tagNovels and NovellasThe Color of Sex Ch. 22-25

The Color of Sex Ch. 22-25


Chapter 22

Laughter surrounded Candice as she sat next to her cousin Mandy and her other cousin Maxwell, Mandy's twin brother. She glanced at her mom and dad. They were in deep conversation with Mandy and Max's parents. The holiday decorations twinkled in the background, and yet Candice really didn't feel very enthusiastic about the Christmas season. She had other things on her mind.

She'd been working as a corporate prostitute for several months; during that time she'd managed to service, on average, two clients a week. As the holidays approached, business had picked up. She and Gregory attributed it to stress levels of business executives, where as Jon and Ben said it was a sign that the economy was heading in the right direction. Either way, the end the results were the same, she was making money and spending a lot of time on her back, and not in her classes or at her apartment studying.

Candice smiled at her cousin who was busy telling her about one of the pieces of jewelry she'd received from her fiancé. Candice admired the earrings, but thought nothing of the cheap stones. Her mind was elsewhere and her cousin picked up on that, deciding instead to show off her accessories to some other distant relative that had just walked into the room.

Candice's gaze shifted down to her bracelet, which she toyed with. She thought of Doctor Samuel Harris, the bane of her existence. She begged and pleaded with him to give her extra credit and to give her one more chance at making things right. She was in two of his classes, one on Thursday nights, and the other on Friday evenings. Candice knew he would willingly trade sex for grades, she'd seen it in his eyes when she went to their last conference.

She had purposely worn one of her most revealing outfits that bordered on the edge of indecent. He couldn't keep his eyes off her tits, legs, and crotch. Candice needed to know if this was the route she was going to have to take, so she made sure she looked like a whore for hire, after all that's what she was.

Samuel Harris, a doctor, professor, and esteemed member of the community, sat at his desk, while she sat on the leather couch in his office. Her legs were spread open, and the skirt rose up several inches. She knew there was a nice view of her pussy and it was wet. Candice had applied a small amount of lube to her sex, so that it would glisten when the light hit it just right. Her blouse was a deep V-cut, and her nipples, she'd pinched hard before entering his private chambers, stood out like a pair of beacons in the night.

After she had begged and wiped a few tears away, he had rose from his desk and walked over to her. She had caught sight of the swollen appendage of his sex straining against his slacks. She licked her lips and moaned softly, giving the man another reason to consider another course of action besides failing her. He told her that she needed to come back to his office on Christmas Eve, and there he'd give her a special Christmas present. His exact words were "a nice, fat, juicy B".

She had cocked her head to one side and asked for an "A".

He laughed, winked and said, "We'll see."

Tonight was Christmas Eve and she was stuck at her parents' house trying desperately to act joyful and excited, but honestly she just wanted to go home; she needed to get ready, mentally prepare herself to take care of Harris. She felt pressure on her shoulder and looked up. Her smile faltered when she looked into Ben's eyes. Her father had insisted that their boss come to the holiday party and though Candice hated the notion she knew it was something she had to support.

"You look like you've got a headache, everything okay?" he asked.

Candice glanced at Maxwell, who looked at her with concern. "Are you feeling okay?" Max asked.

"I'm fine, but a little thirsty, do you mind getting me some tea?" she asked of her cousin.

"No problem," he said.

Ben stepped back and watched the young man leave. He claimed Maxwell's seat and rested his arm along the back of the couch. "You don't look happy, Candice. Christmas is supposed to be a time to celebrate."

"I'm having issues at school that I need to take care of," she admitted.

Ben raised a brow. "Oh? Failing classes?"

"Yeah, a couple, don't worry though, I've got it handled; just looks like I have to do some pro bono services for one of my Professors," she told him.

Their conversation was soft and muted due to the rousing partiers in attendance as well as the holiday music that was piped throughout the house. "That's fine, just follow the rules."

She rolled her eyes. "I've been doing this long enough, I don't need reminded how to do it."

"No, you don't. Actually I came over to let you know you need to keep New Year's weekend open. Jon's throwing a party and...."

"What kind?" she hissed, interrupting his words.

