tagNovels and NovellasThe Color of Sex Ch. 12-14

The Color of Sex Ch. 12-14


Chapter 12

Candice looked out over the parking lot of her new apartment. She had taken out a six month lease on a two bedroom, on the third floor, with a view of concrete and wasting away vehicles. She could afford something more upscale, but because Ben and Jon advised against living somewhere too extravagant, she had to settle for something that looked affordable for a corporate gopher.

"Bye!" yelled a woman's voice from down in the lot below.

Candice looked across the lot and saw her parents opening the door to their new Cadillac, a perk provided by Rick's new position in the company. She waved goodbye, thankful that her parents had finally left her to her own devices.

Neither her mom nor her dad was comfortable with having her live in these particular apartments, but they were proud of her for finally taking the necessary steps to be out on her own. Her mother had insisted on spending the first week with Candice and had made herself a temporary living space in the spare bedroom. Candice had not been thrilled at all; she had hoped to have Jon or Ben come over during her first week, but those plans were squelched as soon as she heard the determination in her mother's voice and the look in her father's eyes.

Her mother had stayed and when the week ended, Candice was full of mixed emotions. On one hand she had appreciated her mother's guiding hand in regards to decorating the small living space; she also enjoyed the late night chats and chick flick movies. With all of that said though, she was happy to finally say – she was living alone.

When her parents' car pulled out of the parking lot and into the street, Candice headed back inside. She closed the balcony door, locked it and pulled the shade over the full-length glass, before making her way to the couch.

Happily she bounced onto the cushions and smiled when no one yelled at her and chastised her for her skirt riding up too high. She grinned and shimmed herself up to the left side of the couch, laid over it and lifted one leg up so it rested against the back of the piece of furniture.

She looked around and took in the moderately priced matching loveseat and ottoman. Her television was also nice, but not in-your-face expensive; neither was the surround sound system she'd purchased, which her father installed.

All in all she knew that Ben would be proud of her. She had done exactly what he had told her to do. She was living within her supposed means, granted no one knew that she could live way outside of them, and for that she was somewhat thankful. There were times she wanted to call up some of the more notable of high school friends and wave wads of cash in their faces, and yet she couldn't.

Candice got up and headed to the refrigerator to grab a soda. As she reached in, the bracelet she wore slipped down and caught her eyes. She grinned. Jewelry was the one vice she had given into.

Ben, Jon and her had held a meeting shortly after her first week working for the company. She had confessed her ignorance at finding a good way to stash her cash. The men offered to hide it for her in several off shore accounts, but she wanted none of that. She told them, maybe later, when it really started to pile up. Right now she was only servicing the two men, and was just asking for a better way to keep things on the down-low.

Eventually the necklace she'd worn to work caught Ben's eye and he grinned. "Jewels," he said. Jon's brows went up and Candice's furrowed in confusion.

"That would work," Jon said.

"What? Buy a butt load of jewelry?" Candice asked.

"Yeah, you're from a middle class family. Your friends are not going to suspect the jewelry you wear is ever anything more than cheap costume shit, or inexpensive baubles," Ben explained. "Insure whatever you buy, but wear it when you want. You can hide your wealth in your jewel box. Besides, what woman could ever have too much jewelry?"

Candice grinned. From that day on she had begun to increase her love of glittering gems and high end metal. The bracelet she now wore, was valued at just over a grand, modest compared to some of her newly acquired gemstones. It matched her earrings, and the pendant that lay against her neck.

As she popped open the top of her can of Cola, her cell phone buzzed. She picked it up and listened to Jon inform her about what was expected of her when she arrived next week. She wrote down his instructions, noting the seriousness in his voice, and knowing that to fail or fall short of his requests would not make for a good impression.

When they hung up, she looked at the list and knew the requests would be easy to meet. She was to arrive free of all pubic hairs, her pussy and ass ready for his thorough inspection. Candice grimaced over the idea of taking Jon in the ass; they had done it before, several times in fact over the past month while working for Ben's company, but it still wasn't something she enjoyed. Money talked and that was what got her through.

