tagRomanceThe Colors Of Punishment Ch. 02

The Colors Of Punishment Ch. 02


The late afternoon sun shone into the study, its rays hitting the crystal chandelier that hung from the ceiling. Colors of the rainbow danced on the walls. Isabella stood there gazing at the dancing colors. Her mind wandering to the last time she watched the colors dance. A smile grew on her face and an ache grew between her legs as she remembered how Master Paul had punished her and how much she enjoyed it. In the past week since her punishment, she had done everything in her power to disappoint him and receive punishment again. But no matter what she did, he would just smile and say, "My sweet Isabella, we all make mistakes."

So she continued to do her chores, purposely forgetting one or two, in the hopes that one day he would not forgive her mistakes. Isabella remembered how it felt to have his tongue running along her pussy. Darting itself in and out of her. How his hands felt as they grabbed her firm breasts and pinched her nipples. She longed to feel him stand behind her and thrust his cock into her.

The aching between her legs grew stronger and she needed to release the ache. Isabella walked over the entryway of the study, shut the door and locked it to avoid anyone entering and finding her pleasuring herself. She lay on the couch that just a week ago she had received her punishment. She could almost smell the scent of Master Paul and herself in the fine leather, this caused the ache to grow even stronger.

Isabella removed the panties from under her short uniform and brought them up to her face to smell the sweetness that she had already released through her thoughts. The panties, black lace, were wet and the scent of the vanilla that she wore was very strong. She dropped them to the ground and allowed her legs to open, her knees falling to the sides, her pussy already wet and waiting for her. Isabella took her hands and ran them up the inside of her thighs until they reached her pussy. With her left hand she spread her lips, teasing the inner rim of them with her nails. Her right hand found her clit and began to trace the alphabet onto it. Her clit became hard; her pussy became wet, her juices starting to flow.

She closed her eyes and in her mind envisioned Master Paul taking her, fucking her. Her hands began moving faster as the desire for Master Paul grew. Her left hand slid and two of her fingers made their way into her pussy. Deeply she pushed them in, feeling her walls throb, wanting her Master's cock. Her right hand continued teasing her clit. Her body began to shake, legs thrashing about. Isabella's body tensed up and she released a long, low moan as she came.

She lay on the couch for a few moments, catching her breath. Her mind still wandering to thoughts of Master Paul and wondering what she could do to be with him again. As she lay there, watching the colors dancing on the walls, the speakerphone on the wall clicked on and startled her.

"Isabella," she heard coming from the speaker. It was Master Paul looking for her, calling for her. She sat up on the couch hastily and grabbed her panties from off the floor, trying to put them on while answering him. "Yes Master Paul. I am here," she replied.

Master Paul continued, "Isabella, I need you to come to my room. I have a task for you that I need you to complete."

Isabella straightened her uniform, making sure that there were no signs that she had been pleasuring herself when she was to be working. "Yes sir, I will be right there," she answered.

As she hurried down the long corridor leading to her Master's room, Isabella could still feel the wetness from between her legs, her pussy still aching for him. Hopefully, she thought, he will not notice. She reached the large double doors that lead into Master Paul's room. She stopped, took a deep breath, and grabbed the brass handle, turning it and slowly opening the door. As the door opened, Isabella looked around the room, noticing how elegant and romantic the room was. It was large with windows that stretched from the ceiling to the floor. A set of French doors were open that led onto a balcony, which overlooked a field of wild flowers, its curtains were gauze and blowing in the gentle afternoon breeze.

Isabella did not see Master Paul. She stepped into the room, anxious to see him. From behind her she felt that someone was watching her. She turned around, and standing in the doorway that lead to the bath, stood Master Paul. She was taken aback by his appearance. He stood there in a pair of boxer briefs, with a robe draped over him, open to reveal his muscular chest, his strong legs and a bulge in his underwear. Isabella blushed as her mind wandered as to what she wanted to do with him. Master Paul saw her blush and a smile grew on his face, he too, was having those same thoughts. But he must not let her know.