Ben smirked. "You know the kind."

She swallowed the lump in her throat. "I don't plan on going," she said.

"You don't even know what you'll be paid," he told her.

"Doesn't matter, I don't want to go to that kind of a party," she whispered and stood up when she saw Maxwell coming toward them with her tea. She took it and excused herself. Candice wove through the crowd, made her way to the stairway and headed to her old room. Once behind the door, she took a drink of the beverage and placed the glass on the table by the door.

It didn't take long, nor was it a surprise, to see the door open and Ben step through. He closed and locked it. "Candice, you'll make more money in this one night than you've made in the past three weeks. Plus Jon will be there, I'll be there, and Gregory too. I've already given him the guest list and he's run it through his channels."

"I don't care," she muttered.

"What's the problem? You're going to spread your legs for your professor for a grade, and I'm offering you thousands to suck, fuck and take it up the ass."

She stared at him for several seconds before shaking her head no.

"Fine, don't. I'll head down and make sure your dad knows he doesn't need to come into work in the morning, because his cum slut of a daughter just cost him his job," Ben said. He turned to unlock the door.

"Fuck you Ben," Candice hissed. "You fire my dad and...."

"And you'll what?" Ben asked. He turned around and faced her. "You'll tell him you're a whore and you've been spreading your legs for the same men he shakes hands with every day. That the only reason he's got the job he has is because his slut of a daughter got it for him. Do you think you've got enough money saved up in that jewelry you keep buying that you can take care of mommy and daddy when I take everything they own and destroy it? Who do you think you are?"

He walked closer to her, collapsing the distance between them. "You're some college cunt that's good at sucking dick and fucking old men. Sure, you're making me money but, you can be replaced. Jon likes you for some fucking reason. You show up at the party and do your part, or dad and mom learn all about how their sweet little girl likes to have all her holes filled up."

Candice knew that Ben was serious. He would tell her parents what she was doing and in the end she would cost her dad his job and his retirement, not to mention their home. She had a lot of money saved up and Gregory was helping her hide it by purchasing stocks, bonds, and various other commodities that over time would insure her financial future. However, she didn't have nearly enough to take care of her parents too.

"What's my part?" she asked.

Ben smiled, reached out and touched her hair. "Candice, you're such a good girl, and so reasonable when that gorilla of a bodyguard isn't around."

She said nothing as he lowered his hand and cupped her right breast.

"Jon just wants you to be there, as one of the servers. You'll wait on the men, but not be on the table, unless that's what you want," he said, before reaching under her shirt and finding her bra. He frowned.

"I couldn't run around here without a bra on," she told him.

He shrugged his shoulders. "Get me off, Candice," he said. Ben pulled his hand away from her tit and quickly unbuttoned his pants. His cock fell free when he pulled his slacks and boxers down.

Candice checked the time, dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth. She had given up arguing about sucking Ben's dick a long time ago. She had also lost the thrill of being a cock worshiper. The desire, passion, lust all of it was mundane to her now. After months of being paid to perform like a good little girl, she was finding herself growing more and more disenchanted with the idea of pleasing strangers. Ben wasn't a stranger, but he was still just another cock and that meant in her mind, just another client.

The deed was done just to his liking. Ben stood there, his fist wrapped around her hair and his hips thrusting forward, forcing Candice to take every last inch of his rock hard penis. He wanted more from her; he wanted her on her back, on her hands and knees, he wanted to watch all her orifices being stretched and pulled as cock after cock tore into her. He imagined her on Jon's dinner table. Her body tied down, men climbing on top of her and using her for what she was – a whore – their personal cum slut. He groaned and shot his load into her mouth, and when she was done licking him clean, he pushed her away. He looked down, noticed the disgust in her eyes and wondered if maybe it wasn't time to remind the young girl who was in charge.

"New Year's Eve," he told her, before tucking his wet dick back into his pants and zipping up. He left her alone and headed back to the party, where he conversed casually with Candice's parents and family members. He took note of their new furniture, television and a few trinkets that looked to be from one of the more notable shops in town. Candice was sharing the wealth and her parents looked thrilled. Did they not question where the money was coming from? Had moving her father to a different branch of the company kept him ignorant of his little girl's activities? Or did Daddy dearest know what kind of dirty girl he had?

