tagNovels and NovellasThe Color of Sex Ch. 08-11

The Color of Sex Ch. 08-11


Chapter 8

Ben had seen Jon pull up prior to hearing him knock on the front door. He had been upstairs, answering his messages and doing some work on his laptop. He'd also been thinking about Candice and what a fine fuck toy she was going to make. She had a bit of a stubborn side in her, he could see that easily though they'd only spent a handful of hours together, and most of those weren't conversational. But she was also easily controlled and that meant easy to manipulate. He'd called Jon that morning, arranged for him to deliver the condoms as well as bring a few toys that would be just for Candice.

The true nature of the call was so Jon could try out the girl too. If he saw the same potential in Candice that Ben saw, then they could quickly put their plan into action. Making Candice their corporate slut would become their number one priority. Her pussy had to be worth corporate dealings, and Jon would be able to determine if what she offered was worth their time and resources. If things went well with Candice, they would expand their operation with a few more college girls who were hard up on cash and had greedy palms.

Ben answered the door and welcomed his business partner in. Jon stepped over the threshold, shook Ben's hand and looked past his shoulder. Ben glanced back as well and saw Candice. He grinned when Jon said, "Is this her?"

Candice shifted her gaze between the two men. Ben walked over, took her arm, and pulled her gently into the room. "Yes," he said, before giving his attention back to the young woman, "Candice, this is Jonathon."

"Jon works just fine," Jon said, as he extended his hand. Jon had his doubts when Ben called him and told him he'd found the perfect girl. He'd heard about Candice through Ben and had known that his partner was going to arrange to meet the redhead, but he hadn't known when. He got the call to bring the condoms as well as stop at one of the local adult novelty stores for toys, but still he doubted he would be convinced - that was until he saw her.

Besides sporting a thick mane of red hair, she had a pair of green eyes that were as dark as some of the rarest emeralds. She had a nice pair of breasts that would fill a large man's hands, and make a smaller man's fingers happy when the flesh spilled over. Her waist was trim, but not so much that bones protruded; her hips were perfectly shaped for grabbing and holding onto. His gaze shifted to her legs; they were toned and showed strength in the muscles when she walked toward him, shook his hand and then went back to Ben's side.

He didn't miss the way she almost tucked herself against him. Curiosity caused him to lift a brow. "She has potential," he said without addressing her beyond the handshake.

Candice looked up at Ben with suspicion in her eyes before her gaze drifted back to Jon. He looked to be the same age as Ben. He had dark hair, thick, and wavy. Jon was tall and thinner than Ben. He wore glasses and had a slightly crooked nose.

"It's nice to meet you," she said. She stood next to Ben, almost hiding behind him. The fact that this man was the guy that was bringing Ben condoms meant that he knew they were going to be fucking. She realized, if he knew about their weekend tryst, he was probably going to be aware of her business activities.

"Jon's head of accounting," Ben explained as he peeled her off of him. "Candice will take your coat and I'll grab you a beer. The living room is just down this hall and to the right."

Candice stood there for a moment, gawking at Ben as he took control of her parents' home and her. She felt the urge to tell him to leave; fear of costing her father his promotion as well as losing him as her lover and possible benefactor helped her keep her mouth shut. Jon peeled off his coat and handed it to Candice.

"Take that bag to your parents' room," Ben told her as he grabbed two beers from the fridge.

Candice bit back the snide remark that bubbled to the center of her throat. She grabbed the bag and Jon's coat. She was surprised by the weight of the bag as well as its size. Once his coat was safely tucked away, she headed to her parents' room. Once there she tipped the bag over and dumped the contents out.

Several packages of condoms lay in a pile, as did fresh unopened batteries, and new adult novelty toys. She bit her lower lip and picked up the largest of the toys. A silicone vibrator with a rabbit vibe was encased in plastic. She grinned as she flipped it over and read the instructions on what buttons controlled speed and pulsations.

The toys were similar to the ones she had hidden upstairs so Candice only smirked at the contents. If anything she was anxious for Ben to open them and use them on her. The idea of one of her "tricks" using a toy on her made her pussy tighten. The thought that she had just decided to go with Ben's offer, made her pulse race. Candice dropped the toy and rushed out of the room, hoping that Jon would leave so she could give Ben her answer.

