tagFetishThe Collegiate Milkmaid Ch. 02

The Collegiate Milkmaid Ch. 02


She stalked all the way from the health center to Simon's room. She burst in without knocking and screamed at him: "Do you know what you did to me?!"

Simon was stunned for a moment and couldn't talk, then he regained his voice. "I certainly didn't get you pregnant if that's the problem," he said, trying to keep a bit of wit about him.

"No!" she yelled and threw her bag at him. He ducked and it crashed against the wall. She turned around and slammed the door, then whirled back around to face Simon. "You made me lactate!"

He looked at her dumbfounded for a long minute. "What?"

She explained what had happened as simply as possible. "You sucked my nipples so much and so hard that you actually got my body to start producing milk."

"Weird," was his comment.

"That's all you have to say?" she raged on.

"Sorry?" he offered. "I guess I can stop doing it. But you love it when I suck on your tits. You didn't encourage me to stop, did you?"

Kelly stopped short; she had to admit that was true. She had loved every minute of Simon suckling on her. "I'm still angry," she said, but it was obvious her anger had mostly abated.

"I can tell," he agreed, getting up from the bed. "Can I see?"

"See what?" she asked.

"See you lactate."

She rolled her eyes. "You are crazy. Why would you want to see that?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. Just plain old curiosity."

"This isn't funny," she told him.

"I agree. But I have a fascination with the female body and I'm interested in every part of it."

She rolled her eyes again, but didn't resist as he pulled off her sweatshirt and started unbuttoning her blouse. Try as hard as she might, it still felt good to have his hands on her body. After opening her shirt and easing it off her shoulders, it was easy enough to reach around behind her and unhook her bra and expose her wonderful tits.

He noticed the small surgical pads falling out of the cups. "What are these?"

"To keep me from leaking through my shirt," she said. "What do you think?"

Simon only half heard her, he was bent forward focused on her sharply defined pink nipples. "I don't see anything happening."

"You need to suck on them a little," she said, putting her hand on the back of his head and drawing him forward to her teat. Willingly he opened his mouth and took her nipple. She closed her eyes and dropped her head back. It was wonderful as always. Her nipple was connected to her cunt as if with an electric wire. It took him almost no effort at all to make her ready to fuck—if she had wanted that.

It was a new experience for Simon. This time he wasn't trying to make her cum, he was trying to get her milk flowing and he soon found that was as easy a task as bring her to orgasm. After only a few sucks he could taste an unusual sweetness on his tongue. He backed off an looked at her nipple glistening in the light from his saliva. Her heart beat once and a tiny bead of light white milk appeared on the pink surface. Another heartbeat and it was joined by several more. The formed together to a smallish drop that started to slid down the slope of her breast. Before it could slide too far and drip off the bottom curve of her tit, Simon leaned in again and licked her from the bottom slope up to the nipple again.

Kelly sighed. "That's nice." Her anger was gone and she was given over to her body.

Silently Simon pulled her to the bed where he laid Kelly on her side, attached himself to her bottom breast and started suckling in earnest. It was strange and sensual at the same time. The more he sucked, the more easily her milk flowed. It was sweet—unlike cow's milk purchased in the grocery store—and filling as well. The thin milk would lie heavy on his tongue until he audibly swallowed. It warmed him down to his belly. It wasn't like sucking from a straw, his whole mouth was filled with her teat; it was warm and soft and perfect.

It didn't take very long for Kelly to have her first orgasm. It was a soft, mild one and very nice. She knew each successive one would be more and more powerful. She concentrated on Simon's mouth, letting him do all the work that she needed to reach her climax. It was a nice, gentle lovemaking; she kept her head on the back on his head, running her fingers through his hair. After her second climax, she could feel that her left breast was smaller than her right. He had drained her completely.

"We need to switch sides," she told him softly. In the half-light of the darkened dorm room they shifted positions and Simon started to work on her full teat. She had a few more small climaxes as he worked draining the full breast.

"You taste fantastic," he told her, pulling back unexpectedly.

"I'm glad," she replied, half-asleep with her pleasure.

He gently squeezed her breast and expressed some of the milk. "Taste this," he ordered her, catching the droplets on his finger and bringing it to her lips. She willingly opened her mouth and tasted her milk.

"Mm-hmm," she agreed.

"You need more than that," he said, sucking strongly on the tit and getting a complete mouthful, then brought it up to Kelly's lips. He kissed her, forcing her mouth open with his tongue and deposited the milk.

It was an odd ritual, Kelly notes as she swallowed the small mouthful, but certainly not harmful to either of them, and actually quite tasty, if a bit over-sweet. It certainly wasn't any worse than tasting and swallowing Simon's cum. And it certainly was pleasurable.

Kelly was astounded at the ease with which she and Simon fell into their new, strange rituals. He began spending more time in her room, moving in and making it his primary residence. They spent every night together, which was good for her milk supply because Simon would suckle from her before going to sleep and when they woke up in the morning, sometimes in the middle of the night if he woke up in their narrow bed. If they found each other in her room in the middle of the day, it was by unspoken agreement he was allowed to nurse if she wasn't busy. It was wonderfully enjoyable for both, once they worked out the mechanics of how they needed to position their bodies to allow him easy access to her nipples.