Ben left the party shortly before Candice did and on his mind were many things; the most important though was how to get Candice on Jon's table without having to deal with her body guard and most likely personal fuck toy – Gregory.

Candice watched her boss leave. The taste of his cum had been removed from her palate after a good hard teeth brushing and gurgling of mouthwash. She even swallowed some of the burning fluid, so her throat didn't taste like Ben's seed. Her gaze shifted to her parents; she felt her stomach knot in disappointment as she realized that if she ever stopped working for Ben and Jon, she would destroy their lives too. She was a failure and had not realized how quickly she would learn to hate herself and the activities she had found so invigorating just months before.

The clock in the hall chimed the hour and Candice began to weave her way to her mom and dad's side. She hugged them both and promised to be back tomorrow afternoon, unless the weather took an unexpected turn. Once she was back on the road and heading toward her apartment Candice began to think about the steps necessary to leave Ben and Jon's employment. She wondered if Gregory had gathered enough intelligence on the men and their business dealings to bring the company down, or if he still needed her.

She rolled her eyes. Gregory didn't need her. He was capable of taking the two mongrels down if he wanted it, yet she felt she could do more if she remained where she was – on her back with her legs spread. He had told her time and time again she could get out, but each time he said it, she told him no, they needed more. Maybe it was time she start listening to him; he was certainly the only man she trusted at this point in the game and they weren't even lovers.

Candice pulled into parking lot of her complex, shut off her car and headed up to her unit. She paused at the door and looked at the one across the hall. She wondered if Gregory was home and fought the urge to go to him. He had never made another move toward seducing her, nor had she him but, the desire was still strong. The one time she had offered to fuck him he had turned her down and she knew why.

She took a deep breath and locked away the need she had to seek the man's counsel and his comforting arms. She had other things to do, or at least someone to do. She walked into her apartment, changed clothes, gathered a few supplies and headed back to her car. Forty minutes later she was standing in front of Doctor Samuel Harris and slowly removing her clothes.

"Very nice," Samuel said as Candice peeled off her sweater, revealing a lace bra with a pink bow in the center. She smiled warmly, acted shy and covered her breasts with one arm. He grinned, shifted on the couch and nodded his head, indicating she was to continue.

Chapter 23

Candice ran her palms down her body, cupping her tits and squeezing them through the lace. She then pressed one hand down to her crotch and stroked herself through the denim she wore, while plucking and pulling at her nipples, and licking her lips. Her fingers toyed with the button of her jeans and the snap released with a quick flick of her wrist. She shimmied out of the skin tight material. Her breasts bouncing as she moved, only added to the growing frustration in the doctor's slacks.

Her gaze traveled over him and she tried to become the whore she had been when she first started servicing people. She had liked sex and wanted to enjoy it again, but it was difficult now – not once had she been brave enough to take a real lover, fearful of him finding out about her true job.

The jeans were pulled off and her panties were all that stood between Samuel's hungry eyes and her dry sex. She bit her lip, trying to force a little bit of pain into the act, so she could arouse herself. She licked her fingers and slipped the pads of them into her panties. The moisture aided her, but only slightly.

"How many of your grades have you earned like this?" Samuel asked as he rubbed his crotch.

Candice smiled a genuine smile and lifted a brow. "Believe it or not, you are the first," she told him. Whether the doctor chose to believe it or not was up to him. She didn't care. "So, what do I have to do for that A?" she asked, adding a wink and a seductive grin to the question.

"All in good time," he told her. "Come here and help me out of these clothes."

She walked over, closing the distance between them while he rose from his seat. He had already removed his shoes and socks, as well as his sports coat and tie. Candice slid her hands up his chest and worked on the buttons of his shirt, while her lips captured his mouth. Their tongues twisted and turned as she pulled the shirt tails from his pants and pushed it off his shoulders. His hands move to cup her breasts; he squeezed them hard and Candice moaned. "Harder," she told him and he happily obliged.

