campus and ordered some quesadillas with meat. They're so good. I grabbed my food and a gatorade then headed back to the dorm to meet up with Jess. I opened the door and Jess was sitting on her bed with her phone in hand. I looked around and had totally forgot that I didn't barely unpacked any of my things. I tossed my keys on to the desk by the door, dropped my bag and walked over to my bed waiting for Jess to speak.

It was silent for a couple of minutes until I broke it "Did I come here so we could sit in silence or did you actually want to talk about something, Jess?" she looked at me and then spoke "Yeah, I want to talk. I'm sorry that what happened happened. You're right I was in my right mind when it happened but it didn't mean anything. You were away and I just.." I cut her off before she could finish. "You just what? I was gone for a week Jess. Not a year, not even a month. Are you telling me you couldn't please yourself until then Jess? If you say you couldn't that's bullshit and we both know it. We dated for a year and a half and I highly highly doubt that this happened just once. I don't know what you're expecting because I don't trust you. Will I ever? I don't know" I got up to leave but before I did I said one more thing "You gave up a D1 scholarship to supposedly come and win me back. That should mean something but it doesn't. You wasted a scholarship"

Before I could slip out the door she grabbed my arm and pulled me to her. "Just hug me Sarah" she whispered into my ear sending chills down my neck. I don't know why I obliged but I did. I had my long blonde hair in a pony tail giving direct access to my neck, my weak spot. She kissed and licked my neck. Before I could object I ended up moaning. Jess was exploring my body hitting the spots only she would know. Don't get me wrong I protested and protested.. kind of. They were weak attempts because I didn't really want her to stop.

She titled my head up and kissed me, slipping her tongue in to my mouth. She had been chewing gum, big league chew watermelon to be exact, I could taste it. She slipped her hand under my shirt giving me goose bumps like only her touch could do. Then she changed up and slid her hand in the waist of my shorts. "jess" I started to say she briefly stopped the kiss to respond "shhh. We'll talk later, just let me enjoy this now" Before I could protest I felt her hand on my clit forcing me to moan into her lips. "Uhhh jess."

I guess we were so involved that we didn't hear the door open or maybe this was planned.


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