Isabella's voice quivered as she asked, "Master Paul, what is the task you would like for me to do?"

Master Paul walked towards her. Isabella noticed how his muscles moved with each step he took. The aching grew stronger. She wanted this man. She wanted him in her. Feel the muscles against her. But she remained calm as to not allow him to see her desire.

"Isabella," he began, "I don't have time today to groom myself, and so I want you to do it for me." This puzzled Isabella. "What type of grooming is he talking about," she thought to herself.

Master Paul took one of her hands and pulled it towards him. He then placed a small, leather satchel into her hand. "Open it," he instructed. Isabella did as she was asked. She unzipped the satchel and opened it to find items that are used for grooming hands and feet. She stood there, dumbfounded and looked up at Master Paul.

"Isabella. My sweet Isabella, I need you to give me a pedicure," Master Paul stated. Isabella chuckled to herself and thought, "He can't be fucking serious." But she knew he was.

He walked over to the large bed, which was draped with a canopy of linen. Master Paul sat on the bed and moved the pillows to prop his self upon. He spread his legs and looked at Isabella as she stood there, satchel open, and not sure what to do. She looked so beautiful, he thought. He desired Isabella more than he had any woman. But since she was an employee of his, he had to curb those desires. He would watch her as she did her chores, never allowing her to see him. The short uniform she wore permitted him to see her tight ass as she would bend over to clean. The top of the uniform pushed her luscious breasts up, barely holding them in. He noticed how they moved, jiggled almost, when she was dusting. This drove him insane with desire.

He took a deep breath, trying to compose himself, and motioned for Isabella to move towards the bed. She slowly walked over and stood at the side of the bed watching Master Paul as he adjusted his robe allowing it to open more. Isabella concentrated on controlling her breathing as she looked at his magnificent physique. "Oh my," she thought, "I need this man." The aching grew again.

Master Paul reached out his hand and guided Isabella onto the bed. Holding her hips, he directed her to sit between his legs, her back facing him. Isabella laid down the satchel, and took one of his legs and laid it across her lap. She marveled at how well groomed his feet already were and wondered why he wanted her to groom them. Isabella began filing, buffing, trimming his feet. She rather enjoyed this, she thought. She enjoyed touching him and listening to his moans and sounds of pleasure as she rubbed his feet with lotion. Her fingers massaging each toe, running her hands along the bottom to his heels.

Master Paul lay there, enjoying Isabella touching him. He loved the way her hands roamed along his feet, lovingly massaging each toe. He watched her from behind, her head moving to the side to reveal her long neck that lead to round, soft shoulders that were sprinkled with freckles. He wanted to sit up and use his tongue to connect the freckles, but he resisted. He felt his cock growing, throbbing, and aching to be inside of Isabella, to feel her tight pussy surrounding his cock as he fucked her. He lay back onto the pillows, closing his eyes and moaned as he thought of her and how he wanted her.

Isabella prolonged the grooming of Master Paul's feet. She wanted to be able to touch him as long as she could. She put more lotion into her hands, moving them back and forth together to warm up the lotion. She placed her hands on his left calf, feeling his defined muscles beneath her fingers, deeply massaging each tendon. She repeated this with the right leg, feeling his legs relax with each rub. Isabella sat up on her knees, placing her hands onto the bed for balance; she turned her body around to face her Master. She looked up at him, his head surrounded by billowy pillows, his eyes closed, a smile extended across his face, his arms stretched out on top of the pillows. She watched as his powerful chest moved up and down while his breathing was raspy and short. She gazed at him for a few moments, taking in his captivating face.

Master Paul had felt Isabella turn her body around and knew she sat facing him. He lay there for a few moments and contemplated how he should react towards Isabella when he opened his eyes. He guardedly opened his eyes and lifted his head from the pillows to find Isabella observing him. Again, he had to take a deep breath to contain his desire for her. She appeared angelic as she sat there between his legs, perched upon her knees. The sun from the opened doors radiated behind her and outlined her silhouette. But he must not let her know of the lust and passion he held for her. So instead he decided to take another approach.