"May I come in?" she asked. Her glance shifted between both men. She could tell by their whispered words that she'd interrupted a very important conversation; one she was sure revolved around her and Ben and Ben's offer.

Ben smiled and patted the empty spot next to him. "Thank-you for asking," he said and touched her cheek, as she sat down and leaned into him. She sighed at the caress without thinking; her eyes went to Jon's who watched with interest.

"Well, what do you think?" Ben asked; his hand dropped to his lap.

Jon lifted a brow. "Does she have the potential to switch? We really won't know unless we have someone to try her out on."

Candice's brow furrowed in confusion.

"She's got a smart ass mouth and knows her value when it comes to giving head. I think with the proper training she could very well please all sides. Doms, subs, even vanilla," Ben said.

"What about women?" Jon asked.

Ben looked at Candice. "What about it?"

"What?" Candice glanced between the two men. It took her only a few seconds to realize what they meant and even less to feel as if she were only a blimp in the conversation. "Oh," she said and chewed on her lower lip again. "I uh --- I don't know. I ---," she took a deep breath before continuing, "I've never really thought much of it," she admitted. Candice tried to act her age, she sat on the edge of the couch and tried to pretend she had more confidence than she felt. "So you're thinking of selling me to women too?" she asked in a somewhat shaky voice. She cleared her throat. "Also, how many people are going to know about me?"

"Not many," Ben said, "Jon, my secretary, and of course the clients I loan you out to. So, what about women? Have you ever fucked a girl? Or had the desire to?"

She sat back, pushed her hands through her hair and sighed. "I never tried to get with them, nor they me," she admitted.

"Then you really don't know, so we'll have to experiment there. I can't give a female client a girl that won't appreciate what's happening. But about the other, the switch thing, do you understand any of that?" Ben asked.

Jon sat quietly listening to his partner question the girl. Ben and he had been tossing the idea of providing their clients with young women for several months and it seemed that Ben had found the first one and was ready to run with the new concept.

The company wasn't failing, but the added revenue from what they were proposing would certainly not hurt the business. Company takeovers were extremely profitable, but being able to deliver incentives that were personally geared toward a potential clients' taste was more so.

"So, you want me to be a real bitch in bed, when it comes to men that like women to take control, and a push-over when it comes to a man needing to boost his ego. That's what you're saying, right?" Candice asked with a lift of one brow and a smirk. "You two really have thought a lot about this, haven't you?"

Candice's question made Jon grin. "In layman's terms, yes. Though I'll warn you now, the description you just provided would get you bitch-slapped by either a Dom or a sub," Jon warned. "As far as how long we've been discussing this - it's been something we've considered for a while." Jon then turned his attention to Ben. "I had thought we were going to agree on the terms of the arrangements, before openly offering someone a position," his brows were raised in question, but his voice was stern as was his gaze.

Ben shrugged his shoulders. "I had time this weekend and I knew that Candice was on break, Rick's performance at work needed to be rewarded, and I needed the meeting in Vegas taken care of, so I opted to deal with it now, not later."

Candice frowned. She could tell by the tone of Ben's voice he was annoyed at being questioned about his actions and in front of her was probably equally upsetting, if not more so. She also could tell that Jon wasn't thrilled with how Ben had handled things. In fact they treated her as if she were nothing more than eye candy. Candice cleared her throat. "And these people, they're screened too. So I won't have to worry about my safety?" Candice asked trying to steer the conversation back to her and her potential employment.

Ben reached out and touched her hand, turned and faced Candice. He smiled warmly. "Just like I said before -- I'll do all I can to ensure your safety, but I am not God. I don't control what happens outside of my line of sight. I'll try to, but that's all I can do. Some of this will be in your hands. You'll have to know when to walk away and if you do, you'll have to convince me it was for a legitimate reason. The 'he's too old' or 'he's too fat' excuse won't cut it. Understand?"

She nodded her head. "When do I have to give you an answer?" she asked.

"Monday morning, when you show up for work," Ben said.

She swallowed the saliva in her mouth and eased her dry throat. "And if I say no, what about Dad's promotion?"