"You can't love everything," she muttered to herself as she studied the rest of the list. No perfume; no make-up. She was to bring only a few articles of clothing. He had casually mentioned that she would be spending most of the time naked, with the exception of her monthly flow. Another blush rolled over her.

The conversation she and Ben had concerning what was expected of her during her periods had been embarrassing and yet, needed. She was still expected to fuck him, Jon, or anyone else. Aunt Flo was never to be an excuse. This too had caused Candice's stomach to turn, that was until the first time Ben took her while she was on her courses. The climax he'd given her had been indescribable. She had cum over and over again. Multiple orgasms had ricocheted throughout her body, leaving her breathless and in a semi-conscious state. Period sex, she determined was definitely sliding up to a favored position in her repartee.

Jon had also instructed that she would be meeting Amelia, his pet. When he had first told her of Amelia, Candice had been taken back. She hadn't thought of sharing the two men with other women, yet she knew it was always a possibility. Jon though had told her that Amelia was not only his pet, but would be a vital part of her month long training.

She tried once again to push away the apprehension and confusion that was clawing at her subconscious. The thought of being in such a vulnerable state always unnerved her and so she tried hard not to over think the upcoming meeting.

Also on her note, underlined and written in capital letters, was the time that she would be picked up. He would send a car for her, along with any written instructions if he felt he had missed anything. For every minute she was late, forcing the driver to wait on her, he would punish her, but he did not say how or with what.

Candice chewed on her lower lip as she left the kitchen and fretted over his words. It was going to be a long week and she was glad to have a break from the sexual exploits of her two bosses.

Just as she was about to grab her purse and head out, hoping to do some shopping without her mother in tow, her phone was again ringing. "Hello, Ben," she said after a quick glance at the phone's screen, which displayed the caller's name and number.

"Hey there. I know it's short notice, but do you have plans tonight?" he asked.

She rolled her eyes, bit her tongue and thought it wise to hold in her initial "when does that matter" comment. Instead she smiled into the phone, took a breath and with a joyous voice said, "Nope. My mom and dad just left, so I'm here all alone."

"Good. I've been looking through the files, the ones concerning the potential security detail you requested," Ben said.

Candice's interest suddenly lurched to the forefront of the conversation. "Yeah?"

"I've got it down to three choices. I've arranged for you to go out with each one of them this week, before you head over to Jon's for the month. The first, Richard Montgomery, is a former Navy Seal and for the right amount of cash, he'll forget about the high morals our government wishes all our fine service men had."

She smirked into the phone. "Everyone has a price, don't they Ben?" she asked.

He chuckled. "Yes, they do. The second is Chris Alders, a former pilot and martial arts instructor. He's been a bodyguard for several high profile clients, so it shouldn't be that hard for him to grasp the concept of privacy and again for the right amount of cash, he'll look the other way."

"And the last?" Candice asked.

"The last is just as skilled as the others. He's the oldest of the three. He's had his fingers in various pots. Government sectors, as well as private. He's taken lives, saved lives, and has put himself in harm's way, gathering a few scars along the way."

"Am I supposed to fuck them?" she asked, not sure what the details were in regards to them taking her out for the night.

Ben chuckled. "It's up to you, babe. You're not getting paid to, and it'll be the last time another man's cock fills you up until Jon's done with you. You know the rules, abide by them and have fun."

"So it's Richard tonight, the former Seal?" she asked.

"Yep, I'll give him your number and he'll call you," Ben told her.

"Okay," she said. "I don't know if I'll fuck him or not, guess I'll wait and see."

"You do that; you're interviewing them, enjoy it. Fuck all of them at the same time, I don't care. You'll still be expected in the office and you'll still be expected to get me and Jon off, so don't think just because you've got a sloppy pussy means we're not going to use it," Ben told her.

She sneered into the phone at his lack of decorum, but said nothing. She was getting used to Ben and learning he had no real class. "Hey, what's the third guy's name?" she asked, prior to trying to close the conversation.

