tagBDSMThe Colors Of Punishment Ch. 03

The Colors Of Punishment Ch. 03


Isabella walked down the corridor towards her room. Her head hung low upon her chest, shoulders slumped, and her feet throbbing in her shoes. Master Paul had added extra duties to her list of chores in preparation for a party that he was having in celebration of the summer solstice. She had awakened before the sun had risen, bringing light to the dismal halls of the manor and Isabella had promptly started her duties knowing that they must be done before she lay her head at the end of the day upon her pillows.

She turned the small knob on her door leading to her quarters and upon opening it, she could smell the fragrance of the flowers that she had placed around her room. Walking into the room, she marveled at not only the fragrance of the bouquets, but also all the colors of the rainbow that were represented in them. She had gone to every floral shop in town collecting the bouquets and returning to the manor with them, hoping to never loose the memory of her afternoon with Master Paul and the dancing colors.

Her room was not spacious, but Isabella found it to be warm and comforting. The wrought iron bed sat high above the floor, covered with sheets and pillows of white linen. The white comforter of down floating across the bed made the appearance of the bed to reflect that of a cloud. Isabella anticipated lying down on that cloud and drifting into a dreamless sleep. Her dreams over the past two weeks were filled with images of Master Paul, fantasies of the two of them being together. She could not take another night of waking up and not finding him with her, it was torturous.

Isabella shuffled across the room, stopping at each bouquet to smell their sweet scents. She found herself standing in front of her vanity, the mirror reflecting a woman Isabella did not quite recognize. The face in the mirror looked overworked and weary, the long red hair hung lifeless against her head, all luster dulled. She looked down at her hands and noticed the nails were broken and her skin was dry and flaking. Disgusted with herself, she turned away from the woman in the mirror and reached behind her back to find the hooks that held her uniform on her body. Master Paul had given her a new uniform after he had ripped one of hers from her body last week. This new uniform was shorter and tighter than the original, constricting her waist and causing her breasts to cascade from the bodice. The hem of the ruffled skirt barely covered her symmetrical ass and showed the top of her stockings as she walked.

Finding the hooks, she unfastened them and the uniform collapsed to the floor, the ruffles sounding like rustling tissue paper as it landed. "Whew," she thought to herself, "I can finally breath." The binding uniform had left indentions on her body and Isabella turned to look at herself in the mirror again. She ran her hands along the back of her neck, down her shoulders and to the front of her breasts. Her hands massaged her breasts; they were aching from being compressed into the bodice of the uniform. Isabella's hands roamed to her waist, feeling the curves that lie there. She turned herself around, looking over her shoulder and grabbed both cheeks of her ass with her hands. "What a great ass," she spoke to herself.

Across the room under a large open window that faced the meadow of wild flowers was her leopard print chaise lounger. It was the only item that she brought with her when she started her employment with Master Paul and moved into the manor. She swayed over to the chaise lounger, feeling the breeze of the summer night gently blowing along her nude body and laid on it. With her arm under her head, she gazed at the stars now forming in the sky, daydreaming of Master Paul as she allowed her other hand to linger across her body.

Isabella's hand came to rest upon her delicate mound, her fingers tracing her clit and running along the outside of her flower. To her surprise, she found that her petals were dewy. With one finger she teased herself, causing her legs to quiver at her touch. With two fingers, she inserted them into herself and found her pleasure box. Removing the arm from behind her head and still watching the stars, her hand found her erect nipples and began to pinch and squeeze them; alternating between the two. Her mind was racing with thoughts of Master Paul and how she longed to have him touch her again.

Her body tightened as she reached the height of climax and she released a guttural moan. She felt her body tremble as she came. Isabella lay on the chaise lounger with the summer breeze cooling her as she caught her breath. With her thoughts still of Master Paul, she began to feel depleted of energy. She stood up, her legs weak, and shuffled over to her bureau. She removed a thin linen nightgown from one of the drawers and slid it over her head. She grabbed a book from the top of the bureau and headed towards the cloud awaiting her on her bed.

Propping the soft billowy pillows around her, Isabella laid her head into them and tried to read the book. Her eyes became heavy and she slipped into sleep.

-- - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Master Paul sat at the large mahogany desk in his room, his thoughts on Isabella. This morning he had given her a list of chores, which was longer than her normal list. He needed her to help him prepare for his annual summer solstice celebration, but he felt guilty for making her do extra tasks. He had watched her throughout the day as she worked. He giggled at how she would tug and pull while she worked wearing her new uniform that he bought her. He purposely bought it to be shorter and tighter than the one he was replacing. He made sure that the bodice pushed her voluptuous breasts up to the point where they almost tumbled from it. The skirt was skimpy and barely covered her lusty ass and allowed peeks of the top of her stockings as she moved.

As he watched her work, his thoughts would wander to the times they had been together and how he wanted to have her again. "But how," he thought to himself. "How can I be with my sweet Isabella?" He placed his head into his hands, covering his eyes, and released a long, mournful breath. Lifting his head from his hands, he stood up, straightened out his suit jacket and walked to the open French doors that lead to the balcony. Walking onto the balcony, he could smell the fragrance of the wild flowers in the meadow beneath him. He inhaled, taking in the scents and was reminded of Isabella and how sweet her scent was. He longed to be next to her, touching her silken skin and becoming intoxicated in her scent.

He stood, hands in front of him, face towards the sky and saw the first of the summer night's stars appear. Master Paul realized that a swell had begun beneath his slacks. Pulling the zipper open on his slacks, he reached into the opening and pulled his cock free from the restraints of his underwear. He held his engorged cock in his hand, marveling at how the veins pulsed with each thought of Isabella. Closing his eyes and lifting his face towards the nighttime sky, he pictured Isabella in his mind, her beauty, her voluptuous curves, her smile and especially her nectarous flower.

His hand began stroking his cock, slowly at first as his breathing became labored. Harder, faster he stroked it, feeling his desire for her growing. Her image burned into his mind. He grabbed the railing of the balcony for support as he felt his body wanting to release itself. "No," he shouted and he released his hand from his pulsating cock and returned it back into his underwear. He could feel it throbbing for Isabella, aching to be with her and he was not going to allow himself to receive pleasure from neither himself nor anyone else other than Isabella.

Placing both hands on the railing of the balcony, he hung his head, breathing deeply as to clear his mind of her. It was not working, he must be with her, but how he thought. Master Paul was exhausted from the long summer day, so he retreated to his bedroom, slipping off his clothes and returning them to the hangers in his wardrobe. He lay in his bed among the pillows and his thoughts again wandered to Isabella. What was she doing right now? What was she wearing? Is she thinking of me? These thoughts were rampant in his mind.

Master Paul watched as the moon moved in the sky, saw stars shooting across the blackness and his thoughts lost in Isabella. "I must have her," he thought. "I must have her now." Moving from the bed, he pulled his robe over him and laced the front tie. He grabbed his set of master keys and headed down the corridor towards Isabella's room. Determined to take her.

Reaching her doorway, he removed the keys and quietly inserted a key into the lock of Isabella's door. Turning the knob, he cautiously pushed the door open and stood, watching her, as she lay asleep in her bed. She was lying on her side, her back facing the door and her body devoid of any covering except for a thin nightgown. He gazed at her, her nightgown clung to her body, and it was bathed in Isabella's perspiration from the summer night heat. He noticed how the moistened gown accentuated her curves, one strap fallen from it's position, revealed her freckled shoulder, and the hem was pushed slightly above her hips, teasing him. He crept to the chaise lounger and sat, watching her as she slept.

Master Paul felt his cock grow with each breath Isabella took, her sumptuous breasts raising and falling. The summer night breeze blew stronger through the open window and he saw Isabella shake when the breeze chilled her body of glistening sweat. Letting out a soft moan, she turned in her bed onto her back, arms outstretched to her sides, legs opening, revealing her bare mound. Master Paul's cock throbbed at the beauty that lay before him. He knew he must have her now.

Quietly he walked over to the side of Isabella's bed, hovering over her, watching her sleep, and perplexed at how he was to be with her. He noticed several silk scarves hanging from her vanity and he had an idea of how he would have his sweet Isabella. Removing two of the scarves, he walked back to her bed where she lay and placed his hand over her mouth. Her eyes snapped open and widened as she saw him standing there. She was frozen with fright and a muffled moan came from deep within her throat.