"Nothing in life is guaranteed, Candice. Promotions, jobs. Everything can disappear in a matter of seconds. They come and go. There is always someone waiting in the wings, thankful for what is being offered to them," Ben told her.

Jon smirked as the young girl sank back in her chair. "You'll still be able to attend school. Part-time, and the tuition will be paid for, as well as text fees. Also if you're given the opportunity to increase your grades by using your talents, you'll be allowed to; just follow Ben's rules in regards to protection."

"Excuse me? Part-time? My schooling is almost over. There is no 'part-time', she said. "I'm a senior next fall, so if - and I do mean - if, I agree to this, it'll be on my terms until I graduate, and then we can discuss my hours of employment. I've worked too hard to simply forego my college education." Candice eyed both men cautiously.

"We've had a lot of time to plan," Jon admitted. "I'm sure we can work out an arrangement in regards to your schooling and your schedule." He sank back in his chair and studied Candice, trying to gauge her as the dimwitted college girl he and Ben had initially hoped to snag. She was far from it, but there was something about her that he did find appealing. If she was able to switch, he knew he would pay handsomely for Ben to allow him to train her.

"You've got a lot to think about Candice." Ben stood up, interrupting Jon's thoughts. "Why not go take a nap in your mom and dad's bed. I'll come get you when supper's ready. Breakfast was our lunch, and I doubt you really want anything to eat at the moment either."

"Why mom and dad's?" she asked "and no, I'm not hungry," she admitted.

Ben touched her cheek, cupped her chin and urged her to stand. "I think you'll find the rest of our activities require a bit more room," he winked at her blush. "Don't worry, mommy and daddy will never know I fucked their little girl on their bed."

Candice's nipples grew taut and her pussy ached with lust as she imagined Ben taking her over and over again on her parents' massive king size mattress. She left the room and went back to her parents' bedroom. Candice crawled under the blankets and buried her head in her mom's pillow. The weekend was becoming more and more stressful and less erotic. She twisted one way and the then other as she tried to block out erotic images of her and Ben. Sometimes she would see Jon's face and she would feel her pulse race with excitement. Eventually though sleep did claim her and it went undisturbed until the sound of footsteps entering the room made her eyes open. She rolled onto her back and saw Jon standing beside the bed.

"Hey there, sunshine. Ben's got supper ready," Jon said. He'd come into the room, not only to check on Candice, but to take a moment to speak with her one on one.

Chapter 9

All thoughts of that however were discarded when he watched her stretch. Her skirt had ridden up, and her pussy was bare and open for Jon's inspection. He spent several long seconds staring at her trimmed mound. When his eyes met hers, it was with a look that spoke volumes.

Candice quickly realized where Jon's eyes had been. She blushed, pulled her skirt down and threw her legs over the bed. She sat up, repaired the rest of her clothes and stood. Her hands smoothed down her skirt; her fingers pushed through her hair and she looked questionably at him. "What did he fix this time?" she asked.

"This time?" Jon asked. He laughed when she explained that Ben had been cooking all the meals and joked he should have been a chef, not a pimp. "Come on," he said after he stopped chuckling. He pressed his hand to her back and steered her to the dining room.

Candice felt the warmth of his palm roll over her back and skate up her spine. Instantly she knew that Jon was staying the night. She sat down and placed her trembling hands into her lap. Ben was there, a pot of soup in one hand, a ladle in the other. The silverware lay on napkins and a tall glass of ice tea rested inside a glass for her. She drank the cool liquid until she was ready to look at the two men who sat with her. Ben was to her left and Jon was to her right.

"Who's first?" she asked. Jon choked on his soup. Ben laughed. She lifted a brow at the one man who was coughing and sipped her tea.

"I told you, she's not stupid," Ben said. "Eat your supper, and you have my permission to do whatever Jon asks you to do."

Candice shook her head in amusement. She ate the soup, enjoying the mingling flavors, and aroma that wafted up in steaming tendrils. Jon eventually recovered and he too complimented the chef, by not only finishing his first helping, but a second. When Ben was done, he cleared the table and told Jon and Candice to get to know each other.