"Gregory Steele," Ben answered.

"Cool name," she said, "very James Bond-ish."

Ben laughed, said goodbye and Candice closed her phone, taking it with her to the bathroom. She thought of the upcoming evening, now full of work and not personal pleasure. A long relaxing soak in the tub was what she needed, and as she lay in the scented water surrounded by bubbles, she thought of Ben's words.

This was, in a way, the interview of her life. Whatever man she chose as her private body guard would have to be trusted with not only her life, but with her secrets. There would be times he would be asked about her; Ben and Jon would expect full disclosure from him, just like they did her.

She thought about how best to conduct the interview and learn more about each man before she was forced to make a decision. She didn't want to wait. Security was important to her. Ben and Jon were already making plans to turn her over to clients after she finished training with Jon. Not to mention they hadn't yet found the woman to teach her to be a Domme. Things were moving fast and yet, they never really had slowed down.

The phone chirped in and cleared her thoughts. She grabbed it with wet hands and spoke to the person on the other end of the line. "Hello?" she said, in a curious yet friendly voice.

"Candice?" The voice was thick and heavy with a slight accent.

"This is she," Candice replied. She sat up, intent on capturing the man's voice again, so she could better identify his heritage. The way he had said her name sent shivers up her spine.

"Richard Montgomery. Ben told me you were expecting my call."

"Yes, he and I spoke earlier. I guess we're supposed to go out tonight," she said. Candice sat up in the tub and tried to concentrate on the man's voice; he sounded young, but she knew he was most likely in his late twenties, maybe earlier thirties.

"Yes, if that's okay with you," he said.

"It's fine. I don't have any plans. What about you? Any plans on what you want to do?" she asked. "I'm sure you're well aware about my position in the company so someplace outside of the city would be best."

"I don't know much, not really. I understand you're starting your final year of college in the fall," Richard said. "Other than that - everything's pretty vague."

Candice was somewhat surprised Richard didn't know about her job. She decided she'd dwell on that piece of knowledge later. "How about you pick me up at five, and we can take a long drive, talk and get to know each other, then pick a town further outside of the area, somewhere small and quaint."

"Sounds like a plan," Richard said, before confirming her address and hanging up the phone.

Candice closed hers and tossed it away; it landed with a soft plop onto a pile of dirty towels and clothes. She looked at the mess and knew by the end of the week, she'd be hiring a maid. An hour later she left the tub, a little more wrinkled than she liked, but she had enjoyed the peace and quiet, as well as the timid, yet pleasing orgasm she'd given herself.

When the clock struck five, her apartment door was being knocked on. "Prompt," she said as she grabbed her purse and headed over to answer the knock.

Candice opened the door and smirked. "Very nice to meet you," she said to the strapping soldier. He was six foot five and looked as if he had walked out of a GQ magazine designed to coax women into joining the military just so they could get fucked by a true red, white, and blue soldier. Her pussy tightened in anticipation for the night to draw to a close and he hadn't even said "hi". She was going to love the interview process.

"Hello Candice - it is alright to call you that, isn't it?" he asked, offering his arm to her once she closed and made sure her apartment door was locked.

Candice gave her permission, took his arm and walked with him down the hall, then down the three flights of stairs that would eventually take them out to his car. She took a moment to glance over at the one that she'd purchased, a used '07 Chevy Cobalt, red with all the trimmings. She liked it and it made her happy; her parents thought she was making car payments, when in fact she owned it free and clear.

Richard opened the door for her; she climbed into his much newer Cadillac SRX. "Big car for a single man," Candice commented, once he was safely tucked behind the wheel and buckled in.

He laughed. "Check out the backseat," he told her.

She turned and immediately felt her night take a different turn. "You've got kids?" she asked stunned, then looked at his hand. He didn't wear a ring, but had once worn one. The evidence of the indention, as well as lighter skin where a wedding band once sat, was noticeable when one chose to look.

"Divorced," he said. "We split up six months ago. I get my son every other weekend, and a month in the summer, and of course we alternate holidays."