He removed her bra as she worked the button of his pants free. A slight tug had the material off and he stepped out of them. Her bra was discarded and his mouth dropped to capture one of her nipples. It was then that Candice decided that since this was not a paid client that she would try to encourage something geared more toward her likes. She pushed her fingers into his hair and pressed him closer to her breasts.

"Bite me," she told him, in a soft yet demanding whisper. Again Samuel did as requested. Candice soon felt a hint of arousal. She sighed in pleasure and found a place in her mind that would allow her to enjoy the act of coupling for a grade.

Samuel moved from one nipple to the other, sucking and drawing them into his mouth, one at a time. He tugged and bit her breasts, leaving small red marks with his teeth and Candice's moans were the encouragement he needed to continue heading south. She spread her legs and he devoured her pussy through her panties.

She leaned back slightly, her hips were thrust forward, she ground his face into her sex and her gaze held his as he eyed her with a look of questioning proportions. "Fuck," she hissed as the unspoken plea coming from the man's gaze ricocheted through her mind. She licked her lips, her pussy tightened and she stepped back. "Take off your boxers," she told him; her voice had changed. It was deeper, full of authority and power.

Her teacher's face lit up like a child being given their first bike on Christmas morning. She watched his entire demeanor change right before her eyes. Gone was the man who had ordered her to service him for an "B" and to work for an "A" – gone was the professor who gave lectures with a voice so deep and loud that the windows seemed to shake – gone was the doctor, a man of elite power and prestige – in his place was a subservient male who was scrambling to complete one simple task, that of removing his boxers.

Candice's thought process responded quickly to the sudden change of events. She waited for the boxers to join the earlier discarded pieces of fabric and as she did so, she looked around the room. Her gaze traveled from the professor's desk to his walls, to the book shelves and tables. She took note of his personal belongings as well as the knowing signs that spoke of his medical profession. There were books about human anatomy along one shelf and under that there were books concerning different breeds of horses as well as showing and racing them.

She glanced back at Samuel. "Before we begin, do I have permission to use anything in this room in order to bring you the most pleasure?"

"Yes," he told her.

Candice heard the desire in his voice and wondered if his need to submit was as big a secret as her private occupation. "Is there anything I shouldn't do?" she asked him.

He shook his head "no" and she moved around his naked form. Her eyes racked over his body and she looked at him as something lower than her professor, lower than a man and lower than a human being. Her lips curled as her fingers ran down his back. When she walked back to face him, her eyes had hardened – the emotion in them hidden behind a wall of power that she had learned to project when the circumstances of her profession deemed it necessary.

She placed her finger under his chin and lifted it up, though he was already taller than her, it still showed her willingness to play the role he desired. Candice turned his face to the right and then the left, as if she were inspecting him for some great flaw that only she would find. "I assume you know the color code for our play?" she asked. "Green for continue. Yellow for a less-than-heavy hand, and of course red – a complete end to the act that is taking place."

His eyes dropped to hers; she saw the surprise mirrored there. "Yes, my little toy," she said, "I know the game and I know how to play it." Candice lifted one brow, challenging him to doubt her. "Surprised aren't you?" She smirked. "I believe I'll earn my 'A'," she told him, before grabbing a fistful of his air and yanking his head back.

He bent down so that his face met hers. She kissed him hard, pushing her tongue between his lips and forcing him to accept the long, thrust of her wet muscle. All the while she continued to keep a firm hold on his hair, forcing him further to the floor. When he was on his knees, she released him and walked away.

"I see my toy is a fan of horses, racing, breeding," Candice said as she walked the perimeter of the room. Her fingers touched the shelves. She ran the tip of her thumb across a few of the trophies and figurines that spoke of the doctor's hobby. She eyed the glass case on his wall that showed a posed figure of a young man and his horse. Their image was captured by a high-quality camera and was framed alongside a whip, crop and various other tools of control. Another shelf had old mementos of the Wild West. There were spurs and an antique gun, bullets and a belt buckle. "Where is the key?" she asked.

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