She watched him leave, curious as to what exactly he meant. Was she supposed to talk to the man, or fuck him? Would he make the first move? Was she supposed to? Sure, Ben gave her permission, but was she supposed to be the aggressor? Jon broke the silence. He leaned back in his chair and asked her about what she was studying.

Candice was caught off guard by the question. Ben hadn't taken interest beyond the offer to foot the bill, so when Jon showed his willingness to get to know that part of her she was surprised. "Nursing," she said.

"Really?" Jon's voice showed his disbelief in her statement. "You don't seem the nursing type," he admitted. He would have expected anything but nursing. Photographer, artist, super-model, but a nurse. Jon sat back anxious to hear the story behind her so-called passion to be a nurse.

Candice, somewhat annoyed that her degree meant so little to the man in front of her, she also could tell he didn't have a lot respect for the profession. "My mom's a nurse and I know how much she enjoys it when she's able to help someone who really is struggling," she said without hiding her annoyance for his lack of respect.

"True," Jon said, "but there is a lot of pain involved too. A lot of heartache and loss. You just don't seem to be the type that's all." He could tell he'd offended her, but he was also the type to not really care who he offended. Jon eyed her with a raised brow and a mocking grin. "So you're doing it because Mom did it and it's easy, right? Mom can do it, so why can't you? Right?"

He saw her glare back at him, but said nothing. Jon let the conversation die; he stood up and walked over to Candice. "I'm sure you'll be an excellent nurse." He reached down and stroked her hair; his fingers tangled in the curls. The air seemed to fill with tension as he touched her and looked down on her.

Instantly he noticed the change in her. He had pushed a button, one that Ben had hinted at and one he'd seen himself in just a few short minutes of speaking with her. His pulse raced and his cock jerked against the fabric of his slacks. "Open my pants," Jon told her.

Candice's fingers trembled as she reached up and released Jon's belt buckle. The interest in her personal life was over; it was time for her to perform. She licked her lips and smiled at the serene expression on his face. She watched, as if she were in a dream; her fingers pushed the button of his pants from their hole; the zipper gave way without any hindrance. His cock fell against the opening. "Commando," she said with a surprised whisper. "You knew all along didn't you?"

"Of course," he said.

She watched him take his cock from his slacks, and offer it to her. Candice opened her mouth and lowered her head. The pressure from his other hand pushed her down and soon she was full of his dick. Jon allowed her to rest on his member. He brushed her hair from her forehead, tucked strands behind her ear and felt the knowing sensation of her tongue swiping along the front side of his cock.

Candice whimpered at the gentleness of his caress. Her pussy flexed in response to the sweet murmurings of his voice as he whispered how wonderful she felt and how much she was pleasing him. She slowly increased the tempo of her sucking. Her hand came up to caress his testicles. She carefully touched and petted them.

The spongy balls were larger than Ben's. She was curious as to what it would be like to hold the sack between her lips. The tiny hairs made her have second thoughts about tasting the velvet pouch, but she told herself there would be other men and not all would be bare of pubic curls. Candice emptied her mouth of his shaft and began to suck on first one ball, then the other.

Jon cursed softly, but continued to ease her into her new found position. He allowed her to sample his flesh at her own pace. He had no doubt that the submissive nature was where they would make their most profit.

She moved back to his cock head and swallowed the tip. Her actions were more quick and hungry. His hips bucked against her face. He felt her nails digging into his sides as she pushed herself deeper onto his rod. "Fuck, oh God, yes, Candice baby. Fuck me," he growled. His semen shot from his balls, rushed up the length of his cock and poured into her mouth.

The sound of her slurping and sucking made his head spin. When she was ready to pull off, he held her for a moment against his base. He looked down and caught her gaze. He smiled, petted her cheek and lifted her off his cock. She swallowed what was left in her mouth, licked her lips and angled her head to one side. Jon stroked her lips and wiped at a bead of white cream. He offered it to her. She licked it obediently from the pad of his fingertip.

A cough interrupted the quiet moment. Both Jon and Candice turned to look at Ben. "She's good isn't she," Ben asked. His crotch was hard; his pants tight.

"A fuckin' gem," Jon said, as he took Candice's hand and urged her to rise. His cock lay semi-erect against the material of his slacks. He didn't care. Together the three of them headed toward Candice's parents' bedroom.

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