tagFetishThe Collegiate Milkmaid Ch. 05

The Collegiate Milkmaid Ch. 05


Seeing no reaction from Kelly, Simon decided to go back to his breast and continue on as normal. He could hear Kelly's heartbeat as he continued to feed but he could also hear Helen's breathing and swallowing as she had joined him in suckling. It hardly took any time at all for Kelly's usual reaction to manifest itself. Her breathing became irregular and labored and soon enough she clutched both their heads to her chest as her orgasm caused reflexive convulsions in her body that ended with a heavy, shuddering sigh.

"That was wonderful," Kelly sighed, releasing the two from her embrace.

"I know I'm a little drunk, but I think that was wonderful too," Helen declared. "Does she always cum so easily," she asked Simon.

"Usually," he said. "Sometimes more than once, more than a few time."

"You must love your breast pump," Helen said to Kelly. "Does it get you off every time you use it?"

Kelly's face flushed slightly at the question, but then she realized she just had an orgasm brought on by the suckling of her boyfriend and roommate at the same time, so she had little to hide. "Only if I want to. It's nice."

"That must be great. Sometimes I have to use my vibrator on high for what seems like hours before I can cum."

"Really?" asked Simon. "That's something I'd like to see."

"I bet you would," commented Kelly, thinking her boyfriend was joking.

"I'd love to show you," Helen coyly. "Want to watch?"

"Yes," Simon eagerly responded.

"No, I don't think so," Kelly contradicted him.

"C'mon, Kelly," she said softly. "It's not like we're going to have a lot of secrets. Maybe you'd feel better about it if Simon was fucking you while I masturbate?"

"Sounds good to me!" Simon agreed and started pulling off his shirt.

"What?" Kelly said, confused, but still somewhat excited by her climax. "I don't think this is right."

"Doesn't matter if its right or not, honey. It matters if it feels good." Helen then started rooting through her still half-unpacked bags until she found her vibrator. Both Kelly and Simon's eyes widened when the small woman displayed the toy. It was easily twice the size of Simon's cock.

"You use that," Kelly gasped.

"Uh-huh!" Helen said, pulling off her shirt. Underneath she wore no bra, but what looked more like a t-shirt than a camisole, which is what Kelly assumed the undergarment must be. Even so, Helen couldn't even fill the tiny cups that were formed into the cami. Instead of pulling off this article of clothing, she instead dropped her pants, exposing her lower body with her sex hidden only by a tiny pair of purple panties. Helen laid down on the bed, showing the couple the cheeks of her ass that was exposed by the tiny panties. She positioned herself to point her cunt across the room at Simon and Kelly, placing her head on the foot of the bed. Once on her back, she arched up, pulled off her undergarment, stuck her knees in the air and turned on the purple vibrator.

Simon noted her panties had stuck ever so slightly to Helen's naked labia; she was wet already and the vibrator slipped easily between her shining lips. Helen gave a little sigh as she eased the long toy into herself. He was struck somewhat by her overly youthful appearance that was enhanced by the way she shaved her light brown pubes to a tiny triangle around her pussy lips. Luckily this was somewhat offset by the silver ring that dangled from her navel.

The vibe apparently bottomed out about two-thirds of the way down its shaft. Helen held it in place a moment, then suddenly shot open her eyes and looked at them. Simon and Kelly hadn't moved other than to place Simon's shirt on the floor. "I want to watch too," Helen said, perfectly calm and pleasant even if she was half-naked with a vibrator buried in her twat.

"Right," Simon agreed, standing up and dropping his pants, exposing his already hard cock.

"Take it," Helen encouraged Kelly who opened her lips and took as much of Simon's length into her mouth and started sucking away. Kelly liked to give head, but she didn't necessarily like to watch girls masturbate so she kept her eyes closed as she set to work on Simon's cock, sucking and stroking it the way he liked. Curiosity got the better of her, so occasionally she would open her eyes and peak at her roommate using her vibrator. She found her technique fascinating, Helen varied the speed and force she used to stimulate herself and was completely uninhibited about how she displayed herself. Kelly wished she could be that way.

The entire time Simon was getting his blowhard he couldn't take his eyes away from Helen's busy vibrator. There was no reason for him to look at his cock in Kelly's mouth. He'd seen that plenty of times before. Watching a different girl get herself off with a giant vibrator was something new. "I'm gonna cum," he warned Kelly.

