The Color of Sex Ch. 22-25


"Gregory, I really was thinking of you and ---," she stopped speaking on the subject. The pain was real to him and to her. She felt dirty and knew he was struggling with not feeling the same way about her. "I hope it all works out for you," she told him.

Gregory walked away, closing the door behind him. She heard him open his apartment door, and then close it. Seconds later it opened and a manila envelope was tossed onto the side table. He shut the door again and his footsteps were heard echoing down the hall. Candice covered her face with her hands and slid to the floor. Once again the one man she most desperately wanted was walking away from her. She felt humiliated, dejected, and lost. It took several minutes to compose herself, before she retrieved the envelope and headed to bed.

She didn't hear from Gregory except to tell her the name of his friend. The man showed up, identified himself and escorted her to Jon's house. He tucked himself in a corner and waited for her to have need of him.

Chapter 25

The New Year's Eve party was everything Candice was afraid it would be. The women were naked, chains were wrapped around their necks, collars were worn and the scent of sex was so thick one could almost taste it. She had served drinks, then sandwiches, gotten groped, fondled and pinched. Jon had seen fit to tell her that she would be required to suck a few of his guests off as well as lick a few pussies. She said nothing; she knew the drill and as she lowered herself to her knees to taste another woman's cunt, she did so thinking of how good it would be to take her frustrations out on Samuel.

He had called her earlier in the week and while she took the crop to his chest, she had ridden his rock hard dick. It had been more exhausting than the last few times they'd fucked. She chalked it up to the antibiotics she was taking, but said nothing about her cold to neither of her bosses or her submissive lover.

When the woman she was tongue fucking came, Candice swallowed obediently, thanked the Mistress and crawled over to Ben who had been signaling for to come to him. She reached his side and grimaced when he took a hold of the chain that dangled from her neck. "My cum slut makes me proud," he whispered before pulling her to her feet. He kissed her and tasted the other woman's juices.

Candice swallowed the bile in her throat and pretended she was eager to please one of the men she was secretly hoping to destroy. She pressed her body against his and licked her lips. "Thank you," she whispered; she then leaned in and spoke softly in his ear. "Don't call me yours ever again." She pulled back and smiled.

Ben frowned, but said nothing. Instead he reached down and handed her a glass of wine. "Drink up, there's a fresh cock waiting for your smart mouth."

Candice rolled her eyes, downed the beverage and spun around to find what man was eagerly waiting for her. She caught Amelia's gaze and noted a look of concern etched on the more experienced woman's face. Candice made a mental promise to ask the other woman what was wrong. She walked over to the stranger and rubbed herself against him. Her body tingled as his fingers began to caress her breasts; they traveled down her pussy, to the soft folds of her sex. She moaned and encouraged him. "Somewhere private?" she asked, hoping he'd take her up on the offer. She wasn't feeling well, the cold she had been keeping at bay was taking its toll on her.

The man agreed and she leaned into him as he took her out of the crowded living room and walked with her down the hall. Candice smiled up at him, a note of appreciation evident in her gaze. She didn't see Jon walk up to her body guard, nor did she notice Amelia's fretful stare. She felt her eyes growing heavy as the man turned a corner and took her into the dining room.

Candice felt the cool table against her warm skin. The man bent down and licked at her pussy. She spread her legs, feeling the desire to be pleasured welling up inside her. "Fuck me," she moaned and heard the stranger chuckle. He promised her he would and soon she was tied down to the table. Her gaze shifted from wrist to wrist; her pulse took on an unnatural speed, but the lust in her grew thicker and heavier. "Hurry," she begged.

The sound of the man moving chairs was like a dull pounding in her head. She lay there sweating and anticipating the feel of his cock buried deep in her. Candice saw him rise over her and moaned in appreciation for his gift. The room seemed to tilt as her head was angled to one side. A cock was thrust between her lips and she sucked on the swollen member.

She closed her eyes and welcomed the erotic sensation of an unknown number of hands playing with her tits and ass. She felt a second cock penetrate her and she wondered when the man had gotten so thick. Her gaze shifted to her pussy; her eyes grew wide, but her body felt so good. Two men were using her cunt, and two more were eager to have her mouth. Candice felt alive and on fire all at the same time. She knew now that she was the meal for the evening and that she was the center of attention. There wasn't a patch of skin on her that wasn't covered in cum and she had lost count of the orgasms that had rocked her world.

"Want it up the ass, cum slut?" Jon asked her. Candice could only smile and nod. He grinned, snapped his fingers and rolled her over. In time her ass was as full as her pussy had been; once again she had cum and cum hard. When asked if she wanted them to stop, she only laughed and lifted her ass for more cock, or opened her mouth for more pussy. It wasn't until she was slipping in and out of unconsciousness did the play end. Her last thoughts were how disappointed her master would be when he found out she'd failed him.

The following morning Candice awoke in Jon's bed. She had a headache that seemed unnatural and her body felt stiff and sore. She could barely open her eyes; the sunlight coming through the windows was her enemy. Her jaw hurt; her ass hurt; her pussy hurt. She closed her eyes and thought back over the night before and remembered fucking and sucking more cocks and pussies in one night than she had in the past several months. The images seemed to melt into each other, one right after the other. She could hear the voices of her Doms and Dommes asking if she was ready. Her own acceptance was the only word they needed to hear in order to use her. She even heard Jon ask her about taking it up the ass.

There were ripples of consciousness that told her she'd begged him for it and she had been rewarded with some of the most outstanding orgasms in her life, but she still didn't understand why she had allowed being the main course of the party. She shook her head, a mistake she realized when the pain ricocheted against her temples. A long drawn out sigh was the only chastisement she gave herself as she pushed back the covers. If Gregory had been there he wouldn't have allowed her to overindulge in alcohol. He would have taken care of her. She cursed herself and her lack of control, and then headed to Jon's bathroom, where she showered and cleaned away the sticky fluids from the night before.

