tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe College's New Assistant Pt. 14b

The College's New Assistant Pt. 14b


Second half of Part 14. Again, a MASSIVE thank you to my editor, CallMeHarder, for eagle eye editing and fantastic additions and embellishments to my story.

If you are reading this first, I suggest you read the first half of part 14 before continuing, and of course, start at the first part if you haven't read any of this adventure yet.

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Yumi felt like a silly little girl having to ask permission to come, but it was the only way for her to release. She was so completely owned, she loved this feeling, and the feeling of being so told what to do, but hated that was constantly toyed with. Still feeling high with arousal after the charm was turned off, she couldn't think about anything other than coming and she would do just about anything, in front of anyone, if she thought relief would be granted. After a while she calmed down, yet still thought about coming constantly. The everyday thoughts she used to have were now almost completely replaced with sexual thoughts.

Hiroko pulled off Yumi's bra and panties, then her shoes and stockings, then towelled down her slick, sticky inner thighs and the patches of sweat on her body. She applied more matte powder to her body to get Yumi's skin back to a warm diffuse shine. Hiroko glanced at her watch. It was close to 6pm and the sun had set about fifteen minutes earlier. Hiroko ran back into the main area of the store leaving Yumi completely naked on the stage. Yumi instinctively covered herself then reflected at how strange that was to do now. On reflection, she felt like she was betraying her masters. She rationalised that if Hiroko had not told her she could cover herself, then she should stay as Hiroko left her, so she lowered her arms and waited for her Mistress to return.

Hiroko came back smiling holding a bundle of faux fur and a stiff, furry tail attached to a butt plug. At the same time, Yumi became acutely aware of her painful need to pee. Hiroko placed the tail and few other items on the chair.

"Ok Yumi, step into this," Hiroko said holding the cream-orange coloured furry garment by its two-centimetre wide shoulder straps. Yumi stepped carefully into the part where the shoulder straps came down to join in a section as long as her foot, 21 centimetres, and only wide enough to barely contain her labia. It was similar to her extreme leotard, but it was just two straps forming a V-shape from her shoulders, over her breasts and down to her pussy. The straps flared out to about ten centimetres wide over her nipples and then back to two centimetres until it reached her pussy where it just over doubled its width as the two straps joined. On the back, it was two centimetres wide from where it split into two strips just below her asshole all the way to her shoulders. Hiroko adjusted the straps so her breasts were covered and the straps in the back gently pried her still rosy cheeks apart showing the barest glimpse of her little wrinkled rosebud.

To add extra support to the straps formidable task of containing Yumi's tits, Hiroko ran a transparent five-centimetre wide rubber strip over the faux fur snugly in the bottom fold of her breasts. She then ran it up and under her armpits, between her shoulder blades in a cross, then again running over her shoulders on the other side, under her armpits and finally joining at a clip in the centre of her shoulder blades. This had the effect of lifting and pushing her huge tits out a little more, as well as keeping the faux fur in contact with her body. From a few metres away, it was hard to notice the very thin hardened rubber strip. Finally, Hiroko added the same collar from earlier in the day buckling it firmly around her neck and then clipping the matching leash onto the front ring.

"That's awesome! Damn I love dressing you up!" Hiroko laughed, "You aren't done yet."

Hiroko gathered up Yumi's pigtails in one hand, picked up a hairnet from the chair and stretched it over her hair.

"Once again, we will grant you a shred of privacy," Hiroko said picking up a Shiba dog mask from the chair. She pulled the elastic band over her head and adjusted the mask so she could see Yumi's eyes through the small eyeholes.

After that, she picked up a clear headband that had two pointed ears attached; they were matching Shiba ears. Hiroko thought how cute it was that Yumi would be a Japanese dog for the second act.

Hiroko finished the costume by inserting the stiff tapered tail into Yumi's asshole. Yumi squealed sharply, her ass now stuffed with an electric egg and a butt plug tail.

"Perfect my love!" Hiroko said extremely pleased with her efforts, "Now get on your hands and knees and be my puppy. No more talking Inu-chan! One bark for 'yes' and two for 'no'" Hiroko said literally referring to her as a dog. Yumi slowly got on all fours feeling the butt plug moving inside her. She felt the force of gravity pulling on her bladder more in this position feeling like she was ready to burst. This puppy outfit was much more lewd than the one she wore in class, what seemed like years ago. She had changed very drastically since then. Yumi knew she had to piss soon, she couldn't imagine how she could last through the next showing without pissing herself. How could she ever be the same after doing that in public, she thought, but she was committed to her masters' whims, no matter what.