Simon especially loved having sex with Kelly with her on top where he had easy access to her bountiful breasts. In that position it was easy for him to suckle and bring her off again and again all the while thrusting inside her. It was hard for Kelly to object; it was an unusual situation to be sure—she couldn't bring herself to discuss the strange nature of their physical relationship with her friends or family, either at college or back home—but everything about it she enjoyed.

Except for the leaking. Simon was somewhat miffed when he discovered a box of nursing pads on Kelly's dresser. "What are these for?" he asked her, half-angry, half-upset.

She sighed and rolled her eyes. "So I don't leak through my shirts," she told him. "I'm tired of wearing heavy sweaters and sweatshirts to hide my leaking."

"Aren't I draining you enough?" he asked, worried that he wasn't providing Kelly the service she needed.

Seeing his concern, her heart almost melted. She laid her hand on his face and told him, "No, no, what you're doing is wonderful. But sometimes when we're both gone all day at class and my boobs are making milk, and I'm thinking about you, I just start leaking. I need the pads so I don't embarrass myself."

Everything about their relationship was a learning process. They had taken to meeting with a few friends for dinner in the dining hall almost every night. Kelly had never been overly concerned with her weight, she was lucky to be active enough and genetically blessed enough to avoid the freshman fifteen, but she stopped short in her meal when Becca commented, "Shit, Kelly, I don't know how you eat so much and never gain a pound! I've put on more than my share of the freshman fifteen."

Kelly looked down at her loaded plate and froze. She was eating easily as much as the boys, if not more. She knew right away why, because she was producing milk and it was being sucked away by Simon. Her face flushed red with shame. They would know the secret Simon and her shared.

The other girl at the table, Nancy who was far more overweight than the slightly plump Becca, immediately commented. "Splurge and purge I bet."

Simon's face grimaced in anger at Nancy's inappropriate comment and the position Kelly had been placed in. Before he could say anything Becca's occasional boyfriend Max spoke up. "Bulimia is only for sorority girls, Nance. Besides, look at Kelly's chest. There's no way she's doing that."

"Thank you," Kelly said to Max, curtly to end the conversation. "I'll take that as a compliment."

"I bet you will," he teasingly leered at her. "I know why Simon is so in love with you."

Kelly blushed again. Simon kicked Max under the table. "You know nothing," he told the table.

"Then how does Kelly eat like...that," Nancy said, her voice dripping with jealousy.

Trying to adopt an attitude of cool and nonchalance, Kelly replied, "Very high metabolism and good genetics. Jealous much?"

Back in her dorm room Kelly stalked about in anger. "Bitches," she muttered, kicking at the dirty laundry on the floor. "Jealous. They've got nothing or are too fat to be noticed."

"You shouldn't let them get to you," Simon said, patting the space on bed next to him.

She sighed and sat down next to him, allowing Simon to unbutton her shirt. "I know, but I can't tell them why I eat so much without discussing this," she gestured to her chest as Simon struggled with releasing her mammaries from the heavy-duty bra. "And this is only for us."

"I agreed," said Simon, finally managing to slip off the supporting straps of her bra and exposing her tits. "Let me help you forget about it," he said, lowering his mouth to her already flowing nipple.

"Did your fraternity put you up to this?" the surprisingly attractive saleswoman asked Simon. She was easily the age of Simon's mother, but there was something especially attractive about the woman in charge of the lingerie section of the department store. Maybe it was the atmosphere, maybe it was his nervousness, but even though he was sweating bullets, he was excited.

"Uh, yeah," he said, agreeing with the silly stupidity of a college prank. "They make us do this stuff," he said in a stage whisper.

"And it has to be a nursing bra?"

"Yes," he said, pulling a piece of paper from his pocket. "Size 38D. And they said it had to be pretty too."

The saleswoman showed him several options, and while he wanted to be particular about which one he bought, he didn't want to seem as if he were being too particular. Selecting the best of the bunch, he quickly paid for his purchase and was sent on his way with a smile on the saleswoman's face.

Kelly looked at him in disbelief. "You've got to be kidding me," she said.

"No, why not? It's perfect isn't is?" He displayed the nursing bra hanging on his arm like the actors from mid-seventies Cross Your Heart commercials.

"It's a nursing bra," she pointed out. Not only was it a statement of fact, it was her complaint as well.

"Yes," Simon agreed. "Try it on," he encouraged her.

She sighed and rolled her eyes, but stripped off her shirt and pulled off the bra she was already wearing. Her cups were literally overflowing, and once off the bra had left angry red stripes on her body. Simon helped her adjust the straps and slides, carefully hooking the back and making sure it fit correctly.

"See?" he asked when they were done with the adjustments. "Isn't that better?"

She had to admit it was. Comfortable even.

"Now sit down on the bed," he told her. When she did, he lay down on the bed placed a pillow in her lap and put his head down on the pillow. He reached up to the top of the left cup and unhooked the front, pulling down the material to expose her areola and damp nipple. "This is perfect," he announced, taking her teat in his mouth and sucking out the milk.

Kelly was inclined to agree. She closed her eyes, leaned back against the pile of pillows and ran her hand slowly through Simon's hair. Already her quim was starting to moisten and her orgasm was slowly building. It was near perfect indeed.

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