"My sweet Isabella," Master Paul said softly to her, "Do not scream, and do not fight. Just do as you are told."

Isabella lay quietly as Master Paul wrapped the silk scarves around her head covering her mouth and her eyes. She felt his arms slid under her legs and behind her head as she was lifted off of the bed. She placed her right arm behind his back for support as he carried her. She was unaware of where he was taking her, intimidated by what may happen, but aroused at the thought of being in her Master's control.

She felt him carry her outdoors. The summer night breeze blowing against her skin and the scent of the wild flowers in the meadow heightened her senses. After what seemed like an eternity, Master Paul lowered Isabella, her body reaching the ground and landing on a bed of wild flowers. The fragrance of the wild flowers was potent and gave Isabella a feeling of intoxication. She lay on the ground, eyes covered, mouth covered, unsure of where her Master was.

Master Paul looked down upon Isabella lying in the flowers. Her nightgown had been pulled above her hips; the straps on both shoulders had fallen, her hair surrounding her head as an angel's halo, and her body calling to him. He dropped to his knees, resting himself next to his sweet Isabella.

"Isabella, my sweet Isabella," he started, "As I instructed you before, do not scream, and do not fight. You are to do as I tell you. And I will do as I please. Do you understand?"

Isabella shook her head as to acknowledge that she understood. Her heart beat with anticipation. Her breathing quickened. She already felt the moisture grow from below and the ache became stronger for her Master.

Master Paul continued in a stern voice, "Good girl Isabella. I will not hurt you as long as you do as I please." With that, he removed the straps of her nightgown from her shoulders, pulling it down to her waist. He grabbed each of her wrists and placed them above her head, his left hand holding them together and against the ground. Leaning over her, he took her breast into his right hand and placed his mouth upon her already erect nipple. He flicked his tongue against, causing it to harden more. Using his teeth, he gently bit down on it, rolling the nipple between them.

Isabella released a soft moan, Master Paul knew this moan, it was not pain, but it was pleasure. He bit down harder, feeling her body arch at the pain. Wrapping his lips around the nipple, he gently sucked and with each breath Isabella took, he sucked harder. Her legs began moving uncontrollably, her hips bucking, and her back in an arch. He knew she was close to cumming. He released the breast and took hold of the other breast into his mouth. His hand ran along her body, feeling her curves, feeling her softness until he reached her mound. He had to taste her. With his mouth still on her breast, his finger entered her, her juices flowing onto it, and he pulled his finger out. He held it up, the juices running down and he placed it in his mouth. "MMMMM," he said out loud.

Master Paul stood, untied his robe and dropped it to the ground. He removed his underwear that restrained his cock within them and stood over her, stroking his cock and watching Isabella as she lay in the bed of flowers. His cock extended from his body, throbbing and pulsating, wanting to enter her warm walls. He moved his body over her, legs straddled across her, and stood as she turned her head as to try and hear where he was; her eyes and mouth still covered with the silk scarves.

Crouching above Isabella's covered face, he ran his cock along the silk scarves. Tracing her face with the tip of his cock, he felt the smoothness of the material. Isabella moved her head towards his touch, searching for him. Her hands still lay above her head where Master Paul had placed them; her legs were open, inviting him. The heat from his body and his scent caused a stirring in Isabella as he hovered above her. Master Paul noticed how Isabella's body had relaxed and how it was welcoming him to take her. He moved slowly down her swan like neck with his cock, reaching the top of her breasts.

Still crouching above her, he cupped her breasts into his hands, using his hips to navigate his cock and trace the succulent mounds. Her nipples were erect, her breasts firm under his hands, and her body quivered. He gently released her breasts, pinching each nipple and rolling them between his fingers allowing his cock to dangle above them and barely touch her skin. He desperately wanted to remove the scarves from her face but, he enjoyed controlling her and it appeared she enjoyed it as well.