"Do you want to see what this tail can do Inu-chan?" Hiroko asked. Yumi just stared at Hiroko confused for a few moments until Hiroko clicked a remote that controlled the egg in her ass. Yumi yelped, as she was shocked by a minimum strength zap.

"Tanaka-san said he didn't want to use that, but I'm not as nice as him. Answer me puppy, do you want to see your tail's special feature?" Hiroko said dispassionately.

Yumi knew the only correct answer was yes, so she barked a little "wuw" sound; the sound a cartoon dog in a Japanese anime would make.

"Good girl," Hiroko said clicking a disc-shaped remote she picked up from the chair. To Yumi's surprise, the tail started flicking side to side, the butt plug holding firm but massaging the inside of her ass in the opposite direction to the tail.

"Holy shit that is cool!" Hiroko said like a kid with a new toy, "Looks like you are a happy puppy now, hmm?"

Yumi barked once again. She felt like a character out of a perverted Hentai magazine. She had never read them, but she had heard spotty-faced, geeky boys talking about such things on the train in Japan. They talked about how a young male protagonist would discover he had a superpower to control women and make them to act like dogs. It was an absurd plot, but now Yumi found herself as the main character in that very plot.

While this was happening, Sarah and one of her employees were unrolling another backdrop over the current one. It had the same sized hole cut out so it could fit over the TV. The scene on the backdrop was one of a park at night. There were trees, green grass, street lamps, people playing Frisbee and walking their dogs, as well as a sign post in the very centre running to almost the bottom of the backdrop, where it was surrounded by long grass. The image on the TV switched to that of a sign that fit perfectly with post on the backdrop. The text on the sign said in bold black letters, "Always keep your dog on a leash and under control" with the words "Always" and "under control" highlighted in bright red. After some tweaking of the TV's settings, they laid thick AstroTurf on the floor of the stage to complete the scene. Yumi was told to climb over the fake grass as they worked, remaining on her hands and knees.

"Good girl," Hiroko said again, "I'll take you through some commands in the ten minutes before the show starts."

Hiroko taught Yumi how to "sit" correctly with her heels tucked under her ass, legs spread wide apart, back straight and leaning forward with her hands in loose fists under her tits, shoulders pulled back and elbows against her sides. Then she taught her "play dead", which was the same pose but lying on her back on the ground. The next one was called "belly scratch" which was a variation on "play dead" where Yumi's hands were beside her shoulders and her knees were tucked under her ass but spread wide out to her sides. As she was very flexible, her knees hovered about ten centimetres above the ground. Hiroko drilled the positions a few times each until she was satisfied with Yumi's execution of each command.

"Good girl, now it's time for the next act to begin," Hiroko said turning the exciter charm back on to level two. Yumi heard herself bark and whimper. It seemed she was completely in character.

"Quiet silly puppy!" Hiroko scolded her before clicking the remote again switching the tail off.

Hiroko announced over the speaker that the next scene would begin in three minutes. The people in the store quickly made their purchased and walked outside. If the second act was anything like the first, it was to be wildly entertaining. After only two minutes, a crowd of forty people had gathered. Some of the original group left but more strangers had joined to see what the fuss was about. Hiroko peeked out into the store and saw only Sarah, Mr Tanaka and the other staff. She pulled on the leash, said "Hiyaku" to Yumi, and walked her through the black curtain at stage right into the store. She asked one of the staff to raise the red curtain hanging in front of the window. As it was being raised, she spoke into her lapel microphone.