"My sweet Isabella," he stated, "Did I tell you to stop grooming me?" He watched as Isabella lowered her head and placed her hands into her lap, folding them in a manner as to beg forgiveness.

He pushed his body off of the pillows, sitting up, facing her, he took his hand and placed it under her chin, lifting her face and forcing her eyes to look at him. His vexing eyes piercing her, he asked, "Isabella, you do know what this means, don't you?"

"No Master," she replied. Isabella had hoped that this meant that she would be punished. "Finally," she thought, "I will be with my Master once again."

Master Paul continued, "You must be punished for ending the task before I informed you that it had been completed." He felt his cock become hard with each word he spoke. Knowing that soon, he would take her, pleasure her, and be with her. He swung his legs over the edge of the bed, pulling the braided rope from the robe and pulling it taunt between his hands.

Isabella still perched on her knees, watched him as he stood and turned to face her. He had wrapped the ends of the rope from his robe around his hands and pulled it tight. She wondered what he planned to do with the rope, and all the possibilities of what was to come, excited her. She felt the aching in her pussy grow stronger and she became moist in her panties.

In an assertive voice, Master Paul commanded, "Isabella, lay your body upon the pillows and place your hands above your head." Isabella did as she was told. She moved her body to the pillows, laying her head upon them; she settled her arms above her head.

Master Paul returned to the bed, crawling towards her and straddling his body across her torso. She watched him as he fixed his eyes upon her body. She noticed that the robe had opened and allowed her to glimpse at the bulge that appeared to be swelling beneath his underwear. She took a breath and moved her eyes up to meet Master Paul's gaze.

Master Paul's body was straddled across his sweet Isabelle; her nectarous flower lay beneath him. He could still taste her upon his lips and smell her essence from a week ago. He longed to taste her again. He felt his cock throb and ache, wanting to be in her. He leaned over her body, taking her hands and pushing them together. He took the rope from his robe and wrapped them around her wrists, not too tight, but enough to hold her in place. Carefully he tied the ends of the rope around the post of the bed. He could feel her breath upon his chest as he leaned over her, felt its warmth against his skin. Again, he had to contain his desire for her and continue with the punishment.

He returned to his position astride her torso. He marveled at her beauty, her eyes so blue, her skin like porcelain, and her breasts round and sumptuous. He moved his body down her legs, separating them and positioning himself between them. The satchel still lay on the bed and he removed the small scissors from it. Isabella watched him as he pulled out the scissors and held them up to his face, with a menacing smile. This worried her, what was he planning to do. She was powerless against him in this capacity. She watched as he lowered the scissors and moved them towards her pussy.

Master Paul pulled up one side of her moist panties, and with the scissors, cut them. He then moved to the other side, pulled up her panties, and cut them. He watched as her panties fell from her body, revealing the dew underneath them. He was in awe by the allurement of her pussy. Isabella had shaved herself smooth, all hair removed from her mound. Her lips were pink and full, her clit beckoning him to tease it, her nectar glistening in the afternoon sun. He had an urge to drive his tongue deeply into her, taste her, take her, but again, he resisted.

Isabella's body began to tremble as he cut the panties from her body. She felt the yearning for her Master to take her, growing between her legs. She felt her body release itself to him as he looked upon her. She watched as he again raised the scissors and moved towards her. He lifted the hem of her uniform and made an incision into the fabric. He laid the scissors down and with his hands, grabbed each side of the incision and ripped the uniform off her body. She lay there, naked, helpless, with her Master between her legs engulfing her with his piercing eyes.

