tagBDSMThe Colony Ship

The Colony Ship


No one spoke as the utility lander docked back with the Covenant in a high, safe orbit over the planet. Daniels, Rosenthal, Adams, and of course Walter were all that was left of the disastrous trip to the surface. The utility lander, flown from ship to shore on auto-guidance so as not to expose more humans to unknown contagions, methodically went through docking routine however this was not routine. The lander was at a different docking point due to the possible requirement of quarantine. One by one, the moved into the entry vestibule to be assessed by MUTHUR.

Walter going in first was given exterior scan with negative results. MUTHUR questioned based upon known events where hosts lost consciousness and awakened only to find that they'd been contaminated...impregnated actually. MUTHUR would not allow this onto the ship, even at the expense of the comfort of the survivors. Walter reported that he'd at no time lost consciousness so MUTHUR simply made him remove all clothing, take a decontamination shower, and proceed out of the quarantine area to his quarters to get new daily clothing. Adams went through the same procedure with similar negative results and off he went.

Daniels directed Rosenthal to go next. As the new Captain of the Covenant, her duty was now to the remainder of her crew and the colonists so she would reach comfort last. While waiting on Rosenthal to complete contamination assessment, she heard some sort of altercation inside the chamber, but she could not make it out through the thick alloy door. A short time later, the door opened and it was her turn.

Entering the chamber, MUTHUR emotionlessly directed her to disrobe, which she did slowly. Her body was sore for the pitched battle on the planet's surface and her head throbbed. Finally naked, she put her clothes into the incineration module and her non clothing items into the sanitization chamber. Next, MUTHUR went through the quarantine questioning routine. When she got through the standard questioning she knew from procedure, the episodic questioning began and she knew why she'd heard the altercation.

"Did you sleep or lose consciousness on the planet's surface," MUTHUR innocently intoned.

"Yes," Daniels voiced, reality dawning on her that this could be a problem.

"Enhanced Quarantine Protocol is required based upon known events of the incident" MUTHUR glibly responded. "Please report to the examination suit."

"Mother, I don't need this. I'd know by now if anything was inside me. Other people were around when I was knocked out be the grenade blast". The door to the examination suit remained open, beckoning her through as she impatiently continued to demand that MUTHUR let her go about the normal reentry procedure. She realized there was no reasoning with MUTHUR so she proceeded into the other area where she found Rosenthal fuming as the door slide quickly shut behind her.

Both women were acutely aware of their nakedness although after the last 24 hours, this was the least of their worries. Both women were held their arms over their breasts and kept their legs closed hoping their sparse pubic hair would allow some modesty as they surveyed their surroundings.

A panel slid open and two glasses of water with a pill for each of them, likely due to their admitting of headaches from the trials planet-side. They both hungrily gulped the water and took the pills, feeling better within seconds. The area was pleasantly warm and gently lit, the builders knowing that future patients in this area may have been through a lot. The initial entry area had a few doors off of it. One of these doors opened, with a glance at each other, they padded inside.

This room was also warm and gently lit. In the center of the room there were two examination tables with padded tops. Above each table, there was a clear container filled with what appeared to be water. At opposite ends of the medium sized room were toilet cubicles and next to these there were small shower cubicles.

"Ladies, please lay on the tables on your stomachs," MUTHUR intoned innocently as if she was discussing an everyday occurrence.

"For..." Rosenthal asked suspiciously.

"You must be prepared prior to the scanning procedure so that the results are optimal"

"What scanning procedure, what preparation Mother?" Daniels asked trying to figure out where this was all headed while Rosenthal looked more and more agitated.

"During this phase of the process, you will both cleanse your anal cavity via enema. Then you will expel, then you will shower. During the shower, you will douche your vaginal cavities. Afterwards, you will dry and proceed to the next station."

"No fucking way." Rosenthal reacted.

Daniels however tried diplomacy, "Mother, we do NOT need this! We were surrounded by other team members when we were unconscious, nothing was put inside us."

"The safety of the colonists is the number one priority. You will both comply with all EQPs before you can be reintroduced to the ship at large," MUTHUR said infuriatingly kindly. "You cannot leave until this is done. I apologize, it is protocol."