"Please welcome Inu-chan to the park," Hiroko said clicking the remote turning the tail back on. Her audience began clapping, as Yumi was lead through the curtains and onto the stage. After a few seconds, the clapping died down and Hiroko made Yumi crawl around the stage in circles for a few minutes before finally commanding her to stop. When the applause stopped Yumi had a heighten awareness of her reality. She felt every movement of the butt plug in her ass, every yank on her collar, and every oscillation of her huge tits that were mashed against her chest by the tight rubber strip and fur V-bikini in every step. Her amazing, firm boobs spilled out sideways making crevices between her ribs and her ample breast tissue. Her hard nipples made obvious bullets pointing straight at the AstroTurf and were silhouetted by the bright backdrop behind her. For some in the crowd, this was too weird and they left either embarrassed or disgusted by the erotic display. Sarah didn't mind so much, as when they left, even more people would replace them. In a few more minutes, the crowd had swelled to fifty people tight packed and right up against the glass, some crouching down to get a better view of the scantily clad puppy-girl.

"Role-play can be a great way to spice up a boring sex life," Hiroko said, "Just be sure you agree on a safe word. As you can see from her wagging tail, it looks like Inu-chan loves to play as a Shiba puppy. She is wearing our standard leather collar and leash, on sale starting today until next Thursday."

Hiroko put on a show with Yumi commanding her first to sit facing towards the window. The crowd murmured watching intently as Yumi's pussy lips strained against the furry fabric. Yumi felt the tail flicking back and forth brushing against the AstroTurf. In this position, there was very strong pressure against her full bladder. She desperately tried to put it out of her mind and focused on holding the pose. She looked through the tiny holes to the salacious glares of men and women alike, studying every inch of Yumi's delectable body, but most of them staring directly into her crotch. All this attention on her hot box made it even harder for Yumi not to piss herself.

She imagined the awesome shame she would feel pissing herself in front of this packed audience, it would make her so damn horny to be such a dirty bitch. Her inner thoughts were become increasingly depraved the deeper she fell into her role.

As she was considering this, a little trickle of pee escaped from her, bring her back to reality in an instant. She clenched her pelvic floor muscle hard, holding for ten seconds until the urge to piss subsided. Her daily Yoga helped her. She had better control of her pussy than she knew.

Yumi noticed one man who couldn't have been over twenty elbow his friend beside him, as he smiled he said something quietly. They were positioned front and centre of the shopfront only two feet from her behind the glass and she noticed them staring directly at her pussy. It was clear that they noticed the wet patch that had formed on the tiny faux fur covering. The other man's eyes widened so much they looked like they would pop from their sockets. Yumi's heart rate increased and her skin blushed all over. She was laid bare for everyone to see. Having trouble controlling her most basic of functions made her pussy ache for relief, while at the same time her bladder was in great pain.

After the longest twenty seconds Yumi had ever felt, Hiroko commanded her to "play dead". This one was a little easier mentally for Yumi, as she would only have to stare up at her mistress's long slim legs. Hiroko stood with her tall shoes either side of Yumi's head about shoulder width apart and slightly behind her, maybe half a foot. Yumi stared in deep deference up Hiroko's sexy legs to her hand with the collar wrapped around it, then finally to her beautiful, cruel face looking down at her like a pathetic, sad animal begging for attention. It was almost exactly what Yumi thought she was now. She admired Hiroko. Yumi knew that Hiroko wouldn't have broken as easily as her. Tricked into becoming a slave, then growing to crave it, and now she wished for nothing else. Even though she could feel her logical mind was horrified with what she did, her body overruled any modesty, decency or moral objections she had. Yumi could feel the tail pointing in the air and waiving like a flag to the crowd. Hiroko left her like that staring into Yumi's eyes. Meanwhile the crowd had a clear view of where the tail plugged into Yumi's ass and her wet, camel-toed pussy, with her cute and dainty feet floating above it, toes curling back and forth from the pleasure she was experiencing. Behind that, they could see her tightly wrapped, tanned orbs sitting firmly on her chest, sagging to the sides a little, with rock hard nipples poking a centimetre and a half into the faux fur.

"In this kind of role-play it's important to let your puppy know who's boss," Hiroko said as she bent down, slapped Yumi on the inner thigh and told her to do it again. Yumi yelped and rolled forward awkwardly pushing herself onto her feet and resuming the sitting position. Hiroko wasn't happy with the way her back was hunched over so she pulled on the leash while pushing on her back between her shoulder blades, and then she grabbed her shoulders and pulled them back. Yumi's massive breasts bounced forward and jiggled sideways taking a moment to stop moving. Her pussy was swallowing the wet fabric at her crotch now.