Master Paul moved himself down Isabella's body, his cock lingering above her milky skin. His hands caressing her curves for balance while his cock traced the beauty beneath him. His body was encased between her legs and his cock continued to trace the toned lines of her thighs and calves down to her feet. Isabella's toes were painted a pearlesant shade of pink, her large toes decorated with a floral design and dainty rings encircled two of her digits.

With his hand, he lifted her right foot, guiding his cock along its base. Her toes curled and she let out a soft giggle from under her bound mouth. This pleased Master Paul. He then lifted her delicate foot to his mouth and inserted the large toe. As he gently sucked her toe, he felt her body shake with delight. Laying her foot softly on the ground, he lifted her other foot and repeated this pleasure. No longer being able to resist his sweet Isabella, he positioned himself between her legs, his cock hard and throbbing.

Isabella felt his body as he maneuvered himself between her legs and she gladly opened them, inviting him to take her. She felt him press his cock against the outside of her lips, his cock teasing her clit, spreading her lips and the tip barely entering her. She pulled her legs up, grabbing the sides of her ass and spreading her lips, she beckoned him to fuck her. Master Paul was surprised when Isabella opened herself to him. He noticed how her nectar dripped from her delicious fruit, her swollen clit, and her lips puckered, waiting to take him in.

Not being able to control himself any longer, Master Paul slid the head of his cock into her, feeling the warmth and moisture within. Slowly, he pushed deep inside of Isabella. Her body arched as his cock hit her walls. A soft moan escaped from within the bound beauty and Master Paul gently began fucking her. He spoke no words; just a few soft sounds escaped his lips. He watched her body as he took her, how it moved with each thrust into it, her hands flailing above her, her head rolling back, her chest heaving, and her fruit releasing itself onto him.

Master Paul felt the pressure in him to release grow with each thrust. He grabbed her hips, bringing them off the bed of wild flowers and began pounding himself into her. Her hands flew above her head as to grab something to hold onto and a scream came from under the scarf. This did not deter him; he continued to fuck Isabella with all the strength he could muster, her muffled screams making him more aroused and closer to releasing himself into her. At the height of climax, he pulled her hips firmly into him, his cock pushing itself deeper within her and he released himself. He felt Isabella's body tighten as she came to climax while he remained in her. Their bodies were quivering against each other, sweat dripping from his forehead onto her stomach, and yet, no words were spoken.

Master Paul removed himself from his sweet Isabella and stood. He snatched his robe from the bed of wild flowers and returned it to his body, looking down upon the beauty before him. He marveled at the way her glistening perspiration resembled stars upon her body. With each encounter with Isabella, he has found himself more drawn to her, her beauty and grace captivating him and her sensuality possessing him. Master Paul turned to face the manor that stood on the hill. That was his future, looming and stale. He didn't seek that future, but it had been fated. He glanced back at Isabella, his sweet Isabella and began to speak but the words were lost in his throat.

Sinking his head into his chest, Master Paul began the long return to the manor, turning occasionally to see Isabella remaining in the wild flowers. He wanted to return to her, take her again, but he knew he mustn't. Walking into the dark, dismal corridor, Master Paul turned one last time, not able to see Isabella in the wild flowers; he wondered what she was thinking.

Isabella lay on the bed of flowers after Master Paul had taken her and released himself into her and her own nectar had flowed around his cock. She waited for him to remove the scarves and touch her lips with his, but she had a sense that he was no longer there. Cautiously removing the scarf that covered her eyes, she peered about looking for her Master. Pushing herself from the wildflowers, she fixed her straps into their proper position, straightened her rumpled nightgown and stood looking towards the manor. She saw her Master's silhouette against the moonlit manor; his head hanging low and shoulders slumped. She wondered if he was saddened as she was by not continuing in their union under the stars.

She started up the steep hill towards the manor; the scarf that bound her mouth was draped across her throat and she wiped the moisture from the summer night heat off her face. Upon reaching the manor, Isabella turned one last time and looked down at the meadow of wild flowers, the impression of her body and Master Paul's still remaining in the flowers. She carried herself down the corridor towards her room, passing her Master's bedroom and stopping to debate whether or not to knock on his door in the hopes he would invite her in. Deciding against it, she proceeded to her room where her bed welcomed her and she laid her head upon the pillows.

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