Both women considered their situation for quite some time. They had to either follow the procedures or return to the planet surface. They also realized that several of their team members had died as a result of something contracted on the planet and they'd lost consciousness to boot. They finally realized the logic in being cautious. After over an hour, resigned, Daniels sat down on the side of one of the tables.

"Rosie, let's just do this so we can get it all over with." She then slowly leaned over and rolled onto her stomach, resting her place on the soft pad at the top of the table acting as a pillow.

The table was covered by soft padding and was the perfect temperature for her comfort. It trembled a bit, sensing her placement on the table. Shortly after, the table slowly began bending, raising her bottom up higher than the rest of her body which caused her to head to come up in alarm. Realizing the purpose, she put her head down and tried to relax, knowing she would need to be. She blushed with embarrassment as the table's raising her ass, naturally opened it a bit exposing her asshole and pussy to Rosenthal. The table stopped raising her a bit later as her bottom-up position was achieved.

"Daniels, please relax as the procedure will begin shortly. You need to hold the fluid inside for a period, then you will be asked to move to the toilet cubicle to expel. Once that cycle is complete, you may go to the shower and complete the vaginal cleaning process and wash as you would normally. Rosenthal, you can lay on the table when you are ready," MUTHUR intoned to the two anxious women.

"I don't know if I can do this Mother. With my ex, we never had much success back there" Rosenthal said being PC about past attempts with anal play.

"Walter to Quarantine Bay please," MUTHUR calmly called out over the ships intercom.

Both women looked at each other in concern. A noise from above caused Daniels to look over her shoulder. A probe was lowering from the ceiling, a hose attached to the container of fluid above. She watched for a bit as it lowered towards her butt, then taking a deep breath, closed her eyes.

Rosenthal watched in fear as the dull gray probe excreted lubricant around it's tapered tip as it slowly moved down towards Dani's vulnerable ass.

The probe slowed as it was right above her butt, then very carefully moved towards the dark crinkle of her anus. Dani felt pressure on her asshole, then took a deep breath trying to relax. The probe was a gentle visitor and simply left a gentle pressure on her anus, allowing her to become accustomed. The gentle pressure increased as Dani willed herself to relax. Slowly she opened with an intake of breath as the small smooth tip of the probe entered her vulnerable ass. It slowly eased into her as her asshole occasionally flexed around it uncontrollably. She took her breath in again as the wider base of the probe opened her more at its widest point, then got smaller with her butt closing firmly around it. She gritted her teeth as the flow of warm fluid started trickling into her darkness, the trickle then becoming a steadier flow.

Both women looked up startled as the door opened, Walter stepped inside, then the door quickly closed. Rosenthal covered her breasts again and her groin as the male synthetic walked towards her.

"Walter, this is really embarrassing," Rosie said as she looked down.

"You know this must be done for the safety of everyone and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. I'm not a real person and can take no sexual gratification in what is about to happen," he said to her evenly, his hands out in a calming manner.

Daniels watched as the warm fluid slowly filled her rectum, the pressure slowly increasing. The entirety of the situation was affecting her. She was naked in a room with another woman and a synthetic that appeared as an attractive man. On top of all that, she was laying with her ass up in the air basically getting fucked by MUTHUR. She couldn't bear to think of it for fear of it getting worse, but the wetness wasn't growing only in her butt.

Rosenthal shivered a bit and looked up at Walter during Daniel's inner conflict. Walter held out his hand. She took it and he gently led her to the table. Like a child to be disciplined, she followed. At the table, he helped her climb on it. She blushed furiously even though it wasn't a real man behind her as the table raised her butt higher just as had happened to her friend Daniels.

"Rosie, just calm down and take it, it's the only way," Daniels said sympathetically.

Neither Walter nor MUTHUR spoke any further, knowing that things were beyond the point of discussion and would only embarrass Rosenthal further.