"Feel free to correct your pet as you would a real pet," Hiroko said, "She can always say her safe word if it's too much." The crowd looked a little shocked at this, a number of women covered their mouths surprised by Hiroko's bold actions. Most of the men just smiled harder.

Yumi didn't have a safe word, and likely never would. The pain in her bladder was intense now and she really didn't know how much longer she could last before she violently pissed herself. After only thirty seconds, Hiroko commanded her to "belly rub". Yumi lay back into position, relaxing her legs so they were perpendicular to her body with her hands at the side of her shoulders, which made her arch her back more and thrust her tits out. Hiroko kneeled so that her knees were either side of her head and her thong-clad pussy was perhaps less than a foot from Yumi's face. Hiroko leaned over Yumi and began to rub big circles from just above her clitoris to the bottoms of her breasts. The audience was talking and making shocked "ooh" noises upon witnessing such a dominant display.

"Puppy likes a good belly rub, doesn't she?" Hiroko asked. Yumi was trying with all her might to stop pissing herself, but managed to bark a short "wuw".

"Awww there's a good girl!" Hiroko said in a baby voice while rubbing hard on her pussy. Mr Tanaka was watching at the back of the crowd, in true awe of what Hiroko had achieved. She had really taken Yumi to the next level. He was sure there was nothing Yumi wouldn't do, given enough time with Hiroko. She was a sadistic Japanese Mistress and was playing Yumi like a fiddle. While admiring Hiroko's window show, he upped Yumi's vibrator to level three. Yumi was barking a lot now and shaking, "wuw, wuw, wuw, wuw!" into Hiroko's crotch, Hiroko giggled at Yumi then stood up and commanded Yumi to sit again. Despite all the arousal Yumi was feeling, she quickly got into the position, but instead of sitting still, she was making small, quick thrusts with her hips, rocking on her widespread feet. The pain in her bladder was making her orgasm denial that much more torturous and erotic. Yumi's eyes started rolling up into her head and her mouth was wide open and drooling. Of course, nobody could see behind her mask.

Mr Tanaka couldn't believe the scene playing out before him. It was hottest, most perverted thing he had seen. He wanted to see how far her could push it, and clicked the remote to level five. Yumi started bouncing up and down on her heels, her big titties shaking in all directions wildly, still her nipples were somehow contained behind the fabric. Hiroko pretended to be shocked by Yumi's behaviour.

"I think my little pet has gotten a bit too excited... Inu-chan, calm down!" Hiroko said. Yumi was stilling yelping, "wuw, wuw, wuw" like a dog that hadn't seen its Master for a week. Hiroko decided that would be a good place to end the second act and motioned for the staff to quickly drop the curtains.

As the curtains were lowering, Hiroko said, "Our puppy needs a rest, we've come to the end of the second act, thank you, we'll be back soon with the third act."

Yumi heard "come", and that is what she began doing. She stopped barking now and instead let out a long cry as she pissed and came into the little patch of furry fabric wedged in her open lips. Her body jerked hard, Hiroko tightened her grip on the leash to stop her falling over. The piss was not that obvious from a distance, as the curtain was already almost lowered, but the first row could see a heavy stream of hot golden liquid gushing out and pooling at Yumi's feet. Some shouted in surprise and shock, not offence however, but most laughed or shouted in excitement. She kept going for almost a minute as she expelled what seemed like gallons of pee from her aching bladder. Yumi's eyes had rolled back in her head and she dribbled spit onto the inside of her mask.

After the curtain reached the floor, Yumi passed out and fell backwards against Hiroko's legs. Hiroko removed the mask, as Yumi slumped while her pussy twitched and squirted small amounts of pee intermittently. During her orgasm, she had expelled the tail from her ass as well, and it lay flapping about on the sodden AstroTurf. Hiroko checked Yumi's pulse and then left her to rest as she went back to the store cashier to talk to Sarah, who had been watching over a monitor connected to cameras in the corners of the stage, and was not entirely impressed with the ending.

"What the fuck was that Hiroko??" Sarah shouted.

"Look, I'm sorry, it got a little out of hand, I didn't realise she was quite that orgasmic," Hiroko lied. She knew she was pushing her limits but loved to watch Yumi explode like that, and doing it in public made it even more exciting.

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