Master Paul knew as he ripped the uniform off of Isabella, that he would have to replace it. "What a great reason to get another one that is shorter and tighter," he thought to himself and chuckled. He watched as the uniform cascaded from her body, her voluptuous breasts being released, her taunt stomach with it's jewel in it tightened as the uniform fell, her hands clenched themselves into a fist and she looked at him with pleading eyes. He knew what she craved; he too, craved the same. But that must wait.

Isabella watched as Master Paul shed the robe from his body. His shoulders strong, his chest masculine, and his stomach tight, she wanted to devour him. She watched as he stood upon the bed and turned his back to her, sliding his underwear down his legs. She was mesmerized by the firmness and shape of his ass. "He's teasing me," she thought to herself. She wanted to reach up and grasp his ass in her hands and lick it. But she couldn't, she was tied to the bed and laid there helpless. Master Paul turned to face her, his cock hard, standing away from his body, the veins throbbing alongside it. He watched as her eyes grew wide and her face expressed anticipation. He returned to his position between her trembling legs.

His right hand grabbed his cock and he started to stroke it while Isabella watched. His eyes never wavering from hers, he then took his cock and slapped it against her moist pussy. Isabella opened her legs wider, welcoming this "punishment". Again he slapped his cock against her and with each time, his cock grew harder, throbbed more. He wanted to fuck her, but he knew he must wait.

Master Paul moved his body up to her torso, still slapping his cock against her; he felt her breathing become short, her moans becoming longer and deeper. He grabbed one of her breasts and teased the nipple with his cock. Isabella's nipple grew hard and she moaned loudly now. He leaned over, taking the nipple into his mouth, and began sucking it. He rolled it between his teeth, biting down enough to cause a little pain, but not hard enough to hurt her. Her body thrashed about as he gripped the nipple with his teeth and he pulled it.

Returning his body atop of hers, he placed his cock between her breasts and pushed them together, surrounding his cock with their warmth. He moved his hips back and forth, fucking her breasts, watching her as she opened her mouth, pleading for him to enter her.

Isabella wanted his cock in her mouth, wanted to taste him, feel him, but he just teased her. Finally, he released her breasts and sat on his knees, leaning into her. She opened her mouth and welcomed his cock into it. Her hands were still bound above her head and she had no control, he fucked her mouth, pushing his cock deeply into her throat almost causing her to gag. She relaxed her throat and allowed him to enter her fully. Her nose brushed against his stomach, his balls bounced off her chin. Isabella felt the throbbing of her Masters cock become more intense, she felt his balls harden, she knew he was about ready to cum.

He let out a groan as his body tightened, pulling his cock out of her mouth slightly, her lips still resting around the head, he released into her mouth. He looked at her as she sucked him, taking all of his cum into her mouth, not missing a drop. He reached down and held his cock for her while she licked the head and gave it a gentle kiss. She looked up at him and gave him a smile, which caused his heart to ache for her. He was falling for Isabella, but he was scared to tell her. He untied the roped from her hands, and moved to the edge of the bed where he sat with his head lowered.

Isabella sat up after being released and gathered her uniform around her the best she could, covering her body. She watched as her Master sat on the edge of the bed, not looking at her and wondering what she had done wrong. With sadness in her, she moved to the edge of the bed and stood up. Master Paul reached behind him and grabbed his robe, handing it to her.

"Put this on," he commanded, "And get back to work." He never looked at her as she took the robe and wrapped it around her. Isabella walked towards the door, waiting for him to call her back, but he never did. Isabella turned and glanced at him, "God I want him," she thought. She closed the heavy door behind her, leaning against it, and tears welled in her eyes. She gathered herself, took a deep breath, and proceeded down the corridor to her room, not knowing what she had done wrong. Once in her room, she cried softly as she put on another uniform and placed the ripped one into the trash. She quietly returned to her chores, crying softly to herself.

Master Paul watched as Isabella left the room. His heart was heavy and he wanted to call out to her, but he didn't. He couldn't. He lay on the bed; eyes closed and thought of Isabella, his sweet Isabella, whom he adored. "One day," he thought, "I will take her again."

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