Eventually she went limp and frustrated tears ran down her cheeks. She looked away from Daniels in embarrassment, sensing that Walter was reaching up to get her probe. Laying quietly now, she barely winced as he eased the probe in between the muscular cheeks of her butt. She closed her eyes as the cool metal touched her anus and started a gentle pressure. She involuntarily clenched, her body trying to keep it from happening, but the pressure would not stop. Walter was very careful to be gentle and slow with her, trying not to hurt his shipmate as her body fought the violation. He simply kept a gentle but insistent pressure on her pink opening knowing it was only a matter of time. She tried to relax as her anus fought it, but could only clench for so long. She whimpered as her asshole finally unclenched and the tip of the nozzle entered her. The lubricated smooth metal slowly slid into her, widening at the base, then getting narrow as her asshole sealed around it. She whimpered again as the warm water began flowing through her open hole. She breathed deeply trying to accept it as the water steadily filled her, the pressure increasing.

Eventually both women were full. Since she had calmed down, Walter eased one of Rosenthal's hips up and began gently rubbing her belly helping her accept the solution that had filled her. Daniels lay there watching the almost lover-like ministrations of Walter to Rosie and couldn't look away. She knew the fullness in her butt was the main thing making her very wet up front, but there were a lot of other factors. Watching the other woman get taken was making her tingle. She was very afraid she was going to have an orgasm right there on the table and die of embarrassment because Rosie and Walter would surely know. She tried to think of something else, but couldn't take her eyes off Rosenthal's ass with the probe sticking out of it; she knew the delicious sensations in her asshole were from the same probe in her. She was far from gay, but Rosenthal was an attractive woman and was basically being sodomized as she watched.

"Daniels, you may go expel now," MUTHUR kindly advised as the probe slowly withdrew from her anus.

She felt so full. She carefully sat up, feeling very awkward with all the fluid in her rectum. Slowly getting off the table, the pressure inside increased as she stood up, she felt a maddening need to expel the water. She watched Walter and Rosenthal as she daintily walked past them, scared that water would leak out if she didn't squeeze tightly as the pressure seemed to build. This squeezing did not help her arousal problem in her pussy however. She quickly walked into the toilet cubicle and closed the door.

When she sat on the toilet, the change of position made her more acutely aware that her pussy was soaked. She put a hand over her pussy as she released the solution from her rectum. Solution whooshed out of her with an embarrassing noise but the relief was overwhelming. She kept the hand pressed tightly over her pussy and the endless soapy fluid left her. At last, she was empty and her tired asshole slowly closed as her pussy ached. Her anus clenched, unused to not having the probe inside recently. Her insides felt just flat out maddeningly empty compared to the amazing pressure she had endured. She bit her lip trying to stifle all of the sensations, but it started small in the pit of her stomach, then began to flash through her as she came. The orgasm hit her hard as she lost control and actually rubbed her clit fully triggering it. Biting her fist she tried to stay quiet, then eventually sank two fingers deep in her pussy out of sheer need. Fucking herself as the orgasm swept through her, she drew a bit of blood from her lip trying to be quiet, but a moan made it out. Finally, she just sat there floating in the warmth, not caring about anything or anyone. The events of the last few days overcame her and she said there with a cathartic cry.

Rosenthal was now relaxed. She no longer fought the intrusion. Walter was gentle and almost lover-like trying to care of her while the solution did its work inside. Eventually MUTHUR let her know it was ok to expel. He eased the probe out of her butt as she blushed knowing what he was seeing between her cheeks. He carefully helped her off the table. She was shaky, trying to hold all the water in and walk with the insistent pressure in her rectum. Using his arm for support, they carefully walked to the other toilet cubicle. He closed the door behind her and went across the room to give her privacy. She slowly relaxed herself and the solution came rushing out. She felt weak all over as it drained out of her. Her first privacy since the disaster below, she quietly cried in both mental and physical relief. Sometime later, she cleaned herself and left the cubicle.

Eventually Rosie emerged from the cubicle. Daniels was already showering, steam rising from the cubicle. Rosenthal walked over and put her hand on the door to the other cubicle, then thought better of it. She opened the door of Daniels' cubicle while the other woman looked at her in surprise. Seconds past, then Daniels reached out her hand. Rosenthal took it as the other woman pulled her inside.