She backed off, keeping only the head of his cock in her mouth, and rapidly stroked the length of his shaft. Kelly was familiar with Simon's reactions and it only took him a few seconds to reach his climax, spewing his seed into her mouth while his legs shook, barely able to keep him upright. Showing her considerable fellatio skills, Kelly managed to keep Simon's entire deposit in her mouth and she gamely swallowed it all.

"Fantastic," Simon crowed, collapsing on the bed next to Kelly. He kept watching Helen and the busy fingers between her legs.

"See," she huffed between labored gasps. "You both have gotten off already, and I'm barely there yet."

"Want some help?" Simon offered.

"No," Kelly started to insist.

"I'm not going to fuck her," Simon said. "I'm just going to help her with the vibrator." Simon had noticed that Helen had fallen into a pattern that wasn't working for her. She would grab the vibe with both hands and anxiously saw it back and forth in her quim desperately trying to reach orgasm, but never quite reaching her peak before the strength in her thin arms would give out and she had to rest and once she had regained her strength she needed to work herself up again to once again not reach the peak she wanted.

"You are?" Helen asked, a look of desperation in her eyes. Her arms were sore and tired and all she wanted was to cum.

"Yes," he bluntly stated, getting up from Kelly's bed and going over to help the smaller girl. "Let me," he said, taking the vibe from her hands and sitting alongside her prone body. "You like it hard and fast?"

"Yes," she said, leaning back and gripping the blankets with her fists.

Simon experimented a minute, exploring Helen's depths and the angle of her pussy, all the while Kelly looked on at her boyfriend about to pleasure another woman. He adjusted his grip on the large artificial cock and turned the speed up to high. "You normally keep it on low?"

"Yes, too fast and it makes my fingers tingle."

"Well now it'll make your pussy tingle." He started a bit slowly at first, then, once he sensed that Helen was starting to respond to his attentions, he stepped up the pace of the in and out motion of the vibe until his arms were a blur of activity. Helen's breathing became shorter and shorter while her body became a spring-loaded trap of tension.

Without warning she suddenly screamed out loud, scaring both Kelly and Simon, who stopped working her pussy with the vibe. Her body arched off the bed and the voyeurs were amazed to see a gush of fluid erupt from Helen's pussy, soaking Simon's hand and the bedsheet. After her climax had ended, she collapsed back onto the bed and softly cried, small tears slipping down the sides of her face as she whimpered, "Thank you, oh thank you."

Kelly was startled. She never had that much trouble cumming, but she wasn't certain her orgasms were anywhere near as powerful as what Helen had just displayed. She wondered if she was missing out on something; her climaxes came so easily and so frequently it seemed almost a shame. "That was..." she said, but words failed her. "Wow," was all she could ask.

"Thanks," breathed Helen, regaining a bit of her composure. It wasn't clear if she was addressing Kelly or Simon or both.

"That got me horny," Kelly declared. "You're going to have to help me out again," she told Simon while unzipping her jean and shimmying out of the garment. Simon reached up, hooked a single finger into the waistband of her white cotton panties and eased them over the swell of her hips. As with Helen, they stuck to her wet pussy before releasing and exposing her ready sex. Unlike Helen, Kelly eschewed aggressive shaving of her pubes, trimming just the edges. She was proud of her full bush and felt no need to fall in with contemporary mores of shaving. "Come here," she ordered him, pulling his face to her cunt. Not wanting to break their embrace they slipped onto Helen's bed, she moved over, making room for the couple. Simon fell between Kelly's legs and started eagerly lapping at her pussy. Helen moved against the wall, rolled to her side and watched Simon eat her roommate's cunt. It was a good show; Simon performed his task with enthusiasm. Helen was compelled to slip her hand between her legs and start working her clit.

Helen had always considered herself a sexual adventuress, but up until now in her sex life had consisted of little more than long masturbation sessions with her various dildos and vibrators. This might have been her mousy looks, but certainly part of it was her natural shyness as well. Her only person-to-person encounter was with a slightly geeky freshman who was more than willing to eat her pussy all night long—and give her more orgasms than she could count—he wouldn't do more than take off his shirt, refusing to even let her touch his cock. She was thrilled to discover Kelly and her boyfriend were so kinky and was willing to do whatever she needed to stay with them.

So she simply masturbated as she watched to the two lovers. Simon happily and easily brought Kelly to orgasm. The trio slowly drifted off to sleep during a mumbled conversation.

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