"Sorry to hear," she told him. Candice was sorry; she knew she was lucky to have both parents still together and happy about it.

"Eh, it is what it is," Richard said. "I've got a great girl now and I'm hoping things will be different. With this new job," he looked over at Candice, "if I get it of course. The money will secure my future. They're offering a lot, not sure if you're aware of that or not."

"Did they give you any details to my profession?" she asked; she was curious how much Jon and Ben trusted the men they were sending her.

"Not really and in all honesty it doesn't matter. I need the job, the money is beyond anything I could hope for, and I doubt whatever it is - is really a big deal. Not to bruise your ego Candice, but you're not famous; you're not being hounded by the paparazzi, so really why would you need a bodyguard?"

She smirked. "You're right. I'm not famous and I'm definitely not gracing the covers of some tabloid. Let's just say I'm going to be wheeling and dealing with some big time players in the financial world and they want me and their investments protected. That's your job," she told him, "if you land it."

Richard drove them outside of town, and across several miles of open farmland and through various small rural communities. While he drove, Candice asked him about his time in the military, as well as his relationship with his girlfriend. She had asked about the ex-wife, but that subject she could tell was still very raw and so she opted not to indulge her curiosity.

When they both agreed they were far enough from the possibility of running into someone she knew Candice pointed out a mom and pop diner and Richard pulled into the lot. The two of them left the Cadillac and made their way into the sparsely furnished restaurant, took a seat near one of the windows and dined over deep-fried walleye and various other calorie rich foods.

By the time they were on their way home, Candice was comfortable with Richard, and knew that she wouldn't be fucking him; he seemed very committed to his new love. She found that both comforting and disappointing - comforting in the fact that she wouldn't have to fuck him to keep him quiet, disappointing for the same reason.

When they parted ways, she gave him a friendly handshake and a wave goodbye; once she was safely tucked back in her apartment she removed her jewelry, stored it away, and took off her clothes, again they were left on the floor as she climbed into bed and fell into a deep sleep.

The following morning, Candice went about her day and ran her errands; she made phone calls and arranged for a cleaning company to come in once a week and put her house to rights. She spent some money on books that focused on the ins and outs of computer software and how to encrypt files and make her knowledge on protecting her dirty little secrets concerning Ben's company more secure.

Her initial flash drive had come along with her in the move from her parents' home, and was currently locked in a small safe, tucked in her bedroom closet; she knew in her gut it wasn't the safest place, but for now it was what it was and until she figured out how to better protect her secrets, she had to work with what she had.

When Candice got home, she prepared herself for an early afternoon interview with Chris, applicant number two. He had called her while she was in the book store and offered to take her out for an early supper, as well as some dancing.

Before she hung up she learned that he too was divorced, but had no kids and no girlfriend. Candice told herself, it wasn't a date, but when she opened the door and took in his arousing figure, all thoughts of interviewing him for anything other than a bed buddy went out the window.

They had dinner at a nice restaurant, in a decently sized town, where she laughed at his jokes and smiled at his charm. When they made it to a bar, the music was loud, the drinks flowing, and the dancing floor was thick with gyrating bodies that knew how to bump and grind. Candice was having fun and knew that Chris had a lot of potential in the security and bedroom department.

When he took her home she was more than willing to let him inside her apartment. The door closed behind her and he pulled her into his arms. Soon she was naked and his cock was pounding her pussy, a condom covered his shaft; the ridged textured latex rubbed along her inner walls; she clamped down on him, lifted her hips and welcomed the grinding of their pelvises mashing together.

She covered him in cum and he shot his load into the condom. When he pulled out, she rolled off of him, pulled the protective sheave away and washed off the juices of his climax. They left the living room and headed to her bedroom, where he took her doggy-style and had her screaming his name.

When he shot his load all over her back, she was anxious and hungry for more fucking. Chris, she could tell was more than willing to exhaust her and so he ate her out; later they showered, and she again sucked him and got him thick and full for her ass.

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