Hot water pounded off of them from all sides as they looked at each other, not quite sure what to do next. The hug almost started simultaneously, one woman leaning in, then the other going. Rosenthal pressed herself against the soapy body of her friend. They hugged, holding each other tightly because of what they'd been through below. It wasn't sexual, it was human need. Daniels stroked her friend's hair as she rubbed Daniels' back. Daniels slowly stroked Rosenthal's hair for a long time, giving her as much tenderness as she could. She had an idea she knew what the next stage of EQP was and she knew Rosenthal was definitely not going to like it.

Outside, Walter waited patiently, watching the vague shapes in the shower cube with interest.

The two women finished their shower and exited the cubicle. The act of taking separate towels and drying off distanced them from the intimacy they had just shared in the shower. They had washed off all evidence of the carnage that took place on the planet below. Now, barely over an Earth-day later, Daniels, the new Captain of the USCSS Covenant, and the only surviving member of the expedition's security team, Rosenthal were ready for their next trial.

The ship's artificial intelligence, known as MUTHUR, had enacted Enhanced Quarantine Protocols due to several landing party members being contaminated with an unknown contagion that eventually burst out of them in the form of nasty Alien creatures. To make matters worse, these aliens and others who had been attracted by the commotion around the landing site, had attacked and killed most of the party. Only Daniels, Rosenthal, Adams and their synthetic Walter had returned to the Covenant. The only two losing consciousness on the planet and thereby at risk for having been impregnated by the face-huggers they encountered throughout the fight, Rosenthal and Daniels were being put through EQPs before they could return to the rest of the ship and the precious thousands of colonists and embryos.

After their preparation and subsequent showers, Walter had left them to continue the operations of the ship. This left the women wrapped in towels facing the open hatch that MUTHUR had opened for them to enter the next phase of EQP. Neither of them wanted to go. They knew however that for the safety of the colony mission based upon events on the planet, MUTHUR would not let them out of quarantine if they did not submit to the established procedures. Carrying the bottle of spirits and cups that Walter knowing the unpleasantry they faced had brought to them, the two walked into the waiting chamber.

This room was gently lit and pleasantly warm like the last. The builders of the vessel had likely known that anyone using this room would likely be in distress already so they did not want to add to this with a stark atmosphere. There were a variety of cabinets throughout the room with orderly labels. In the center of the room were two chairs about two meters apart. Soft light shown down on each of the chairs, but diluted, not in a way to be troubling to future occupants. The chairs appeared to recline and articulate in a variety of ways; they were clearly more than a simple place to sit. Access points in the ceiling above each of the chairs indicated that various automated or if available, human physician-operated equipment, could descend. Fold away trays were innocently stowed down and behind the chairs, but appeared as if they could readily move into position to support whatever happened there.

"Ladies, please move to the chairs and be seated when you are ready to be scanned. Place your towels in the bins nearby as nothing can interfere with your scanning process," MUTHUR intoned blankly.

Neither woman considered arguing with the AI as doing so prior to their reluctant enemas in the previous room had been for naught.

They walked into the room and over to the chairs, eyes running over them, wondering what was in-store. Daniels was nervous, knowing the impact of her previous treatment by the AI left her biting her fist hoping not to be heard while she had an intense orgasm shortly after her previous invasion by MUTHUR. Rosenthal seemed stoic about the whole matter, having been extremely upset prior to her forced enema in the other room, but now acquiesced to her lack of control of the situation. She'd also been probed in a way that just thinking about made her blush. She had a hard time making eye contact now with Dani as she'd witnessed the whole thing.

Each picking a chair, they both sat on the side, not fully committing to sitting in the way the chair was designed. Facing each other, they smiled plaintively. Daniels remembering the beverage, handed Rosenthal a cup. Pouring some for her friend, then for herself, she set the bottle down. The quietly drank a significant glass of the whiskey, Daniels' tearing up as she remembered the last time she'd tasted this whiskey. They both drank it down, steeling themselves for whatever was to come. Sighing, grabbing the bottle and pouring them both another shot, she raised her cup. Making no noise as the plastic cups 'clinked' in toast, the women toasted.

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