When she came back into the bedroom Amelia was there. Her gaze showed concern for Candice and her eyes spoke of pity. She handed the young woman a robe and watched as she dressed. Amelia had learned early on what was going to happen to Candice at the party and though she didn't agree with the woman being given a heavy dose of Ecstasy, she had to protect herself – that was the way of the world.

"Feelin' okay?" Amelia asked as Candice pulled on the robe and began to brush out her damp hair.

Candice made a face. "I guess – I don't remember everything, guess I drank too much and my meds didn't like it," the young woman asked.

"Meds?" Amelia frowned. "What meds are you taking? And why?"

Candice shrugged her shoulders, sat down on the bed and began to braid her hair. "Just some antibiotics, I've been fighting a cold – well a virus, I guess."

Amelia smirked. "Well whatever it was, all those dumbasses are probably going to get it too; serves them right," she muttered at the end. "Did Jon or Ben know you were on meds?"

"I don't know if I mentioned it or not. They both knew I hadn't been feeling well. I called in sick a couple of days last week," Candice mentioned, "but I don't remember telling them if I was taking anything."

"Well, you're up and walking this morning, so I guess there was no harm done," the other woman stated, though deep in her gut she knew that wasn't the case. "But you're doing okay?"

Candice chuckled. "Yeah, not sure why I let them fuck me like that though. It wasn't my intention, but," she grinned, "it sure the hell felt good. I needed it, I guess."

"So, no regrets?"

"Nah, I'm a big girl. I know my place and I know my job. If I didn't want it, I wouldn't have done it." Candice stood up and headed over to the closet, where she pulled out some of the clothes she'd worn the last time she was visiting Jon's home. She pulled on a skirt, and a top, leaving her undergarments behind. "Happy New Year," she said, as she got dressed.

"Oh yeah, Happy New Year. Did you renew your lease?" Amelia asked as she watched the young girl get dressed. "I heard Jon mention your lease was up and he was going to invite you to stay here."

Candice turned slowly on one heel. "Seriously?"

Amelia nodded.

"I have no intention of ever living here. Hell, I don't want to take your place, nor do I want to be you. No offense, but this," she swept her hand across the room, "isn't for me."

"I know. I told him you wouldn't go for it. He didn't like hearing that, but," she shrugged her shoulders, "he figured if you didn't renew your lease in time, he'd put the offer on the table."

"Well, I did, so he never offered." Candice rolled her eyes. "I can't believe how fast my opinion about all of this has changed. I'd get out now, if I could."


"But, my parents are starting to depend on the extra cash I'm dishing out – from working at the company and...," her words stopped mid-sentence.

Amelia touched her arm. "I figured out you were working side gigs a long time ago, hon. I'm not a new fish in the tank. Jon's brought two others into the fold, so I figured he was up to his old tricks."

"Does it bother you?" Candice asked.

Amelia lifted a brow. "Yes, but I'll weather the storms that come, or I'll take off and make sure I'm safe and provided for. I'm not an idiot. Breakfast is ready in the kitchen, so eat when you want and your bodyguard took a room down the hall from here; he enjoyed himself, once he heard you screaming 'yes' and 'more'. He wasn't real happy to be forced from your side, but I guess that changed when he heard all your orgasms echoing through the house."

Candice blushed. "I'll grab a bite and grab him on my way down. Thanks for checking up on me," she said.

"No problem," Amelia answered. She walked out of the room and headed toward Jon's office; once again she sat down at his desk, and wove her way through his security system, deleting the conversation she and Candice had, as well as a few other scenes throughout the house that would give Jon the impression that his security feed was once again having glitches. He was smart, but also easy to manipulate if one knew how to do it.

She sat back in his chair and watched Candice walk down the hall and seek out her bodyguard. The young girl had no clue her drink had been spiked and as willing as she was, Amelia knew that Candice would have only agreed to the fuck fest if it meant a wad of cash. She hoped the young girl got some sort of financial reimbursement for her playtime.

Amelia got back onto the laptop and began to look into properties available for purchase somewhere in France. Something in her gut told her it was time to start making preparations in order to protect herself. Last night's activities had sickened her to the point that she almost interfered in her Sir's business. Jon was going down, she just didn't know when. She wasn't about to go down with him.

Downstairs Candice and the substitute for Gregory ate their breakfast in silence. She didn't ask him about his night, and he didn't ask her about hers. They said nothing on the way home either. He walked her to her door and she watched him leave. She wondered if he would be reporting to Gregory that morning, or if he already had. Either way she'd hear from her bodyguard when he felt it was time, or before her next gig. Candice let herself into her apartment, closed and locked the door behind her and headed to her couch. There she sat forcing herself to enjoy a normal Saturday – something she never seemed to do anymore.

School resumed shortly after the new year started and Candice found herself spending more and more time with her professor than she did with clients. She knew her time under Jon and Ben's employment was coming to a close, she felt it in her gut and she told herself it was okay. She still wasn't happy with being pushed away so soon, but the more she fucked the more she came to the conclusion she was done.

Gregory had returned home; his mood more reserved and his attitude toward her was strictly professional. He never came over for impromptu visits, or accepted her invitation for dinner. She knew why. He didn't want to cross the line with her again and wind up getting burned. Twice her occupation had come between them and both times it had left them both hurt and empty.

In truth Candice was glad for the distance. She'd been spending most of her days in bed and her mornings were full of vomiting and light-headedness. If it wasn't for her fucking her teacher she would likely be failing his classes again.

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